Adams' Resturant, Roosevelt OK

Year c. 1900

Submitted by: Donna Sheehy



This picture was taken about 1900 in downtown Roosevelt. The restaurant was owned and run my gr gr grandfather's James Marion Adams family. Standing in front of the restaurant is Margaret Frances "Velarie" Adams, Carey Sylvester Adams, Ida Belle Adams, Cynitha Elizabeth Adams, James Marion Adams, baby Dewey Adams, sitting Hattie Harris Adams, and Sarah Elvinia "Vinia" Adams. Carey Sylvester Adams and wife Bertha Mae Atchley Adams, James Marion Adams, Hattie Harris Adams Queen, and Dewey Adams are buried in Hobart Cemetery. Cynitha Elizabeth Adams Atchley and her husband Frances Marion "Bob" Atchley are buried in Roosevelt, Kiowa County, Ok. I have Adams, Atchley, who lived in the area of McClure.    

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