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Burial Index


EADS Tim Broken Bow
EALDER Josh Broken Bow
EARL Fronia A. Denison
EARL Helen Stanley Denison
EARL Henry E. Garvin
EARL Idabel Blackman Denison
EARL James Roger Denison
EARL John C. Denison
EARL Juanita Denison
EARLESS Jess Lee Garvin
EARLEY Delmar Walter Denison
EARLY Oll Lee Bokhoma
EARLY Ollie E. Bokhoma
EARNEST Curtis Lukfata
EARNEST Helen J. Lukfata
EARNEST Lucy Lukfata
EARNEST Thelma M. Lukfata
EARNHEART Ben F. Denison
EARNHEART Charles Dale Denison
EARNHEART Louise C. Denison
EARWOOD Caroline L. Slater Memorial
EASLEY Emmitt Glover
EASLEY James L. Slater Memorial
EASLEY Linda L. Slater Memorial
EASLEY Mabel Glover
EASLEY Martha A. Glover
EASLEY William C. Glover
EASON Dorothy Anvlee Eagletown
EASON Geneva Canfield
EASON George E. Watson Memorial
EASON Mrs. L.A. Eagletown
EASON N.S. Eagletown
EASON Sydney G. Eagletown
EASON Weacie E. Watson Memorial
EASTEP Daniel Dewey Canfield
EASTEP Isaac Earl Canfield
EASTEP James Earl Canfield
EASTEP Norma Pauline Canfield
EASTEP Virginia May Canfield
EASTERWOOD Earle A. Denison
EASTERWOOD Josephine Denison
EASTMAN Charlie F. Denison
EAVES Burke H. Bethel
EAVES Ervin Henry Bethel
EAVES Ethel Bethel
EAVES Infant Bethel
EAVES Infant Bethel
EAVES Infant Bethel
EAVES Nona M. Bethel
EAVES R.J. "Jack" Bethel
EBAHATUBBI Davis Hochatown
EBAHATUBBI Nancy Hochatown
EBBS Effie Paralee Canfield
EBBS Eulah D. Canfield
EBBS H.M. Denison
EBBS Jeffie M. Denison
EBBS John A. Denison
EBBS Mary J. Canfield
EBBS Robert E. Canfield
EBBS Ted Canfield
EBBS Thomas Canfield
EBERT Ben Sr. Redland
EBERT Clark Burnett Haworth
EBERT Ima L. Redland
EBERT Julia Denison
EBERT Lewis J. Denison
EBERT Lynda Ruth Denison
EBERT Mose Denison
EBERT Walter M. Haworth
ECHOLS Alpha J. Holly Creek
ECHOLS Annie Holly Creek
ECHOLS Annie Ashbury Holly Creek
ECHOLS Ben F. Eagletown
ECHOLS Edith Eagletown
ECHOLS Emma Broken Bow
ECHOLS George W. Holly Creek
ECHOLS Homer Broken Bow
ECHOLS Homer Holly Creek
ECHOLS Jewell E. Holly Creek
ECHOLS Lydia Hinson Holly Creek
ECHOLS Mack Henry Holly Creek
ECHOLS Minnie Lee Holly Creek
ECHOLS Verb Holly Creek
EDDINGS Opal Bell Broken Bow
EDDLEMAN J. W. Forest Hill
EDGE Alice M. Forest Hill
EDGE Janice Forest Hill
EDGE Rupert D. Forest Hill
EDISIN Ethel Denison
EDISIN Floy E. Denison
EDMONDSON Anna Lee Pollard
EDMONDSON Birdie B. Broken Bow
EDMONDSON Bonnie I. Eagletown
EDMONDSON Cecil Allie Pollard
EDMONDSON Clifford D. Pollard
EDMONDSON Homer V. Broken Bow
EDMONDSON Joe C. Eagletown
EDMONDSON Mary G. Eagletown
EDMONDSON Morris E. Denison
EDMONDSON Sarah Ella Pollard
EDSON Johnson William Holly Creek
EDWARDS Althey Oleta Holly Creek
EDWARDS Bethel Garvin
EDWARDS Birdie Elizabeth Canfield
EDWARDS Bobby Earl Holly Creek
EDWARDS Dwight L. Rock Hill
EDWARDS Era R. Canfield
EDWARDS Florence Iler Rock Hill
EDWARDS Fred Slater Memorial
EDWARDS Helen Marie Redland
EDWARDS Herman F. Rock Hill
EDWARDS Hollis Rock Hill
EDWARDS J.E. Broken Bow
EDWARDS James "Pink" Rock Hill
EDWARDS James Venoia Holly Creek
EDWARDS James Warren Redland
EDWARDS Mack Mullis Redland
EDWARDS Maggie Lee Broken Bow
EDWARDS Marie Marlow Rock Hill
EDWARDS Myrtle Slater Memorial
EDWARDS Nelda Claire Redland
EDWARDS Pearl Rock Hill
EDWARDS Roger Dale Holly Creek
EDWARDS Rufus M. Crown Hill
EDWARDS Thomas Monroe Rock Hill
EDWARDS Tom Walter Canfield
EEDS Algine Sidney County Line
EEDS Clifford County Line
EEDS Dorotha Mae Watson Memorial
EEDS Dorothy M. Broken Bow
EEDS Elsie L. County Line
EEDS Emma County Line
EEDS Eugene County Line
EEDS George Broken Bow
EEDS Gladys Broken Bow
EEDS James Walter County Line
EEDS Junia Allene County Line
EEDS Leonard Walter Watson Memorial
EEDS Lifford W. County Line
EEDS Lillie Mae County Line
EEDS Marvin W. Broken Bow
EEDS Matie County Line
EEDS Stella Mae County Line
EEDS Sydney County Line
EEDS William Walter County Line
EHRHARDT Alene M. Denison
EHRHARDT Bill F. Denison
EIDSON Ethel Canfield
EIDSON Harman Canfield
ELDER Eulan Rufe
ELDER Henry Lukfata
ELDER John H. Broken Bow
ELDER Lydia Rufe
ELDER Sam Rufe
ELDER Taylor Lukfata
ELDER Theresa Alice Wright City
ELDRIDGE Lucille L. Denison
ELKIN Frank Denison
ELKINS Hoyet Denison
ELKINS Virginia Denison
ELLER Joseph N. Holly Creek
ELLIOTT Arzie Elvin Sr. Slater Memorial
ELLIOTT Bernie B. Slater Memorial
ELLIOTT Bernie Baucum Wright City
ELLIOTT Catherine A. Wright City
ELLIOTT Edna Wright City
ELLIOTT Ervin Broken Bow
ELLIOTT Irene Cantrell Slater Memorial
ELLIOTT J.A. Broken Bow
ELLIOTT John Wesley Broken Bow
ELLIOTT Mary Vada Wright City
ELLIOTT Melba Lou Slater Memorial
ELLIOTT Rayburn H. Slater Memorial
ELLIOTT Samuel A. Wright City
ELLIOTT Willie Mae Holly Creek
ELLIS Clio Broken Bow
ELLIS Eris B. Pollard
ELLIS James W. Pollard
ELLIS Mary F. Waterhole
ELLIS Patsy Ann Pollard
ELLIS T.C. Broken Bow
ELLIS Ula Bernice Glover
ELLISON Hunter W. Hochatown
ELLISON Pauline Hochatown
ELROD Anabell Canfield
ELROD James Hulbert Canfield
ELROD Mary Frances Rock Hill
ELWOOD George Forest Hill
EMBRY Andy T. Slater Memorial
EMBRY Helen J. Slater Memorial
EMERSON Ora Gordon Denison
EMERY Nora Lorinne Holly Creek
EMMERT Tallor H. Broken Bow
EMORY Amos Slater Memorial
ENDICOTT Charlie Tracy Canfield
ENDICOTT Mary Songer Denison
ENDICOTT Mrs. Bryan Denison
ENDICOTT Myrtle Marie Canfield
ENDICOTT Rosa A. Holly Creek
ENDICOTT W.F. Holly Creek
ENDICOTT Wm. Jennings Denison
ENDSLEY William A. Garvin
ENGLAND Carrie E. Broken Bow
ENGLAND Clertine Bokhoma
ENGLAND George Washing Bokhoma
ENGLAND J.J. "Jackson" Bokhoma
ENGLAND James A. Bokhoma
ENGLAND James Henry Bokhoma
ENGLAND Jerry Lynn Bokhoma
ENGLAND Lewis Bokhoma
ENGLAND Mary Jane Haworth
ENGLAND Sarah Elizabet Bokhoma
ENGLAND Thomas Ray Bokhoma
ENGLAND Tiney F. Bokhoma
ENGLAND Vera G. Bokhoma
ENGLAND Willie R. Bokhoma
ENGLE Neoma Jean Hunte Bethel
ENGLER Doris Maxine Watson Memorial
ENGLER General Lee Glover
ENGLER James Mondell Watson Memorial
ENGLER Paul Clinton Glover
ENGLER Pollie Ann Glover
ENGLER Tillman Lindon Glover
ENGLER William Samuel Glover
ENGLISH John H. Sherwood
ENGLISH Tobithia E. Sherwood
ENOCH Norah E. Moran
ENOCH Sarah Alban Moran
ENOCH Sim Moran
ENSLEY Jackie Kay Garvin
ENSLEY James F. Watson Memorial
ENSLEY Jimmy Lee Watson Memorial
ENSLEY Leona M. Watson Memorial
ENSLEY Lola May Garvin
EPHRIAM Douglas Wright City
EPPERSON Edgar E. Denison
EPPERSON Emma S. Denison
EPPERSON Hattie M. Forest Hill
EPPERSON John Wesley Forest Hill
EPPERSON M. Taylor Forest Hill
EPPLER Allison Luther Broken Bow
EPPLER Almeda Osteen Broken Bow
EPPLER David K. Broken Bow
EPPLER David K. Broken Bow
EPPLER Emma Fae Broken Bow
EPPLER Georgia Mae Broken Bow
EPPLER Iola Broken Bow
ERUIN H.W. Rev. Lukfata
ERUIN Nannie Lukfata
ERWIN Lance Evan Denison
ESTES Alva Dow Broken Bow
ESTES Beatrice B. Broken Bow
ESTES Flora B. Broken Bow
ESTES Gordon L. Jr. Hochatown
ESTES Hope Norene Hochatown
ESTES Laura Lafitte Denison
ESTES Louis Carter Denison
ESTES Maude Denison
ESTES William M. Denison
ETHEREDGE Allen G. Denison
ETHEREDGE Annetta B. Denison
ETHEREDGE Jack G. Denison
ETHRIDGE Bessie Bethel
EUDY Marie B. Rufe
EUDY Nolen W. Rufe
EVANS Ada F. Forest Hill
EVANS Addie V. Canfield
EVANS Allie Edith Forest Hill
EVANS Baby Boy Crown Hill
EVANS Benjamin Frankli Bethel
EVANS Benjamine F. Forest Hill
EVANS Bobby Joe Holly Creek
EVANS C.L. & G.L. Philadelphia
EVANS Captain G. Denison
EVANS Delbert Glen Bethel
EVANS E.E. Philadelphia
EVANS E.S. Denison
EVANS Earnest Logan Crown Hill
EVANS Eula J. Denison
EVANS Evelyn County Line
EVANS Floyd B. Bethel
EVANS Frank A. Canfield
EVANS Georgia B. Philadelphia
EVANS Helen Bethel
EVANS Huston L. Philadelphia
EVANS Ida Ruth Watson Denison
EVANS James Wiley Philadelphia
EVANS Janice Holly Creek
EVANS Jim D. Bethel
EVANS John W. Denison
EVANS Kenneth Dale Canfield
EVANS L.A. Philadelphia
EVANS Lee Holly Creek
EVANS Lloyd Bethel
EVANS Lorancy M. Denison
EVANS Mark A. Holly Creek
EVANS Mary Mozell Pollard
EVANS Monteray Gordon Denison
EVANS Nancy Louellen Bethel
EVANS Orville W. Broken Bow
EVANS Rosannah Bokhoma
EVANS Ruth Holly Creek
EVANS Samuel James County Line
EVANS Tommy Lee Holly Creek
EVANS W.M. Pollard
EVANS William E. Forest Hill
EVERETT Charlene Redland
EVERETT Dewey R. Redland
EVERETT Richard Dale Rock Hill
EVETTS Moses Broken Bow
EVETTS Mrs. M.E. Broken Bow
EWELL Evie E. Moran
EWELL William B. Moran
EYACHABBE Mary Alzira Slater Memorial
EYSTER Effie L. Denison
EYSTER Elizabeth King Denison
EYSTER Thomas H. Denison
EZEL G.R. Haworth

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