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Get Involved! We are looking for people to donate obituaries and biographies of the their families as well as transcriptions of cemeteries, deeds, censuses, Bible records, land records, tax records, newspaper articles, etc. If you would like to donate to help other genealogists and make the archives grow, please contact me at email address at the bottom of this page! If you subscribe to a newspaper in Oklahoma, please contact me!

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Obituaries Indexed


"The Madill Record"-contributed/indexed by Rhonda Rowe

Obituaries Indexed -index/1999aug.txt - August through December 1999- 40 K - Feb 2000- Rhonda Rowe

Various short obits for the county-2 K-May 1999-Contributed by OKBits


Individual Obituaries ABCDE // FGHIJ // KLMNO // PQRST // UVWXYZ


Woodrow Ables-2 K-Nov 1998-Maxine Reggio

Walter Ray Adams - 2 K- Oct 1999 -Tammy Dice Jones

Margaret Lynn Adkins-4 K-Nov 1998-Maxine Reggio

Margaret Elizabeth Alsup - 3 K- Oct 1999 -Tammy Dice Jones

Amanda Caroline Alverson - 3k- Feb 2001 - Harold Morris

James E. Anderson, Jr. -1K-August 2002 - Amarillo Globe News

William Edward Anderson - 2k - Jan 2001 - Tammy Dice Jones

R. S. Armstrong-2K-July 2002-

Rufus Joseph Atteberry-3 K- Aug 1999 -Tammy Dice Jones

Susie Jane Atteberry-2 K- Aug 1999 -Tammy Dice Jones

Wesley Atteberry-2 K- Aug 1999 -Tammy Dice Jones

William H. "Billie" Baldwin-1K-May 2002-

Dollie B. Barger-2K-Nov-2001-Noma L. Kelton Henderson

A. B. Beard-2K-July 2002-

Beasley, Patricia Linelle - B. 11-July-1938 D. 1-June-2005

Helen Powell Beck-2K-Jan-2002-Amarillo Globe-News

Mrs. J. C. Bell-2K-July 2002-

James H. Bounds-1K-May 2002-

Francis Emma Bourland -2K - Feb 2000 - Linda Erwin

Mrs. Frank (Fannie Olive) Bowles-1K-July 2002-

Lillian Oleta Brown - 2k - Jan 2001 - Tammy Dice Jones

Annie Laura Brown-3K-Mar-2002-Susan Pilgrim

Arthur Edgar Brown-3K-Mar-2002-Susan Pilgrim

Frank R. Bryans - 2K-Oct 1999 -Tammy Dice Jones

Marie Lynn Campbell-2K-Nov 1998-Maxine Reggio

Ernest Martin Chestnut-1K-May 2002-

Judge W. H. H. Clayton-1K-May 2002-

John H. Coffee-1K-May 2002-Sandy Wiser

Pickens Casper Cowen - 3k- Feb 2001 -Harold Morris

Marguerite Crow-1K-May 2002-

Emba Callie Wall Davault/Duvault -3k-Sept 2000 - Ann Wall

Elmer Dean Dawson-2K-Mar-2002-Marlene Dawson

Elmer Elsworth Dawson-1K-Apr-2002-Marlene Dawson

Leona Dawson-2K-Apr-2002-Marlene Dawson

A. M. Dickerson-2K-July 2002-

Belle Zora Dudley -2 K- Aug 1999 -Tammy Dice Jones

Hattie Jane Duncan-2 K-Dec 1998-Tammy Dice Jones

Robert Lee Duncan-2 K-Dec 1998-Tammy Dice Jones

Clarence D. Eaton - 2k - Jan 2001 - Kathy Eaton

Fred Eaton - 2k - Jan 2001 - Kathy Eaton

James Grant Eaton - 2K - Apr 2000 - Linnie Howell

Viola Eaton - 3k - Jan 2001 - Kathy Eaton

Bill Jack Evans-2 K-Dec 1998-Maxine Reggio

W.W. Ewing-1K-May 2002-


Laura Florence-1K-May 2002-

C. C. Frank-2K-July 2002-

Allen Kay French - 3K - Sept 2000 - Ella Brown

Allen Webb French - 4K - Sept 2000 - Kourtney French Garcia

Lester Monroe French - 3K - Sept 2000 - Kourtney French Garcia

Mary Byrd Taliaferro French - 3K - Dec 2000 - As Listed

Jesse H. Gill-2 K-Nov 1998-Maxine Reggio

Eva Dice Glover-2 K-Dec 1998-Tammy Dice Jones

Anna Rene Goff- 3 K-Aug 1999-Tammy Dice Jones

Callie Lee Goff- 3 K-Oct 1999- Glynda Herndon

Frank D. Goff - 2 K-Oct 1999- Glynda Herndon

George A. Goff-2 K-Dec 1998-James Goff

Leonadus "Lee" Goff - 3k Jan 2001 - Glynda Herndon

Nannie Arvin Goff-4 K-Feb 1999-James Goff

Mrs. E. J. Greer-1K-July 2002-

Mrs. E. T. Haddock-2K-July 2002-

Jeff D. Haley-2 K-Dec 1998-Maxine Reggio

Dorothy Lorene Hammons-2K-Mar-2002-Amarillo Globe

Mary Gene Hamilton-2 K-Dec 1998-Maxine Reggio

J. C. Hearis-1K-July 2002-

Walter Leslie Herndon - 3 K-Oct 1999- Glynda Herndon

Ruby Lee Hilton - 3K - Jan 2001 - TDJ

Albert Harrison Huff-3 K-Dec 1998-Maxine Reggio

Billy Vance Hawkins-3 K-Dec 1998-Maxine Reggio

Tom Hollingsworth-3K-July 2002-

Charles F. Howard- 3 K - Sept 2000 - Helen June Sykes Hamilton

Arrie Elzie Huff-2 K-Dec 1998-Maxine Reggio

Mrs. Walter Huff-3 K-Dec 1998-Maxine Reggio

Walter Huff-3 K-Dec 1998-Maxine Reggio

Billy N. Johnson-2K-April-2002-Amarillo Globe News

Cherry Bell Johnson-2 K-Dec 1998-Maxine Reggio

Frank Johnson-3 K-Dec 1998-Maxine Reggio

J. D. Johnson-1K-July 2002-

Thomas August Johnson-3 K-Dec 1998-Maxine Reggio


Mrs. May Creekmore Kelley-2K-July 2002-

Hattie Shepard Kernodell-1K-May 2002-

Charles Lauchner-1K-May 2002  

Willie Joe Lee -2 K- Oct 1999 - TDJ

James Samuel Lea-1K-April-2002-Pam Leonard

Fitzhugh Lee Lewis- 4 K- Sept 2000 - Ella Brown

Wilfred Jean Lewis-2K-July 2002-

Allen Jacob "Jake" Long - 3 K- Oct 1999-Tammy Dice Jones

Ben F. Long-3K-July 2002-

Dora Frances Long-3 K-Aug 1999-Tammy Dice Jones

Georgie Ann Davis Rose Long - 3 K- Oct 1999-Tammy Dice Jones

J. C. Long - 3 K - May 1999-Tammy Dice Jones

Stella Leora Long - 2 K- Oct 1999-Tammy Dice Jones

Agnes Lynn-1 K-Dec 1998-Maxine Reggio

Alcia Louise Lynn-2 K-Dec 1998-Maxine Reggio

Aleah Lynn-1 K-Dec 1998-Maxine Reggio

Aubrey Layton Lynn-2 K-Dec 1998-Maxine Reggio

Buster C. Lynn-3 K-Dec 1998-Maxine Reggio

Charlie A. Lynn-2 K-Nov 1998-Maxine Reggio

David Bowie Lynn-3 K-Dec 1998-Maxine Reggio

Early E. Lynn-2 K-Nov 1998-Maxine Reggio

E.B. Lynn-2 K-Dec 1998-Maxine Reggio

E. H. Lynn-2 K-Dec 1998-Maxine Reggio

Ella Lynn-3 K-Dec 1998-Maxine Reggio

Elsie B. Lynn-3 K-Dec 1998-Maxine Reggio

Emma Lynn-2 K-Dec 1998-Maxine Reggio

Ernest Lynn-2 K-Nov 1998-Maxine Reggio

Gladys Vera Rogers Lynn-3 K-Nov 1998-Maxine Reggio

Grover Lynn-2 K-Dec 1998-Maxine Reggio

Henry Lynn-1K-May 2002-

Holmes G. Dick Lynn-2 K-Dec 1998-Maxine Reggio

Laura Belle Lynn-3 K-Nov 1998-Maxine Reggio

Laura Lee Lynn-3 K-Nov 1998-Maxine Reggio

Lewis Clyde Lynn-3 K-Nov 1998-Maxine Reggio

Jack B. Lynn-2 K-Nov 1998-Maxine Reggio

James Albert Lynn-3 K-Dec 1998-Maxine Reggio

John H. Lynn-2 K-Nov 1998-Maxine Reggio

John H. Lynn-3 K-Dec 1998-Maxine Reggio

John Young Lynn-2 K-Dec 1998-Maxine Reggio

Lafern Lynn-2 K-Dec 1998-Maxine Reggio

Malinda C. Lynn-2 K-Nov 1998-Maxine Reggio

Mattie Alice Lynn-2 K-Nov 1998-Maxine Reggio

Mattie Elsie Lynn-3 K-Nov 1998-Maxine Reggio

Minnie Lynn-2 K-Nov 1998-Maxine Reggio

Noel G. Lynn-3 K-Dec 1998-Maxine Reggio

Pearlie H. Lynn-7 K-Nov 1998-Maxine Reggio

Sarah C. Lynn-2 K-Nov 1998-Maxine Reggio

Tams Berry Lynn-2 K-Nov 1998-Maxine Reggio

Thomas Claude Lynn-3 K-Nov 1998-Maxine Reggio

Tom N. Lynn-2 K-Dec 1998-Maxine Reggio

Vada Lillie Lynn-2 K-Dec 1998-Maxine Reggio

Wiley Lynn-4 K-Dec 1998-Maxine Reggio

Worley Lynn-2 K-Dec 1998-Maxine Reggio

Augusta Mayfield - 3K - Jan 2001 - Mark Neuberger

C. Mayo-2K-July 2002-

Arlena McAdoo-2 K-Dec 1998-Tammy Dice Jones

Benjamin Everitt McAdoo-2 K-Dec 1998-Tammy Dice Jones

Eligah McAdoo-2 K-Dec 1998-Tammy Dice Jones

Roy Bruce McAdoo-2 K-Dec 1998-Tammy Dice Jones

James McBride-1K-May 2002-

Guy McDougall-2K-July 2002-

Hazel McGill-3 K-Dec 1998-Maxine Reggio

Minnie Moyers-1K-July 2002-

Margaret Elizabeth Cowen Owen - 3K -Jan 2001 - Harold Lynn Morris


Ellis Padgett-2 K-Dec 1998-Maxine Reggio

Gertrude Page-1K-May 2002  

Luther Parker-1K-May 2002-

Wilson Parker-1K-May 2002-

Carol Jean Pate-3 K-Dec 1998-Maxine Reggio

L. Perryman-2K-July 2002-

Bobbie Ray Phelps-1K-August 2002-Amarillo Globe-News

Lena Bell Powell-3 K-Dec 1998-Maxine Reggio

Robert K. Powell-3 K-Dec 1998-Maxine Reggio

Lillie Mae Pratt-3 K-Dec 1998-Maxine Reggio

Martha Emaline Ray-3 K-Dec 1998-Connie Welch

Lena Bell Reese - 2k - Jan 2001 Kathy Eaton

Adley Reid-2 K-Nov 1998-Maxine Reggio

Paul Raymond Reid-3 K-Nov 1998-Maxine Reggio

Jack Joseph Reirdon - 6K - Sept 2000 - Ella Brown

Joseph Patrick Reirdon - 3K - Sept 2000 - Ella Brown

LoRene Madison Taliaferro Reirdon - 4K - Aug 2000 - Ella Brown

Bruce Lee Rice- 3 K- Jan 2001 -Tammy Dice Jones

John Paschal Rice-2 K-Dec 1998-Tammy Dice Jones

Linn W. Richardson-2 K-Jun 1999-Tammy Dice Jones

Pearl Satterfield Richardson-1K-May 2002-

J. S. Ritchie-2K-July 2002-

Juanita Roberts-1K-August-Amarillo Globe-News

Ella Lee Robertson -3 K-Aug 1999-Tammy Dice Jones

Charlie Andrew Rogers-3 K-Dec 1998-Maxine Reggio

Grace Rogers-2 K-Dec 1998-Maxine Reggio

Myrtis Rogers-2 K-Dec 1998-Maxine Reggio

Snodie Lee Rogers-2 K-Dec 1998-Maxine Reggio

Mrs. Ed (Johnson) Russell-1K-July 2002-

Robert Russell-2K-July 2002-

Amanda Olive Simmons-2 K- Aug 1999 -Tammy Dice Jones

Nathaniel Rhodom (Roddie) Simmons -3 K-Aug 1999-Tammy Dice Jones

Edgar Smith-1K-July 2002-

Leonard Belvin Smith -2 K-Aug 1999-Tammy Dice Jones

Meredith Lee Smith -3 K-Aug 1999-Tammy Dice Jones

Wilma Omega Long Soliday - 3K - Sept 2000 - Kourtney French Garcia

Norman Dean Spivey-3 K-Nov 1998-Maxine Reggio

Vester Payton Spivey-2 K-Nov 1998-Maxine Reggio

Mrs. J. L. Stockman-2K-July 2002-

Mrs. Lewis Stogsill-2K-July 2002-

G.T. Stone-2 K-May 1999-Contributed by OK Bits Cathy Phillips

Walter B. Story-2K-July 2002-

Robert Lee Stout -3 K-Sept 2000- Ella Brown

Clarence Sullivan Stubblefield-3 K-Sept 1999-Jean Stubblefield

John Lincoln Stubblefield-3 K-Sept 1999-Jean Stubblefield

Joe Summers-2K-July 2002-

Beauford Norborne Taliaferro -3 K-Sept 2000- Ella Brown

Mrs. Byrd Taliaferro -3 K-Sept 2000- Ella Brown

Dorsey Buckner Taliaferro -4 K-Sept 2000- Ella Brown

George Whiting Taliaferro -4 K-Sept 2000- Ella Brown

John Taliaferro -3 K-Sept 2000- Kourtney French Garcia

Robert Dorsey "Hux" Taliaferro [son of Madill's founder]-3 K-May 1999-Tammy Dice Jones

Mrs. Edna Tidwell - 2k - Jan 2001 Kathy Eaton

Mrs. Clemmie Tippitt-2K-July 2002-

Richard Lewis Tooley-1K-August 2002-Amarillo Globe-News

Anna Edith Toon-1K-May 2002-


J. D. Vaden-2K-July 2002-

Virgil Vandervort-1K-May 2002-

Charley Vaughn-2 K-Nov 1998-Trudy Marlow

James Monroe Vaughn-2 K-Nov 1998-Trudy Marlow

Martha Ellen Webb Vaughn - 2 K - Oct 1999 - Trudy Marlow

Lee Walker -2 K-May 1999-Tammy Dice Jones

 J.J. Wall -2 K- Jan 2000- Ann Wall

Minnie Lee Wallace-2 K-Nov 1998-Maxine Reggio

Muriel Lee Wallace- - 2 K - Aug 1999 - Tammy Dice Jones

Clara June Wassall- 2 K - Jan 2001 - TDJ

Dorothy Watkins-2 K-Dec 1998-Maxine Reggio

Don Welch, Jr.-4 K-Dec 1998-Maxine Reggio

Lola Bell Weldon - 3K - Jan 2001 - Charlotte Manuel

Mrs. D. D. Whiting- 4K - Sept 2000 - Ella Brown

Daniel Dugan Whiting- 5K - Sept 2000 - Kourtney French Garcia

Dugan (Toots) Whiting- 3K - Sept 2000 - Ella Brown

Edward Claude (Son) Whiting - 3K - Sept 2000 - Ella Brown

Lillian Dale Sacra Whiting-1K-May 2002-Patti Overturf

Evelyn Wilson-3 K-Dec 1998-Maxine Reggio

Bessie Mae Wylie Young-2K-Jan-02-Amarillo Globe News


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