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Burial Index


DAGENHART Doris C. Crown Hill
DAGENHART Gladys Crown Hill
DAGENHART James J. County Line
DAGENHART James Wm. County Line
DAGENHART Mary Jane County Line
DAGENHART Minnie B. County Line
DAGENHART Winford E. County Line
DAILEY Glenda Fay Crown Hill
DAILEY John W. Moran
DAILEY Sallie Moran
DALBELLO Statia A. Denison
DALE Annie Broken Bow
DALE Jesse Leroy Broken Bow
DALE Marian W. Broken Bow
DALE Mark Paul Denison
DALE Monroe Broken Bow
DALRYMPLE Anna N. Denison
DAMRON Edna Denison
DAMRON Margie Denison
DAMRON Thomas L. Canfield
DANIEL Albert H. Garvin
DANIEL Annie Laurie Crown Hill
DANIEL Bertie Ray Redland
DANIEL Burness N. Denison
DANIEL Claude Lenny Forest Hill
DANIEL Dave Roland Forest Hill
DANIEL David Redland
DANIEL Earl Denison
DANIEL Emmie L. Denison
DANIEL Floyd Holly Creek
DANIEL Fred Bartleman Denison
DANIEL Harold H. Redland
DANIEL J.C. Holly Creek
DANIEL James Thomas Crown Hill
DANIEL Laverne O. Redland
DANIEL Lucy L. Holly Creek
DANIEL Melba Redland
DANIEL Michael Scott Redland
DANIEL Norman David Redland
DANIEL Ollie Mae Forest Hill
DANIEL R. Henry Redland
DANIEL Richard Crown Hill
DANIEL Robert Hardy Redland
DANIEL Rosa Lee Canfield
DANIEL Rose Lu Holly Creek
DANIEL Ruby Lee Denison
DANIEL Sam H. Holly Creek
DANIEL Velma L. Denison
DANIEL Willie Redland
DANIELS Bryon Moran
DANIELS Caralie Martha Moran
DANIELS Elizabeth Lukfata
DANIELS Ernest Moran
DANIELS Gillis R. Redland
DANIELS Mary T. Redland
DANIELS Richard David Eagletown
DANSBY Vegenia Glover
DARBY Delphia C. Broken Bow
DARBY Gabe Denison
DARBY James Virgil Jr. Broken Bow
DARBY James Virgil Sr. Broken Bow
DARBY John B. Broken Bow
DARBY Perlina Mae Broken Bow
DARITY Bertie M. Eagletown
DARITY Milton "Mutt" Eagletown
DARITY Samuel Harrison Pollard
DARITY Walter Eagletown
DARITY Wilburn Pollard
DARLING A.M. Denison
DARLING Alice M. Denison
DARNELL John W. Eagletown
DARNELL Lizzie Eagletown
DARNELL Mary Jane Broken Bow
DARTY Ted Denison
DAVENPORT Gillie V. Hochatown
DAVENPORT Robert Hochatown
DAVENPORT Zora Hochatown
DAVIDSON Bernice Allen Haworth
DAVIDSON Mollie Watson Memorial
DAVIDSON Tom Watson Memorial
DAVIES Darby Holly Creek
DAVIES Jewel Holly Creek
DAVIS Acie Dean Hochatown
DAVIS Alma Glover
DAVIS Alma Martin Denison
DAVIS Baby Boy Broken Bow
DAVIS Bertha F. Denison
DAVIS Bessie Lorene Bethel
DAVIS Biffle M. Crown Hill
DAVIS Buford Philadelphia
DAVIS Burl Broken Bow
DAVIS Carrie Lee Denison
DAVIS Charlie D. Denison
DAVIS Chemona Andre Wright City
DAVIS Cheri Yvonne Denison
DAVIS Curtis David Holly Creek
DAVIS Daisy Bell Holly Creek
DAVIS David L. Denison
DAVIS Dean Broken Bow
DAVIS Demma D. Hochatown
DAVIS Donnie Ray Eagletown
DAVIS Earl Crown Hill
DAVIS Edgar C. Broken Bow
DAVIS Emma F. Hochatown
DAVIS Emmett Gardner Denison
DAVIS Emmitt Glover
DAVIS Ethel Bethel
DAVIS Fannie Philadelphia
DAVIS Frank Holly Creek
DAVIS Frank "Uncle Bob" Broken Bow
DAVIS Freeman M. Denison
DAVIS Gladys I. Crown Hill
DAVIS Hardy Moran
DAVIS Harrison D. Holly Creek
DAVIS Henry Tillman Broken Bow
DAVIS Hugh Ivan Broken Bow
DAVIS I.B. Holly Creek
DAVIS Irene Glover
DAVIS J.M. Glover
DAVIS James Glover
DAVIS James D. Broken Bow
DAVIS James W. Broken Bow
DAVIS Jeff Bethel
DAVIS Jewell W. Hochatown
DAVIS Jimmie Lester Holly Creek
DAVIS Joe Lloyd Jr. Bethel
DAVIS John H. Broken Bow
DAVIS John H. Glover
DAVIS John Henry Holly Creek
DAVIS Johnie Holly Creek
DAVIS Josephine Glover
DAVIS Julius J. KulliChito
DAVIS Julius J. KulliTuklo
DAVIS Larry Hugh Broken Bow
DAVIS Laura Jo Eagletown
DAVIS Levi Hochatown
DAVIS Lillian Post Denison
DAVIS Lilly L. Pine Creek
DAVIS Lula A. Broken Bow
DAVIS Lynn Dale Hochatown
DAVIS Manuel F. Denison
DAVIS Mary Florence Denison
DAVIS Mary M. Crown Hill
DAVIS Miller A. Holly Creek
DAVIS Mrs. Noel Crown Hill
DAVIS Myrtle G. Denison
DAVIS Nettie James Moran
DAVIS Nola Lee Canfield
DAVIS Opal R. Hochatown
DAVIS Osborn Wright City
DAVIS Rezin Denison
DAVIS Richard Dale Bethel
DAVIS Robert C. County Line
DAVIS Robert Luther Denison
DAVIS Roy H. Bethel
DAVIS Roy J. Denison
DAVIS Ruth B. Canfield
DAVIS Steve R. Denison
DAVIS Susie Moran
DAVIS Terry L. Eagletown
DAVIS Thelma Ward Holly Creek
DAVIS Thelmer Earl Denison
DAVIS Tom Lukfata
DAVIS Tommie A. Moran
DAVIS Wayne G. Bethel
DAVIS William Moran
DAVIS William Jeff Denison
DAVIS Willie Mae Denison
DAVIS Zachary Philadelphia
DAVISON James Anderson Glover
DAVISON Omie Elizabeth Glover
DAVISON Raymond D. Hochatown
DAVISON Willie Glover
DAVISSON Goldie R. Canfield
DAWSON Hubbard Hy Eagletown
DAWSON J.E. Wright City
DAWSON Leona Wright City
DAY Cora A. Holly Creek
DAY Dewey A. Holly Creek
DAY Larry Duane Holly Creek
DAY Sam Pollard
DAY Virgie E. Redland
DEACON Ethel Faye KulliChito
DEACON Ethel Faye KulliTuklo
DEADWILEY Joseph Wiley F Bethel
DEADWILEY Samantha A. M Bethel
DEAL ?? Canfield
DEAL Arthur A. Canfield
DEAL Barbara Jean Forest Hill
DEAN Annie A. Denison
DEAN Clarence W. Broken Bow
DEAN Estelle L. Broken Bow
DEAN Felix M. Broken Bow
DEAN Genvie Oakgrove
DEAN George E. Denison
DEAN Gracie Broken Bow
DEAN H.A. "Fat" Oakgrove
DEAN Harold Broken Bow
DEAN Hillie A. Broken Bow
DEAN Hugh Denison
DEAN John Roy Sr. Broken Bow
DEAN Luther Broken Bow
DEAN Major Broken Bow
DEAN Mary J. Denison
DEAN Millie B. Broken Bow
DEAN Mrs. Bennie Broken Bow
DEAN Odes S. Broken Bow
DEAN Rhoda G. Broken Bow
DEAN Rosie L. Broken Bow
DEAN Tirence M. Canfield
DEAN William A. Canfield
DEAN William Oscar Broken Bow
DEATHRAGE Nellie Broken Bow
DEAVER Annie May Crown Hill
DEAVER James I. Crown Hill
DEAVER Mickey Z. Crown Hill
DEAVER Paul Ivan Crown Hill
DEBERRY David E. Denison
DEBERRY Dick Denison
DEBERRY Kate D. Denison
DEBERRY Kate H. Denison
DEBERRY L.S. Denison
DEBERRY Luther Denison
DEBERRY Lynn Denison
DECK Adam Daniel Denison
DECK Agnes M. Real Denison
DECK John Adam Broken Bow
DECK Zana Beatrice Denison
DECKER David P. Broken Bow
DECKER G.C. "Garmon" Broken Bow
DECKER Luanita Broken Bow
DECKER Matilda Broken Bow
DECKER Rosie Broken Bow
DECKERSON Ola C. Broken Bow
DECKERSON Steve A. Broken Bow
DEE Chris W. Holly Creek
DEE Jess Holly Creek
DEE Katie K. Holly Creek
DEE Tom Holly Creek
DEE Tommie James Holly Creek
DEEN Annie Marie Wright City
DEEN Elsie "Babe" Denison
DEEN Willie "Bill" Wright City
DEES Calliev Denison
DEES William A. Denison
DEFOE Infant Daughte Bokhoma
DEFOE Richard A. Broken Bow
DEGROOT Ada Denison
DEGROOT John E. Denison
DEGROOT Wilson Denison
DEITHER Barbara Gay Broken Bow
DEITHER Joseph Broken Bow
DEITHER Maudie Broken Bow
DELAUGHTER George Haworth
DELNO Infant Canfield
DELNO Ollie Mae Forest Hill
DELNO Robert W. "Bob" Forest Hill
DELNO Willie Reece Canfield
DELONEY Etta Pollard
DELONG Vivian Denison
DELONG William A. Jr. Denison
DELOZIER Lori Elizabeth Glover
DELOZIER Wilma Glover
DELOZIER Winnie Mae Glover
DENDY John W. Denison
DENDY Julia E. Denison
DENETDELE Rena L. Waterhole
DENHAM Elder Carl E. Denison
DENHAM Juanita Denison
DENISON Ben L. Dr. Denison
DENISON Bonnie Denison
DENISON Charles A. Dr. Denison
DENISON David Denison
DENISON Harry L. Denison
DENISON Hazel L. Denison
DENISON Henry C. Denison
DENISON Infant Denison
DENISON J.W. Denison
DENISON John Roland Denison
DENISON Kenneth C. Denison
DENISON Louie Denison
DENISON Mary Ellen Denison
DENISON Maud Denison
DENISON Retha Denison
DENISON Roy Bomford Garvin
DENISON Steven Jr. Denison
DENISON Susan M. Denison
DENISON Thelma O. Denison
DENISON Vollie M. Denison
DENISON William Farnum Denison
DENNINGTON Baby Canfield
DENNINGTON Essie Bell Haworth
DENNINGTON Hobart C. Haworth
DENNINGTON John Robert Eagletown
DENNINGTON John Willis Eagletown
DENNINGTON Joyce Ross Eagletown
DENNINGTON Maggie M. Pollard
DENNINGTON Martha Bokhoma
DENNINGTON Maudie C. Haworth
DENNINGTON Maudie L. Haworth
DENNINGTON Travis F. Haworth
DENNINGTON Vodie James Eagletown
DENNINGTON Walter Lewis Haworth
DENNIS Avery Denison
DENNIS Clyde Broken Bow
DENNIS Hattie Broken Bow
DENNIS Jean Madduc Broken Bow
DENNIS Marvin Denison
DENNIS Ruth Denison
DENNY Norman Lynn Holly Creek
DENSON Baby Denison
DENSON Claude Denison
DENSON Jack W. Denison
DENSON Joda E. Forest Hill
DENSON John David Broken Bow
DENSON Kate Forest Hill
DENSON Lula Farver Denison
DENSON Newton S. Forest Hill
DENSON Orren Farver Denison
DENSON Ruel Hopkins Denison
DENSON Wilda Mae "Willie Broken Bow
DENTON Cecil W. Watson Memorial
DENTON Donald Wayne Watson Memorial
DENTON Duie Woodson Watson Memorial
DENTON Sallie Crown Hill
DENTON William Oscar Watson Memorial
DERAMUS Anna Broken Bow
DERAMUS Donald P. Hochatown
DERAMUS Frank Broken Bow
DERAMUS Izetta Bobbie Hochatown
DERAMUS Joseph Bethel
DERAMUS Luther Bethel
DERAMUS Mary B. Bethel
DERAMUS Susan Bethel
DERAMUS Virlie Bethel
DERRICK Annie Pollard
DERRICK Brent Pollard
DERRICK Wilma L. Pollard
DERRING Mrs. Lee Nugent Denison
DERRYBERRY Barbara Ann Denison
DERRYBERRY Dorothy Denison
DERRYBERRY Floy E. Denison
DERRYBERRY Frances E. Denison
DERRYBERRY Herschell Denison
DERRYBERRY Howard Denison
DERRYBERRY Jo Ann Storey Denison
DERRYBERRY John Allen Denison
DERRYBERRY John H. Canfield
DERRYBERRY John Madison Denison
DERRYBERRY John W. Denison
DERRYBERRY John W. Sr. Denison
DERRYBERRY Leslie Leon Denison
DERRYBERRY Mary E. Denison
DERRYBERRY Mary Etheredge Denison
DERRYBERRY Mollie Canfield
DERRYBERRY Thomas Newton 1 Denison
DERRYBERRY Tony E. Denison
DERRYBERRY Virgil D. Denison
DEVERELL Bobby Wright City
DEVINE Carrie Louise Moran
DEVINE Lucretia E. Moran
DEVINE Otto Bradford Moran
DEVINE Robert B. Moran
DEWITT Carrie N. Denison
DEWITT J.W. Denison
DEWITT J.W. Denison
DEWITT Mary Lee Denison
DEWITT Travis Denison
DEWITT Wilbern B. Denison
DICKENSON Al Wright City
DICKERSON Aunt Julan Lukfata
DICKERSON Candy Michelle Broken Bow
DICKERSON George W. Rufe
DICKERSON Gordon L. Moran
DICKERSON James Jess Broken Bow
DICKERSON Kaletta Moran
DICKERSON Lela Ellen Moran
DICKERSON Marlin Broken Bow
DICKERSON Tina Mae Eagletown
DICKERSON Zarl Billy Rufe
DICKEY Allie Crown Hill
DICKEY Blanche Denison
DICKEY G.W. Pollard
DICKEY Henry Edward Crown Hill
DICKEY Infant Daughter Crown Hill
DICKEY Infant Daughter Crown Hill
DICKEY Isabelle Arnett Crown Hill
DICKEY Joyce Dean Broken Bow
DICKEY Leroy O. Denison
DICKEY Letha L. Crown Hill
DICKEY Luther Ellihu Crown Hill
DICKEY Mary Elizabeth Crown Hill
DICKEY Perry O. Crown Hill
DICKEY Sallie Crown Hill
DICKEY Virginia Augusta Crown Hill
DICKINSON Emma Old Valliant
DICKINSON John W. Broken Bow
DICKINSON Mrs. N.A. Broken Bow
DICKINSON Onie Old Valliant
DICKSON Arrie Noles Broken Bow
DIERKS Luther D. Eagletown
DIERKS Menty J. Eagletown
DIGGS Elmer Louis Canfield
DIGGS Infant Son Canfield
DIGGS Kenneth Ralph Canfield
DIGGS Myrtle Abrial Canfield
DILBECK Martin P. Denison
DILL Ida Bokhoma
DILL Jasper Bokhoma
DILL Joan Juanita Broken Bow
DILL Mary M. Broken Bow
DILL Vernon Bokhoma
DILLAHUNTY Connie Lucille Ja Broken Bow
DILLAHUNTY Florence Redland
DILLAHUNTY John Gleason Redland
DILLAHUNTY May F. Broken Bow
DILLAHUNTY Quintas Broken Bow
DILLAHUNTY Ruby E. Slater Memorial
DILLAHUNTY Ruby Estelle Wright City
DILLARD Anna E. Bokhoma
DILLARD Charline B. Canfield
DILLARD Clarence E. Broken Bow
DILLARD Eliza Jane Canfield
DILLARD Essie Myrtle Redland
DILLARD Frazier Redland
DILLARD Herman H. Canfield
DILLARD James Eual Redland
DILLARD Lawrence Redland
DILLARD Lou Marie Redland
DILLARD Margaret Canfield
DILLARD Mollie G. Broken Bow
DILLARD Myrtle Couch Eagletown
DILLARD Richard Garvin
DILLARD Robbie Verbina Redland
DILLARD T.A. Canfield
DILLARD Tina H. Redland
DILLARD William Frank Redland
DINGLER Lou Thompson Wright City
DIX William M. Eagletown
DIXON Bob Wright City
DIXON Fannie Green Denison
DIXON Kimberly Diane Broken Bow
DIXON Monroe S. Eagletown
DIXON Pearl Eagletown
DIXON W.M. Denison
DLUGONSKI Leslie Joe Broken Bow
DLUGONSKI Mary E. Broken Bow
DOAN Aurelia Ann Pollard
DOAN Charlsie Lee Watson Memorial
DOAN Coy R. Pollard
DOAN Ethel E. Denison
DOAN Fannie C. Denison
DOAN Floyd Watson Memorial
DOAN Henry C. Denison
DOAN James William Watson Memorial
DOAN Kenneth Dale Watson Memorial
DOAN Lee Glover
DOAN Lottie Glover
DOAN Otto E. Denison
DOAN Violet Watson Memorial
DOAN W.A. Broken Bow
DOAN Walter Ray Denison
DOAN Willie Lee Glover
DOAN Wilma (Johnson) Watson Memorial
DOBBS Addison Old Valliant
DOBSON Leon Redland
DODD Alta Mae Broken Bow
DODD Bert J. Broken Bow
DODD Cleo Wesley Crown Hill
DODD Infant Daughter Crown Hill
DODD John H. Crown Hill
DODD Juanita J. Denison
DODD Mary Elizabeth Crown Hill
DODD Mary Ellen Crown Hill
DODD Ralph B. Denison
DODD Thomas J. Denison
DODD William H. Crown Hill
DODSON Bennie B. Broken Bow
DODSON Bert Broken Bow
DODSON Grady Allen Holly Creek
DOIAL Minnie B. Forest Hill
DOIAL Richard D. Forest Hill
DOLLAR Bobby FE. Canfield
DOLLAR Bud Canfield
DOLLAR James Medford Canfield
DOLLAR Jessie Grover Canfield
DOLLAR John R. Canfield
DOLLAR Josie Lee Canfield
DOLLAR Julia S. Pollard
DOLLAR Melvin L. Sr. Canfield
DOLLAR Mina Canfield
DOLLAR Myrtle Ada Forest Hill
DOLLAR Ronald D. Redland
DOLLAR Zadie Lue Canfield
DOLLARHIDE Allene A. Denison
DOLLARHIDE Andrew Denison
DOLLARHIDE Carrell Redland
DOLLARHIDE Gladys Loraine Denison
DOLLARHIDE Gracie F. Denison
DOLLARHIDE John C. Haworth
DOLLARHIDE Louis Redland
DOLLARHIDE Martin Redland
DOLLARHIDE Mary Lou Redland
DOLLARHIDE Nellie Redland
DOLLARHIDE Rosie Redland
DOLLARHIDE Sarah Sherwood
DOLLARHIDE Voramae Denison
DOLLARHIDE W.M. King Denison
DOLLARHIDE Wm. D."Bill" Denison
DOLLARHITE Baby Holly Creek
DOLLARHITE Ina Mae Holly Creek
DOLLARHITE James Andrew Holly Creek
DOLLARHITE Maudie Holly Creek
DOLLARHITE Minnie Lee Redland
DOLLARHITE Robert Leon Holly Creek
DONALDSON Arthur F. Jr. Eagletown
DONALDSON C.C. Waterhole
DONALDSON Cynthia Waterhole
DONALDSON Gilbert "Slim" Moran
DONALDSON Joe C. Waterhole
DONALDSON N.B. Waterhole
DONALDSON Nora Bell Moran
DONALDSON Nora L. Waterhole
DONATHAN James Arthur Wright City
DONATHAN Mattie M. Wright City
DONER Glenn R. Crown Hill
DONER Wilma J. Crown Hill
DONISON Judge O. Broken Bow
DONISON Otis R. "Grab" Broken Bow
DONISON Rosetta Broken Bow
DONNELL Ova B.F.O. Crown Hill
DONNELL Wm. "Bill" F.O. Crown Hill
DOOLEY Alice Ruth Denison
DOOLEY Bart Aubry Forest Hill
DOOLEY Homer Theodore Redland
DOOLEY J. Edgar Denison
DOOLEY J. Herbert Denison
DOOLEY J.B. Jr. Denison
DOOLEY Joseph Hiram Denison
DOOLEY Leo G. Redland
DOOLEY Lodie Denison
DOOLEY Mary E. Denison
DOOLEY T.A. Denison
DORRIS Cornelia E. Holly Creek
DORRIS J.B. Holly Creek
DORSEY Dewey Denison
DORSEY James E. Denison
DORSEY P. Lavonia Denison
DOSS Pearl Ann Broken Bow
DOSS Phillip W. Denison
DOSSEY Charles P. Denison
DOSSEY Enie L. Denison
DOSSEY Fred Denison
DOSSEY Hubert Hochatown
DOSSEY Robbie Hochatown
DOUGLAS Annie F. Denison
DOUGLAS Elmer L. Denison
DOUGLAS John P. Denison
DOWDY Allen Denison
DOWDY Banks "Joe" Bethel
DOWDY Essie Denison
DOWDY Jessie D. Broken Bow
DOWDY Vera Erma Bethel
DOWELL Veltory Ferloyde Denison
DOWNER Michael Haworth
DOWNS Adron Forest Hill
DOWNS Claude E. Canfield
DOWNS John Anthony Pollard
DOWNS L.D. Canfield
DOWNS Lucy Canfield
DOWNS Nellie Marie Canfield
DOWNS Nolan W. Canfield
DOWNS Thomas Lynn Canfield
DOWNS Thomas Ray Canfield
DOYLE Ava Lois Broken Bow
DOYLE Lenard Broken Bow
DOYLE Ruby Broken Bow
DOZIER Dennis Grant Broken Bow
DOZIER Mildred J. Crown Hill
DOZIER Paul W. Crown Hill
DRAKE Versie M. Lukfata
DRAPER Arlene Broken Bow
DRAPER Clifford Bokhoma
DRAPER Ellen Hochatown
DRAPER Glen Ray Crown Hill
DRAPER Rile James Bokhoma
DRAPER William Bokhoma
DRAPER William A. Hochatown
DRAUGHON Eva Crown Hill
DREWS Jack Holly Creek
DREWS Willie Lee (Bill) Watson Memorial
DRURY Alice Ruthie Pollard
DRURY Tom H. Pollard
DUGAN Florence Denison
DUGAN George Denison
DUGAN Robert E. Bokhoma
DUGAN Ross F. Denison
DUGAN Texana Bokhoma
DUGAN Tom Bokhoma
DUGAN Tommie Bokhoma
DUGGAN Janice A. Redland
DUGGER Juanita Hochatown
DUKE Charles Canfield
DUKE Mary Lou Garvin
DUKE Rhoda Anderson Denison
DUKE Sam Denison
DUKE W.T. Garvin
DUMONT Harlon H. Denison
DUMONT Maggie P. Denison
DUMONT William H. Denison
DUNAGAN Audria Holly Creek
DUNAGAN J.F. Holly Creek
DUNAGAN Mary E. Bethel
DUNAGAN William Bethel
DUNCAN Betty June Broken Bow
DUNCAN Dollie Little Denison
DUNCAN Dorothy Denison
DUNCAN Isaac P. Wright City
DUNCAN J.B. Denison
DUNCAN Jack C. Denison
DUNCAN Jack Carl Broken Bow
DUNCAN Jessie Yarbor Denison
DUNCAN Joseph Barnett Crown Hill
DUNCAN Sarah Ellen Denison
DUNCAN Sarah Frances Crown Hill
DUNLAP William Roy Eagletown
DUNLOP Earnest Guy Denison
DUNMORE Lela Broken Bow
DUNN Carl R. Glover
DUNN Ester M. Canfield
DUNN Henry H. Wright City
DUNN James K. Haworth
DUNN Martha Dena Canfield
DUNN Robert G. Broken Bow
DUNN Zelphy M. Wright City
DUNNIGAN Willie Hochatown
DUNNING Marcie Faye Crown Hill
DUNNING Thomas E. Jr. Crown Hill
DUPLER Carrie J. Sherwood
DUPLER James L. Sherwood
DUPLER Sarah Sherwood
DUREE Anna May Glover
DUREE Annie Watson Memorial
DUREE G.B. Glover
DUREE James Frank Watson Memorial
DUREN Mary J. Bokhoma
DURHAM Bertha M. Holly Creek
DURHAM Charles Edward Holly Creek
DURHAM Charlie H. Holly Creek
DURHAM Doreen Ardell Holly Creek
DURHAM Earl M. Holly Creek
DURHAM Grace Elvira Canfield
DURHAM Jay Canfield
DURHAM Mary R. Holly Creek
DUTY Odis M. Rufe
DYCUS Elizabeth Francis Holly Creek
DYCUS Gold Byron Holly Creek
DYCUS H.E. Holly Creek
DYE Ida Maye Denison
DYE Robert T. Denison
DYE Tillman Denison
DYER Amanda Eagletown
DYER Bessie A. Redland
DYER Charlie Grace Denison
DYER Ethel Etoy Denison
DYER Frank Haworth
DYER Harvey James Haworth
DYER J.B. Denison
DYER J.T. Holly Creek
DYER James Crown Hill
DYER Jess S. Denison
DYER John L. Redland
DYER John W. Redland
DYER Laura Crown Hill
DYER Lillian Marie Crown Hill
DYER Mrs. J.T. Holly Creek
DYER Nettie Jane Denison
DYER Olen Denison
DYER Ora Cox Haworth
DYER Quincie A. Denison
DYER R.M. Canfield
DYER Reuben J. Canfield
DYER Richard Louis Denison
DYER Troy H. Haworth
DYER Willy "Bill" Eagletown
DYRE Aaron Broken Bow
DYRE Agnes Broken Bow

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