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 Marshall County Before Statehood-7 K-Nov 1998-Trudy Marlow

 Marshall County After Statehood-5 K-Nov 1998-Trudy Marlow

Towns and Communities

 Madill - Around the square (Corner Drug Store & Barber Shop) - Memories of Lo Rene Taliaferro Reirdon - 9K - Aug 2000 - Ella Brown

 Madill in 1910 - downtown businesses-4 K-Sept 1999-Dan James

 Partial List of Towns and Communities-2 K-Feb 1999-Trudy Marlow

 Partial List of Creeks -1 K-Nov 1998-Trudy Marlow

 History of area Businesses-2 K-Feb 1999-Joyce Hayward Trudy Marlow

  Memories of Woodville, IT - 22K - May 2000 - Ivy Griffith Thompson & Beverly Thompson Collins

 "Oklahoma Place Names" - bits of history - town orgins-4 K-May 1999-Tammy Jones George H. Shirk

Funeral Homes History

 List of Funeral Homes -1 K-Nov 1998-Trudy Marlow

 Burney Institute or Lebanon Orphan's Home was established in 1857 and closed in 1907. It was established by the Chickasaw Council. Another interesting tidbit, from 1900 to 1936 the Red River Basin suffered three major floods and five lesser ones. Pickens County, Indian Territory was named for Edmund Pickens, a prominent Chickasaw.


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