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Hillside Cemetery

Gene Phillips - McClain County Archivist
Gene Phillips - Oklahoma State Archivist

Welcome to McClain County Archives! Everything in the archives is organized alphabetically and by soundex whenever possible. What is new at the Archives? Whenever, I update a file or add a new file, the date at the bottom of the page is automatically updated and the date in the index will be in red. It will stay red for at least one month.

Since I live in Mississippi, I cannot personally do any research for you. However I will try to direct you to someone who may help you if you can't find what you want here.

To make this project grow, please submit your information to the Archives. We are looking for transcriptions of cemeteries, deeds, federal census (free, slave, mortality, agriculture, veterans...schedules), state census, vital records (marriage, birth, death), court records (county, federal, civil, circuit, probate....), church records (membership lists, baptisms...), prison records, military records (rosters, muster rolls,service records,pension applications...), land records (deeds, land transfers,federal landgrants, surveyor's records..), tax records (land, property,state, federal,local....), newspaper articles (obits, marriage & birth announcements, local events...), family histories, biographies, obituaries and etc. that pertains to McClain County, Oklahoma - please send them to me for inclusion here. This information needs to be in plain text, no HTML or no images.

Scanned Images of McClain County, Oklahoma

Hillside Cemetery 
hillside02.jpg Hillside Cemetery Gate 18 Nov 2007 Gene Phillips
hillside.gif View of Hillside Cemetery 31 Oct 2004 Unknown
hillside01.jpg Sign at Entrance 18 Nov 2007 Gene Phillips
b3600037.jpg Boudreau, Mador 22 Mar 2003 Susan Gabel
b3600002.jpg Boudreau, Fluevie 22 Mar 2003 Susan Gabel
b3600003.jpg Boudreau, Louis Jude 22 Mar 2003 Susan Gabel
b3600004.jpg Boudreau, Adwidge 22 Mar 2003 Susan Gabel
b3600005.jpg Boudreau, Paul 22 Mar 2003 Susan Gabel
b3600006.jpg Boudreau, Emma Marquis 22 Mar 2003 Susan Gabel
b3600007.jpg Boudreau, Lena Anne 22 Mar 2003 Susan Gabel
b3600008.jpg Boudreau, John A. 22 Mar 2003 Susan Gabel
b3600009.jpg Boudreau, Josephine 22 Mar 2003 Susan Gabel
b3600010.jpg Boudreau, John H. 22 Mar 2003 Susan Gabel
b3600011.jpg Boudreau, Rosana 22 Mar 2003 Susan Gabel
b3600012.jpg Boudreau, Joseph Phillip & Carmen Sylvia 22 Mar 2003 Susan Gabel
b3600013.jpg Boudreau, Joe P. Jr. & Martha Neil 22 Mar 2003 Susan Gabel
b3600014.jpg Boudreau, Alda J. 22 Mar 2003 Susan Gabel
b3600015.jpg Boudreau, Medis 22 Mar 2003 Susan Gabel
b3600016.jpg Boudreau, Irene Rebecca 22 Mar 2003 Susan Gabel
b3600017.jpg Boudreau, Homer F. & Hazel F.22 Mar 2003 Susan Gabel
b3600021.jpg Boudreau, Homer & Vera A. 22 Mar 2003 Susan Gabel
h6300044.jpg Hart, Hattie O 31 Oct 2004 Unknown

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