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Last Hereditary Chief
of the   Poncan Tribe,
"Horse Chief Eagle"

Horse Chief Eagle, Last Hereditary Chief of the Ponca Tribe

Chief White Eagle

The grandson of Little Bear and the son of Iron Whip, White Eagle was
the hereditary chief of the Poncas when they came to Indian Territory in
1877. As chief, he led the Poncas in their last war against the Souix
before they left Dakota Territory and Nebraska. He was also the medicine
man and religious advisor.

White eagle led the "hot country" Poncas, those who chose to remain in
Indian Territory, for 50 years. In his last years when the tribe was
engaged in negotiations over allotment, White Eagle reluctantly
encouraged his people to comply.

Shortly before his death in 1914, he passed leadership of the tribe to his eldest
son and the last hereditary chief, Horse Chief Eagle
. White Eagle's death was
an occasion of great ceremony. Dressed in his traditional regalia, he was buried
in the Ponca cemetery near White Eagle, the village that bore his name near the
Ponca agency.

The chief's favorite horse was killed at his grave side. On a
hill about ten miles south of the 101 Ranch White House, the Miller
brothers had a tall stone pillar erected in memory of the old chief. On
top, its eyes watching over the rolling prairie, is a white stone eagle.

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