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Burial Index


GABLE Callie Lukfata
GABLE James Carl Rufe
GADBERRY Carl A. Crown Hill
GADDIS Anna V. Broken Bow
GADDIS Infant Son Broken Bow
GADDIS J.M. Broken Bow
GADDIS James M. Broken Bow
GADDY Agnel Hazel Crown Hill
GADDY Murl Rufus Crown Hill
GAFFORD Charley L. Redland
GAFFORD Emma Redland
GAFFORD Fred Redland
GAFFORD J. L. Redland
GAFFORD Jim "James" Redland
GAFFORD Robert Edgar Denison
GAFFORD William J. Redland
GAINES Archie T. Garvin
GAINES Ethel V. Garvin
GAINES Jesse Wheeler Broken Bow
GAINES Lena Margarette Broken Bow
GAINS Joseph Thornbrough Forest Hill
GAINS Josephine Redland
GAINS Sally Forest Hill
GALLOWAY Effie R. County Line
GALLOWAY John E. County Line
GALLOWAY John F. Denison
GAMBLE Artie Denison
GAMBLE Bob Holly Creek
GAMBLE Dexter N. Jr. Broken Bow
GAMBLE Dexter N. Sr. Broken Bow
GAMBLE Effie D. Rufe
GAMBLE Girlie H. Holly Creek
GAMBLE Grace Edith Holly Creek
GAMBLE Harry Garvin
GAMBLE James B. Rufe
GAMBLE James L. Broken Bow
GAMBLE Johnny T. Holly Creek
GAMBLE Joie C. Broken Bow
GAMBLE Marvin Lee Broken Bow
GAMBLE Mary T. Holly Creek
GAMBLE Minnie Ann Broken Bow
GAMBLE Ode Denison
GAMBLE Ricky Don Broken Bow
GAMBLE Sarah A. Holly Creek
GAMBLE Thomas G. Holly Creek
GAMBLE Tony Jack Moran
GAMMON Eliza M. Broken Bow
GAMMON Louis Forest Hill
GAMMON Louise F. Holly Creek
GAMMON Mable M. Broken Bow
GAMMON Walter Leon Holly Creek
GANTT Bessie Glover
GANTT Freddie Lee Moran
GANTT John R. Moran
GANTT Joshua C. Moran
GANTT Myrtle M. Moran
GARDNER Homer A. Jr. Forest Hill
GARDNER Jerry Drew Denison
GARDNER Jim Broken Bow
GARDNER Maple Slater Memorial
GARDNER R.C. Bokhoma
GARDNER Sherry Lynn Watson Memorial
GARDNER William Joe Old Valliant
GARDNER Wilson KulliChito
GARDNER Wilson KulliTuklo
GARFIELD Oclamena Lukfata
GARNER Alice Blanch Denison
GARNER Annis Lee Denison
GARNER Jesse C. Broken Bow
GARNER Lucille M. Broken Bow
GARNER Zack Eagletown
GARRETT Annie V. Lukfata
GARRETT Casey Redland
GARRETT Infant Moran
GARRETT James Elmer Redland
GARRETT John W. Forest Hill
GARRETT Kyle Eugene Holly Creek
GARRETT Lela E. Redland
GARRETT Matthew Cole Crown Hill
GARRETT Nettie Idella Holly Creek
GARRETT Robert O. Denison
GARRETT Steven Shane Holly Creek
GARRETT William H."Bill" Holly Creek
GARRISON Calvin H. Canfield
GARRISON David C. Canfield
GARRISON Ed Holly Creek
GARRISON Frances W. Canfield
GARRISON Jim Canfield
GARRISON John A. Canfield
GARRISON John T. Denison
GARRISON R.L. Canfield
GARRISON Rhea Abigail Canfield
GARVIN Emma Waterhole
GARVIN Isaac Levi Waterhole
GARVIN James H. Waterhole
GARVIN Maggie Waterhole
GARVIN Mary Jane Waterhole
GARVIN Sarah M. Waterhole
GARY C.D. Wright City
GASH Raymond Leon Watson Memorial
GASH Wyota Juanita Watson Memorial
GASKEY Alice Broken Bow
GASKEY Alice M. Wright City
GASKEY Charlie Wright City
GASKEY Cortiz "Ted" Wright City
GASKEY Ed Wright City
GASKEY Elijah Wright City
GASKEY Elisha Wright City
GASKEY George Wright City
GASKEY Julie Denise Wright City
GASKEY Lawrence Wright City
GASKEY Lester Frank Wright City
GASKEY Mary Kathryn Wright City
GASKEY Maudie Mae Wright City
GASKEY Wanda G. Wright City
GASTON Albert W. Glover
GASTON Baby Boy Broken Bow
GASTON Baby Girl Broken Bow
GASTON Celey Belle Glover
GASTON Lucy Glover
GASTON M.C."Reece" Glover
GASTON Mahala W. Broken Bow
GASTON Marvin M. Broken Bow
GASTON W.R. Glover
GASWAY Annie C. Forest Hill
GASWAY Ella Canfield
GASWAY Flora E. Canfield
GASWAY James Mitchell Forest Hill
GASWAY William Canfield
GASWAY William Forest Hill
GASWAY Zollie Forest Hill
GATES Allie Denison
GATES Arvilla C. Slater Memorial
GATES Bessie Denison
GATES J.W. Denison
GATES K.O. Denison
GATES Marvin E. Sr. Slater Memorial
GATES Thressa H. Denison
GATES W.L. "Bill" Denison
GAUTHIER Alexander W. Broken Bow
GAY John Rufe
GAY Sarah Allen Rufe
GEE Cora T. Denison
GEE Lemuel E. M.D. Denison
GEIGER Irma Loucille Bethel
GEIGER Ottis E. Broken Bow
GENTRY Clara Eugine Wright City
GENTRY Joe Brown Denison
GENTRY Mrs. Beatrice Denison
GENTRY Sheila Diane Denison
GENTRY Sherman B. Denison
GENTRY W.C. Pollard
GENTRY William Noel Wright City
GENTY Oda Waterhole
GENUNG William D. Eagletown
GEORGE Alice Broken Bow
GEORGE Eunice Daphene Denison
GEORGE Geneva G. Denison
GEORGE George A. Wright City
GEORGE Infant Haworth
GEORGE Jesse F. Haworth
GEORGE Jimmy Lafayette Haworth
GEORGE Julie Ann Redland
GEORGE Mildred Denison
GEORGE Nancy Jane Denison
GEORGE Paul V. Denison
GEORGE Pearl Haworth
GEORGE Robert Giddon Denison
GEORGE unreadeable Broken Bow
GEORGE Victor Haworth
GEORGE Wm. Maurice Denison
GERHARDT Cathey Lee Canfield
GERHARDT Mary Evelyn Canfield
GERHARDT Myrtle Canfield
GERHARDT William Canfield
GERHART M.A. Broken Bow
GERMAN Cora A. Hochatown
GERMAN Elsie Faye Canfield
GERMAN Homer Hochatown
GERMAN Houston Hochatown
GERMAN James Rector Hochatown
GERMAN John Hochatown
GERMAN Lenzy L. Hochatown
GERMAN Pearl J. Hochatown
GETTS A.C. Eagletown
GETTS Albert Eagletown
GETTS Edna Eagletown
GETTS George Clinton Eagletown
GETTS James M. Eagletown
GETTS Thusa Jane Eagletown
GIACOBONE Lettie C. Hochatown
GIBBS Carolyn Ruth Glover
GIBBS F. Glover
GIBBS Forrest Taft Glover
GIBBS Lizzie Holly Creek
GIBBS Louise M. Glover
GIBBS Minnie L. Glover
GIBBS Ollie Jewell Glover
GIBBS Ollie L. Glover
GIBBS W. Glover
GIBSON Addie S. Holly Creek
GIBSON Bulah Mae Glover
GIBSON Darlene Glover
GIBSON Dave Glover
GIBSON Debra Ann Glover
GIBSON Earnest D. Hochatown
GIBSON Earsel Edward Glover
GIBSON Evelyn M. Holly Creek
GIBSON Faye Denison
GIBSON Faye Denison
GIBSON Henry Glover
GIBSON Jack D. Glover
GIBSON James David Jr. Glover
GIBSON Joyce C. Glover
GIBSON Leeburn Glover
GIBSON Lillian Glover
GIBSON Linda Sue Glover
GIBSON Mamie M. Haworth
GIBSON Mary Alpha Holly Creek
GIBSON Millie E. Holly Creek
GIBSON Rev. James A. Holly Creek
GIBSON Vern Alvin "Abb" Glover
GIBSON Walter W. Glover
GIBSON William G. Glover
GIBSON William Hodge Glover
GIBSON William Joseph Glover
GIBSON William Walter Glover
GIBSON Willie R. Redland
GIBSON Wynell Hochatown
GIDDENS Becky Matilda Forest Hill
GIDDENS Charley Forest Hill
GIDDENS Georgiana Forest Hill
GIDDENS Lucy Haworth
GIFFORD George H. Denison
GIFFORD Marvin E. Forest Hill
GIFFORD Mary E. Denison
GIFFORD Rhonda Lynn Canfield
GILBERT Delora Coffman Denison
GILBERT Essie M. "Pat" Broken Bow
GILBERT Glen Allen Denison
GILBERT Gordon Jr. Canfield
GILBERT Homer Broken Bow
GILBERT Jimmie Ray Bethel
GILBERT Joe R. Glover
GILBERT Judson B. Glover
GILBERT Leroy Glover
GILBERT Nancy Rufe
GILBERT Pairlee Rollins Watson Memorial
GILBERT Roscoe Omagine Watson Memorial
GILBERT Theresa Eagletown
GILBERT Tom B. Holly Creek
GILBERT Vida Mae Watson Memorial
GILBREATH Pearl Crown Hill
GILBRETH Mary E. Broken Bow
GILBRETH Thomas L. Broken Bow
GILL Albert Clarence Broken Bow
GILL Betty Jean Broken Bow
GILL Eula Mae Broken Bow
GILL J.T. Holly Creek
GILL James W. Bethel
GILL Lonnie Ray Denison
GILL Martha Oline Broken Bow
GILL Martha P. Broken Bow
GILL Minnie Bell Denison
GILL Roy Broken Bow
GILL Walsie E. Broken Bow
GILLAMS Lula Wright City
GILLEAN Emily May Denison
GILLEY John Gordon Rufe
GILLEY Mary Elizabeth Rufe
GILLS Dewey Haworth
GILMORE Myrtle Dora Canfield
GILPIN Ada Ann Denison
GILPIN Marvin F. Denison
GILROY Huey Denison
GILROY J.J. Denison
GILROY Mildred Denison
GILSTRAP Aaron R. Watson Memorial
GILSTRAP Miriam L. Watson Memorial
GINN Artie Canfield
GINN Ellie P. Denison
GINN Ervin Herchel Denison
GINN Faye H. Denison
GINN James W. Canfield
GINN Jewell Canfield
GINN Lucy Edna Denison
GINN Mart Denison
GINN Ollie Mae Canfield
GINN Rebecca Elizabeth Canfield
GINN Robert E. Denison
GINN Robert Halbert Denison
GINN Robert Roy Denison
GIPSON Billy F. Broken Bow
GIPSON Billy Roy Rufe
GIPSON Stella Rufe
GIVENS Arthur E. Pollard
GIVENS John Lukfata
GIVENS Lela Lukfata
GIVENS William H. Pollard
GLADDEN A.W. Denison
GLADDEN Elizabeth A. Denison
GLADDEN Martha Mae Canfield
GLASGO Corine Lukfata
GLASGOW J.R. Lukfata
GLASS Sybil County Line
GLASSCO Infant Broken Bow
GLASSCO Pearl Broken Bow
GLASSCO Porter Broken Bow
GLEN William Forest Hill
GLENN Belmont L. Wright City
GLENN Lula Wright City
GLENN William H. Wright City
GLORINE Crown Hill
GLOVER Lily Pearl Haworth
GOAD Alice L. Denison
GOAD Connie S. Denison
GOAD Henry Lewis Denison
GOAD James M. Denison
GOAD Myrl Davis Denison
GOAD Nettye Marie Denison
GODARD Dorothy Topping Canfield
GODBOLD Daniel P. Denison
GODBOLD Elizabeth A. Denison
GODBOLD Flora L. Denison
GODBOLD William N. Denison
GODDARD Travis Wayne Holly Creek
GODWIN A.B. Canfield
GODWIN Addie L. Canfield
GODWIN Joseph Crockett Pollard
GODWIN Lizzie E. Pollard
GODWIN Mumphy L. Canfield
GODWIN Riley D. Canfield
GOFF Laura Pollard
GOFF Lige Pollard
GOFF Roscoe Pollard
GOFORTH Infant Sweet Home
GOING Gilbert Ray Denison
GOLBERT J.D. Lukfata
GOLD Ada M. Denison
GOLD James Henry Broken Bow
GOLD Sarah Elvira Broken Bow
GOLD Stella Lee County Line
GOLD William M. Broken Bow
GOLDEN Effie Mae Watson Memorial
GOLDEN Franklin A. Watson Memorial
GOLDEN Linda Kay Forest Hill
GOLDEN Nancy Jane Forest Hill
GOLDEN William "Bill" Forest Hill
GOLDSBOROUGH Maggie E. Holly Creek
GOLIGHTLY Anna Haworth
GOLIGHTLY Elizabeth Ann Haworth
GOLIGHTLY Garrett M. Haworth
GOLIGHTLY Infant Haworth
GOLIGHTLY John Monroe Haworth
GOLPHIN Jake G. Lukfata
GOOD Rosetta A. Watson Memorial
GOODE Charles H. Moran
GOODE Orane Moran
GOODGION B.W. Canfield
GOODGION Della Canfield
GOODIN Iva Mae Denison
GOODIN John R. Denison
GOODLETT W.V. Jr. Holly Creek
GOODLETT Winford V. Broken Bow
GOODMAN Alva Broken Bow
GOODMAN Dan Holly Creek
GOODMAN Ethel Marie Denison
GOODMAN Jessie Holly Creek
GOODMAN Joe W. Holly Creek
GOODMAN Louis Holly Creek
GOODMAN Nina Mae Denison
GOODMAN Oscar Haus Denison
GOODWIN Bracy Canfield
GOODWIN George Eagletown
GOODWIN Hattie F. Canfield
GOODWIN Lia?bo? Holly Creek
GOOLSBY Frances Denison
GOOLSBY Gertrude Start Denison
GOOLSBY James Boyd Denison
GOOLSBY John T. Denison
GOOLSBY John T. Haworth
GOOLSBY Mack A. Denison
GORDEN Bird Patterson Denison
GORDEN Ruby Gilbert Denison
GORDEN Willie Mae Lukfata
GORDON Charity Leona Sweet Home
GORDON Elletta Ruth Denison
GORDON George C. Broken Bow
GORDON Lee Sweet Home
GORDON Mrs. Newt R. Sweet Home
GORDON Newt R. Sweet Home
GORE Jesse Jr. Holly Creek
GORE Lula Holly Creek
GORMLEY Barbara Jean Rock Hill
GOSS Jacob B. Rufe
GOSSETT Gerty Pollard
GOSSETT Polien Pollard
GOULL Gary Eugene Glover
GOWEN Charlcie A. Pollard
GOWEN James Earl Pollard
GOWEN Preston Pollard
GOWLEY Eunice Haworth
GOWLEY Jesse Haworth
GRABEEL Golden Louise Moran
GRABEEL Thomas Earl Moran
GRABEEL W.G. "Bill" Wright City
GRACE Billy JOE Canfield
GRACE Delie Holly Creek
GRACE Earlene Imogene Watson Memorial
GRACE Harold James Holly Creek
GRACE Mack Holly Creek
GRACE Robert Holly Creek
GRAGG Edgar Monroe Denison
GRAGG George M. Denison
GRAGG Mary Loma Denison
GRAGG Raymond J. Denison
GRAGG William Lee Denison
GRAHAM Ada Florence Bethel
GRAHAM Anthony Forest Hill
GRAHAM Bonnie L. Lukfata
GRAHAM Brenda Forest Hill
GRAHAM Clint A. Eagletown
GRAHAM Connie D. Lukfata
GRAHAM Dora Jane Forest Hill
GRAHAM Douglas Glen Forest Hill
GRAHAM Elizabeth Marie Forest Hill
GRAHAM Eva "Snookie" Eagletown
GRAHAM Harold B. Eagletown
GRAHAM J.D. Glover
GRAHAM Jeroma Broken Bow
GRAHAM Jesse Monroe Bethel
GRAHAM Jim Pauline Crown Hill
GRAHAM John Judson Crown Hill
GRAHAM John W. Broken Bow
GRAHAM Lessie E. Denison
GRAHAM Marion Eagletown
GRAHAM Martha E. Brewer Moran
GRAHAM Mattie Eagletown
GRAHAM Patrick Allen Forest Hill
GRAHAM Sam A. Broken Bow
GRAHAM Sarah Margaret Holly Creek
GRAHAM Tom C. Lukfata
GRAHAM W.T. (Tom) Holly Creek
GRAHAM Walter P. Moran
GRAHAM Winnie E. Glover
GRAMMER Infant Wright City
GRAMMER Kathryn Wright City
GRAMMER Lucy Wright City
GRANDY Ben J.F. Garvin
GRANGER Frank E. Moran
GRANT Eunice O. Denison
GRANT Gordon Odell Denison
GRANT Harry Jeff Forest Hill
GRANT Harry N. Canfield
GRANT Mable Forest Hill
GRANT Mamye Francis Denison
GRANT Raymond Otis Sr. Denison
GRANT William C. Broken Bow
GRAVES Othel (Pud) Crown Hill
GRAVITT Oleta Denison
GRAVITT T.O. Denison
GRAY Baby Forest Hill
GRAY Bob Denison
Gray Boy & Girl Forest Hill
GRAY C.A. Ludy Denison
GRAY C.B. Wright City
GRAY Charline Haworth
GRAY Claudy Denison
GRAY Cleo Forest Hill
GRAY Coy Cooke Denison
GRAY Earl D. Denison
GRAY Edd Denison
GRAY Eddie J. Denison
GRAY Edward Joshua Denison
GRAY Ernest Denison
GRAY Fred Forest Hill
GRAY Griffin Denison
GRAY Ivy C. Denison
GRAY Izora Denison
GRAY James Russell Crown Hill
GRAY Jeff Lukfata
GRAY Joe C. Canfield
GRAY John Benjamin Broken Bow
GRAY John C. Sr. Canfield
GRAY Joseph Franklin Denison
GRAY Lee Cruse Denison
GRAY Loyd Earl Canfield
GRAY Mary Denison
GRAY Mary E. Denison
GRAY Mary Jane Bethel
GRAY Rena Lukfata
GRAY Rosie Yokem Denison
GRAY Susie Forest Hill
GRAY Tommy Forest Hill
GRAY William Fred Wright City
GRAYBILL Z.A. "Bama" Wright City
GRAYDON A.S. Denison
GRAYDON Augusta E. Denison
GRCASEVICH Luella Broken Bow
GREATHOUSE Fredy Denison
GREATHOUSE Hattie M. Denison
GREEN Amanda Helen Bethel
GREEN Amelia Nan Bokhoma
GREEN Arizonia Haworth
GREEN Avo Denison
GREEN Bonnie Meladean Forest Hill
GREEN Bynum Denison
GREEN C.S. Pollard
GREEN Clara Addie Broken Bow
GREEN Daisy E. Crown Hill
GREEN Delphia Bokhoma
GREEN Dona Jane Denison
GREEN Ella Dean Denison
GREEN Ethel Denison
GREEN Fannie M. Bokhoma
GREEN Faye E. Bokhoma
GREEN Floy Eagletown
GREEN Francis Alice Bethel
GREEN Francis Julia Bethel
GREEN G.L. Wright City
GREEN George Broken Bow
GREEN George Henry Bethel
GREEN George W. Denison
GREEN Glendon Wright City
GREEN J.D. Arthur Broken Bow
GREEN Jake C. Denison
GREEN James C. Denison
GREEN Janie O. Hochatown
GREEN Joe Ray Slater Memorial
GREEN John Canfield
GREEN John Wright City
GREEN John Allen "Al" Denison
GREEN John D. Denison
GREEN John Emmet Denison
GREEN John H. Bokhoma
GREEN John L. Wright City
GREEN Keith Denison
GREEN Kevin Lee Slater Memorial
GREEN Kitty Wright City
GREEN Lance Allen Glover
GREEN Lee C. Slater Memorial
GREEN Len F. Denison
GREEN Lewis R. Bokhoma
GREEN Louis C. Wright City
GREEN Mamie F. Crown Hill
GREEN Martha Broken Bow
GREEN Martha L. Denison
GREEN Mary D. Denison
GREEN Merle C. Slater Memorial
GREEN Norah M. Denison
GREEN Pearl A. Broken Bow
GREEN R. Jake Andrew Slater Memorial
GREEN Robert Bob Bokhoma
GREEN Robert L. Denison
GREEN Robin Lee Wright City
GREEN Ross Broken Bow
GREEN Roy Dale Crown Hill
GREEN Rube Henry Bokhoma
GREEN Sallie E. Broken Bow
GREEN Sherill Byron Bokhoma
GREEN Shurman W. Denison
GREEN Teddy R. Hochatown
GREEN Tom Broken Bow
GREEN Toy J. Sr. Hochatown
GREEN Walter B. Crown Hill
GREEN William H. Broken Bow
GREEN William M. Denison
GREEN Willie Sexton Denison
GREENE Lawton Vance Denison
GREENE Ruby Lee Denison
GREENFIELD Jerrod Canfield
GREENFIELD Lena Bettie Canfield
GREENFIELD Margaret Dale Canfield
GREENFIELD Ola Mae Canfield
GREENFIELD Thomas Jake Canfield
GREENLEE Julia Mary Forest Hill
GREENWOOD Delorus Forest Hill
GREENWOOD James N. Forest Hill
GREER Beulah C. Crown Hill
GREER Ed Pollard
GREER Edward A. Crown Hill
GREGG Laura Elizabeth Denison
GREGG Mae Holly Creek
GREGG Michael Riley Denison
GREGG William Riley Sr. Denison
GREGORY David E. Watson Memorial
GREGORY Elsie Mae Broken Bow
GREGORY Elwood Broken Bow
GREGORY Emma Jean Broken Bow
GREGORY Eugene "Cotton" Hochatown
GREGORY John H. Broken Bow
GREGORY Maxine Hochatown
GRIBNITZ Ilene Agnes Denison
GRIBSBY Estelle Crown Hill
GRIBSBY Grover A. Crown Hill
GRIDEN Mildred B. Wright City
GRIDER Sandra Lea Moran
GRIFFIN Belle Holly Creek
GRIFFIN Carl E. Denison
GRIFFIN Debra Kay Denison
GRIFFIN Dolly H. Denison
GRIFFIN Erma L. Hochatown
GRIFFIN Gene H. Denison
GRIFFIN Gilbert Denison
GRIFFIN Harland O. "Doc" Hochatown
GRIFFIN Henry J. Eagletown
GRIFFIN Homer A. Denison
GRIFFIN J.G. Sr. Denison
GRIFFIN John Canfield
GRIFFIN John G. Denison
GRIFFIN Katie Eagletown
GRIFFIN Larry Don Denison
GRIFFIN Lucious F. Garvin
GRIFFIN Mark R. Denison
GRIFFIN Mike Forest Hill
GRIFFIN Nellie Eagletown
GRIFFIN Owen E. Denison
GRIFFIN Serena Mae Denison
GRIFFIN T.E. Jr. Denison
GRIFFIN T.E. Sr. Denison
GRIFFIN Tisha L. Eagletown
GRIFFIN Trude Denison
GRIFFITH Allie Myrtle Redland
GRIFFITH Henry Harland Redland
GRIFFITH Hugh Harland Redland
GRIFFITH Ida Lue Holly Creek
GRIFFITH John Almer Redland
GRIFFITH Melvin E. Broken Bow
GRIFFITH Neta M. Broken Bow
GRIFFITH Taft A. Broken Bow
GRIFFITH Trannie Homer Broken Bow
GRIFFITH William G. Broken Bow
GRIGGS Thomas Denison
GRIGORY Carra Belle Broken Bow
GRIGORY Fred W. Broken Bow
GRIGSBY Eugene Glover
GRIGSBY George W. Glover
GRIGSBY Grover A. Crown Hill
GRIGSBY Irma Maxine Crown Hill
GRIGSBY Louis Crown Hill
GRIGSBY Virginia Alice Crown Hill
GRIMES Rachel Jane Canfield
GRIMES Tabitha Mae Hochatown
GRIMES Thomas W. Hochatown
GRINAGE Dewey L. Denison
GRINAGE Emma Denison
GRINAGE J.C. Denison
GRINAGE Joseph C. Denison
GRINDSTAFF Carolyn Sue Holly Creek
GRIONES Jimmie Dale Sr. Canfield
GROB Andrew & Florence Denison
GROB Guy Denison
GROB Oma Denison
GROFFEM Carl Foster Forest Hill
GROSE Toy Wright City
GRUBB Alice Woods Denison
GRUBB Delbert H. Denison
GRUBBS Lee Broken Bow
GRUBBS Robert N. Broken Bow
GUESS Delbert L. Broken Bow
GUESS Joey Lynn Broken Bow
GUESS Johnny Broken Bow
GUESS Lena Broken Bow
GUEST Calvin M. Canfield
GUFFEY Shawn Mackinzie Crown Hill
GUICE Evelyn Kinder Denison
GUICE Lawrence Walter Denison
GUNN Pearl Zelma Holly Creek
GUNTER E.O. Haworth
GUNTER William G. Rufe
GURLEY Charley G. Haworth
GURLEY Clarsie M. Haworth
GURLEY Clovis Walton Haworth
GURLEY Henry M. Haworth
GURLEY Lou Sindy Haworth
GUTHERY Helen Bernadean Denison
GUTHERY Jimmy H. Denison
GUTHERY Marquis LeRoy Denison
GUTHRIE Edward F. Denison
GUTHRIE Mary Godbolt Denison
GUTHRIE Wm. Travis Denison

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