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Copyright Information

Goldenrod Cemetery
aka Owenby Cemetery
Location: 7 to 8 miles north east of Buffalo, OK
on the south side of Highway 64 in Harper Co, OK

Submitted & copyright by Bob and Nareen Lake

Goldenrod / Owenby Cemetery Photo

ARNOLD Oliver N. 1867 1938 
COLE Forrest Kermit 23 Apr 1936 14 Aug 1936s/o Vadas and Floyd Cole
CORRMargaret A.29 Apr 184913 Dec 1928 
CORRThomas dates Co. B. 14 Iowa Inf.
CORRWilliam Patrick13 Aug 189015 Jan 1954OK Pvt. Co. B. 13th Inf WW I
DANIELRoberta Lynn19541988 
DOPPSRebeckah Coor 4 Mar 188220 Nov 1982 
H (No name or dates-only letter "H" at head and foot stone)
Hill "Baby"Duane-Lendon 22 Aug 1942 
Hill "Baby"Junior Leroy 20 Nov 1945 
Hill "Baby"MaryLou 7 Jan 1940 
HOFFMANJames H.18621935 Next to Lillie M.
HOFFMANLillie M.18721963 
HOFFMANWilmer C.18951947Sgt. 115 AMM. TR. 40 DIV
JOHNSONJas. dates  Co. G. 40 Ill. Inf.
LUCASMary13 Mar 190914 Mar 1909d/o OG and LR Lucas
MARTINFred18601936On same stone with Emma
MARTINEdward R.21 Oct 190516 June 1912s/o Fred and Emma Martin
MARTINWalter F.18901918 
MEEKERFrank A.13 Aug 184522 Feb 1924 
MEEKERSarah E. 23 Apr 18553 Nov 1910Next to Frank
MEEKERMary May 14 Dec 191017 Jan 1911 
MEEKERCory23 July 187420 Mar 1950On same stone with Edna.
MEEKEREdna30 Nov 188519 Apr 1964 
MEEKERG. Fred18911962 
NICHOLAS J. L.18561930 
NOSSAMANMargaret "Mother" 18801905On same stone with Elsie.
NOSSAMANElsie "Sister"19041905 
OWNBEYAlfred Ray 27 Dec 189227 Mar 1946OK Pvt Cen Inf Officers TNG SCH WW I
OWNBEYCharles L.3 Sep 186713 June 1956On same stone with Lucy A.
OWNBEYLucy A.18 July 187029 May 1949 
OWNBEYGeorge Wm. "Billy"24 Dec 192627 Mar 1946OK Pvt Coast Arty Corps WW II
OWNBEYLaura C.4 Aug 190728 June 1981On same stone with Alfred R.
OWNBEYMartha  20 Nov 1925 
OWNBEYThomas Wayne8 Oct 19254 July 1989PHM2 US Navy WW II
OWNBEYJosie Mae (Huffman)11 Dec 1928NoneOn same stone with Thomas Wayne
OWNBEYJohn J.11 Jan 189111 May 1974On same stone with Sadie S.
OWNBEYSadie S.2 May 18935 Dec 1965Married 25 June 1919
OWNBEYRobert L.20 Feb 192730 May 1954OK S1 USNR WW II
STRICKLANDMyrtle E. 19091930 
STRICKLANDEdna G.18851967 
STRICKLANDFloyd W. 18831978 
WINCHELLDr. Forrest Z.18781946 On same stone with Otilla
WINCHELLOtilla 18761952 
WINCHELLHelen E.15 Mar 190515 Mar 1905d/o F.Z. and T. Winchell

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Gene Phillips
State Archivist

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