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Burial Index


???? Theresa Ann Glover
AARON Anthony Wayne Glover
AARON David Hobert Crown Hill
AARON Demetra "Toula" Watson Memorial
AARON Donley M. "Don" Watson Memorial
AARON Edith Irene Watson Memorial
AARON Edward Mack "Joe" Broken Bow
AARON Joel Mack Crown Hill
AARON Julia L. Watson Memorial
AARON Kenneth R. Broken Bow
AARON Lavern Denison
AARON Oscar Watson Memorial
AARON Oscar Donley Watson Memorial
AARON R.C. Crown Hill
AARON Shepard Stanley Crown Hill
AARON Sherry Lynn Wright City
AARON Twin Daughter Crown Hill
ABBOTT Frederick Roy Denison
ABBOTT Lora Denison
ABERCROMBIE Ettie M. Broken Bow
ABERCROMBIE John C. Broken Bow
ABERNETHY Douglas D. Waterhole
ABLOG Auirnio A. Denison
ABNER Ben F. Hochatown
ABNER Gladys L. Hochatown
ABNER Leonard Gwen Hochatown
ABNER Lester Sherril Holly Creek
ABRAM Charles Denison
ACORD Hershel Redland
ACORD Laverne E. Redland
ADAMS Agnes Bokhoma
ADAMS Anna Jane Forest Hill
ADAMS Bessie M. Denison
ADAMS Charles W. Bokhoma
ADAMS Edward Gene Forest Hill
ADAMS Elmer C. Broken Bow
ADAMS Francis Eagletown
ADAMS Helen Denison
ADAMS Homer John Denison
ADAMS Inex Bokhoma
ADAMS John Glover
ADAMS Louie Cecil Denison
ADAMS Margaret Hochatown
ADAMS Mary Jane Glover
ADAMS Melvin Bokhoma
ADAMS Morman E. Forest Hill
ADAMS Mrs. Tom Holly Creek
ADAMS Myrtle W. Denison
ADAMS Nona May Redland
ADAMS Oscar W. County Line
ADAMS Patsy Geneva Watson Memorial
ADAMS Prentis R. Denison
ADAMS Terry Gale Watson Memorial
ADAMS Travis J. Denison
ADAMS Will G. Denison
ADAMS Willie L. Denison
ADAMSON Franklin J. Redland
ADAMSON James H. Canfield
ADAMSON Narcis Rachley Forest Hill
ADAMSON Verlie Redland
ADCOCK Annie J. Broken Bow
ADCOCK Chester A. Broken Bow
ADCOCK Floyd E. Broken Bow
ADCOCK James P. Broken Bow
ADCOCK Jo Laverne Broken Bow
ADCOCK John F. Broken Bow
ADCOCK John M. Broken Bow
ADCOCK Lula J. Broken Bow
ADCOCK Ravana Sams Crown Hill
ADCOCK Susie Broken Bow
ADCOCK Viola Elizabeth Canfield
ADCOCK Wiley Dickson Canfield
ADCOCK William Mathes Crown Hill
ADDINGTON Bessie Broken Bow
ADDINGTON Jesse H. Broken Bow
ADDINGTON Lee Broken Bow
ADDINGTON Martha Broken Bow
ADDINGTON Robert Broken Bow
ADKINS Terry Slater Memorial
AEBISCHER Julian Slater Memorial
AEBISCHER June Slater Memorial
AHERENS Baby Joey Wright City
AKIN Clarence H. Canfield
ALCORN Doris Broken Bow
ALCORN Rev. George Broken Bow
ALEXANDER Alvin Holly Creek
ALEXANDER Andrew Thos Sr. Forest Hill
ALEXANDER Audry Jean Forest Hill
ALEXANDER Bennie H. Pollard
ALEXANDER Calvin Jr. Broken Bow
ALEXANDER Florence Crown Hill
ALEXANDER Harvey Crown Hill
ALEXANDER Hazel Virginia Forest Hill
ALEXANDER Holly N. Denison
ALEXANDER Jewell L. Denison
ALEXANDER Lorain Bert Crown Hill
ALEXANDER Louie Pollard
ALEXANDER Maggie Holly Creek
ALEXANDER Minnie Denison
ALEXANDER Mrs. Laura Broken Bow
ALEXANDER Ora D. Holly Creek
ALEXANDER Roy W. Denison
ALEXANDER Tommie Cleo Canfield
ALEXANDER William (E.G.) Holly Creek
ALEXANDER William A. Broken Bow
ALFORD Bertha Bokhoma
ALFORD Bessie Broken Bow
ALFORD Dee D. Bokhoma
ALFORD Infant Bokhoma
ALFORD Jeremy Lynn Crown Hill
ALFORD Morgan Leigh Redland
ALFORD Thomas B. Bokhoma
ALLEN A.J. Francis Denison
ALLEN Alice F. Moran
ALLEN Alvin Joseph Denison
ALLEN Andrew Denison
ALLEN Arizona Denison
ALLEN Bertha Hochatown
ALLEN Bertha Florence Denison
ALLEN Billy Boyd Denison
ALLEN Blanche Denison
ALLEN Bobby Harris Redland
ALLEN Carrol Hochatown
ALLEN Cecil Eagletown
ALLEN Charles Paul Denison
ALLEN Charlie O. Denison
ALLEN Charlie Vance Denison
ALLEN Cindy Redland
ALLEN D.C. "Dallas" Eagletown
ALLEN Dale Mack Oakgrove
ALLEN Delcie Mae Watson Memorial
ALLEN Dora Reed Crown Hill
ALLEN Dorothy Eagletown
ALLEN Emily E. Broken Bow
ALLEN Father Denison
ALLEN Frank Broken Bow
ALLEN Gladys R. Forest Hill
ALLEN Grace Lee Denison
ALLEN Hobson H. Denison
ALLEN Howard Holly Creek
ALLEN Ida Lee Broken Bow
ALLEN Infant Hochatown
ALLEN Jimmy Lane Denison
ALLEN Jimmy Wayne Denison
ALLEN Jodie J. Hochatown
ALLEN Joe C. Moran
ALLEN John Denison
ALLEN John Garvin
ALLEN John W. Broken Bow
ALLEN Joseph F. Denison
ALLEN Kenneth Eagletown
ALLEN Lindsay B. Canfield
ALLEN Mahaley Bell Holly Creek
ALLEN Marjorie Leola Slater Memorial
ALLEN Markes Garvin
ALLEN Mary Broken Bow
ALLEN Mary Lou Holly Creek
ALLEN Mary O. Denison
ALLEN Maude A. Broken Bow
ALLEN Milburn A. Forest Hill
ALLEN Morine Eagletown
ALLEN Mrs. A.L. Broken Bow
ALLEN Mrs. M.D. Holly Creek
ALLEN Myrtle M. Denison
ALLEN Nina Faye Holly Creek
ALLEN Phenie H. Denison
ALLEN Rachel L. Canfield
ALLEN Raymond Douglas Denison
ALLEN Richard G. Hochatown
ALLEN Richard T. Denison
ALLEN Robert Denison
ALLEN S.D. "Bill" Hochatown
ALLEN Tommy R. Broken Bow
ALLEN Troy Edward Holly Creek
ALLEN Wesley B. Eagletown
ALLEN William N. Denison
ALLEN William Wylie Holly Creek
ALLENSWORTH Margaret I. Rufe
ALLGOOD Nora Denison
ALLISON Amble Garvin
ALLISON Edgar Floyd Slater Memorial
ALLISON Elveda Diane Slater Memorial
ALLISON Fay Canfield
ALLISON Marvin Canfield
ALLISON Mary Catherine Slater Memorial
ALSOBROOK James A. Denison
ALSOBROOK James D. Denison
ALSOBROOK Naomi F. Denison
ALSOBROOK Sidney H. Sr. Denison
ALSOBROOK Tallulah Denison
ALSTON George M. Crown Hill
ALSTON Hettie Crown Hill
ALSTON Lela Gordon Denison
ALSTON Lillian H. Crown Hill
ALSTON William S. "Pete" Denison
ALT Delmer Clyde Broken Bow
ALT Wanda L. Broken Bow
ALTOM Alcie Watson Memorial
ALTOM Florence B. Glover
ALTOM Grover W. Holly Creek
ALTOM Jessie F. Glover
ALTOM Lonnie Holly Creek
ALTOM Loyd Watson Memorial
ALTOM Senia Etta Holly Creek
ALVEREDO Mart D. Moran
AMBLER Floyd E. Garvin
AMLIN Roy Denison
AMOS Allen Wesley Denison
AMOS Anthony Eagletown
AMOS Elijah Philadelphia
AMOS Lena PonkaBok
AMOS Lucy Denison
AMOS Mary Holly Creek
AMOS Mary PonkaBok
AMOS Morris Sgt. Philadelphia
AMOS Numela Eagletown
ANCELL Baby Crown Hill
ANCELL Hazel G. Crown Hill
ANDERSON Albert Franklin Watson Memorial
ANDERSON Audell Addie Broken Bow
ANDERSON Bendette Denison
ANDERSON Bessie Mae Holly Creek
ANDERSON Billie Denison
ANDERSON Charles M. Denison
ANDERSON David Wright City
ANDERSON David R. Denison
ANDERSON Ella Lukfata
ANDERSON Erwin Thomas Broken Bow
ANDERSON Eva Olene Sherwood
ANDERSON Evelyn Denison
ANDERSON Fannie Canfield
ANDERSON Fern Denison
ANDERSON Freda Joyce Broken Bow
ANDERSON Garland Baker Broken Bow
ANDERSON Geraldine E. Denison
ANDERSON Gertrude Denison
ANDERSON Glenn D. Watson Memorial
ANDERSON Hattie R. Hochatown
ANDERSON Henry Vernon Broken Bow
ANDERSON Hughie Denison
ANDERSON I.L. "Ike" Denison
ANDERSON Iona Hochatown
ANDERSON Jacob Canfield
ANDERSON James L. Denison
ANDERSON John F. Broken Bow
ANDERSON John H. Holly Creek
ANDERSON Julia Elma Denison
ANDERSON Lawrence A. Denison
ANDERSON Lawrence A. Jr. Denison
ANDERSON Lois L. Canfield
ANDERSON Louie Lowell Hochatown
ANDERSON Lucille Pollard
ANDERSON Mable Louise Wright City
ANDERSON Mable Morris Bethel
ANDERSON Margaret Forest Hill
ANDERSON Margaret F. Denison
ANDERSON Morris Jerry Denison
ANDERSON Ollie M. Holly Creek
ANDERSON Ora Denison
ANDERSON Paul M. Broken Bow
ANDERSON Pearl Watson Memorial
ANDERSON Podenia Hochatown
ANDERSON R. Dwight Denison
ANDERSON Raymond Hochatown
ANDERSON Rissie O. Denison
ANDERSON Robert V. Denison
ANDERSON Rufus Wright City
ANDERSON Ruth A. Sherwood
ANDERSON Sam Hochatown
ANDERSON Sarah A. Sherwood
ANDERSON Susia Anna Broken Bow
ANDERSON W.H. "Bill" Canfield
ANDERSON W.M. Sherwood
ANDERSON W.R. Bill Denison
ANDERSON William D. Sherwood
ANDERSON William Gay Broken Bow
ANDERSON Wilson D. Hochatown
ANDERSON Woodrow Hochatown
ANDOE Alpha R. Wright City
ANDREWS Addie Buren Rock Hill
ANDREWS Addie W. Rock Hill
ANDREWS M. Lessie Rock Hill
ANGEL Delbert D. Hochatown
ANGEL Efton D. Hochatown
ANGEL Ethel M. Hochatown
ANGEL Mary I. Haworth
ANGELLEY Armenta Denison
ANGELLEY Gratiah A. Denison
ANGELLEY Helen B. Broken Bow
ANGELLEY Infant Broken Bow
ANGELLEY James A. Denison
ANGELLEY James A. Denison
ANGELLEY Jewel R. Denison
ANGELLEY Lavitta H. Denison
ANGELLEY Mildred Broken Bow
ANGELLEY Ollie D. Broken Bow
ANGELLEY Ruth B. Denison
APPLEBERRY Aaron Denison
APPLEBERRY John N. Denison
APPLEBERRY Mattie L. Denison
ARBUCKLE J. H. Forest Hill
ARBUCKLE Julia E. Forest Hill
ARBUCKLE Louie Edward Forest Hill
ARCHER Andrew David Garvin
ARCHER Cora Garvin
ARCHER Faye Nell Garvin
ARCHER Ida Garvin
ARCHER John Garvin
ARCHER Leola Bell Garvin
ARCHER Melvin Garvin
ARCHER Thomas Sr. Denison
ARCHER Vester Garvin
ARCHIE Ida Garvin
ARCHIE Jessie H. Denison
ARCHIE Will Garvin
ARMSTRONG Ethel Wright City
ARMSTRONG Farris Wright City
ARMSTRONG James Ray Wright City
ARNETT Becky Denison
ARNETT George T. Denison
ARNETT George T. Jr. Denison
ARNETT Ida E. Denison
ARNETT J. Samuel Denison
ARNETT Jessye E. Denison
ARNETT Lillian Denison
ARNETT Lotta B. Denison
ARNETT Mildred Denison
ARNETT Rachel Denison
ARNOLD Andrew J. Forest Hill
ARNOLD Charles D. Denison
ARNOLD Charley Bethel
ARNOLD Ella Denison
ARNOLD Fannie Denison
ARNOLD Kate Helen Watson Memorial
ARNOLD Lonnie Wright City
ARNOLD Lowell Bethel
ARNOLD Loyd Eagletown
ARNOLD Lydia Forest Hill
ARNOLD Minnie E. Bethel
ARNOLD Norma Jean Bethel
ARNOLD R. M. "Alex" Bethel
ARNOLD Woodrow Denison
ARTERBURY Arthur Canfield
ARTERBURY Carl W. Canfield
ARTERBURY Laler Canfield
ARTERBURY Opal A. Canfield
ARTERBURY Shirley Ruth Canfield
ARTERBURY Walter W. Canfield
ARTHUR Hattie M. Rufe
ARTHUR Jim A. Rufe
ARVIN Susie H. Denison
ASBILL Bill Bokhoma
ASBILL Marandy Bokhoma
ASHALINTUBBI Amos Eugene PonkaBok
ASHALINTUBBI Craven Mountain Fork
ASHALINTUBBI Cray Mountain Fork
ASHALINTUBBI Earl Glenn PonkaBok
ASHALINTUBBI Elliston PonkaBok
ASHALINTUBBI Enoch Mountain Fork
ASHALINTUBBI Junnie G. Mountain Fork
ASHALINTUBBI Wes "Chief" Mountain Fork
ASHALINTUBBI Wisey Mountain Fork
ASHFORD A.B. Hochatown
ASHFORD Bob Hochatown
ASHFORD Clara E. Rufe
ASHFORD Cleo Crown Hill
ASHFORD Ebb Holly Creek
ASHFORD Eula Hochatown
ASHFORD Felix Eagletown
ASHFORD Infant Hochatown
ASHFORD Infant Hochatown
ASHFORD James W. Rufe
ASHFORD John Alexander Haworth
ASHFORD Lela Ross Eagletown
ASHFORD Lorene Hochatown
ASHFORD Mary Hochatown
ASHFORD Mercele Holly Creek
ASHFORD Michael Daniel Broken Bow
ASHFORD Myrtle Bell Hochatown
ASHFORD Rufus Hochatown
ASHFORD Susannah P. Broken Bow
ASHLEY Mrs. John Denison
ASHMORE Woodrow E. Eagletown
ASHTON Norma D. Slater Memorial
ASHWORTH J.W. Philadelphia
ASHWORTH S.M. Philadelphia
ASKEW Clarence H. Broken Bow
ASKEW Henry D. Broken Bow
ASKEW Vera D. Broken Bow
ASKINS Jessie W. Haworth
ASKINS Millie M. Haworth
ASKINS Rev. Howard Haworth
ATCHLEY Christina Inez County Line
ATTEBERRY Alvin P. Denison
ATTEBERRY James O. Denison
ATTERBERRY Gordon William Denison
ATTERBERRY Jerry Wayne Watson Memorial
ATTERBERRY Joseph Denison
ATTERBERRY Mildred Louise Denison
ATTERBURY Vera County Line
ATWATER Henryetta Denison
ATWOOD Charlie E. Bokhoma
ATWOOD Charlie Edmond Bokhoma
ATWOOD Clara Nell Bokhoma
ATWOOD Clayton Wallac Bokhoma
ATWOOD Ernest J. Bokhoma
ATWOOD Hellon Lenoir Bokhoma
ATWOOD James Glyn Bokhoma
ATWOOD Jasper David Bokhoma
ATWOOD Mary Mabel Bokhoma
ATWOOD Sharon Louise Bokhoma
AULD Hollie L. Pollard
AULD Larance Pollard
AULD Sam Pollard
AUSMUS E. M. Forest Hill
AUSMUS Earl Hampton Forest Hill
AUSMUS Frances Holman Forest Hill
AUSMUS Luther H. Forest Hill
AUSMUS Patricia Garvin
AUSMUS Theresa Myrtle Forest Hill
AUSTIN Amerson Holly Creek
AUSTIN Charles N. Holly Creek
AUSTIN Earlene Denison
AUSTIN Emmitt Haworth
AUSTIN J.W. Wright City
AUSTIN Lonzo Holly Creek
AUSTIN Mary M. Holly Creek
AUTREY Claude L. Broken Bow
AUTREY Laura Hochatown
AUTREY Lewis Moran
AUTREY Margie Broken Bow
AUTREY Roy Sr. Hochatown
AVANS Bernice Canfield
AVANS Walter Canfield
AVERY Charlie Garvin
AVERY Willis Sherwood
AXTON Beulah H. Broken Bow
AXTON Herschel Wayne Wright City
AXTON Horace Levi Broken Bow
AXTON Joe H. Denison
AXTON John Thomas Denison
AXTON Joseph M. Rev. Broken Bow
AXTON Laura Denison
AXTON Marion B. County Line
AXTON Oreatha Ross Eagletown
AXTON William L. Denison
AYERS Effie Mae Canfield
AYERS Elizabeth F. Holly Creek
AYERS Infant Son Holly Creek
AYERS J. Frank Holly Creek
AYERS Jessie Lee Holly Creek
AYERS Joe Allen Broken Bow
AYERS John Lee Holly Creek
AYERS Laura King Wright City
AYERS Lee Andrew Holly Creek
AYERS Mary & Infant Son Holly Creek
AYERS Portia Lee Holly Creek
AYERS Ruben Canfield
AYLES Eudora Forest Hill
AYLES John C. Forest Hill
AYLOR John G. Broken Bow
AYLOR Lou Broken Bow
AYLOR Lue Broken Bow
AZLIN Bennie F. Denison
AZLIN Lonnie J. Denison
AZLIN Marion L. Denison
AZLIN Martha D. Denison
AZLIN Minnie C. Denison
AZLIN Roy N. Denison

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