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Gene Phillips - McCurtain County Archivist

Gene Phillips - State Archivist

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Burial Index


BACON Ellis R. Denison
BACORN Alice Wright City
BACORN Cecil Samuel Moran
BACORN Daddy Hochatown
BACORN Doris Marie Watson Memorial
BACORN Jonice N. Watson Memorial
BACORN Marie E. Holly Creek
BACORN Nancy Louise Wright City
BACORN Ola Ree Moran
BACORN Oscar J. Holly Creek
BAGBY Ballard Chandler Crown Hill
BAGBY Mildred Lee Crown Hill
BAGGS Cynthia County Line
BAGGS David County Line
BAGGS Grace Laurine County Line
BAGGS J. Richard County Line
BAGGS James Jerry County Line
BAGGS James M. County Line
BAGGS Odis James County Line
BAGGS Ruby County Line
BAGGS Sarah E. County Line
BAGGS Winnie County Line
BAGGS Zula County Line
BAGLEY Richard D. Broken Bow
BAGLEY Rosetta F. Broken Bow
BAGSBY Pearl Lukfata
BAGWELL Betty Jo Denison
BAGWELL Carlos Danl Thos Denison
BAILEY Alice Wright City
BAILEY Alice Jean Forest Hill
BAILEY Annie Denson Crown Hill
BAILEY Beechie Denison
BAILEY Betty Denison
BAILEY Bob Bradford Forest Hill
BAILEY Bruce Henry Denison
BAILEY Charley L. Denison
BAILEY Clarence Obie Broken Bow
BAILEY Eddie Lillian Denison
BAILEY Elizabeth F. Forest Hill
BAILEY Fred Wright City
BAILEY G. T. Forest Hill
BAILEY George O. Denison
BAILEY Ida May Broken Bow
BAILEY J.J. Broken Bow
BAILEY J.L. Pine Creek
BAILEY J.W. Sr. Broken Bow
BAILEY Jessie Mae Eagletown
BAILEY JoAnna Marie Broken Bow
BAILEY Laura Denison
BAILEY Martha Ann Denison
BAILEY Mary A. Denison
BAILEY Mary Delila Holly Creek
BAILEY Myrtle Waterhole
BAILEY Nancy M. Forest Hill
BAILEY Rip Broken Bow
BAILEY W. C. Forest Hill
BAILEY Willie Rhea Broken Bow
BAIN B. F. Forest Hill
BAIN David Crocket Forest Hill
BAIN John S. Broken Bow
BAIN Mary Alice Broken Bow
BAIN Nannie Dikes Forest Hill
BAIN Pearl L. Broken Bow
BAIN Stella H. Broken Bow
BAIRD Albert D. Garvin
BAIRD Alice Pollard
BAIRD Charles Garvin
BAIRD F.H. Denison
BAIRD Jacob Goodland
BAIRD Richard Glover
BAIRD Robert "Link" Pollard
BAIRD Ruby E. Glover
BAIRD Sallie Garvin
BAIRD Thelma Glover
BAIRD Tracy L. Garvin
BAKER Ada Holly Creek
BAKER Alex Sanders County Line
BAKER Anna Hochatown
BAKER Anthony Brian Denison
BAKER B.F. Broken Bow
BAKER B.F. Crown Hill
BAKER Belle Hochatown
BAKER Bertha L. Broken Bow
BAKER Bob Wright City
BAKER Bruce Ryan Denison
BAKER C.C. "Buddy" Hochatown
BAKER Cameron Mark Forest Hill
BAKER Carl Lee Eagletown
BAKER Cecil A. Broken Bow
BAKER Christeen Holly Creek
BAKER Cleason G. Jr. Bethel
BAKER E. Brown Denison
BAKER Eldora Hochatown
BAKER Ethel Osburn Holly Creek
BAKER George L. Denison
BAKER George T. Pine Creek
BAKER Infant Son Holly Creek
BAKER J.H. Denison
BAKER James Claude Eagletown
BAKER Jennifer Candice Denison
BAKER Jimmy Dale Bethel
BAKER John Broken Bow
BAKER Karen Marie Eagletown
BAKER Kirby Eagletown
BAKER Lea Wright City
BAKER Lee "Sonny" Holly Creek
BAKER Levi W. Broken Bow
BAKER Lillie Pine Creek
BAKER Lora Dale Broken Bow
BAKER Madison Slater Memorial
BAKER Mae Wright City
BAKER Mamie Wright City
BAKER Marquitta Eagletown
BAKER Mary N. Bethel
BAKER Michael O. Forest Hill
BAKER Milford Hochatown
BAKER Minnie Denison
BAKER Natasha Wright City
BAKER Noel D. Holly Creek
BAKER Oda A. Redland
BAKER Ollie "Hannah" Broken Bow
BAKER Ollie M. Broken Bow
BAKER Ozella Eagletown
BAKER Pansey Mae Hochatown
BAKER R.C. Broken Bow
BAKER Rev. Ira Vaughn Broken Bow
BAKER Samantha Francis Forest Hill
BAKER Virginia Wright City
BAKER William Jr. Goodland
BAKER William L. Broken Bow
BAKER William T. Denison
BAKKE Anton Louis Denison
BALAGBAGAN Courtney Redland
BALDWIN Justin K. Eagletown
BALDWIN Tania Lynn Holly Creek
BALISLE Brittiny Jo Denison
BALISLE David P. Jr. Denison
BALISLE David Preston Sr. Denison
BALISLE John Delbert Denison
BALISLE Nora Mae Denison
BALISLE Tamara Jo Denison
BALL James Sandlin Denison
BALLARD Dorothy Lorene Haworth
BALLARD E.A. Canfield
BALLARD Fred Ugene Wright City
BALLARD Wiley Thomas Haworth
BALLEU John H. Denison
BALTHROP F.E. Broken Bow
BALTHROP Mrs. F.E. Broken Bow
BANKS James Dale Bethel
BANKS Samuel T. Lukfata
BANTA Frances Lenore Denison
BANTA Ira Johnson II Denison
BARBER Anna M. Denison
BARBER Arthur N. Pollard
BARBER Charles A. Denison
BARBER Charles Edward Broken Bow
BARBER Clara M. Denison
BARBER Wilbur B. Denison
BARCUS Pearl "Harbour" Crown Hill
BARFIELD William Haworth
BARGER James B.S. Denison
BARHAM J.C. "Jake" Denison
BARHAM Robert Macon Denison
BARHAM Winnie Mae Denison
BARKER Asenda Pollard
BARKER Benjamin Walter Crown Hill
BARKER Elizabeth Broken Bow
BARKER Harold Pollard
BARKER Julius Andrew Denison
BARKER Maud Lee Denison
BARKER Nim Lou M.D. Denison
BARKER Robert T. Pollard
BARKER Tennie Pollard
BARKER Viola Denison
BARKMAN Lambert Denison
BARKMAN Mable Denison
BARKMAN Marylyn Denison
BARLOW Walter E. Wright City
BARNES Charlie H. Denison
BARNES Chloia A. Denison
BARNES Della May Philadelphia
BARNES Donald Curtis Philadelphia
BARNES Dorsey L. Denison
BARNES Effie E. Denison
BARNES Emma Philadelphia
BARNES Flora C. Denison
BARNES Harry B. Hochatown
BARNES Hazel Lorene Philadelphia
BARNES Henrietta Denison
BARNES Isaac T. Philadelphia
BARNES James W. Philadelphia
BARNES Lorene Hochatown
BARNES Myrtle Wynona Denison
BARNES Oretha Denison
BARNES Othula Denison
BARNES Robert E. Denison
BARNES Thomas J. Denison
BARNES W.R. "Bill" Denison
BARNES Y. Jean Denison
BARNETT Charles E. Slater Memorial
BARNETT Ethel E. Slater Memorial
BARNETT Geraldine "Dean" Slater Memorial
BARNETT Jerry O. Rufe
BARNETT Jim Slater Memorial
BARNETT Lillie Mae Rufe
BARNETT Lilly Wright City
BARNETT Martha L. Rufe
BARNETT Mrs. Sherman Broken Bow
BARNETT Robert C. "Pete" Rufe
BARNETT Sidney A. Canfield
BARNETT Ted Wright City
BARNETT Tom Wright City
BARNETT Viola A. Rufe
BARNETT Viola E. Glover
BARNETT W.T. Bill Jr. Rufe
BARNETT Wayne Jackson Slater Memorial
BARNETT Willie Mae Rufe
BARNS Lillie Holly Creek
BARNS Wanda Joy Holly Creek
BARNWELL Margarette Bethel
BARRETT Archie Forest Hill
BARRETT Bertha D. Forest Hill
BARRETT Carl Lawrence Forest Hill
BARRETT Charles Cleveland Forest Hill
BARRETT Daton Forest Hill
BARRETT Fred Broken Bow
BARRETT H. A. Forest Hill
BARRETT Isaac O. Forest Hill
BARRETT Jamie Ann Forest Hill
BARRETT Kenneth Dale Forest Hill
BARRETT Laura Glover
BARRETT Lula J. Forest Hill
BARRETT Maggie Jane Forest Hill
BARRETT Noel E. Broken Bow
BARRETT Philip C. Glover
BARRETT Ruth Forest Hill
BARRETT Zepha Broken Bow
BARRICK Alice Jean & Harmon Sherwood
BARRICK Annie Sherwood
BARRICK Douglas Sherwood
BARRICK Harmon Sherwood
BARRICK Harmon Alex Bethel
BARRICK Maggie Elizabeth Redland
BARRICK Vadis Bethel
BARRICK Willie Lee Redland
BARRON Milburn Lloyd Watson Memorial
BARROW R.F. Denison
BARTLETT Allie Lake Denison
BARTLETT Atoka J. Canfield
BARTLETT Elnor Lois Slater Memorial
BARTLETT Hazel Canfield
BARTLETT Henry German Canfield
BARTLETT Jessie Lela Canfield
BARTLETT Ricky Dale Canfield
BARTLETT Sarah Jane Canfield
BARTLETT Thomas Boyd Slater Memorial
BARTLETT Tom L. Canfield
BARTLETT Virgie V. Canfield
BARTLETT Woodrow Canfield
BARTLEY Teddy Wayne Jr. Slater Memorial
BARTON Debora Bethel
BARTON Frank Pollard
BASILE Mia Frances Denison
BASS Infant Daughte Bokhoma
BASSHAM Arch Broken Bow
BASSHAM Fred Broken Bow
BASSHAM Ralph Abbott Eagletown
BASTIBLE E. N. Forest Hill
BASTIBLE Holly Amanda Forest Hill
BASTIBLE Jimmy Doyle Forest Hill
BASTIBLE Prince Waterhole
BASTIBLE Willie F. Forest Hill
BATCHELOR Allen D. Broken Bow
BATCHELOR Arvie Joe Glover
BATCHELOR Baby Girl Redland
BATCHELOR Brenda Hochatown
BATCHELOR Floyd Forest Hill
BATCHELOR George Broken Bow
BATCHELOR Havis Glover
BATCHELOR Horace Holly Creek
BATCHELOR Mary Holly Creek
BATCHELOR Monroe M. Holly Creek
BATCHELOR Moses Valentine Holly Creek
BATCHELOR Spencer M. Glover
BATCHELOR Tiney Forest Hill
BATCHELOR Velma Glover
BATCHELOR Verda Faye Glover
BATCHELOR W.J. "Bill" Holly Creek
BATCHELOR William Forest Hill
BATEMAN Octa Dixie Denison
BATES Albon Eugene Eagletown
BATES Alma P. Broken Bow
BATES Belinda Colbert PonkaBok
BATES Bell Redland
BATES Bertha Broken Bow
BATES C. R. "Bood" Redland
BATES Charlie Redland
BATES Clara Mozelle Redland
BATES Claud Reuben Redland
BATES Clyde Roland Redland
BATES Daisy Eagletown
BATES Effie B. Holly Creek
BATES Fannie E. Redland
BATES Gurtha Redland
BATES Joe L. Bokhoma
BATES Johnnie L. Bokhoma
BATES Laura C. Denison
BATES Lige A. Broken Bow
BATES Madvin Lee Denison
BATES Maude Holly Creek
BATES Naomie Forest Hill
BATES Pearl County Line
BATES Reuben Redland
BATES Rev. Norman B. Denison
BATES Robert Leroy Redland
BATES Roy Glenn Holly Creek
BATES Roy L. Holly Creek
BATES Russell Dale Redland
BATES Ruth Redland
BATES Teddy O. Broken Bow
BATES William L. Forest Hill
BATES William Lynn Jr. Forest Hill
BATEY Jim Canfield
BATEY Nettie Canfield
BATSON Albert Retha Hochatown
BATSON Albert William Broken Bow
BATSON Bert Broken Bow
BATSON Laura Bell Hochatown
BATSON Maudie Lucille Broken Bow
BATSON Ora Lee Broken Bow
BATSON Retha Irene Hochatown
BATSON William Jasper Broken Bow
BATTIEST Andrea Kaye Broken Bow
BATTIEST Catherine Slater Memorial
BATTIEST Catherine J. KulliChito
BATTIEST Catherine J. KulliTuklo
BATTIEST Cyrus Wade Slater Memorial
BATTIEST Della Wright City
BATTIEST Delvis Slater Memorial
BATTIEST Dewitt Dyer Philadelphia
BATTIEST Effie Philadelphia
BATTIEST Geneva Broken Bow
BATTIEST Gibson Philadelphia
BATTIEST Hodges Slater Memorial
BATTIEST Ilkum Wright City
BATTIEST Kathleen Wright City
BATTIEST L.G. Jr. Philadelphia
BATTIEST Lawson Hochatown
BATTIEST Lewis G. Philadelphia
BATTIEST Lorencia Philadelphia
BATTIEST Louise KulliChito
BATTIEST Louise KulliTuklo
BATTIEST Marlis Hochatown
BATTIEST Rella Slater Memorial
BATTIEST Simpson Slater Memorial
BATTIEST Thomas Roy Bethel
BATTIEST Verna Mae KulliChito
BATTIEST Verna Mae KulliTuklo
BATTIEST Wesley Hochatown
BATTIEST Wilson Broken Bow
BAUGH Annie Louise Pollard
BAUGH Baby Boy Pollard
BAUGH Baby Girl Pollard
BAUM Annie Broken Bow
BAUM Glenn Everett Eagletown
BAUMENT Edward R. Denison
BAWCUM Myrtle Garvin
BAXTER Barbara Denison
BAXTER Infant Haworth
BAXTER Irma Y. Denison
BAXTER John William Denison
BAXTER Marzell Haworth
BAXTER Michael O. Redland
BAXTER Pat H. Sr. Denison
BAXTER William Henry Denison
BAYLES Josephine Lukfata
BAYLESS Emma Irene Forest Hill
BAYLESS George Franklin Forest Hill
BAYLESS Hezekiah Denison
BAYLESS Noma May Forest Hill
BAYLESS Verdian Ray Broken Bow
BEACH Eunice Walkup Moran
BEACH Jesse W. Moran
BEADLE Maggie Old Valliant
BEADLE Oscar B. Rufe
BEADLE William J. Rufe
BEADLE Willie D. Rufe
BEAGLE James Lloyd County Line
BEAIRD M. Francis Canfield
BEAIRD Maudie Ethel Denison
BEAM Arley Watson Memorial
BEAM Billy Eugene Watson Memorial
BEAM Charley Holly Creek
BEAM Clara Isabell Holly Creek
BEAM Comma Holly Creek
BEAM Hattie Frances Watson Memorial
BEAM Henry Watson Memorial
BEAM Ida Mae Watson Memorial
BEAM L. Dianne Watson Memorial
BEAM LeeRoy Holly Creek
BEAM Mattie May Holly Creek
BEAM Ruby Orilla Watson Memorial
BEAM Sophia Goodland
BEAM William Arthur Watson Memorial
BEAM William Martin Holly Creek
BEAME Grace Marie Wright City
BEAME Infant Wright City
BEAMS Mary Rock Hill
BEAN A.R. Watson Memorial
BEAN Acie Ross Watson Memorial
BEAN Archie Lee Watson Memorial
BEAN Bennie Ray Wright City
BEAN Brena Fay Wright City
BEAN Clarence W. Glover
BEAN Curtis Winford Denison
BEAN Donald Ray Glover
BEAN Emily V. Glover
BEAN Frances Watson Memorial
BEAN George Wm. Forest Hill
BEAN James W. Glover
BEAN Jimmie Lee Forest Hill
BEAN Joe B. Hochatown
BEAN Joe Bob Glover
BEAN Josie I. Glover
BEAN Leon F. Holly Creek
BEAN Leonard David Glover
BEAN Leroy Glover
BEAN Lillie D. Holly Creek
BEAN Linda Sue Glover
BEAN Luella Bell Watson Memorial
BEAN Lula Mae Glover
BEAN Mary M. "Peggy" Forest Hill
BEAN Maudie C. Forest Hill
BEAN Roger Lee Glover
BEAN Rosa Nell Watson Memorial
BEAN Toy L. Forest Hill
BEAN Vercie R.V. Glover
BEAN Wanda Sue Wright City
BEAN Wyley W. Glover
BEAN Wylie Winston Glover
BEARD Linda Hardin Holly Creek
BEARDEN Corrie J. Sr. Wright City
BEARDEN Doris Jeanette Wright City
BEARDEN Drucila Old Valliant
BEARDEN Mable E. Wright City
BEASLEY Charley M. Jr. Denison
BEASLEY Ethel Denison
BEASON John B. Denison
BEASON Rhonda Jean Glover
BEASON Veltie A. Denison
BEATTY Nora Ann Canfield
BEATY Daisy E. Denison
BEATY Orval William Denison
BEAUCHAMP Bennie Rose Broken Bow
BEAUCHAMP Carlton Denison
BEAUCHAMP William W. Broken Bow
BEAVER Fannie Lorena Moran
BEAVER George E. Moran
BEAVER Winford W. Denison
BEAVERS Alma Broken Bow
BEAVERS Daphene Hochatown
BEAVERS Douglas Hochatown
BEAVERS Ezra K. Denison
BEAVERS Gatlin Hochatown
BEAVERS Hobson D. Denison
BEAVERS James "Phil" Hochatown
BEAVERS John Ishmael Broken Bow
BEAVERS John Spencer Hochatown
BEAVERS John T. Hochatown
BEAVERS Johnnie E. Denison
BEAVERS Leah Hochatown
BEAVERS Lece O. Denison
BEAVERS Levina Hochatown
BEAVERS Loree Dewina Hochatown
BEAVERS Maggie T. Denison
BEAVERS Mary Elliott Holly Creek
BEAVERS Mary J. Hochatown
BEAVERS Robert L. "Bob" Broken Bow
BEAVERS Robert Lightley Holly Creek
BECHAM A.R. Old Valliant
BECK Grace Mae Wright City
BECK Harrison R. Wright City
BECK Jacqulin Renia Wright City
BECK Jeryl Wright City
BECK John H. Forest Hill
BECK M. Eugene Broken Bow
BECK Robert Wright City
BECK Vernon Henry Slater Memorial
BECKHAM Mary P. Holly Creek
BECKMAN Mildred L. Broken Bow
BECKMON John N. Glover
BECKMON Lona Glover
BEDDOW Annie R. Holly Creek
BEDDOW James W. Holly Creek
BEDFORD Harry Clive Bokhoma
BEDFORD Katherine Alma Bokhoma
BEEMAN Ethel Denison
BEEMAN John T. Denison
BEGGS Bill Watson Memorial
BEGGS Henry Earl Watson Memorial
BELCHER Bessie Moran
BELCHER Lester Moran
BELFLOWER Virgil Doil Forest Hill
BELL A. Eldora Holly Creek
BELL Ada Rachelle Lukfata
BELL Aubrey Alan Canfield
BELL Aubrey Patman Canfield
BELL Clara Francis Canfield
BELL Essie Mae "Jenks" Canfield
BELL Faye Ethel Denison
BELL Florence Watson Memorial
BELL Floyd Roscoe Canfield
BELL Francis Marion Canfield
BELL G. W. Forest Hill
BELL Grace Ettamae Canfield
BELL Harvey Canfield
BELL Henry Forest Hill
BELL J. Demoine "J.D." Watson Memorial
BELL James Cecil Canfield
BELL Jim Broken Bow
BELL John D."Jay" Crown Hill
BELL John H. Holly Creek
BELL John Rufus Broken Bow
BELL L. Henry Holly Creek
BELL Maggie M. Canfield
BELL Marion M. Broken Bow
BELL Mary Etta Canfield
BELL Robert L. Haworth
BELL S. J. Forest Hill
BELL Susan I. Crown Hill
BELL T.D. Denison
BELL Vernie E. Holly Creek
BELL Wm. Coy Canfield
BELLAH Charley Wright City
BELLAH Sally Wright City
BELLER Dorothy J. Slater Memorial
BELLER Isaac D. Slater Memorial
BELYEU Cora Ellen Glover
BENBOW Mildred Eagletown
BENDER Edward V. Broken Bow
BENDER Mary M. Broken Bow
BENDER Paul B. Broken Bow
BENJAMIN Ernest H. Denison
BENJAMIN Julia C. Denison
BENJAMINE Jody Broken Bow
BENNETT Edith Holly Creek
BENNETT Elvas Crown Hill
BENNETT Johnnie B. Denison
BENNETT Leola Holly Creek
BENNETT Mary Annabell Watson Memorial
BENNETT Timothy E. Crown Hill
BENNETT Violet Holly Creek
BENNETT Zula H. Crown Hill
BENNETT Zula H. Crown Hill
BENSON Anna E. Forest Hill
BENSON Audrey Bell Eagletown
BENSON Carl Eagletown
BENSON Claud C. Wright City
BENSON Earl Eagletown
BENSON Homer Wright City
BENSON Homer D. Denison
BENSON Homer Paul Denison
BENSON Ida E. Denison
BENSON James R. Denison
BENSON Jimmie Monroe Denison
BENSON John I. Forest Hill
BENSON L.K. Eagletown
BENSON Lorene Wright City
BENSON O.B. Eagletown
BENSON Oscar Vernon Eagletown
BENSON Waltsie Denison
BENTLEY Lu Old Valliant
BENTON Albert A. Eagletown
BENTON C.C. Eagletown
BENTON Charley W. Broken Bow
BENTON Cora Redland
BENTON Elmer Lee Broken Bow
BENTON Gilbert Eagletown
BENTON Harry W. Sherwood
BENTON Herbert S. Broken Bow
BENTON Hurley Denison
BENTON Irene Sherwood
BENTON Jerry Francis Eagletown
BENTON Kattie C. Holly Creek
BENTON Mary Virginia Denison
BENTON Ralph Eagletown
BENTON Sarah L. Eagletown
BENTON Thelma Lee Denison
BERMINGHAM Arizona Lukfata
BERRY Nicholas Joe Holly Creek
BESHEARS Goldie Broken Bow
BESHEARS Waymon C. Broken Bow
BESS J. W. Redland
BEST Walter J. Haworth
BETHEL Charles M Broken Bow
BETHEL David S. Hochatown
BETHEL Elsie Hochatown
BETHEL John J. Hochatown
BETHEL John S. Broken Bow
BETHEL Mary H. Hochatown
BETHEL Viola Broken Bow
BETHEL William J. Hochatown
BEVELS Donie Broken Bow
BEVELS May Broken Bow
BEVELS T.B. "Ben" Broken Bow
BEVELS V. Broken Bow
BICE Herbert Weldon Denison
BICE L.V. Denison
BICE Lorus A. Denison
BICE Madie R. Denison
BICE Norris Eagletown
BICE Roger Dale Sr. Broken Bow
BICE Shari Lynn Eagletown
BICE V.A. Denison
BIGFORD Jewel Philadelphia
BILLINGSLEY Chesley E. Canfield
BILLINGSLEY Delmer Canfield
BILLINGSLEY Fannie Canfield
BILLINGSLEY Geo. Allie Canfield
BILLINGSLEY Ina Mable Holly Creek
BILLINGSLEY James Canfield
BILLINGSLEY James S. Canfield
BILLINGSLEY James T. Canfield
BILLINGSLEY John Douglas Canfield
BILLINGSLEY Josie Broken Bow
BILLINGSLEY Josie Annie Canfield
BILLINGSLEY Julius J. Canfield
BILLINGSLEY Mable Canfield
BILLINGSLEY Martha R. Canfield
BILLINGSLEY Missouri R. Canfield
BILLINGSLEY Mitchell D. Canfield
BILLINGSLEY Olivia Redland
BILLINGSLEY Oralee Canfield
BILLINGSLEY Rebecca Canfield
BILLINGSLEY Ruby Jane Canfield
BILLINGSLEY Shirley V. Canfield
BILLINGSLEY Wilbur N. Denison
BILLY Evenia Holly Creek
BILLY Janie Hochatown
BILLY Mary Louise Denison
BILLY Roy Dale Holly Creek
BILLY Sallie PonkaBok
BINGER Albert Charles Denison
BINGER Phoebe May Denison
BINGER Roy A. Jr. Hochatown
BINGER Roy Albert Denison
BIRD Hattie Forest Hill
BIRGE Alice Jean Broken Bow
BIRGE Amos A. Bethel
BIRGE Fay Bethel
BIRGE Viola Broken Bow
BIRLEW Dixie Canfield
BIRLEW Estamay Canfield
BIRMINGHAM Louis W. Broken Bow
BIRMINGHAM Maggie Lee Broken Bow
BISHOP Charles E. Forest Hill
BISHOP Hattie Ann Forest Hill
BISHOP Theo Philadelphia
BIVINGS Andrew "Tuff" Canfield
BIVINGS Betty Jo Canfield
BIVINGS Cleveland J. Denison
BIVINGS Gladys O. Denison
BIVINGS John Henry Canfield
BIVINGS Marie Alice Canfield
BIVINGS Mary Ann Canfield
BIVINS Fannie Forest Hill
BIVINS K. D. Forest Hill
BIVINS Lavina Joy Holly Creek
BIVINS Payton Waterhole
BIVINS Thomas Holly Creek
BIZZELL Emmitt B. Lukfata
BIZZELL Ezra Lukfata
BLACK A. Vergie Denison
BLACK Audra M. Denison
BLACK Cecil "Pete" Sr. Eagletown
BLACK David U. Wright City
BLACK Doris J. Denison
BLACK Dotha Denison
BLACK Eunice R. Denison
BLACK Freddie Louis Slater Memorial
BLACK Gina Kaye Denison
BLACK Gleamon O. Denison
BLACK Grady Denison
BLACK Henry J. Eagletown
BLACK James L. Denison
BLACK John E. Denison
BLACK June Ollyne Denison
BLACK Kathleen Edna Eagletown
BLACK Lelia E. Wright City
BLACK Lonnie Mae Pollard
BLACK Marea Hochatown
BLACK Margie Marie Slater Memorial
BLACK Ollie Mae Denison
BLACK Phoebe E. Denison
BLACK Roy Henry Eagletown
BLACK Ruby Fenley Denison
BLACK Sharon D. Eagletown
BLACK W. Robert Denison
BLACK William A. Hochatown
BLACK William E. Denison
BLACK William V. Hochatown
BLACKBURN Francis A. Canfield
BLACKBURN Infant Son Hochatown
BLACKBURN Mary O. Denison
BLACKBURN Robin K. Denison
BLACKBURN Sam Canfield
BLACKBURN Willie M. Denison
BLACKMAN James M. Denison
BLACKMAN James T. Denison
BLACKMAN Mattie T. Denison
BLACKSTOCK Blanche Denison
BLACKSTOCK Thomas F. Denison
BLACKSTOCK William D. Denison
BLACKSTONE Beulah L. Bokhoma
BLACKWELL Gladys Lois F Slater Memorial
BLACKWELL Infant Hochatown
BLACKWELL Jackie W. Holly Creek
BLACKWOOD Calvin E. Wright City
BLACKWOOD Custer Wright City
BLAIR Ann F. Sweet Home
BLAIR Charlene E. Haworth
BLAIR Delmar M. Denison
BLAIR J.C. Broken Bow
BLAIR Jake Broken Bow
BLAIR Jim R. Broken Bow
BLAIR Lavada Sue Sherwood
BLAIR M.E. Broken Bow
BLAIR Oval Broken Bow
BLAIR Wineford Broken Bow
BLAIR Zella Denison
BLAKELEY Mollie Bell Crown Hill
BLALOCK Joe Bethel
BLANCH Cora Canfield
BLANCHE Minnie M. Denison
BLANCHE Osborne L. Denison
BLANCHE Osborne L. Jr. Denison
BLANCHE Paul Brantley Denison
BLANKENSHIP Belle W. Forest Hill
BLANKENSHIP Infant Dau Forest Hill
BLANKENSHIP T. Millard Forest Hill
BLANKINSHIP Corbin F. Pollard
BLANKINSHIP Henry T. Pollard
BLANKINSHIP Mary Katharine Denison
BLANKINSHIP Pinkey Ellet Denison
BLANKINSHIP Sanford Pollard
BLANTON Emit Wright City
BLANTON Mary F. Denison
BLANTON Oscar O. Denison
BLANTON Oscar Sallie Denison
BLANTON Sallie P. Denison
BLANTON Scott R. Denison
BLANTON W.J. Denison
BLANTON Willie Denison
BLASSINGAME Arch F. Forest Hill
BLASSINGAME Edward Waterhole
BLASSINGAME Infant Waterhole
BLASSINGAME Neva Waterhole
BLASSINGAME Sarah J. Waterhole
BLASSINGAME Stella Waterhole
BLAYLOCK Marvin Philadelphia
BLEDSOE Jacob D. Denison
BLEDSOE Willie Allen Denison
BLEU Aaron Lee Rufe
BLEU Margaret Ann Rufe
BLISSARD Anna Lee Crown Hill
BLISSARD George W. Crown Hill
BLISSARD Mildred Ann Crown Hill
BLOCKER Eunice M. Denison
BLOCKER R.C. Denison
BLOUNT Annie Bell Forest Hill
BLOUNT Ellen Holly Creek
BLOUNT Fred P. Holly Creek
BLOUNT S. J. Forest Hill
BLUE E. Forest Hill
BLUEEYE Jim Abe Philadelphia
BLUEYE ??? KulliChito
BLUEYE ??? KulliTuklo
BLY Betty Jean Denison
BLY Roy "Jiggs" Denison
BOARDMAN Jerome Stanton Broken Bow
BOAZ Mrs. M.J. Broken Bow
BOBO Adolphos J. Glover
BOBO Bertha Broken Bow
BOBO James R. Broken Bow
BOBO Myrtle Vera Watson Memorial
BOBO Sidy Wade Watson Memorial
BOGGS Hampton E. Denison
BOHANAN John Rev. Mountain Fork
BOHANAN Lynden Earl Mountain Fork
BOHANAN Willie G. NunihChito
BOHANNON Bessie KulliChito
BOHANNON Bessie KulliTuklo
BOHANNON Earl Andrews KulliChito
BOHANNON Earl Andrews KulliTuklo
BOHANNON Rena Stewart KulliChito
BOHANNON Rena Stewart KulliTuklo
BOHANON Gwen Carol County Line
BOHDE Charles Oliver Watson Memorial
BOLDING Billie Denison
BOLEN Daniel Brad Sr. Canfield
BOLEN Ocie Bell Canfield
BOLES Jimmy G. Holly Creek
BOLES Jimmy Green Jr. Holly Creek
BOLIN Ben M. Pollard
BOLIN Joe W.J. Forest Hill
BOLIN Lena Bell Denison
BOLIN Thomas Elmer Denison
BOLLINGER Charley e. Denison
BOLLINGER Erma Pearl Denison
BOLLINGER Marvin E. Denison
BOLT Adreon J. Haworth
BOLT Eva May Denison
BOLT Henry Ray Haworth
BOLT Henry Thomas Haworth
BOLT John B. Haworth
BOLT Kyle Stephen Watson Memorial
BOLT Lawrence H. Denison
BOLT Leon Denison
BOLT Lilla Louvina Haworth
BOLT Mollie M. Broken Bow
BOLT Neva E. Haworth
BOLT Rebecca Abigal Haworth
BOLT Sam R. Broken Bow
BOLT Virginia Lee Haworth
BOLTON Eula F. Forest Hill
BOLTON Johnny Forest Hill
BOLTON William H. Forest Hill
BOND Beatrice Crown Hill
BOND Charles H. Jr. Crown Hill
BOND Delma L. Crown Hill
BOND Dorothy Inez Crown Hill
BOND James A. Crown Hill
BOND Joe W. Crown Hill
BOND Margaret Adeline Denison
BOND Mary A. Crown Hill
BOND Wesley A. Crown Hill
BONE Eva Berene Denison
BONE Jeremy Paul Glover
BONE Misty Ann Glover
BONNER Bob Wright City
BONNER Bob Darling Denison
BONNER Charles H. Denison
BONNER Doll Denison
BONNER Emma John Holly Creek
BONNER Henry Columbus Holly Creek
BONNER Henry Ed Denison
BONNER Mary E. "Mamie" Denison
BONNER Minnie Wright City
BONNER Nona Valeda Denison
BONNER Rosemary Wright City
BONNER Thomas Mack Denison
BONNER Tom F. Denison
BONNETTE Byrd H. Denison
BONNETTE Infant Son Wright City
BONNETTE Linus Parker Denison
BONNETTE Virgil R. Jr. Denison
BONNETTE Virgil R. Sr. Denison
BOOKOUT Lena B. Denison
BOOKOUT Thomas J. Denison
BOON Frank Denison
BOON Lola E. Denison
BOON Nora Denison
BOONE Archie Eagletown
BOONE Frankie Eagletown
BOONE Marshall Eagletown
BOONE Sudie Eagletown
BOONE Walter "Buddy" Eagletown
BOONE Walter Ray Eagletown
BOOTH Claudia County Line
BOOTH Hugh County Line
BOOTH John C. County Line
BOREN Allen A. Garvin
BOREN Lula Garvin
BOSTIC Jay Lynn Eagletown
BOSTICK Darrell Glenn Crown Hill
BOSTICK Ruth Ladawn Crown Hill
BOUCHER Molly Rufe
BOUCHER Mrs. Tom Hochatown
BOUCHER Senson Rufe
BOUCHER Thomas B. Rufe
BOUCHER William R. Rufe
BOULTON Carl H. Forest Hill
BOULTON Dean Forest Hill
BOULTON Hattie Forest Hill
BOULTON James M. Forest Hill
BOULTON Linda Sue Forest Hill
BOULTON Nannie G. Forest Hill
BOUNDS April Sue Hochatown
BOUNDS Barker Ray Sr. Holly Creek
BOUNDS Henry E."Biddy" Holly Creek
BOUNDS Henry Edgar Holly Creek
BOUNDS Iris Rea Holly Creek
BOUNDS James Elias Eagletown
BOUNDS Louisa Jayne Eagletown
BOUNDS Lydia M. Holly Creek
BOUNDS Mary Elizabeth Holly Creek
BOUNDS Mary Ellen Holly Creek
BOUNDS Mattie A. Bokhoma
BOUNDS Minor J. Bokhoma
BOUNDS Opal M. Holly Creek
BOUNDS Ralph R. Eagletown
BOUTON Ralph E. Eagletown
BOUTON Rosie Eagletown
BOWDEN J.B. Wright City
BOWDEN Lula Denison
BOWEN Calvin Freeman Bethel
BOWEN Charles Dale Bethel
BOWEN Clovis A. Rufe
BOWEN Irene Rufe
BOWEN J.C. Denison
BOWEN Jim Allen "Jesus" Holly Creek
BOWEN Jimmy C. Rufe
BOWEN Joe W. Bethel
BOWEN Leonard E. Bethel
BOWEN Mabelene Rufe
BOWEN Mary E. Rufe
BOWEN Mary F. Bethel
BOWEN Myrtle Delillian Bethel
BOWEN Roy D. Rufe
BOWEN Sandra J. Rufe
BOWERS Carrie C. Broken Bow
BOWERS Harlan Homer Canfield
BOWERS James Willie Broken Bow
BOWERS Jim Lyle Broken Bow
BOWERS Mamie Myrtle Canfield
BOWERS Myrtle Broken Bow
BOWLIN Ruthie Denison
BOWLING Helen Louise Wright City
BOWLING Infant Moran
BOWLING James Edward Wright City
BOWLING Neomaza B. Moran
BOWLING Roy Andrew Moran
BOWLING Stanford F Wright City
BOWLING Thelma J. Wright City
BOWLING William Ira Wright City
BOWMAN Elizabeth Ruth Broken Bow
BOWMAN Robert Lee Broken Bow
BOX Clarence Andrew Eagletown
BOX Dulcie M. Denison
BOX Earnest C. Denison
BOX Roy M. Forest Hill
BOYCE Carlisle Denison
BOYCE Dorothy Canfield
BOYCE Hugh Pollard
BOYCE William Denison
BOYD Betty Lou Garvin
BOYD E.A. & I.F. Denison
BOYD Floyd Redland
BOYD Frank Redland
BOYD Lester F. Redland
BOYD Robert C. Redland
BOYD Sara Redland
BOYD Willie L. Redland
BOYER Carol A. Broken Bow
BOYER Samuel W. Broken Bow
BOYLES Henry C. Wright City
BOYLES Nora Jane Rufe
BOYTER Edna Denison
BOZARTH Evylena Redland
BOZARTH L. Redland
BOZARTH Nancy J. Redland
BOZARTH Raymond A. Redland
BRADBURN George Broken Bow
BRADBURN Minnie Lee Broken Bow
BRADDY Howard W. Hochatown
BRADFORD John Broken Bow
BRADLEY Kayshel Moran
BRADLEY Mona Slater Memorial
BRADSHAW Calvin Wright City
BRADY Elsie J. Canfield
BRADY Nathaniel T. Canfield
BRADY Roy Canfield
BRADY Theodore F. Canfield
BRAGG Addie E. Broken Bow
BRAGG H. Bunion Broken Bow
BRAGG W.R. Broken Bow
BRAKEBILL David P. Denison
BRAKEBILL Henry Albert Denison
BRAKEBILL I. N. Forest Hill
BRAKEBILL Lillian Denison
BRAKEBILL Susie Denison
BRAMBLET Curtis H. Crown Hill
BRAMBLET Jeannette H. Crown Hill
BRAND Cleva D. Crown Hill
BRAND Glen W. Crown Hill
BRANNON Charles David Canfield
BRANNON John A. Pollard
BRANNON Julia S. Pollard
BRANNON Robert R. Eagletown
BRANSCUN Floyd Denison
BRANSON Ones Denison
BRANSTINE Albert E. Denison
BRANSTINE Estella Denison
BRANSTINE James Earl Denison
BRANTLEY Julius Broken Bow
BRANTLEY Lizzie Broken Bow
BRANTLEY Lorene Broken Bow
BRANTLEY Melissa Lynn Denison
BRANTLEY William Mat Broken Bow
BRASHER Avis A. Broken Bow
BRASHER David B. Broken Bow
BRASHER F. Gerald Broken Bow
BRASHER Omer E. Broken Bow
BRATTON W.H. Holly Creek
BRAWHAN Mae Belle Denison
BRAY Albert Chester Holly Creek
BRAY Anna Hochatown
BRAY B.H. Holly Creek
BRAY Bobby Jay Sr. Holly Creek
BRAY Brookie Beatrice Watson Memorial
BRAY Burla Marie Watson Memorial
BRAY Charles M. "Snow" Holly Creek
BRAY Cora D. Holly Creek
BRAY Daphner W. Holly Creek
BRAY David Watson Memorial
BRAY Elsie Holly Creek
BRAY Esther Holly Creek
BRAY Frank J. Holly Creek
BRAY Gary Lynn Watson Memorial
BRAY George W. Holly Creek
BRAY Gloria Jean Broken Bow
BRAY Jerry L. Holly Creek
BRAY Jerry L. Watson Memorial
BRAY Jessie W. "J.W." Holly Creek
BRAY Jessie Willard Holly Creek
BRAY Lloyd Leroy Watson Memorial
BRAY May E. Holly Creek
BRAY Nelda B. Holly Creek
BRAY Norris Arthur "Pug" Watson Memorial
BRAY Pauline Ellie Watson Memorial
BRAY Preston M. "Skeet" Watson Memorial
BRAY Robert L. Hochatown
BRAY Shirley Ann Holly Creek
BRAY Tennie M. Holly Creek
BRAY William A. Holly Creek
BRAY William D.C. Holly Creek
BRAY William Richard Holly Creek
BRAZIL Charles Reese Denison
BRAZIL Vivian Denison
BRECKENRIDGE Marth D. Canfield
BREECE David Wayne Hochatown
BREECE Johnnie Hochatown
BREECE Sidney Hochatown
BREEDLOVE Mable Forest Hill
BRENT Charles L. Broken Bow
BRENT Charlie Michael Broken Bow
BRENT Nancy Poston Broken Bow
BRESSON Chester Clyde Haworth
BRETT Edward J. Broken Bow
BRETT Mary Francis Broken Bow
BRETT Thomas Charles Canfield
BREWER Ann J. Holly Creek
BREWER Carl P. Haworth
BREWER Catherine Wright City
BREWER Dovie E. Forest Hill
BREWER Fred Forest Hill
BREWER George Forest Hill
BREWER George W. Holly Creek
BREWER Infant Son Bokhoma
BREWER J.E. Wright City
BREWER James C. Holly Creek
BREWER Jess Forest Hill
BREWER Lucy Bokhoma
BREWER Martha L. Canfield
BREWER Mary Maella Lukfata
BREWER Mrs. Jim Holly Creek
BREWER Robin L. Eagletown
BREWER Roy H. Forest Hill
BREWER Verna Forest Hill
BREWER Virgie Ann Broken Bow
BREWSTER Joseph R. Denison
BREWSTER Mamye D. Denison
BRIANS A.E. Denison
BRICE John Ray Denison
BRICKEY Billy Jean Denison
BRIDGES Eva Lee Holly Creek
BRIDGES F.W. Rock Hill
BRIDGES Henry Edgar Holly Creek
BRIDGES Infant Dau. Holly Creek
BRIDGES Josie Holly Creek
BRIDGES Julia Ann Watson Memorial
BRIDGES Mary F. Rock Hill
BRIDGES Myrtle Cordelia Moran
BRIDGES N.H. Rock Hill
BRIDGES William Edward Moran
BRIGGS Nora Denison
BRIGGS P.W. Denison
BRIGHT Arnie Fred Denison
BRIGHT Floyd F. Forest Hill
BRIGHT Leroy M. Forest Hill
BRIGHT Moses E. Forest Hill
BRIGHT Tressie V. Forest Hill
BRILES Margrett Denison
BRINKLEY Jess Lafate Redland
BRINKLEY Lorene Evelyn Denison
BRINKLEY Maud Hess Redland
BRINKLEY Robbie Holly Creek
BRINKLEY Robert Columbus Denison
BRINKLEY Robert S. Denison
BRISCOE Tommie Denison
BRISTER Silas Broken Bow
BRITT Dorothy Eunice Forest Hill
BRITTAIN Bryon S. Redland
BRITTAIN Josephine E. Redland
BRITTAIN Margaret F. Redland
BRITTAIN Rex Olen Redland
BRITTAIN Sidney W. Redland
BRITTAIN Wayne W. Redland
BRITTON Ben Broken Bow
BRITTON Bobby Lowell Holly Creek
BRITTON Bobby Lowell Rock Hill
BRITTON Horace Grant Jr. Denison
BRITTON Jeff Broken Bow
BRITTON John Sr. Wright City
BRITTON Robert Stanley Rock Hill
BRITTON William R. Rock Hill
BROCK Bea Hochatown
BROCK Della (Rose) Crown Hill
BROCK Grover M. Crown Hill
BROCK Hercheal Hochatown
BROCK Nona Wright City
BROCK Ophelia Wright City
BROCK Patricia Wright City
BROCK Robert Lee Wright City
BROCK Van Hochatown
BROCK Virginia Hochatown
BROCKUS E.B. Pollard
BROCKUS Frank J. Denison
BROCKUS Mrs. E.B. Pollard
BROCKUS P. Pollard
BROCKUS William Frank Pollard
BRODIE Jim Glover
BRODIE O. Glover
BROOKS Abbie Dealie Holly Creek
BROOKS Alice Bethel
BROOKS Baby Hochatown
BROOKS Baby Son Hochatown
BROOKS Billy Ralph Bethel
BROOKS Bob Broken Bow
BROOKS David Crockett Bethel
BROOKS Earl Canfield
BROOKS Emma Canfield
BROOKS George Pollard
BROOKS Infant Son Wright City
BROOKS Jettie M. Denison
BROOKS Joel D. Canfield
BROOKS Lena Irene Pollard
BROOKS Maud Canfield
BROOKS Opal Ray Wright City
BROOKS Raymond Wright City
BROOKS Robert T. Wright City
BROOKS Royal A. Denison
BROOKS Vertie Wright City
BROOKS W.B. Canfield
BROUSSARD Baby Lukfata
BROUSSARD Frank Lukfata
BROWN Adeline L. Denison
BROWN Ann Doris Wright City
BROWN Annette "Annie" Denison
BROWN Arden P. Denison
BROWN Betty Jean Denison
BROWN Billie L. Hochatown
BROWN Charles J. Canfield
BROWN Chris Denison
BROWN Claude Wright City
BROWN Delmer Ellis Denison
BROWN Dock Monroe Broken Bow
BROWN Dora Leevina Slater Memorial
BROWN Edna Lukfata
BROWN Elizabeth Wright City
BROWN Emma C. Canfield
BROWN Ernest E. Denison
BROWN Etna Denison
BROWN Florence E. Slater Memorial
BROWN Frank Denison
BROWN George R. Slater Memorial
BROWN Gladys Haworth
BROWN Guy W. Denison
BROWN Harold James Broken Bow
BROWN Hazel KulliChito
BROWN Hazel KulliTuklo
BROWN Henry Denison
BROWN Homer H. Glover
BROWN Infant Forest Hill
BROWN Isabell Broken Bow
BROWN J.A. Pollard
BROWN J.C. Denison
BROWN J.D. Wright City
BROWN James David Canfield
BROWN James H. Crown Hill
BROWN James Marlin Slater Memorial
BROWN James Sidney Broken Bow
BROWN Jo Anna Glover
BROWN John Gary Wright City
BROWN John J. "Jack" Canfield
BROWN Johnathan P. Denison
BROWN Kenneth W. Slater Memorial
BROWN Lena Broken Bow
BROWN Lillie Mae Forest Hill
BROWN Louis Jefferson Forest Hill
BROWN Lura Ozella Broken Bow
BROWN Mamie P. Hochatown
BROWN Mary Forest Hill
BROWN Maud Denison
BROWN Myrtle E. Denison
BROWN Nancy Jane Pollard
BROWN Nathaniel Harrison Eagletown
BROWN Nettie M. Canfield
BROWN Nicholas Clark Denison
BROWN Orin Wright City
BROWN Ozelia Denison
BROWN Patsie Katrine Denison
BROWN Paul Wright City
BROWN Richard N. Eagletown
BROWN Rosa A. Eagletown
BROWN Sandra Denise Broken Bow
BROWN Tommie G. Jr. Hochatown
BROWN Tonie Eagletown
BROWN Vickie Watson Memorial
BROWN Walter Hopson Denison
BROWN Warren J. Denison
BROWN Wesley Haworth
BROWN Willard Jocelyn Denison
BROWN William L. Hochatown
BROWN William Orbra Glover
BROWN Zetta Earl Canfield
BRSHEARS Audie M. Canfield
BRUCE Emma Lavena Broken Bow
BRUMMETT Emma Broken Bow
BRUMMETT Ethel Elizabeth Eagletown
BRUMMETT Johnnie L. Eagletown
BRUMMETT Julia Elizabeth Eagletown
BRUMMETT Lula Vatie Broken Bow
BRUMMETT Roy W. Eagletown
BRUMMETT Vandon J. Eagletown
BRUMMETT Warren Old Valliant
BRUMMETT William C. Eagletown
BRUNER Edith Mae Denison
BRUNER Richard Stephen Denison
BRUNNER Elmer F. Broken Bow
BRUNNER Helen M. Broken Bow
BRUNNER Leonard Broken Bow
BRUTON Baby Broken Bow
BRUTON Jack Broken Bow
BRUTON Mack Broken Bow
BRUTON Merlene Broken Bow
BRUTON Tona Jinks Denison
BRUTON Ward Rufe
BRYAN Candus Glover
BRYAN Easter Mae Sweet Home
BRYAN Lorene Broken Bow
BRYAN Lou Glover
BRYAN Martha Eagletown
BRYAN Maurice Watson Memorial
BRYAN Samuel W. Glover
BRYAN Wilma Lou Crown Hill
BRYANT Benny Forest Hill
BRYANT Bert W. Pollard
BRYANT Cora Broken Bow
BRYANT George Forest Hill
BRYANT I. V. Forest Hill
BRYANT John Douglas Redland
BRYANT Lucel Pollard
BRYANT Lucy L. Denison
BRYANT Martha Florence Pollard
BRYANT Mary Pollard
BRYANT Mary Etta Moran
BRYANT Mary Frances Denison
BRYANT Mary Lea Forest Hill
BRYANT Monroe Pollard
BRYANT Opalee Moran
BRYANT Robert J. Denison
BRYANT S.E. Pollard
BRYANT Savannah Pollard
BRYANT Welton O'Dell Sr. Denison
BRYANT Willie F. Forest Hill
BRYANT Willis E. Broken Bow
BRYER Thomas Eagletown
BUCHANAN Annie Redland
BUCHANAN Barney Philadelphia
BUCHANAN Beulah Hochatown
BUCHANAN Dora Cordell Eagletown
BUCHANAN Ervin Marsh Holly Creek
BUCHANAN Everett L. Hochatown
BUCHANAN Ida Denison
BUCHANAN James Calvin Eagletown
BUCHANAN John Haworth
BUCHANAN Nannie D. Philadelphia
BUCHANAN Nellie Denison
BUCHANAN Theo Denison
BUCK Nona L. Watson Memorial
BUCKLEY Davie V. Denison
BUCKMAN Robert Forest Hill
BUIE W.J. Wright City
BULLARD Clide Leslie Waterhole
BULLARD George M. Slater Memorial
BULLARD Lella Beatrice Waterhole
BULLARD Millie Mae Slater Memorial
BULLARD Orville Lewis Slater Memorial
BULLARD Robert Samuel Broken Bow
BULLOCK Addie Redland
BULLOCK Bennie E. Pollard
BULLOCK Earl Pollard
BULLOCK Eva F. Pollard
BULLOCK Mary Pollard
BULLOCK Thomas G. Pollard
BULLOCK Warren W. Redland
BUMPAS Lillie Powell Denison
BUMPHIS Van Jodie Eagletown
BUMPURS George W. Denison
BUMPURS Myrtle L. Denison
BUMPURS Vora L. Denison
BUNCH Amanda Forest Hill
BUNCH Bettie Holly Creek
BUNCH David R. Holly Creek
BUNCH Elsie Marie Holly Creek
BUNCH Emmie Forest Hill
BUNCH Gilbert Broken Bow
BUNCH Howard Holly Creek
BUNCH James L. Forest Hill
BUNCH Jerrey Holly Creek
BUNCH Joe G. Forest Hill
BUNCH Mildred Marie Forest Hill
BUNCH Ollin Dale Hochatown
BUNCH Parthena Holly Creek
BUNCH Suel Holly Creek
BUNCH Suel Burnett Broken Bow
BUNCH Suel Isaac Holly Creek
BUNCH Walter C. Forest Hill
BUNCH William Caldwell Forest Hill
BUNCH Wilma Hochatown
BUNN Ben Holly Creek
BUNN Benjamin Holly Creek
BUNN Bertha Lillian Holly Creek
BUNN Betty Jo Forest Hill
BUNN Cullen Holly Creek
BUNN Dellie Holly Creek
BUNN Derinda Lea Holly Creek
BUNN Harold Stanley Holly Creek
BUNN Helen Virginia Holly Creek
BUNN Kelsie Renae Holly Creek
BUNN Louise Holly Creek
BUNN Milford T. Holly Creek
BUNN Milton Roy Holly Creek
BUNN Seaborn L. "Zeb" Holly Creek
BUNN Wanda June Holly Creek
BUNNUP Jincy Mountain Fork
BUNYARD E. Z. Haworth
BURCH Baby Denison
BURCH Ida Leona Denison
BURCH Solon Holly Creek
BURCHAM Oliver Jr. Eagletown
BURGE Homer Hochatown
BURGESS ? Sherwood
BURGESS Alex M. Sherwood
BURGESS Georgia Sherwood
BURGESS Lonnie Sherwood
BURGESS Mamie A. Sherwood
BURGESS Velma Broken Bow
BURK Beulah Denison
BURK David A. "Pete" Glover
BURK Edder Ethel Glover
BURK James Robert Glover
BURK John Edgar Forest Hill
BURK John R. Forest Hill
BURK Mary E. Forest Hill
BURK Maxine W. Denison
BURK Nellie E. Forest Hill
BURK Robert E. Denison
BURK Sara Elizabeth Glover
BURK William Eugene Forest Hill
BURKE Archie B. Forest Hill
BURKE Bertha Hochatown
BURKE Bessie Hochatown
BURKE Charles H. Hochatown
BURKE Clarence W. Hochatown
BURKE Eugene Hochatown
BURKE Infant Hochatown
BURKE James Wesley Hochatown
BURKE Jimmy Dale Hochatown
BURKE John A. Hochatown
BURKE Juanita Hochatown
BURKE Lois Hochatown
BURKE Mary Francis Forest Hill
BURKE Nancy Etta Hochatown
BURKE Thelma Hochatown
BURKETT Dr. T.C. Denison
BURKETT Janie Inez Denison
BURKS Dorse Forest Hill
BURKS Erma Forest Hill
BURKS Goldie L. Canfield
BURKS James L. Canfield
BURKS Niles W. Forest Hill
BURLEY Geneva E. Broken Bow
BURLEY William E. Broken Bow
BURNETT Albert Denison
BURNETT Aubrey F. Pollard
BURNETT Barbara J. Hochatown
BURNETT Belle Denison
BURNETT Billy Marion Pollard
BURNETT Carrie E. Denison
BURNETT Dick W. Hochatown
BURNETT Elmer Tuck Denison
BURNETT Geneva Pollard
BURNETT Ila Maze Forest Hill
BURNETT Mable Layfette Forest Hill
BURNETT Maggie Pollard
BURNETT Max E. Wright City
BURNETT Mrs. A.E. Broken Bow
BURNETT Oieda Wright City
BURNETT William Lester Forest Hill
BURNHAM Bertha Denison
BURNS Ada Broken Bow
BURNS Albert Burton Bokhoma
BURNS Alvis Wright City
BURNS Ayshlie Rae Denison
BURNS Barbara Ann Broken Bow
BURNS Burel Lowell Broken Bow
BURNS Burl Mitchell Broken Bow
BURNS Cecilia Fawn Wright City
BURNS Charlie A. Slater Memorial
BURNS Charlie A. Wright City
BURNS Erma Broken Bow
BURNS Estell Francis Glover
BURNS Frank C. Denison
BURNS Frankie Gene Wright City
BURNS Herman L. Broken Bow
BURNS Jess A. Wright City
BURNS Joan C. Pollard
BURNS John L. Denison
BURNS John T. Broken Bow
BURNS John W. Wright City
BURNS Kitty V. Denison
BURNS Lillie Denison
BURNS Muncie M. "Monk" Broken Bow
BURNS Nannie M Wright City
BURNS Otto H. Pollard
BURNS Rosie Denison
BURREUS Helen Canfield
BURREUS Ivy Canfield
BURRIS Addie E. Lukfata
BURRIS Albert Lukfata
BURRIS B. Ulysses Lukfata
BURRIS Calvin Lukfata
BURRIS Danny Rudolph Broken Bow
BURRIS Earl Lukfata
BURRIS Edward Eugene Crown Hill
BURRIS Esther Arene Lukfata
BURRIS Franklin Eagletown
BURRIS Gail Lukfata
BURRIS George B. Broken Bow
BURRIS George Houston Crown Hill
BURRIS Gillie Carey Broken Bow
BURRIS Hattie Lukfata
BURRIS Henry M. III Lukfata
BURRIS Isaac J. Lukfata
BURRIS J.M. Lukfata
BURRIS Jim Lukfata
BURRIS Jodie Lukfata
BURRIS Johnny Ray Lukfata
BURRIS Jonnie B. Lukfata
BURRIS Julia A. Lukfata
BURRIS Kyle Patrick Oakgrove
BURRIS Lee Lukfata
BURRIS Lemuel Lukfata
BURRIS Lorenzo Forest Hill
BURRIS Mable G. Broken Bow
BURRIS Mary L. Lukfata
BURRIS Pearl Lukfata
BURRIS R.B. Broken Bow
BURRIS Roberta Lukfata
BURRIS Rudolph C. Broken Bow
BURRIS Sam Lukfata
BURRIS Siles Lukfata
BURRIS Simon J. Lukfata
BURRIS Sophia Lukfata
BURRIS Timothy C. Lukfata
BURRIS Tommie Lukfata
BURRIS Viola M Broken Bow
BURROUGHS Lillie F. Rufe
BURROUGHS Monroe E. Rufe
BURROWS Mattie Broken Bow
BURROWS Tas N. Broken Bow
BURRUS Mary G. Denison
BURRUS Steve H. Denison
BURRUSS Leon Canfield
BURTON Herchel H. Denison
BURTON Lindsey Hochatown
BURTON Merle Hochatown
BURTON Shirley Jane Slater Memorial
BURTON Virgie Oriena Moran
BURWELL Ella Moree Rufe
BURWELL John Moran
BURWELL Mary Alice Denison
BURWELL William Blair Rufe
BURWELL William P. Rufe
BURWELL William P. Jr. Rufe
BUSBEE Jessie B. Denison
BUSBEE Rush A. Denison
BUSBY Eva Garvin
BUSBY Leon Fredrick Jr. Wright City
BUSBY M.S. Old Valliant
BUSBY Rose Lee Denison
BUSBY S.E. Wright City
BUSBY Sherrill Lynn Denison
BUSH Calvin Joseph Canfield
BUSH Craig Alan Denison
BUSH Glenda Viva Holly Creek
BUSH Reatha Canfield
BUSH Willie Billie Bethel
BUSHART George Garvin
BUSHART Infant Garvin
BUSHART Prentest Garvin
BUSHART Samuel F. Garvin
BUSHERS James H. Denison
BUSIC John L. Holly Creek
BUTLER Della Lee Lukfata
BUTLER Dena A. Denison
BUTLER Doc M. Canfield
BUTLER Dora T. Canfield
BUTLER Ellis Philadelphia
BUTLER Felix Dale Denison
BUTLER G.C. Canfield
BUTLER Hershel Bethel
BUTLER Houston L. Denison
BUTLER Isabella Lukfata
BUTLER Ivory M. Lukfata
BUTLER J.D. "Bud" Denison
BUTLER Jake Lukfata
BUTLER Janis Carolyn Wright City
BUTLER Jodie Michele Redland
BUTLER Joe Lukfata
BUTLER Johnnie Denison
BUTLER Lynial Denison
BUTLER Lynial Holly Creek
BUTLER Marion Wesley Canfield
BUTLER Mrs. G.C. Canfield
BUTLER Mrs. J.D. "Lola" Denison
BUTLER Mrs. J.W. Denison
BUTLER Ollie Bethel
BUTLER Randolph E. Denison
BUTLER Sarah J. Bethel
BUTLER Sarilds Lukfata
BUTLER. James Wiley Denison
BUTTS Charles A. Crown Hill
BUZBEE Jack Ellis Denison
BUZBEE Jesse L. Denison
BUZBEE Mildred M. Denison
BUZBEE Myrtle Troy Denison
BUZBEE Rex M. Denison
BYERS Edith Ann Broken Bow
BYINGTON Gilbert Denison
BYINGTON Roston Denison
BYINGTON Virginia E. Pine Creek
BYINGTON Wendell Rudy Denison
BYRD Alton Holly Creek
BYRD Charles C. Broken Bow
BYRD Galon Anthony Hochatown
BYRD Harry G. Sr. Denison
BYRD Mattye Lee Denison
BYRD William Bokhoma
BYRNE John C. Rev. Holly Creek
BYRNE Joseph Holly Creek
BYRNE Lou Ada "Boxie" Holly Creek
BYRNE Steven William Holly Creek
BYRNE Wilburn "Hot Shot Holly Creek
BYRNS Jinnie Barragree Broken Bow
BYRNS Myron A. Broken Bow
BYRNS Orena Broken Bow
BYRUM Cora Holly Creek
BYRUM Lee Holly Creek
BYRUM Minerva Holly Creek
BYRUM Tom Jr. Holly Creek

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