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 Newspaper items and articles

Cherokee Advocate Articles Submitted by:  Mollie Stehno

File Submitter Date Size
Chaney Bros and Henry Starr articles Tom Kircher 5/12/2003 10k
Roberta Hitchcock, Eldon OK news article Kay Hubbard Thompson 4/27/2003 html / jpg files
Cherokee Outlaws, IT
Cherokee Advocate 2/5/1846
Melissa Ogle 1/03/2003 4k
Cherokee Outlaws, KS
Cherokee Advocate 2/6/1846
Melissa Ogle 1/03/2003 3k
10th U.S. Cavalry
Cherokee Advocate 7/20/1872
Mollie Stehno 3/16/2003 3k
Stopping a Stampede
Cherokee Advocate 9/15/1883
Mollie Stehno 3/16/2003 4k
Second trial of Dick Turner
Cherokee Advocate 10/05/1883
Mollie Stehno 3/16/2003 3k
Cattlemen Leases
Cherokee Advocate 8/14/1885
Mollie Stehno 3/16/2003 3k
How Indians are robbed
Cherokee Advocate 3/27/1885
Mollie Stehno 3/16/2003 12k
The Lee gang captured
Cherokee Advocate 9/11/1885
Mollie Stehno 3/16/2003 3k
U.S. Deputy Marshall killed
Cherokee Advocate 4/02/1886
Mollie Stehno 3/16/2003 2k
Blue Duck to Hang
Cherokee Advocate 2/05/1886
Mollie Stehno 3/16/2003 4k
Women wanted in Panhandle TX
Cherokee Advocate 9/12/1887
Mollie Stehno 3/16/2003 2k
Another Deputy Marshall killed
Cherokee Advocate 7/11/1888
Mollie Stehno 3/16/2003 11k
Pawnee Bill to Take Oklahoma
Cherokee Advocate 1/23/1889
Mollie Stehno 3/16/2003 4k
Genesis of Train Robbery
Cherokee Advocate 7/08/1893
Mollie Stehno 3/16/2003 6k
Murderers of Walter Scott arrested
Cherokee Advocate 7/22/1893
Mollie Stehno 3/16/2003 3k
Bank Robber Killed
Cherokee Advocate 8/051893
Mollie Stehno 3/16/2003 5k
Henry Starr answers lawsuit
Cherokee Advocate 8/13/1893
Mollie Stehno 3/16/2003 2k
Doolin and Dalton gang fights posse
Cherokee Advocate 9/16/1893
Mollie Stehno 3/16/2003 5k
Dalton and Doolin gang wiped out
Cherokee Advocate 4/24/1894
Mollie Stehno 3/16/2003 4k
Article, Bill Cook and Henry Starr, Belle Starr
Cherokee Advocate 2/06/1895
Mollie Stehno 3/16/2003 11k
Jim French and Slaughter Kid shot down
Cherokee Advocate 2/06/1895
Mollie Stehno 3/16/2003 4k
Miller Gang battle with Deputies
Cherokee Advocate 2/06/1898
Mollie Stehno 3/16/2003 4k
23 indian men mistreated by mob
Cherokee Advocate 4/09/1898
Mollie Stehno 3/16/2003 7k
Killing of Edgar Scott-
Shotgun Blast in Chest Kills Tahlequah man
Kathy Pitts 10/1999 2k
Forty Three Prisoners Moved From Muskogee Jail to the Northern District Stockade at Vinita Sharla Linex-Johnson 1/2001 2k
James A. Lennox Wanted to Confess Sharla Linex-Johnson 1/2001 2k
Justice is being Dispensed. - Phillips Convicted of Murder Sharla Linex-Johnson 1/2001 3k
Cyclone destroys Peggs, OK 5/7/1920 Sheri Alexander Skidmore 2/7/2002 gif
Peggs Cyclone article, dated 5/2/1920 Lloyd Ray Timmons 7/20/2002 11k
Price Store article, Yonkers, OK Sheri Alexander Skidmore 2/7/2002 gif
HOUSTON, Sequoyah, Marshall shot by Cook Brothers gang  / Headstone Kay Hubbard Thompson 6/11/2003 2k
Legal Notices: Tahlequah Arrow 1918 Kay Hubbard Thompson 5/30/2003 6k

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