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Bacon Springs Cemetery

The cemetery is located in Bryan County Oklahoma on private property at the NE NE corner of Section 2, Township 9 South, Range 8 East. It is north of River Road between Hendrix Road and Chickasaw Road southwest of Achille. It took me several years to locate the exact position. My father took me there in 1951 to show me Ada Gibson, my grandmother's gravesite. I recall driving down a sandy road, wading approximately mile down Sandy Creek and climbing up the bank to the cemetery. None of the cemeteries in that area matched these criteria and I was only recently able to locate it. During a trip in 2003, Olin Williams introduced me to a rancher who had an early 1900 map of the area showing Sandy Creek where Eastman Creek is now located. Mr. Williams said there had been a trading post on a hill by a natural spring and showed me where a church had been located on the east side of Sandy Creek across from the cemetery. He also pointed out the location of the old road, which is now overgrown, leading into the cemetery and the current location of the church west of Achille. When I contacted the property owner, Mr. Gene Fritts, he drove me to the area which was exactly as I remembered. He permitted me to photograph the cemetery on October 1, 2003 and again on October 1, 2004. I have several tombstone photographs. I have been able to match some of the names with photographs, but several of the tombstones have been damaged and others are no longer visible or have detereated over time. Many of the burial sites originally had unmarked stones and wooden markers which no longer exist. Generally, the cemetery is in very poor condition and several of the tombstones are buried in debris. A cemetery layout provided by the great grandmother of Mr. Gregg Lewis, Caroline (Jefferson) Carnes, lists 118 gravesites. During my two visits, I observed an additional nine tombstones and several unnamed markers. I am in the process of attempting to obtain roll numbers, date of birth and date of death for all the names. The ones I have obtained so far are listed herein. Layout of the cemetery is twelve rows running west to east. Each row is named after a state. Nevada is repeated. I have not been able to determine the significance of why a specific state was selected nor the importance of order.

A listing of unmarked graves can be found HERE

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baconsprings/baconsprings01.jpg Bacon Springs Cemetery
View of Cemetery
Submitted By: Cecil Gibson
baconsprings/baconsprings02.jpg Bacon Springs Cemetery
Entrance to Cemetery
Submitted By: Cecil Gibson
baconsprings/arkansasc.jpg Catherine Arkansas
Age 55
Submitted By: Cecil Gibson
baconsprings/gibsone.jpg Emnie Gibson
29 Jun 1907
Submitted By: Cecil Gibson
baconsprings/gibsoni.jpg Immen Gibson
7 Feb 1907
1 Mar 1908
Submitted By: Cecil Gibson
baconsprings/gibsonj.jpg Jimmie Gibson
No Dates
Submitted By: Cecil Gibson
baconsprings/gibsonma.jpg Marslina Gibson
No Date
14 Jan 1933
Submitted By: Cecil Gibson
baconsprings/gibsonmi.jpg Mike Gibson
2 Nov 1901
21 Aug 1908
Submitted By: Cecil Gibson
baconsprings/gibsonwe.jpg Wesley Gibson
4 Dec 1918
Submitted By: Cecil Gibson
baconsprings/gibsonwi.jpg Willie Gibson
6 Dec 1918
Submitted By: Cecil Gibson
baconsprings/gilmorea.jpg Annie Gilmore
No Dates
Submitted By: Cecil Gibson
baconsprings/gilmoremar.jpg Martin Gilmore
4 Jul 1909
8 Nov 1909
Submitted By: Cecil Gibson
baconsprings/gilmoremay.jpg Maybell Gilmore
28 Jun 1901
17 Dec 1916
Submitted By: Cecil Gibson
baconsprings/jeffersonf.jpg Fannie Jefferson
7 Oct 1897
2 Oct 1915
Submitted By: Cecil Gibson
baconsprings/jeffersonie.jpg Isaac E Jefferson
Submitted By: Cecil Gibson
baconsprings/jeffersono.jpg Ora Jefferson
13 Jul 1915
23 Nov 1915
Submitted By: Cecil Gibson
baconsprings/jeffersont.jpg Rev Thomas Jefferson
26 Feb 1919
Submitted By: Cecil Gibson
baconsprings/johnb.jpg Biddie John
15 Oct 1904
10 Jun 1905
Submitted By: Cecil Gibson
baconsprings/johnm.jpg Maggie John
27 Sep 1888
22 Sep 1907
Submitted By: Cecil Gibson
baconsprings/johnsonf.jpg Frank Johnson
4 Aug 1905
Submitted By: Cecil Gibson
baconsprings/johnsonm.jpg Maggie Johnson
29 Aug 1904
Submitted By: Cecil Gibson
baconsprings/johnsonw.jpg Big Wiley Johnson
28 Feb 1921
Submitted By: Cecil Gibson
baconsprings/lewisd.jpg Dorene Lewis
No Dates
Submitted By: Cecil Gibson
baconsprings/lewisjd.jpg J D Lewis
7 Apr 1923
30 Aug 1934
Submitted By: Cecil Gibson
baconsprings/lewisr.jpg Ruth Lewis
8 Feb 1920
15 Jul 1935
Submitted By: Cecil Gibson
baconsprings/lewisv.jpg Vena Lewis
5 Jul 1905
16 Nov 1910
Submitted By: Cecil Gibson
baconsprings/unknown.jpg Unreadable
6 Apr 1968
18 Jan 1990
Submitted By: Cecil Gibson
baconsprings/wilkersone.jpg Leslie Wilkerson
6 Apr 1908
18 Jan 1930
Submitted By: Cecil Gibson
baconsprings/willis.jpg Willis (base only)
No name
No Date
Submitted By: Cecil Gibson
baconsprings/willisl.jpg Lee Willis
14 Jun 1919
Submitted By: Cecil Gibson
baconsprings/willissa.jpg Susie Annie Willis
8 Oct 1915
Submitted By: Cecil Gibson
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