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Please consider submitting your information, as it may help other researchers. What kind of files are accepted? transcriptions of cemeteries, deeds, federal census (free, slave, mortality, agriculture, veterans...schedules), state census, vital records (marriage, birth, death), court records (county, federal, civil, circuit, probate....), church records (membership lists, baptisms...), prison records, military records (rosters, muster rolls, service records, pension applications...), land records (deeds, land transfers, federal land grants, surveyor's records..), tax records (land, property, state, federal, local....), newspaper articles (obits, marriage & birth announcements, local events...), family histories, biographies, obituaries, photographs and etc. Please read The USGenWeb Archives Project Guidelines, and submit your information to help other researchers.

Gene Phillips - Grant County Archivist
Gene Phillips - Oklahoma State Archivist

Name Date Submitted by
Adams, Patty Lee 03 Jun 2007 Gene Phillips
Arnett, Mrs 18 Sep 2005 Ellen Curnes
Bailey, Donna Louise 09 Apr 2006 Gene Phillips
Barber Sr., C.O. 29 Jan 2006 Amarillonet
Brooks, Ernest Lee 15 Jan 2006 Gene Phillips
Bullard, Clyde Francis 26 Aug 2007 Gene Phillips
Butler, Bonnie Jean 22 Nov 2004 Amarillonet
Callagy, Barney L. 24 Dec 2006 Bakersfield Californian
Calsing, Irene G 16 Apr 2011 Amarillonet
Campbell, Roy Edgar 25 Apr 2004 Dotti Murdock
Collier, Dan Clifford 12 Oct 2008 Louie Griffey
Collins, Reta M 20 Apr 2002 L M Carson
Crismas, Lois Rufina 03 Jul 2003 Gene Phillips
Crow, Renate 16 Oct 2005 Kathleen Burnett
Cruse, Bessie 18 Nov 2007 Ronald J. Reid
Cummins, A M 09 Sep 2012 Patricia Davis
Cummins, Lester 09 Sep 2012 Patricia Davis
Dain, Charles Enoch "C.E." 03 Jun 2007 Amarillonet
Doty, Della Audine 02 Apr 2006 Gene Phillips
Dovel , Jewel P. 04 Jun 2006 Amarillonet
Dovel, Jewel P. 22 Jan 2006 Amarillonet
Drennan, June Skalnik 15 Jan 2006 Gene Phillips
Ebel, Edward H 20 May 2007 Gene Phillips
Eddins, Mary Jo Trolinger 25 Feb 2007 Amarillonet
Edsall, Anna Doris 16 Dec 2007 Gene Phillips
Felix, Marvin D. "Bud" 19 Mar 2006 Amarillonet
Floyd, Delores "Dee" 30 Oct 2005 Gene Phillips
Frye, Fleta Dawn 12 Feb 2006 Gene Phillips
Frye, Fleta Dawn 15 Jan 2006 Gene Phillips
Frye, Fleta Dawn 26 Feb 2006 Gene Phillips
Gaede, Harvey 04 Jun 2006 Bakersfield Californian
Gibson, John "Corky" 16 Oct 2005 Gene Phillips
Gibson, Lillie Etta 02 Dec 2007 Amarillonet
Gibson, Lillie Etta 26 Oct 2004 Amarillonet
Gilchrist, John Russell 19 Oct 2004 Amarillonet
Gillaspy, Robert J. 24 Jun 2007 Gene Phillips
Guernsey, Lena Hondricks 17 Jul 2011 Wanda Purcell
Grable, A. Cecil 14 Aug 2005 Amarillonet
Graves-Savage, Bessie 16 Oct 2005 Emily Jordan
Hamill, Donna Lee (Howland) 23 Apr 2006 Gene Phillips
Hammit, Esther 17 Oct 2004 Amarillonet
Hatchett, Irene Hardiman 26 Dec 2004 Amarillonet
Henderson, Elsie Marie 04 Feb 2007 Shelly Lynch
Hite, James 29 Sep 2004 Gene Phillips
Hubbart, Warren 29 Sep 2004 Amarillonet
Hutton, Denise Lynn 11 Jun 2006 Gene Phillips
Kephart, Ruby C. 29 May 2005 Gene Phillips
Kephart, Ruby C. 23 Apr 2006 Gene Phillips
Kloefkorn, Vernon Ray 25 Sep 2005 Gene Phillips
Logsdon, I.H. "Hank" Aug 2002 Amarillonet
Major, Bernice M. 11 Mar 2007 Gene Phillips
Masters, Everett Edison 21 Jan 2007 Amarillonet
Miller, Stanley Ransom 14 Aug 2005 Amarillonet
Miller, Stanley Ransom 18 Sep 2005 Amarillonet
Miner, Donna Mae 25 May 2008 Gene Phillips
Murphy, Jim C. 24 Nov 2004 Gene Phillips
Nicholas, N.B. "Buck" 14 Aug 2005 Amarillonet
Norwood, Lois Helton Aug 2002 Amarillonet
Novotny, Paul K. 16 Apr 2006 Gene Phillips
Pearcy, Albert Laverne Dec 2002 Robert D. Pearcy
Perryman, Gladys M. McKeeman 11 Dec 2004 Wanda Purcell
Perryman, Gladys M. McKeeman 8 Oct 2004 Wanda Purcell
Reed, Virgiline Jane 03 Jun 2007 Gene Phillips
Rosebery, Loren Dale 14 Oct 2004 Amarillonet
Ross, Earl 16 Oct 2005 Emily Jordan
Ruzumna, Lindsay A. Sedbrook 24 Nov 2004 Gene Phillips
Schwartz, Norma Louvella "Dolly" 3 Apr 2005 Gene Phillips
Shaklee, Merwyn 'J' 28 May 2006 Gene Phillips
Shipley, Gaylord C 16 Apr 2011 Gene Phillips
Sieker, Sylence Norene 26 Oct 2004 Amarillonet
Skaggs, Billie Jean 6 Feb 2011 Gene Phillips
Stockton, Richard Ivan 16 Apr 2011 Gene Phillips
Tatum, Bob (Bobbie Mac) 28 May 2006 Bakersfield Californian
Warren, Kate 10 Sep 2006 Gene Phillips
Weathers, Bernice 12 Feb 2006 Gene Phillips
White, Dwain C 18 Nov 2007 Gene Phillips
White, Gloria 19 Mar 2006 Amarillonet
White, Larry 29 Jul 2007 Gene Phillips
Wilson, Ruby May 26 Oct 2004 Amarillonet
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