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Gene Phillips - McCurtain County Archivist

Gene Phillips - State Archivist

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Burial Index


CABE Elvern H. Garvin
CABINISS C. M. Redland
CABINISS Julia A. Redland
CAGLE Pebble Crown Hill
CAIN Desda Irene Pollard
CAIN Glenda Watson Philadelphia
CAIN Joseph E. Watson Memorial
CAIN Letha Ellen Watson Memorial
CAIN Liz Hochatown
CAIN Lloyd L. Jr. Wright City
CAIN Lurany Pollard
CAIN Octa M. Pollard
CAIN Patricia Wright City
CAIN William Edgar "Ed" Pollard
CALAHAN Luther Denison
CALAHAN Pearl T. Denison
CALAHAN Robert Raymond Denison
CALAWAY Cassie Avellon Pollard
CALAWAY Luther M. Pollard
CALAWAY Rhoda Lee Pollard
CALAWAY Shirley Maurice Watson Memorial
CALDWELL Austin Royce Rufe
CALDWELL Baby Philadelphia
CALDWELL Barbara Ann Forest Hill
CALDWELL Elliott J. Forest Hill
CALDWELL Etta V. Forest Hill
CALDWELL Fred S. Broken Bow
CALDWELL Goldie M. Broken Bow
CALDWELL Henry N. Denison
CALDWELL John W. Holly Creek
CALDWELL Katherine K. Rufe
CALDWELL Leona Holly Creek
CALDWELL Maggie M. Waterhole
CALDWELL Mrs. Ruth Denison
CALDWELL N.P. Philadelphia
CALDWELL Natalie Nicole Canfield
CALDWELL Sarah M. Forest Hill
CALDWELL Tobe Waterhole
CALDWELL Tom B. Forest Hill
CALDWELL Wm. Morris Philadelphia
CALLAHAM Beatrice Broken Bow
CALLAHAM Beulah O. Denison
CALLAHAM Florence E. Broken Bow
CALLAHAM James Herman Broken Bow
CALLAHAM James M. Denison
CALLAHAM Juanita Louise Broken Bow
CALLAHAM Leona Broken Bow
CALLAHAM Leona Belle Canfield
CALLAHAM Margaret Annis Denison
CALLAHAM Mrs. J.H. Denison
CALLAHAM Nellie A. Broken Bow
CALLAHAM P.D. Broken Bow
CALLAHAM Robert Clay Broken Bow
CALLAHAM Stephen B. Broken Bow
CALLAHAM Walter Lloyd Broken Bow
CALLAHAN John W. Redland
CALLAHAN Kate Redland
CALLAHAN Luther Denison
CALLAWAY Fern L. Watson Memorial
CALLAWAY Forrest Jesse Watson Memorial
CALLAWAY Henry D. Watson Memorial
CALLAWAY Henry D. Jr. Watson Memorial
CALLAWAY Joseph Harold Denison
CALLAWAY Parkerson Green Denison
CALLAWAY Violet Wright City
CALLIHOO Ester Denison
CALLIS Earl C. Hochatown
CALLIS Winfreda A. Hochatown
CALLOWAY Roy Lee Broken Bow
CAMDON Carrie Sherwood
CAMP Jammie Lynn Crown Hill
CAMP Mary "Winnie" Watson Memorial
CAMP William Cody Watson Memorial
CAMPBELL Albert L. Broken Bow
CAMPBELL Alleen Denison
CAMPBELL Amy Denison
CAMPBELL Bennie Broken Bow
CAMPBELL Brian Keith Bethel
CAMPBELL C.L. Canfield
CAMPBELL Edna Earl Broken Bow
CAMPBELL Ethel I. Canfield
CAMPBELL Frank A. Denison
CAMPBELL Harold D. Broken Bow
CAMPBELL James Jennings Canfield
CAMPBELL John Pearl Bethel
CAMPBELL Joseph Weldon Denison
CAMPBELL Luey L. Canfield
CAMPBELL Lula L. Denison
CAMPBELL Mary E. Denison
CAMPBELL Mollie Pollard
CAMPBELL Norma Denison
CAMPBELL Norma Rae Hochatown
CAMPBELL Olevia Canfield
CAMPBELL Richard C. Denison
CAMPBELL Roy Hochatown
CAMPBELL Sarah Elizabeth Canfield
CAMPBELL Sarah P. Denison
CAMPBELL W.L. Canfield
CAMPBELL Willard Broken Bow
CAMPBELL William L. Denison
CAMPELL Alice R. Broken Bow
CAMPLING George Holly Creek
CAMPTON Melvin D. Glover
CAMPTON Opal D. Glover
CAMRON Emily A. Broken Bow
CAMRON Hoyt H. Broken Bow
CAMRON Mrs. H.H. Holly Creek
CANADA Donie Lukfata
CANANT Geneva Denison
CANANT Thomas Denison
CANANT Waymon Denison
CANNADY Clyde T. Forest Hill
CANNADY Ernest T. Canfield
CANNADY Lula Mae Canfield
CANNON Calvin G. Denison
CANNON Infant Hochatown
CANNON N.J. Denison
CANNON Newton J. Denison
CANNON Sallye Lea Denison
CANTERBURY Houston S. Waterhole
CANTRELL Alta P. Crown Hill
CANTRELL Cecil H. Denison
CANTRELL Ollie Philadelphia
CAPLINGER James Oscar Broken Bow
CAPPS A. J. "Buddy" Forest Hill
CAPPS Archie M. Denison
CAPPS Dolph Forest Hill
CAPPS Earnest Irwin Forest Hill
CAPPS Eugene Denison
CAPPS Gertrude G. Forest Hill
CAPPS Henry Forest Hill
CAPPS Joe Forest Hill
CAPPS Kenneth N. Forest Hill
CAPPS Lola Odessa Denison
CAPPS Marion J. Denison
CAPPS Mary Lena Forest Hill
CAPPS Roberta Forest Hill
CAPPS Sarah A. Denison
CARAUTHERS William Y. Denison
CARAWAY Betty Jean Holly Creek
CARDER Emma Lee Forest Hill
CARDER Willard Elton Forest Hill
CAREY Nancy O'Bannon Moran
CARLISLE Morgan Denison
CARLSON Kinney Moran
CARLTON Benjamin Franklin Canfield
CARN Katie NunihChito
CARN Samuel H. NunihChito
CARNES Martha K. Waterhole
CARNEY Leason Bethel
CARNEY Nettie Faye Eagletown
CARPENTER David E. Watson Memorial
CARPENTER David John Watson Memorial
CARPENTER Delbert Ray Watson Memorial
CARPENTER Martha C. Forest Hill
CARPENTER Ruby Dosha Haworth
CARPER Chad Ray Wright City
CARPER James Thomas Wright City
CARPER Opal E. Broken Bow
CARPER Zelek L. Broken Bow
CARR Bill Hochatown
CARR Geraldine Denison
CARR Juanita Woodland Canfield
CARR Orey Graham Canfield
CARR Ralph A. Denison
CARR Saleta A. Denison
CARR Thomas Grover Denison
CARROLL Catherine O. Glover
CARROLL Eugene Sr. Glover
CARROLL Johanna A. Broken Bow
CARROLL L.E. Ed Broken Bow
CARROLL Loyd Lee Broken Bow
CARROLL Minnie Clouse Broken Bow
CARROLL W.R. Judge Broken Bow
CARTER Bessie Denison
CARTER Charles Edward Forest Hill
CARTER Cora Fay Denison
CARTER Donna Jo Broken Bow
CARTER Dorothy Mae Slater Memorial
CARTER Edith M. Broken Bow
CARTER Frances Canfield
CARTER Hubert Forest Hill
CARTER Huston Forest Hill
CARTER Irene Forest Hill
CARTER James Canfield
CARTER Jim Denison
CARTER Johnny B. Slater Memorial
CARTER Johnny Lee Forest Hill
CARTER Laura Garvin
CARTER Leon "Tobe" Forest Hill
CARTER Mark Garvin
CARTER Maudie Ola Lukfata
CARTER Naomi Redland
CARTER Noel Kevin Forest Hill
CARTER Oscar W. Pollard
CARTER Pete M. Philadelphia
CARTER W.A. Garvin
CARTER W.O. Denison
CARTER Weldon Bennete Redland
CARTER Winford C. Bethel
CARTERBY Edna Slater Memorial
CARTERBY Edna Wright City
CARTERBY Jacob Ervin Slater Memorial
CARTERBY John Amos Goodland
CARTERBY Mary Lou Goodland
CARTERBY Ruby Bethel
CARTWRIGHT Carl "Jack" Holly Creek
CARTWRIGHT James Luther Broken Bow
CASE Frank Wright City
CASEBEER Grant Broken Bow
CASEBEER Mattie Broken Bow
CASEY Charlie L. Denison
CASEY Johnathon Denison
CASEY Mary Eagletown
CASEY Rose W. Denison
CASEY W. Raymond Denison
CASH Betty Ruth Moran
CASIANO Martin Denison
CASON Larry Joe Canfield
CASTLE John Wright City
CASTLEBURY Birdie Denison
CASTLEMAN Sherry Annett Pollard
CATHEY Lora Armstrong Broken Bow
CAUDLE Beatrice Marie Watson Memorial
CAUDLE Charlie Ford Rock Hill
CAUDLE Delbert Oakgrove
CAUDLE Elsie Broken Bow
CAUDLE Ernest Edgar Broken Bow
CAUDLE Johna Kay Rock Hill
CAUDLE Mark C. Crown Hill
CAUDLE Mary Vivian Rock Hill
CAUDLE Mattie M. Crown Hill
CAUDLE Rachel L. Rock Hill
CAUDLE Roy Lee Oakgrove
CAUDLE Roy Wilson Watson Memorial
CAUDLE Sam J. Rock Hill
CAUDLE Windle Broken Bow
CAUDLE Windle Rock Hill
CAUTHERN Ida Haworth
CAVENDER Gladys Denison
CAVENDER Lowell A. Denison
CAVENDER Loyce E. Denison
CAVENDER Lula Denison
CAVENDER Robbie Earl Denison
CAVENDER William John Denison
CHADWICK Bertie Bokhoma
CHADWICK C. Ethel Denison
CHADWICK Charles C. Denison
CHADWICK Clarence E. Denison
CHADWICK Everett D. Crown Hill
CHADWICK Lillie Mae Crown Hill
CHADWICK Viola M. Eagletown
CHAMBERS Phyllis Anne Broken Bow
CHAMBERS Thomas Moran
CHAMBLIN John Eagletown
CHAMBLISS Betty Eagletown
CHANDLER Becky S. Holly Creek
CHANDLER Belle Rock Hill
CHANDLER Carl Denison
CHANDLER Evelyn V. Holly Creek
CHANDLER Harold Mullins Holly Creek
CHANDLER Harold W. Holly Creek
CHANDLER John Hochatown
CHANDLER Kathleen Holly Creek
CHANDLER Margaret Denison
CHANDLER Mattie J. Holly Creek
CHANDLER Nathanial Hochatown
CHANDLER Rex Arthur Holly Creek
CHANDLER Robert Forrest Holly Creek
CHANDLER Sam O. Rock Hill
CHANDLER Tommie Ruth Denison
CHANDLER W.H. Holly Creek
CHANDLER William Herbert Denison
CHANEY Allie Lee Glover
CHANEY Benjamin Harrison Holly Creek
CHANEY Betty E. Hochatown
CHANEY Cleo Hochatown
CHANEY Ethel G. Hochatown
CHANEY Ferrell Leroy Hochatown
CHANEY Homer Hochatown
CHANEY Monie Hochatown
CHANEY Omie Holly Creek
CHANEY W.E. Glover
CHAPEL Willis B. Eagletown
CHAPMAN Alfred A. Holly Creek
CHAPMAN Ann M. Hochatown
CHAPMAN Ben P. Denison
CHAPMAN Boyd Hochatown
CHAPMAN Carl Garvin
CHAPMAN Carl Holly Creek
CHAPMAN Don Leonard Crown Hill
CHAPMAN Edwin Lee Broken Bow
CHAPMAN Elizabeth Forest Hill
CHAPMAN Florence Bingham Watson Memorial
CHAPMAN Fronia V. Eagletown
CHAPMAN Grover Sr. Broken Bow
CHAPMAN Hattie Mae Denison
CHAPMAN Ida B. Denison
CHAPMAN Infant Hochatown
CHAPMAN Jeffrey Bruce Eagletown
CHAPMAN Jennie S. Broken Bow
CHAPMAN Jessie Leroy Watson Memorial
CHAPMAN Joseph A. Eagletown
CHAPMAN Joy Hochatown
CHAPMAN Kate K. Garvin
CHAPMAN Levica A. Denison
CHAPMAN Robert D. Denison
CHAPMAN Robert Lee Pollard
CHAPMAN Robert M. Denison
CHAPMAN Roy Denison
CHAPMAN Ruth Crown Hill
CHAPMAN Tommy Keith Denison
CHAPMAN Vance M. Eagletown
CHAPMAN Zudie M. Holly Creek
CHAPPEL John M. Holly Creek
CHARLES Fred E. Denison
CHASTAIN Exis Broken Bow
CHASTAIN Guy Leslie Canfield
CHASTAIN James B. Broken Bow
CHASTAIN Luellerma Redland
CHASTAIN Margiorite Canfield
CHASTAIN Osa Broken Bow
CHEATHAM Claude B. Canfield
CHEATHAM Mary Canfield
CHEATHAM Robert D. Denison
CHEEK Bessie Bethel
CHEEK Glenn A. Bethel
CHEEK Joseph Walton Garvin
CHEEK Margaret J. Garvin
CHEEVES Clarice Redland
CHENNAULT Dora Wright City
CHENNAULT Frank Wright City
CHENNAULT Walter Lee Bokhoma
CHESSHIR Dora A. Eagletown
CHESTER Birdie E. Crown Hill
CHILCOAT Lula Glover
CHILCOAT Sybel Mae Glover
CHILCOAT Walter Glover
CHILDERS Kippy Gean Moran
CHILDERS Wayland Denison
CHILDRESS Cortez C. Denison
CHILDRESS Isabella B. Denison
CHILDRESS Jesse N. Denison
CHILDRESS Mildred H. Denison
CHILDS Clarence C. Crown Hill
CHILDS Mary Katie Glover
CHILDS Melvin (Bill) Glover
CHILDS Ottis W. Glover
CHILDS Ruby Lee Crown Hill
CHILDS Susie B. Glover
CHISUM Nora Hochatown
CHOAT Brandon S. Hochatown
CHOAT Lula Mae Denison
CHOATE Donald Ray Denison
CHOATE Elizabeth Bethel
CHOATE Mary E. Bethel
CHOATE Rev. Lonnie J. Denison
CHOATE Venone E. Denison
CHRISTENSON Don C. Forest Hill
CHRISTIAN Allie A Bethel
CHRISTIAN Barbara Jean Canfield
CHRISTIAN Easter A Bethel
CHRISTIAN Elmer G. A Bethel
CHRISTIAN Hataway A. Denison
CHRISTIAN Henry Harvey Denison
CHRISTIAN Jeff Davis A Bethel
CHRISTIAN Leonard D. A Bethel
CHRISTIAN Lorene O Bethel
CHRISTIAN Marie A Bethel
CHRISTIAN Matthew H. Denison
CHRISTIAN O'Neal Denison
CHRISTIAN Robert Lee Denison
CHRISTIAN Sandra Diane County Line
CHRISTIAN Soma Scott F Bethel
CHRISTIAN William J. M Bethel
CHRISTIE Eddie John Slater Memorial
CHRISTMAS L.C. Junior Denison
CHRISTOPHER Charolette Moran
CHRISTOPHER Essie May Waterhole
CHRONISTER Maude F. Wright City
CHULK Charles Vin Eagletown
CHURCHILL James Francis Denison
CHURCHILL Ruie Denison
CHURCHWELL Brenda J. Crown Hill
CHURCHWELL John A. Crown Hill
CIRAVOLO Catherine A. Watson Memorial
CITTY Betsy Redland
CITTY Blanch Redland
CITTY Bonnie C. "Bon" Redland
CITTY Connie Sue Redland
CITTY Curtis B. Redland
CITTY Dale R. Redland
CITTY Dallas W. Redland
CITTY Dennis W. Redland
CITTY Jack W. Redland
CITTY Jewel Jane Redland
CITTY Joel Spriggs Redland
CITTY Kenneth Oliver Redland
CITTY Lex Eugene Redland
CITTY Mary Leora Redland
CITTY Nancy Redland
CITTY Nancy Irene Redland
CITTY Polly (Paula Ann) Redland
CITTY Quentin William Redland
CITTY Sherman A. Redland
CITTY Walter Dale Redland
CITTY Wesley Redland
CITTY Wylie G. Redland
CITY Lester Denison
CLABORN Herbert Joe Glover
CLABORN J.R. Jr. Glover
CLABORN Jason Paul Wright City
CLABORN Louis Glover
CLABORN Manda Glover
CLABORN Margie Lee Glover
CLABORN Marion Juanita Slater Memorial
CLABORN Milford C. Watson Memorial
CLABORN Odies Glover
CLABORN Orville H. Wright City
CLABORN Susie Glover
CLABORN Thomas M. Glover
CLABORN Virgie E. Wright City
CLABORN Willie Faye Glover
CLABORN Wm. M. "Bill" Glover
CLAMPET Augusta V. Pollard
CLAMPET Fannie Mae Denison
CLAMPET Irving F. Pollard
CLAMPET James Lee Denison
CLAMPET Larry Joe Pollard
CLAMPET Lawrence W. Redland
CLAMPET Megan Nacole Pollard
CLAMPET Moses O. Pollard
CLAMPET Stanley Keith Pollard
CLAMPET Thomas F. Pollard
CLAMPET Timothy Clay Redland
CLAMPET Will "Bill" Pollard
CLARDY Bob Forest Hill
CLARDY Estel L. Forest Hill
CLARDY Geraldine Forest Hill
CLARDY Jesse B. Forest Hill
CLARDY Joe Forest Hill
CLARDY Lucy Forest Hill
CLARK Boyd F. Broken Bow
CLARK Cecil Burnett Eagletown
CLARK Charles E. Denison
CLARK Charles Edwin Denison
CLARK Charlie Broken Bow
CLARK Clifton Eagletown
CLARK Dorthel Eagletown
CLARK Frank Haddon Jr. Denison
CLARK Frank Hopkins Denison
CLARK Gene Ray Denison
CLARK George Arnett Eagletown
CLARK Georgia Denison
CLARK Gracie Lee Broken Bow
CLARK Hattie Ann Eagletown
CLARK Hazel Uneeda Eagletown
CLARK Hersell Broken Bow
CLARK Ida Bea Eagletown
CLARK Infant Son Broken Bow
CLARK James Franklin Redland
CLARK Jasper Newton Denison
CLARK Marvin P. Eagletown
CLARK Mattie Ozella Denison
CLARK Melissa Cae Forest Hill
CLARK Mona C. Denison
CLARK Orville W. Eagletown
CLARK Vienna J. Denison
CLARK William W. Denison
CLARK Wyoma Eagletown
CLARY Verdilla Jane Broken Bow
CLARY Wallace G. Broken Bow
CLAUSSEN William Chase Crown Hill
CLAWSON Ethel Hochatown
CLAWSON Laura May Canfield
CLAWSON William "Bill" Canfield
CLAY Artie County Line
CLAY Brian M Broken Bow
CLAY Doyle "Chub" County Line
CLAY Janie Fern Broken Bow
CLAY Jewel Broken Bow
CLAY Joseph S. Garvin
CLAY Joy Teel Crown Hill
CLAY Opal James Broken Bow
CLAY Paul Crown Hill
CLAY Rev. Robert C. County Line
CLAY Wilsie Crown Hill
CLAYBORN Certis Elmer Holly Creek
CLAYBORN Curtis A. Denison
CLAYBORN Ida Inez Holly Creek
CLAYBORN J.L. Holly Creek
CLAYBORN Martha Holly Creek
CLAYBORN Marvin Holly Creek
CLAYTON Billie Crown Hill
CLAYTON Billy Earl Sr. Denison
CLAYTON Bob Denison
CLAYTON Floyd Denison
CLAYTON J. D. Garvin
CLAYTON James Broken Bow
CLAYTON Kirk Alan Denison
CLAYTON Lewis Crown Hill
CLAYTON Lillian Denison
CLAYTON Pauline Denison
CLAYTON Shirlee Denison
CLAYTON William Crown Hill
CLAYTON William P. Denison
CLEARY C.A. Denison
CLEARY S.C. Denison
CLECKLER John P. Rock Hill
CLECKLER Mary Lou Rock Hill
CLEEK John Haworth
CLEGG Bryant Denison
CLEGG James R. Denison
CLEGG Ruth H. Denison
CLEGG Susie Denison
CLEM James Beryl Broken Bow
CLEM John B. Broken Bow
CLEM Mildred Broken Bow
CLEMENTS A.B. Jr. Broken Bow
CLEMENTS Cecil Broken Bow
CLEMENTS Dilla A. Broken Bow
CLEMENTS F.A."Flunanny" Denison
CLEMENTS Leon O."Obb" Denison
CLEMENTS Lois Broken Bow
CLEMENTS Mollie C. Denison
CLEMENTS Norma Broken Bow
CLEMENTS Roy C. Broken Bow
CLEMONS George B. Forest Hill
CLEMONS George Thomas Forest Hill
CLEMONS John Delmar Forest Hill
CLEMONS Osa Belle Forest Hill
CLENCH Veda McGowen Forest Hill
CLEPPER Mary Sue Canfield
CLEVENGER Dana J. Crown Hill
CLEVENGER Kenneth W. Crown Hill
CLEVENGER Michael W. Crown Hill
CLEVENGER Mrs. G.E. Wright City
CLEVENGER Shirley F. Crown Hill
CLEVER Clemmie Denison
CLEVER Robert L. Denison
CLIFTON Barney D. Denison
CLIFTON Charley T. Denison
CLIFTON Cleo Frank Denison
CLIFTON Grace E. Denison
CLIFTON John F. Denison
CLIFTON Laura E. Denison
CLIFTON Luseal C. Forest Hill
CLIFTON Oma Mae Denison
CLIFTON S.L."Cliff" Denison
CLIFTON Sallie L. Denison
CLINE Calvin A. "Bill" Slater Memorial
CLINE Charles L. Denison
CLINE George C. Denison
CLINE George C. Jr. Denison
CLINE Jesse J. Holly Creek
CLINE Lillie Denison
CLINE Lucy Belle Holly Creek
CLINE Margaret V. Slater Memorial
CLINE Merian Forest Hill
CLINE Thomas Lake Denison
CLINE Vera E. Denison
CLINE Virgil V. Holly Creek
CLINTON Cecil Broken Bow
CLINTON Charlene Holly Creek
CLINTON Curtis Hochatown
CLINTON Emma L. Holly Creek
CLINTON Gertrude Hochatown
CLINTON Imogene Hochatown
CLINTON Infants (2) Hochatown
CLINTON Irene Hochatown
CLINTON Jasper Newton Holly Creek
CLINTON Jesse Holly Creek
CLINTON Joe Ed Holly Creek
CLINTON John K. Holly Creek
CLINTON Jon Wesley Holly Creek
CLINTON L.A. "TINY" Hochatown
CLINTON Lewis Hochatown
CLINTON Minnie Broken Bow
CLINTON Minnie N. Old Valliant
CLINTON Rita Lynn Broken Bow
CLINTON Scott Hochatown
CLINTON Willard Paul Hochatown
CLOUSE Carl Redland
CLOUSE Edna A. Hochatown
CLOUSE John W. Watson Memorial
CLOUSE Junita Glover
CLOUSE Luther E. Broken Bow
CLOUSE Marsha Lynn Eagletown
CLOUSE Mary Broken Bow
CLOUSE Richadeen Watson Memorial
CLOUSE Trellis L. Hochatown
CLOWDIS Buck Haworth
CLOWDIS Viola Haworth
CLOWERS Bob Porter Redland
CLOWERS Ella Pollard
CLOWERS Ervin Pollard
CLOWERS Josh Pollard
CLOWERS Robert A. Hochatown
CLOWERS Vella Fay Pollard
CLUCK James Ralph Denison
CLUCK Kenneth McNiel Denison
CLUCK Susie Kelly Denison
CLUCK William Harrison Denison
CLYMER Sarah M. Broken Bow
COBB Billie Everett Forest Hill
COBB Earnest Ruffus Watson Memorial
COBB Ed Franklin Denison
COBB Elizabeth E. Wright City
COBB Etta June Forest Hill
COBB Eunice Dean Denison
COBB Gibson Waterhole
COBB Helen M. Watson Memorial
COBB John Monroe Forest Hill
COBB Linda B. Denison
COBB Louis Albert Forest Hill
COBB Margaret Marie Holly Creek
COBB Mary F. Watson Memorial
COCHRAN Baby Old Valliant
COCHRAN Dan Samuel Forest Hill
COCHRAN Edgar Old Valliant
COCHRAN Edgar E. Denison
COCHRAN Hattie Enorma Forest Hill
COCHRAN Infant Old Valliant
COCHRAN Nan Lou Denison
COCKERHAM A. W. Forest Hill
COCKERHAM C.O. "Oscar" Rock Hill
COCKERHAM Ida Mae Rock Hill
COCKERHAM Ollie Elizabeth Holly Creek
COCKERHAM Steve F. Forest Hill
COCKERHAM Tom Henry Forest Hill
COCKRELL Benjamin L. Eagletown
COCKRELL Claude Eagletown
COCKRELL Curtis Eagletown
COCKRELL Herman W. Eagletown
COCKRELL Hester Matilda Eagletown
COCKRELL Hugh D. Eagletown
COCKRELL Laverne Eagletown
COCKRELL Mary Amron Eagletown
COCKRELL Pearl D. Eagletown
COCKRELL Robert Claude Eagletown
COCKRELL Robert L. Eagletown
COCKRELL Roy C. Eagletown
COCKRELL Roy E. Eagletown
COCKRELL Tillie Eagletown
COCKRELL Tommy Eagletown
COCKRELL Willa Louise Eagletown
CODY Letha Ann Broken Bow
COFER Clara B. Canfield
COFER Gary Wayne Canfield
COFER Pete W. Canfield
COFFEE Ada Viola Eagletown
COFFEE H.H. Eagletown
COFFEY Alice H. Forest Hill
COFFEY Clarence W. Forest Hill
COFFEY David R. Forest Hill
COFFEY Dillard W. Forest Hill
COFFEY Frank G. Forest Hill
COFFEY Gertrude Forest Hill
COFFEY Henry J. Forest Hill
COFFEY Ida M. Forest Hill
COFFEY Inez Forest Hill
COFFEY Kate Broken Bow
COFFEY Lillian Forest Hill
COFFEY Minnie Lee Forest Hill
COFFEY Nellie Forest Hill
COFFEY Odus Odell Forest Hill
COFFEY Othenia Forest Hill
COFFEY Samuel D. Forest Hill
COFFEY Virginia Mae Forest Hill
COFFEY W. Henry Broken Bow
COFFMAN Billy Ray Redland
COFFMAN Charlie Forest Hill
COFFMAN Clara Wheeler Denison
COFFMAN Codell "Kelley" Forest Hill
COFFMAN D. G. "Dolie" Forest Hill
COFFMAN Eugenia Bokhoma
COFFMAN Eva Bokhoma
COFFMAN Fannie F. Bokhoma
COFFMAN Harrison A. Denison
COFFMAN Ione Bokhoma
COFFMAN J. H. Denison
COFFMAN J.B. Bokhoma
COFFMAN Jackie Elain Forest Hill
COFFMAN James E. Denison
COFFMAN Jimmie Forest Hill
COFFMAN Lawrence Bokhoma
COFFMAN Lesley M. Denison
COFFMAN Martha Bokhoma
COFFMAN Maud Garvin
COFFMAN May Bokhoma
COFFMAN Mollie Garvin
COFFMAN Monroe Bokhoma
COFFMAN Morgan Denison
COFFMAN Myrtle Forest Hill
COFFMAN Nancy C. Denison
COFFMAN Newton J. Denison
COFFMAN Parker Forest Hill
COFFMAN Pauline Elizabeth Denison
COFFMAN Roland B. Bokhoma
COFFMAN Ruby L. Denison
COFFMAN Ruby Velma Bokhoma
COFFMAN Sadie Forest Hill
COFFMAN Thelbert Bokhoma
COFFMAN Theo Garvin
COFFMAN Tresa Redland
COFFMAN Van Dale Bokhoma
COFFMAN W. A. Denison
COFFMAN Willie Garvin
COGBURN Alexis Lota Rufe
COGBURN Andrew D. Bethel
COGBURN Atwood "Buck" Bethel
COGBURN Belle Zora Rufe
COGBURN Callie Bethel
COGBURN Cora Mae Rufe
COGBURN Helen L. Rufe
COGBURN Howard L. Rufe
COGBURN Joe Dale Bethel
COGBURN John H. Rufe
COGBURN Kathy Diane Wright City
COGBURN Linda Gene Holly Creek
COGBURN Mary Helen Wright City
COGBURN Mary Wayne Wright City
COGBURN Minnie B. Holly Creek
COGBURN Pauline Bethel
COGBURN Ray Bethel
COGBURN Robert W. Broken Bow
COGBURN William Bethel
COGGINS Mary Martha Broken Bow
COKER Bascom L. Denison
COKER Jane Bokhoma
COKER Tallie Denison
COLBERT Abbie Charles Bethel
COLBERT Dovie B. Lukfata
COLBERT Jesse Jr. KulliChito
COLBERT Jesse Jr. KulliTuklo
COLBERT Josephine Josie Slater Memorial
COLBERT Julius J. Broken Bow
COLBERT Louis Lukfata
COLBERT Manuel K. Sr. Lukfata
COLBURN Lloyd E. Broken Bow
COLE Artie P. Broken Bow
COLE Billy Junior Moran
COLE Birdie E. Broken Bow
COLE C.T. Wright City
COLE Elizabeth Denison
COLE Elmer D. Lukfata
COLE Gracie Broken Bow
COLE Henry Allen Broken Bow
COLE Henry Preston Broken Bow
COLE Jim M. Denison
COLE Larry Dale Mountain Fork
COLE Lucy Leona Broken Bow
COLE Lynda Sue Moran
COLE Olera I. Broken Bow
COLE Susan Francis Broken Bow
COLE Van Clinton Broken Bow
COLE Willie Mae Lukfata
COLE Winburn Broken Bow
COLEMAN Betty Lee Forest Hill
COLEMAN Callie C. M. Forest Hill
COLEMAN Cara A. Denison
COLEMAN Charlene Hochatown
COLEMAN Charley M. Wright City
COLEMAN Douglas County Line
COLEMAN Eddy Denison
COLEMAN Elva Ray Pollard
COLEMAN Etta M. County Line
COLEMAN Fannie Denison
COLEMAN Fred County Line
COLEMAN George C. County Line
COLEMAN Gerry Lynn Denison
COLEMAN Howard Denison
COLEMAN Icie D. Denison
COLEMAN Ida Denison
COLEMAN J. H. Denison
COLEMAN Jeffrey James Forest Hill
COLEMAN Jessie James Pollard
COLEMAN Joe D. Watson Memorial
COLEMAN John Denison
COLEMAN John M. County Line
COLEMAN Lessie Forest Hill
COLEMAN Louanna Denison
COLEMAN Mary Jane County Line
COLEMAN Oscar T. Denison
COLEMAN Patti Sue Denison
COLEMAN Pinkney Garrett County Line
COLEMAN Ray B. Forest Hill
COLEMAN Roy Briggs Canfield
COLEMAN Tammie J. Watson Memorial
COLEMAN Thelma Lee Oakgrove
COLEMAN William A. Denison
COLEY Fannie Wright City
COLEY T.C. Wright City
COLLIE Elbert O. Moran
COLLIE Lou E. Moran
COLLIE Lowell Eugene Moran
COLLIER Bell Denison
COLLIER Carrie R. Holly Creek
COLLIER Edith W. Denison
COLLIER Herman W. Denison
COLLIER Lucy J. Holly Creek
COLLIER Marley B. Denison
COLLIER Mary Jane Denison
COLLIER Stella E. Denison
COLLIER Wesley E. Denison
COLLIER William Andrew Holly Creek
COLLIER William B. Holly Creek
COLLIER William Russ Denison
COLLINS Addie V. Denison
COLLINS Alice Garvin
COLLINS Annie Beaver Moran
COLLINS Betty Gene Slater Memorial
COLLINS Cecil L. Denison
COLLINS Ed KulliChito
COLLINS Ed KulliTuklo
COLLINS Ethel Alma Denison
COLLINS Eunice Moran
COLLINS Faye L. Rock Hill
COLLINS George A. Moran
COLLINS Gervace W. Slater Memorial
COLLINS Jewel Moran
COLLINS Jim C. Moran
COLLINS Jimmy Otis Slater Memorial
COLLINS John L. Rock Hill
COLLINS Joy Yvonne Denison
COLLINS Lucinda Moran
COLLINS Marie Slater Memorial
COLLINS Mary Moran
COLLINS Minnie Bell Forest Hill
COLLINS Tom J. Denison
COLLUM George Broken Bow
COLLUM Julia Ida Broken Bow
COLLUM Orville Broken Bow
COLLVINS Belle Denison
COLLVINS Betty Haworth
COLLVINS Jasper Hood Denison
COLLVINS Ruby Lorene Haworth
COLSEN Thelma Jean Eagletown
COLUMBUS Elem S. Wright City
COLUMBUS Jerry W. Wright City
COLVINS Lula Mae Pollard
COMBS J.A. Denison
COMBS Robert Steven Bokhoma
COMPTON Ardie L. Holly Creek
COMPTON Bobby Len Holly Creek
COMPTON Catherine "Cat" Watson Memorial
COMPTON Charlene Rock Hill
COMPTON David Lee Rock Hill
COMPTON Donald W. Rock Hill
COMPTON Edna Lee Rock Hill
COMPTON Elmer L. Holly Creek
COMPTON Emma Holly Creek
COMPTON Frank James Rock Hill
COMPTON G.S. Holly Creek
COMPTON G.S. Holly Creek
COMPTON George W. "Joe" Holly Creek
COMPTON Hartford D. Rock Hill
COMPTON Hazel Holly Creek
COMPTON Helen C. Rock Hill
COMPTON Ima V. Glover
COMPTON Infants Son/Dau Rock Hill
COMPTON J.W. Rock Hill
COMPTON James A. Rock Hill
COMPTON Jimmy Shane Holly Creek
COMPTON Joe A. Broken Bow
COMPTON Judie Rock Hill
COMPTON Loftin C. "Pete" Watson Memorial
COMPTON Lora Holly Creek
COMPTON Phyllis Holly Creek
COMPTON Thelma Swan Rock Hill
COMPTON Tollie Lee Rock Hill
COMPTON Travis Leroy Forest Hill
COMPTON Travis Leroy Holly Creek
COMPTON Truman Holly Creek
COMPTON William Alfred Holly Creek
CON TRAI Joseph Ngnyen Denison
CONDITT Burl Forest Hill
CONDITT Lou Ada Forest Hill
CONINE Alice Eliza Denison
CONINE Marvin Harold Denison
CONLEY Gary Mark "Suel" Forest Hill
CONLEY Mark Lee Forest Hill
CONNELLY Harriett Denison
CONNELLY Ulysses S. Denison
CONNER C.H. Waterhole
CONNER James E. Waterhole
CONNER Robert E. Denison
CONNER Robert Lee Denison
CONRAD Mary Lena Canfield
CONTEREZ James Larry Slater Memorial
COOK Clyde Broken Bow
COOK Edna M. Pollard
COOK James E. Forest Hill
COOK James M. Denison
COOK Jane E. Broken Bow
COOK Joseph V. Eagletown
COOK Lola Vell Broken Bow
COOK Madge Pollard
COOK Martha Bell Crown Hill
COOK Mary Ellen Forest Hill
COOK Nadine Eagletown
COOK Octava Denison
COOK Odeous Andrew Crown Hill
COOK Opal Lee Crown Hill
COOK Thomas A. Broken Bow
COOK Tina V. Bethel
COOK W.A. Garvin
COOK Wanda S. Forest Hill
COOK Warren C. Eagletown
COOK William O. Bethel
COOKE Allie O. Canfield
COOKE Amy Gertrude Canfield
COOKE Audie Canfield
COOKE Brad F. Denison
COOKE Elmer Canfield
COOKE Evie A. Canfield
COOKE Henry C. Canfield
COOKE J.L. Canfield
COOKE James Dennis Canfield
COOKE James Leslie Sr. Denison
COOKE Janice Carol Canfield
COOKE Jerry Dwayne Canfield
COOKE Kenneth Leon Canfield
COOKE Lewis M. Broken Bow
COOKE Lowell Wilson Broken Bow
COOKE Lucy Gertrude Crown Hill
COOKE Mamie Denison
COOKE Marshall Dewitt Canfield
COOKE Martha A. Canfield
COOKE Martha Alice Canfield
COOKE Mary A. Canfield
COOKE Nelia Gray Canfield
COOKE Pearl Canfield
COOKE Robert Crown Hill
COOKE Robert Don Denison
COOKE Robert E. Denison
COOKE Thelma Mae Denison
COOKE William Kay Canfield
COOKE William Robert Canfield
COOPER Billy Carl Rufe
COOPER Billy Joe Broken Bow
COOPER Burton D. Bokhoma
COOPER Cooper Denison
COOPER Daniel Matthew Rufe
COOPER Edith Nettles Denison
COOPER Elmo Canfield
COOPER Gene M. Holly Creek
COOPER John H. Broken Bow
COOPER John Lee Broken Bow
COOPER Julia A. Bokhoma
COOPER Lena May Broken Bow
COOPER Lillian Raglin Canfield
COOPER Linda J. Broken Bow
COOPER Lonie Holly Creek
COOPER Lydia Hochatown
COOPER Marvin Bokhoma
COOPER Mettie A. Bokhoma
COOPER Opal Bokhoma
COOPER Robert F. Broken Bow
COOPER Tony Edwards Rufe
COOPER Virgil Hochatown
COOPER William Buis Denison
COOPER William E. Canfield
COOTS Maxine Holly Creek
COPE Vernon Hugh Slater Memorial
COPELAND Ada Mae County Line
COPELAND Alice County Line
COPELAND Audrey L. Broken Bow
COPELAND David L. Hochatown
COPELAND Hazel County Line
COPELAND Lee County Line
COPELAND Linda Joyce Broken Bow
COPELAND Luda Hochatown
COPELAND Mary K. County Line
COPELAND Millard F. Hochatown
COPELAND Ray County Line
COPELAND Rosie L. Hochatown
COPELAND Stanley N. Broken Bow
COPLIN Bonnie Mae Broken Bow
COPLIN Elvie Irene Broken Bow
COPLIN Gladys Elizabeth Broken Bow
COPLIN Grady Broken Bow
COPLIN Harold Broken Bow
COPLIN Jess Lee Broken Bow
COPLIN Oler C. Broken Bow
COPLIN Velma Hochatown
COPPOCK Captain Otto H. Canfield
COPPOCK Edwin M. Forest Hill
COPPOCK Eneree Canfield
COPPOCK Essie Mae Forest Hill
COPPOCK Louie Harold Forest Hill
COPPOCK Sarah Caldwell Forest Hill
COPREN Dorothy L. Broken Bow
CORAN George Garvin
CORAN Joe Wright City
CORBELL Henry David Garvin
COREY Cecil Graham Rev. Crown Hill
COREY Estella Crown Hill
COREY Mary Jane Eagletown
COREY Seth Eagletown
COREY Thelma Crown Hill
COREY William Henry Crown Hill
CORNELIUS B. Hochatown
CORNELIUS Claude F. Denison
CORNELIUS David B. Hochatown
CORNELIUS Katie C. Denison
CORNELIUS Lela B. Hochatown
CORNELIUS William A. Hochatown
COSPER Edwin H. Crown Hill
COSPER Evelyne E. Crown Hill
COSPER Zandra P. Broken Bow
COSTILOW Carrie M. Broken Bow
COSTILOW Charles Holly Creek
COSTILOW Eligah Holly Creek
COSTILOW Elizabeth J. Crown Hill
COSTILOW Emma L. Holly Creek
COSTILOW Henrietta S. Holly Creek
COSTILOW James D. Holly Creek
COSTILOW James W. Broken Bow
COSTILOW Jennie Durant Holly Creek
COSTILOW Jessica Lou Broken Bow
COSTILOW Jessie Lee Broken Bow
COSTILOW Laura Belle Holly Creek
COSTILOW Lula Bell Holly Creek
COSTILOW Robert L. Holly Creek
COTNEY A.C. Broken Bow
COTNEY Annie Myrtle Broken Bow
COTNEY Bessie Faye Broken Bow
COTNEY Floyd E. Canfield
COTNEY James L. Denison
COTNEY Jessie Mae Broken Bow
COTNEY Lenna S. Canfield
COTNEY Leon W. Broken Bow
COTNEY Lula Broken Bow
COTNEY Mrs. J.W. Broken Bow
COTNEY Pumeia Ann Broken Bow
COTTON Charles Elmer Glover
COTTON Charlie Forest Hill
COTTON Garvin Brewster Forest Hill
COTTON Laura E. Forest Hill
COTTON Sylvia Louise Glover
COUCH Addie L. Eagletown
COUCH Belton Broken Bow
COUCH Bessie A. Eagletown
COUCH Bobby Chad Eagletown
COUCH Chester W. Eagletown
COUCH Emma Catherine Eagletown
COUCH Evelyn Eagletown
COUCH Fannie E. Eagletown
COUCH Jewel Haworth
COUCH John W. Eagletown
COUCH Reba Eagletown
COUCH Robert E. Eagletown
COUCH W.Q. Eagletown
COUCH Walker Wright Eagletown
COULSON Virgie E. Broken Bow
COULSON W.W. Broken Bow
COUNTS Charlotte Canfield
COUNTS Fred C. Canfield
COVINGTON Katie Fay Eagletown
COVINGTON Leonard Eagletown
COVINGTON Leroy Eagletown
COVINGTON Oscar Denison
COVINGTON Oscar Bo Denison
COWLEY Eunice Haworth
COWLEY Jessie Haworth
COX Albert C. Broken Bow
COX Amy Renae Broken Bow
COX Beatrice Broken Bow
COX Betty Glover
COX Cecil P. Holly Creek
COX David C. Holly Creek
COX Derotha Denison
COX Dock Denison
COX Donna Matill Broken Bow
COX Earl M. Glover
COX Earl N. Haworth
COX Earnest L. "Sonny" Haworth
COX Elgie Glenn Holly Creek
COX Elizabeth P. Holly Creek
COX Emmit Haworth
COX Ernest A. Denison
COX Ernest P. "Bud" Denison
COX Evie B. Broken Bow
COX G.W. Pollard
COX Gerald Denison
COX Grover Haworth
COX Hattie Haworth
COX Howard Broken Bow
COX Ida Pollard
COX Infant Son Haworth
COX Iona Mallory Pollard
COX Jackie Lee Pollard
COX James Troy Broken Bow
COX Jane Ann Haworth
COX Jeffrey Dean Cathe Pollard
COX Jerry M. Broken Bow
COX John S. Haworth
COX John W. Holly Creek
COX Joseph Newton Holly Creek
COX Kattie Nichole Holly Creek
COX L.M. Glover
COX Lillie Pollard
COX Loyd James Pollard
COX Margaret Denison
COX Margaret Haworth
COX Marie Haworth
COX Mary L. Haworth
COX Mat Holly Creek
COX Nora Edwards Rock Hill
COX Rosa Holly Creek
COX Ruby Delois Pollard
COX Ruby E. Denison
COX Ruth L. Haworth
COX Ruth Martel Holly Creek
COX Thomas J. Haworth
COX Vernetty Pollard
COX Virginia Delora Holly Creek
COX Vivian Gurley Haworth
COX Webber L. Haworth
COX William Arley Holly Creek
COX William D. Glover
COX William H. Holly Creek
COX William Posey Pollard
COX Zona Mae Carter Philadelphia
COYLE Elmer Denison
COYLE Jennye Denison
COYLE Lois Stephens Denison
COYLE Norman Denison
CRADDOCK Alice County Line
CRADDOCK Bob County Line
CRADDOCK Deborah County Line
CRADDOCK Delbert County Line
CRADDOCK Dellie County Line
CRADDOCK Egbirt County Line
CRADDOCK Elbert A. County Line
CRADDOCK Ella County Line
CRADDOCK Hubert County Line
CRADDOCK I.A. Victoria County Line
CRADDOCK James R. County Line
CRADDOCK John Theodore County Line
CRADDOCK John W. County Line
CRADDOCK Lester T. County Line
CRADDOCK Lola R. County Line
CRADDOCK Lottie County Line
CRADDOCK Lyda County Line
CRADDOCK Mary B. County Line
CRADDOCK Matilda County Line
CRADDOCK Odell County Line
CRADDOCK Odis County Line
CRADDOCK Riley County Line
CRADDOCK Robert H. County Line
CRADDUCK Amanda Jane Sweet Home
CRADDUCK H.W. Holly Creek
CRADDUCK Haden Selvia Sweet Home
CRADDUCK Henry Clay Sweet Home
CRADDUCK Metzger W. Sweet Home
CRADER Clyde Mae Denison
CRAFT George S. Rufe
CRAFT Grover W. Rufe
CRAFT Ruth W. Rufe
CRAFT Sarah F. Rufe
CRAFT Vera Ellen Rufe
CRAFTON Walter Canfield
CRAIG Bert Denison
CRAIG Delia C. Forest Hill
CRAIG Jessie May Forest Hill
CRAIG John Lake Denison
CRAIG John M. Denison
CRAIG John M. Forest Hill
CRAIG Mart P. Forest Hill
CRAIG Mary Virginia Denison
CRAIG Ola E. Denison
CRAIG S. Benton Forest Hill
CRAIG Samuel B. Forest Hill
CRAIN Ada Redland
CRAIN Clyde Redland
CRAIN Delmer Coy Redland
CRAIN Doyle S. Redland
CRAIN Earl Leon Redland
CRAIN Etta Redland
CRAIN Geneva Redland
CRAIN Leslie Ross Redland
CRAIN Mattie Redland
CRAIN Maud H. Forest Hill
CRAIN Maudie Redland
CRAIN Ruth Ann Redland
CRAIN Walter C. Redland
CRANDELL Sophie Slater Memorial
CRANFORD Mercy Dee Glover
CRANFORD Ruth Melton Denison
CRANFORD Vernon H. Denison
CRANK Albert D. Forest Hill
CRANK Albert Wayne Forest Hill
CRANK Allen Dee Forest Hill
CRANK Bill Forest Hill
CRANK Callie Forest Hill
CRANK Edward Alvin Forest Hill
CRANK J. W. Forest Hill
CRANK Lula F. Forest Hill
CRANK Walter A. Forest Hill
CRAVEN Ida May Garvin
CRAVEN Mary E. Philadelphia
CRAVENS Roger Dale Hochatown
CRAVENS Rufus V. Hochatown
CRAVIN Boyd Broken Bow
CRAVIN Floyd Edward Broken Bow
CRAVIN Maudie Pearl Broken Bow
CRAWFORD Andrew B. Hochatown
CRAWFORD Anthony B. Eagletown
CRAWFORD Bettie Old Valliant
CRAWFORD Betty Jo Glover
CRAWFORD Earl G. Bethel
CRAWFORD Elizabeth Bethel
CRAWFORD Emma Denison
CRAWFORD Eugene C. Bethel
CRAWFORD Hazel M. Denison
CRAWFORD J.R. Broken Bow
CRAWFORD Jones A. Denison
CRAWFORD Lake B. Denison
CRAWFORD Marvin Hochatown
CRAWFORD Narciss Bethel
CRAWFORD Pearl Pollard
CRAWFORD Ruby E. Denison
CREECH Rena M. Holly Creek
CREECH William H. Holly Creek
CREECH William J. Holly Creek
CREED Birdie F. Broken Bow
CREED Thomas M. Broken Bow
CRENSHAW Carl C. Holly Creek
CRENSHAW Carl Wayne Holly Creek
CRENSHAW Cosie Irene Wright City
CRENSHAW Pauline Ann Holly Creek
CRENSHAW Troy Wright City
CRENSHAW William H. Holly Creek
CRESS Bessie Louise Crown Hill
CRESS Dolf Crown Hill
CRESS Ida V. Crown Hill
CRESS John Mack Crown Hill
CRESS Joseph E. Crown Hill
CRESS Michael Taft Crown Hill
CRESS Nina Crown Hill
CREWS Arthur E. Denison
CREWS Cecil S. Holly Creek
CREWS Gertie A. Holly Creek
CREWS Hazel Dickie Watson Memorial
CREWS Homer Joe Watson Memorial
CREWS Marie Watson Memorial
CREWS Rev. G.J. Holly Creek
CRIBB Robert Lee Holly Creek
CRIM Agnes B. Denison
CRIM Patrick C. Denison
CRISP Cedric Denison
CRISP Jacob R. Denison
CRISP Mamie M. Denison
CROFT Evalena Denison
CROFT Frank C. Denison
CROFT May White Denison
CROFT Winnie A. Denison
CROOK Baby Forest Hill
CROOK Demma B. Old Valliant
CROOK Kress Hal Forest Hill
CROOK Morva Deen Forest Hill
CROOK Walter L. Broken Bow
CROOKER Baby Broken Bow
CROSBY Alfred Jr. Slater Memorial
CROSBY Earnest Leslie Wright City
CROSBY Ida Canfield
CROSBY Lola F. Wright City
CROSBY Marie Wright City
CROSBY Mary H. Wright City
CROSBY Mike D. Canfield
CROSBY Myrtle Jean Slater Memorial
CROSBY Sally Siney Slater Memorial
CROSS Charles J. Holly Creek
CROSS Clemmie County Line
CROSS J. Elmer Holly Creek
CROSS James David Holly Creek
CROSS James T. "Jim" Holly Creek
CROSS Johnnie Mae County Line
CROSS Joseph County Line
CROSS Mary Elizabeth County Line
CROSS Minnie J. Holly Creek
CROSSLAND Charles Lee Holly Creek
CROUCH William Holt Wright City
CROUSE David Edward Denison
CROUSE Imon A. Broken Bow
CROUSE Judie C. Broken Bow
CROUSE Margaret Martin Denison
CROUSE Neomia S. Broken Bow
CROUSE Samuel T. Broken Bow
CROW Clarence Denison
CROW Clifton W. PonkaBok
CROW Dora Mae Broken Bow
CROW Eddie Holly Creek
CROW Ester Bell PonkaBok
CROW Fate Denison
CROW George Field Denison
CROW Gjuul Broken Bow
CROW H. M. Denison
CROW Homer Denison
CROW Jewel Denison
CROW John Denison
CROW Lucy I. Denison
CROW Mary Denison
CROW Pauline Denison
CROW Robert Denison
CROW S. Elmo Denison
CROWE Eurilla Bailey Denison
CROWELL Anna Elizabeth Denison
CROWELL Clarice Denison
CROWELL Estelle L. Redland
CROWELL James Elias Denison
CROWELL Marguerite Denison
CROWELL Raymond Leo Denison
CROWELL Roy W. Redland
CROWELL S.W. Denison
CROWELL Silas Randolph Denison
CROY Albert J. Bethel
CROY Annie Bethel
CROY Buster "Buck" Bethel
CROY Lum Bethel
CROY Matilda J. Bethel
CRUMP Charlie Everett Denison
CRUNK Menty Eagletown
CRUNK Silas Eagletown
CRUNK Vadie Eagletown
CRUSE Maude P. Waterhole
CRUTCHFIELD Kason Janell Slater Memorial
CUBIT Louis W.H. Eagletown
CUELLAR Ida Pearl Hochatown
CULP ? Glover
CULP Ada Glover
CULP Beulah Glover
CULP ChocK Vanslyke Glover
CULP Dorothy Lou Glover
CULP Earnest Glover
CULP Ethel V. Glover
CULP Eulla Glover
CULP Ganie E. Glover
CULP Gladys May Glover
CULP J.E. "Uncle Doc" Glover
CULP Loucenda Glover
CULP Marvin A. Glover
CULP Robert Ellis Glover
CULP Robert Lee Glover
CULP Thomas W. Glover
CULP William D. Glover
CUMMINGS Kathleen V. Slater Memorial
CUMMINGS Orville J. Bokhoma
CUMMINGS Roy T. Slater Memorial
CUMMINGS William M. Bokhoma
CUMPTON Dorothy Lee Moran
CUNNINGHAM Baby Carol Wright City
CUNNINGHAM Betty Jo Broken Bow
CUNNINGHAM Betty Ruth Broken Bow
CUNNINGHAM Billy Joe Glover
CUNNINGHAM Callie Wright City
CUNNINGHAM Charlie D. County Line
CUNNINGHAM Earlene Marsh Holly Creek
CUNNINGHAM Ella Lou Wright City
CUNNINGHAM Eric Lee Slater Memorial
CUNNINGHAM Eric Lee Wright City
CUNNINGHAM Frances C. Glover
CUNNINGHAM Gary Blake Slater Memorial
CUNNINGHAM Gary Blake Wright City
CUNNINGHAM George Mack Sr. Glover
CUNNINGHAM Gertie Mae Rufe
CUNNINGHAM Homer L. Watson Memorial
CUNNINGHAM John E. Wright City
CUNNINGHAM John Henry Broken Bow
CUNNINGHAM Minnie Sota Glover
CUNNINGHAM Mrs. J.H. Broken Bow
CUNNINGHAM Richard Linn Glover
CUNNINGHAM Robert Hochatown
CUNNINGHAM Russell Hardin Wright City
CUNNINGHAM Salenia Wright City
CUNNINGHAM Tommy D. Slater Memorial
CUNNINGHAM Verdeller Broken Bow
CUNNINGHAM Wilber Carl Holly Creek
CUPIT Effie Lukfata
CUPIT John Lukfata
CUPIT Lewis Lukfata
CUPIT Lillian Pearl Broken Bow
CUPIT Louise Lukfata
CUPIT Margaret Forest Hill
CUPIT Raymond A. Forest Hill
CUPIT Rev. Bernie Broken Bow
CUPIT William C. Denison
CURLEY Louise Packett Denison
CURRENCE Almon Broken Bow
CURRENCE Cecil M. Broken Bow
CURRENCE Earl A. Broken Bow
CURRENCE Emma Broken Bow
CURRENCE Infant Broken Bow
CURRENCE Lorene Broken Bow
CURRENCE Roy Broken Bow
CURRY Allen Sabine Holly Creek
CURRY Daniel L. Pollard
CURRY Dora Ann Canfield
CURRY Grace Elva Redland
CURRY Houston E. Canfield
CURRY James Henry Redland
CURRY Jesse W. Redland
CURRY Johnnie E. Redland
CURRY Lula M. Redland
CURRY Ruby M. Pollard
CURRY Sylvia Christine Redland
CURRY William Lee Redland
CURTIS Donie Sherwood
CURTIS Harry Burns Denison
CURTIS James Bratton Denison
CURTIS Mary Bratton Denison
CURTIS Neenah Denison
CURTIS Wesley C. Sherwood
CUSHER Ennie (Fannie) Broken Bow
CUSHER Eugene Denison
CUSHER Lee Broken Bow
CUSHER Michael D. Broken Bow
CUZICK Ella M. Hochatown
CUZICK Omar Dean Hochatown
CUZICK Ralph Hochatown
CYPHERS Bronaugh F. Denison
CYPHERS Harry C. Denison

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