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Burial Index


FAGAN Bessie L. Denison
FAGAN Buel E. Denison
FAGAN Charles P. Denison
FAGAN Clem Moran
FAGAN Evelyn Denison
FAGAN Helen Martin Denison
FAGAN Jody Lewis Rufe
FAGAN Lennie Rufe
FAGAN Margaret Mae Moran
FAGAN Marvin Clem Moran
FAGAN Mary Pollard
FAGAN Ophelia Moran
FAGAN Rosa May Denison
FAGAN William Moran
FAGAN William Ellis Denison
FAGAN William L. Denison
FAIL Mary Ella Denison
FAIL William G. Denison
FAIR Joe E. Old Valliant
FAIRCHILD Blannie Holly Creek
FAIRCHILD Homer Holly Creek
FAIRLESS Angela Jane Bokhoma
FAIRLESS Jeannie Bokhoma
FAIRLESS Ortt Orland Haworth
FAIRLESS Walter David Bokhoma
FAIRLESS William Orland Bokhoma
FALLIS Claude William Broken Bow
FALLIS George S. Broken Bow
FANCHER Rhonda Diane Watson Memorial
FANCHER Shandra Shanae Watson Memorial
FANKERSLY Hattie M Bethel
FARLESS Donald Ray Holly Creek
FARLEY Anna Maria Watson Memorial
FARLEY Arthur D. Canfield
FARLEY Aubrey Preston Holly Creek
FARLEY Beulah Josephine Redland
FARLEY Blanche Long Denison
FARLEY Callie Philadelphia
FARLEY Carl H. Redland
FARLEY Clyde Denison
FARLEY Dale Redland
FARLEY Danny Kay Canfield
FARLEY Della Ruth Philadelphia
FARLEY Donnie Redland
FARLEY Elbert L. Denison
FARLEY Elmer Redland
FARLEY Euna B. Denison
FARLEY Eunice Irene Redland
FARLEY Florence Denison
FARLEY Geneva Estelle Redland
FARLEY Georgia Muriel Holly Creek
FARLEY Glin Redland
FARLEY Grace M. Denison
FARLEY Ida Mae Redland
FARLEY Jim R. Philadelphia
FARLEY John David Redland
FARLEY John H. Denison
FARLEY Joseph Fred Redland
FARLEY Joseph J. Redland
FARLEY Laura Alice Denison
FARLEY Lena Alma Denison
FARLEY Lonnie Redland
FARLEY Luther Oscar Denison
FARLEY Margaret Ellen Redland
FARLEY Mary Agnes Philadelphia
FARLEY Mary Elizabeth Philadelphia
FARLEY Mattie N. Redland
FARLEY Maude Irene Redland
FARLEY Ola May Redland
FARLEY Olen G. Redland
FARLEY Oran U. Denison
FARLEY Pauline Geneva Redland
FARLEY Prentis P. Redland
FARLEY Ray N. Denison
FARLEY Reuben L. Denison
FARLEY Reuel O. Haworth
FARLEY Rosemary Redland
FARLEY Rosie E. Canfield
FARLEY Sallie J. Redland
FARLEY Tammi Denison
FARLEY W.N. Philadelphia
FARLEY William Philadelphia
FARLEY William Henry Redland
FARLEY William Victor Redland
FARLEY Willie Bell Redland
FARMER Charles Edward Waterhole
FARMER Curtis T. Haworth
FARMER Essie Haworth
FARMER Helen Bayles Waterhole
FARMER Infants Pollard
FARMER Kate Denison
FARMER L.F. Wright City
FARMER Laura B. Haworth
FARMER Mildred Denison
FARMER Nancy J. Haworth
FARMER Oleta Pollard
FARMER Oma Artie Haworth
FARMER Patricia Pollard
FARMER R. Haworth
FARMER Randal Joe Eagletown
FARMER Raymond Irvin Wright City
FARMER Ruben Perry Haworth
FARMER Ruben Roy Denison
FARMER Vernon A. Denison
FARMER Victoria A. Denison
FARMER Walter P. Haworth
FARMER William H. Pollard
FARREN Euke E. Broken Bow
FARRIS Lou A. Denison
FAULKNER Elizabeth Denison
FAULKNER Grace Dowden Denison
FAULKNER Irene Denison
FAULKNER Jackie Denison
FAULKNER James Clardy Moran
FAULKNER Louie D. Denison
FAULKNER Mary Slater Memorial
FAULKNER Sarah C. Moran
FEEMSTER Alanzo A. Broken Bow
FEEMSTER Eula Broken Bow
FEEMSTER Eva A. Broken Bow
FEEMSTER Tom P. Broken Bow
FEEMSTER W.F. "Bill" Rock Hill
FELSMAN Francis W. Forest Hill
FELSMAN Susan Forest Hill
FENNELL Albert Joe Moran
FENNELL Clarence Francis Moran
FENNELL Dillard Denny Moran
FENNELL Donald Junior Moran
FENNELL Francis Marion Moran
FENNELL Harold T. Moran
FENNELL Helen F. Moran
FENNELL Henry V. Moran
FENNELL Ida Mae Moran
FENNELL Imogene Reed Moran
FENNELL Ina Novella Moran
FENNELL Infant Moran
FENNELL Infant Son Moran
FENNELL James Donald Moran
FENNELL James H. Moran
FENNELL Lennie Pearl Moran
FENNELL Lillie M. Moran
FENNELL Mamie Elizabeth Moran
FENNELL Mary Jo Moran
FENNELL Mary Josephine Moran
FENNELL Minnie B. Moran
FENNELL Octava L. Moran
FENNELL Patsy Jean Moran
FENNELL Ravie H. Moran
FENNELL Roy Wendell Moran
FENNELL Sarrah Jane Moran
FENNELL Thomas M. Moran
FENNELL Verna Lee Moran
FENNELL Virgle O. Moran
FENNELL William D. Moran
FENNELL William Franklin Moran
FENTER Effie Broken Bow
FERGUSON Anna Gibson Denison
FERGUSON Claborn Monroe Denison
FERGUSON Dial K. Slater Memorial
FERGUSON Edwin D. Crown Hill
FERGUSON Ernest J. Denison
FERGUSON Geneva B. Denison
FERGUSON Georine Crown Hill
FERGUSON Harry G. Denison
FERGUSON James Otis Pollard
FERGUSON Jewel Bryant Pollard
FERGUSON John Paul Pollard
FERGUSON Johnnie N. Slater Memorial
FERGUSON Lula May Pollard
FERGUSON Marie Denison
FERGUSON Mary A. Denison
FERGUSON Mary Jo Eagletown
FERGUSON Mrs. J.C. Denison
FERGUSON Norma S. Denison
FERGUSON Pollard M. Pollard
FERGUSON Sharon Louise Watson Memorial
FERGUSON Terry Lynn Redland
FERGUSON Thomas F. County Line
FIELD Russell Broken Bow
FIELD Thomas M. Forest Hill
FIELD Zenobia Forest Hill
FIELDS Ben M. Forest Hill
FIELDS Chester Clinton Forest Hill
FIELDS Homa Ellen Forest Hill
FIELDS James M. Forest Hill
FIELDS Lillie Mae Forest Hill
FIELDS Mildred Forest Hill
FIELDS Ruben L. Denison
FIELDS S.C. (Sellous) Forest Hill
FIELDS Sarah Broken Bow
FIELDS Virginia E. Denison
FIELDS W.D. Broken Bow
FINCHER Isaac Powell Canfield
FINES Audrey J. Rock Hill
FINES Bill Rock Hill
FINES Norman Coyle Glover
FINES William "Wesley" Glover
FINLEY Alta Ruth Holly Creek
FINLEY Austin Denison
FINLEY Era Denison
FINLEY Henry D. Denison
FINLEY James L. Broken Bow
FINLEY John J. Denison
FINLEY L. Christine Denison
FINLEY Pet Pauley Holly Creek
FINNEY Bettie Higgs Denison
FINNEY Effie D. Forest Hill
FINNEY Henry Jr. Denison
FINNEY Henry W. Rev. Forest Hill
FINNEY Marvin J. Denison
FINNEY Myrtle Denison
FINNEY Thomas Dunn Denison
FINNEY William Arthur Jr Forest Hill
FISCHER Carl Otto Denison
FISCHER Ludie Marie Holly Creek
FISCHER Theodore Holly Creek
FISH Florence M. Hochatown
FISH Infant Hochatown
FISH Jim T. Hochatown
FISH John H. Hochatown
FISH Johnnie Hochatown
FISH Lura Hochatown
FISH Maxine Hochatown
FISH Otis W. Hochatown
FISHBOCK Doris Elaine Denison
FISHER Betha Bell Holly Creek
FISHER James L. Wright City
FISHER Jesse Glen Wright City
FISHER Joseph Dodd Holly Creek
FISHER Joseph Wesley Holly Creek
FISHER Leona Fay Wright City
FISHER Marzell Baxter Haworth
FISHER Sheila Rae Broken Bow
FITZJARLD Mattie Haworth
FITZPATRICK Betty Broken Bow
FITZPATRICK Edith Sweet Home
FITZPATRICK Henry Sweet Home
FITZSIMMONS C. Dec Wright City
FIVECOAT Louise Broken Bow
FLAKE Addie Denison
FLAKE Charles C. Denison
FLANAGIN Anna Mae Broken Bow
FLANAGIN Clara Edith Broken Bow
FLANAGIN Robert Carl Broken Bow
FLEMING D.D. Holly Creek
FLEMING Freddy Albert Garvin
FLEMING Freeman Charles Garvin
FLEMING Raymond Garvin
FLINN Ona Evon Moran
FLIPPO Mable Bonner Wright City
FLIPPO Marion C. Wright City
FLIPPO Marion E. Wright City
FLIPPO Nealy Wright City
FLOOD Bobbie Jene Pine Creek
FLOOD Claude Fae Pine Creek
FLOOD James Henry Hochatown
FLOOD Jennie G. Pine Creek
FLOOD Mabelle Broken Bow
FLOOD Mattie Canfield
FLOOD Ronald Steve Broken Bow
FLOOD William J. Canfield
FLOURNOY Joyce L. Eagletown
FLOURNOY Tanna L. Eagletown
FLOWERS Ada Alice Denison
FLOWERS Alice Marie Forest Hill
FLOWERS Andrew J. Forest Hill
FLOWERS Baby Forest Hill
FLOWERS Beulah A. Forest Hill
FLOWERS Earl E. Holly Creek
FLOWERS Edward L. Holly Creek
FLOWERS Elaine Holly Creek
FLOWERS Eula Mae Forest Hill
FLOWERS Florene Holly Creek
FLOWERS Herbert Davidson Denison
FLOWERS Joe H. Denison
FLOWERS John B. Forest Hill
FLOWERS Johnnie L. Denison
FLOWERS Joyce Laverne Holly Creek
FLOWERS Juanita Storey Denison
FLOWERS Lee Holly Creek
FLOWERS Leelon E. Denison
FLOWERS Lella Mae Denison
FLOWERS Lloyd Dale Sherwood
FLOWERS Mabel Cole Denison
FLOWERS Mamie Pollard
FLOWERS Nettie L. Denison
FLOWERS Realess Lee Denison
FLOWERS Robert Holly Creek
FLOWERS Robert G. Holly Creek
FLOWERS Rosa I. Holly Creek
FLOWERS Sallie C. Denison
FLOWERS Sam Holly Creek
FLOWERS T.N. Wright City
FLOWERS Tilda S. Holly Creek
FLOWERS Vada M. Denison
FLOWERS Vessie P. Forest Hill
FLOWERS Wilburn Forest Hill
FLOWERS William L. Crown Hill
FLOWERS William Sam Denison
FLOYD Betty Denison
FLOYD Myrtle Goodland
FOBB Annie PonkaBok
FOCKS Francis Bethel
FOCKS Warren Bethel
FOGG John P. Holly Creek
FOLLIS A.W. Denison
FOLLIS Dovie Sweet Home
FOLLIS Heavenly R. Holly Creek
FOLLIS Loyd E. Sweet Home
FOLLIS Mary Emily Holly Creek
FOLLIS R.L. Broken Bow
FOLLIS Robert Lee Holly Creek
FOLSOM Claud Denison
FOLSOM Eugene C. Denison
FOLSOM Jeanette Denison
FOLSOM Joseph B. Canfield
FOLSOM Maggie M. Broken Bow
FOLSOM Maud Denison
FOLSOM W. Arthur Broken Bow
FOLSOM Wilburn Denison
FOOSHEE Edward M. Denison
FORBES Algey Adelbert Garvin
FORD Agnes Redland
FORD Alta Redland
FORD Amos L. Denison
FORD Arthur M. Redland
FORD Bernice Eagletown
FORD C.W. Bokhoma
FORD Chester W. Redland
FORD Elisha Baxter Redland
FORD Elisha M. Redland
FORD Ira Baxter Redland
FORD Kenneth A. Redland
FORD Lula Pearl Redland
FORD Mary Forest Hill
FORD Mary C. Wright City
FORD Odie Lukfata
FORD Prudance Canfield
FORD Robert Tyler Redland
FORD Rose L. Denison
FORD Samuel J. Redland
FORREST L.B. Denison
FORRESTER Mary "Babe" Denison
FORRESTER Perry "Choc" Denison
FORSHEE Chester Thomas Watson Memorial
FORSHEE Ibby Isabel Bethel
FORSHEE Jimmy Smith Holly Creek
FORSHEE Martha Lizabeth Holly Creek
FORSHEE William Lee Bethel
FORTNER Emma P. Denison
FORTNER James N. Denison
FORTUNE Bessie M. Holly Creek
FORTUNE C.D. "Dee" Eagletown
FORTUNE Joseph Wm. Eagletown
FORTUNE Lena Lee Eagletown
FORTUNE Ola Mae Pollard
FORTUNE Oleda Louise Eagletown
FORTUNE Smith W. Rufe
FOSHEE Ora Broken Bow
FOSHEE Pearl Pamelia Holly Creek
FOSHEE Thomas Theadore Holly Creek
FOSHEE Vera Wright City
FOSTER Alma Edith Denison
FOSTER Audie K. Glover
FOSTER Bessie C. Sherwood
FOSTER Bonnie M. Sherwood
FOSTER C.E. "Gene" Holly Creek
FOSTER Carl W. Denison
FOSTER Curtis Lee "Bill" Slater Memorial
FOSTER Eunice Morris Denison
FOSTER G.R. "Buck" Denison
FOSTER Henry Elbert Denison
FOSTER Henry F. Eagletown
FOSTER Infant Sherwood
FOSTER Infant Sherwood
FOSTER Jack Crown Hill
FOSTER Jeff D. Forest Hill
FOSTER John Rufe
FOSTER Lenora Hudora Denison
FOSTER Lonnie S. Sherwood
FOSTER Lorene D. Holly Creek
FOSTER Lucy T. Haworth
FOSTER Nathen Willie Forest Hill
FOSTER O. F. Forest Hill
FOSTER Robert J. Denison
FOSTER Ruby M. Sherwood
FOSTER Susie J. Denison
FOSTER Tony Bethel
FOSTER Vivian Madaline Slater Memorial
FOSTER Winnie Lee Denison
FOUST Levi W. Broken Bow
FOWLER Christine E. Crown Hill
FOWLER Infant Dau Wright City
FOWLER William H. Crown Hill
FOWLKES Herbert Broken Bow
FOWLKES Inez K. Broken Bow
FRADY Laura (Lora) Sherwood
FRANCE C. M. Forest Hill
FRANCE C. V. Forest Hill
FRANCES George "Hap" Hochatown
FRANCES Laverne V. Hochatown
FRANKLIN Ellie Sweet Home
FRANKLIN Elmer E. Wright City
FRANKLIN Elmer E."Sonny" Slater Memorial
FRANKLIN Elmer Eugene Broken Bow
FRANKLIN Ether or Ethen Denison
FRANKLIN J.D. Sweet Home
FRANKLIN Lillie O. Canfield
FRANKLIN Marian O. Canfield
FRANKLIN Mavis M. Broken Bow
FRANKLIN Mildred Hochatown
FRANKLIN Thomas "Oscar" Hochatown
FRANKS Clarence Andrew Denison
FRANKS Clyde C. Denison
FRANKS Gertrude Holly Creek
FRANKS Naomi L. Denison
FRASER Aron W. Denison
FRAZIER C. Arthur KulliChito
FRAZIER C. Arthur KulliTuklo
FRAZIER Charlie Denison
FRAZIER Dwight Hochatown
FRAZIER Elmer Isiah Denison
FRAZIER Marie Denison
FRAZIER Mildred A. Denison
FRAZIER Roseanna Canfield
FRAZIER Ruth Bokhoma
FREE Calvin S. Hochatown
FREE Florence M. Denison
FREE Janet H. Hochatown
FREEMAN Charley Rock Hill
FREEMAN Drucillar Redland
FREEMAN Edna B. Denison
FREEMAN Ernest William Holly Creek
FREEMAN Glenn Canfield
FREEMAN Louise Canfield
FREEMAN Mary E. Rock Hill
FREEMAN Neal T. Rock Hill
FREEMAN Roberson Young Denison
FREEMAN Robert F. Redland
FREEMAN Vona Denison
FREEMAN W.M. Rock Hill
FREEMAN Young L.Y. Denison
FRENCH Elliot Lukfata
FRENCH Loyd Sr. Hochatown
FREY Bell Denison
FREY Billy Ray Sr. Crown Hill
FREY C. Haller Denison
FREY Carlton B. Denison
FREY Emma J. Redland
FREY George B. Redland
FREY L.T. Denison
FREY Mary Irene Crown Hill
FREY Pearl W. Denison
FREY Rosie Lee Redland
FREY Velma C. Denison
FRICKS Bonnie L. Watson Memorial
FRICKS Herman Simpson Watson Memorial
FRICKS Ollie Mae Holly Creek
FRIEND Paulina Angie Bokhoma
FRIZZELL Hattie M. Bokhoma
FRIZZELL John M. Bokhoma
FRUNK Ida O. Holly Creek
FRUNK Ira M. Holly Creek
FRUNK Jephtha W. Holly Creek
FRUNK Ophelia Holly Creek
FRUNK W. Henry Holly Creek
FRYAR Jeffery David Forest Hill
FULFER Billy Gene Bokhoma
FULFER Mary Ora Bokhoma
FULFER Willie Wm. Bokhoma
FULFER Wm. Thomas Bokhoma
FULLER Andrew A. Pollard
FULLER Bennie Leon Denison
FULLER Berry Winson Denison
FULLER Charles Bradford Rock Hill
FULLER Charlette Moran
FULLER Delma Jean Redland
FULLER Delma R. Denison
FULLER E.H. Pollard
FULLER Elizabeth Ann Forest Hill
FULLER Ezekail Rufe
FULLER George Vester Rufe
FULLER George W. Canfield
FULLER George W. Pollard
FULLER Harriett Rowena Rock Hill
FULLER Henry Noten Denison
FULLER J.Y. Denison
FULLER Jack Moran
FULLER Jeannie Kalynn Denison
FULLER Jim P. Forest Hill
FULLER John Wilton Denison
FULLER Johnny Mack Rufe
FULLER Lena L. Pollard
FULLER Letha M. Pollard
FULLER Loyd A. Denison
FULLER Martin L. Rufe
FULLER Maud Forest Hill
FULLER Melba Blanton Denison
FULLER Mildred Meda Denison
FULLER Nora Orena Denison
FULLER Rufus Eugene Denison
FULLER Rufus Eugene Jr. Denison
FULLER Teresa Rufe
FULLER Theda Kay Pollard
FULLER Travis H. Redland
FULLER Willie P. Rufe
FULMER Avera M. Denison
FULMER Dean A. Denison
FULMER Edward M. Denison
FULMER Edward M. Jr. Denison
FULMER Jettie B. Denison
FULMER Joe Bryant Denison
FULMER Ruby LaZelle Denison
FULSOM ??? Lukfata
FUQUAY Augustus Hochatown
FUQUAY Grace Hochatown
FUQUAY Susan Denison
FURLOW Irene Denison
FURLOW Jerry Dale Denison
FURLOW W.H. Denison
FUTRELL Cleve Denison
FUTRELL Felix W. Denison
FUTRELL William P. Denison

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