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Census Records

Looking for census records for Marshall County? It is not an easy task prior to 1900. Try Census/Rolls pertaining to the Chickasaw Nation- which current Marshall County was a part of prior to statehood in 1907: 1818 Chickasaw Census Roll (Partial), 1837, 1839 & 1847 Chickasaw Muster/Census Rolls, 1839 Chickasaw "Upshaw" Roll, 1855 Chickasaw District Roll of 1856, 1857-1860 Chickasaw Rolls: Annuity Rolls, 1860 US Federal Census Arkansas (lists those west of Arkansas -not Indians), 1878 Chickasaw Annuity Roll, 1890 census of Chickasaw Nation, 1890 Oklahoma & Indian Territory Census of Union Veterans and Widows, 1900 Chickasaw Nation Census, 1902 Surname Index of Chickasaw Census Cards


Census Transcriptions

Surname Follis Census records for 1900, 1910, and 1920-5k-Sept 2000-Joyce(Woodruff)Terrana
Surname Vaughn on Marshall County Census Records-5K-Sept 1999-Trudy Marlow

1900 Woodville Census Index-29K-Oct 2001-James & Teresa Goff

1900 Woodville District, I.T. Census-166K-Oct 2001-James & Teresa Goff

1900 Census Images

1900cen1.jpg - 49K - Submitted by Jean Stubblefield

Surnames on Page: V/Nalley, Forthey?, Cox, Rollins, Stubblefield, Keylor/w, Willis and Hibdon

1920 Census Images

1920cen1.jpg - 48K - Submitted by Jean Stubblefield

Surnames on Page: Pilgrim, King, Stubblefield, Howell, Cooge?, Womack, Harrelson, Zetzche?, Walker, Wasson, Diggs

1920cen2.jpg - 50K - Submitted by Jean Stubblefield

Surnames on Page: Stubblefield, Johnson, Large?, ?, Reid, A?, ?, Martin, Graham, ?, Gr?, Sons

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