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Gene Phillips - Bryan County Archivist
Gene Phillips - Oklahoma State Archivist

Welcome to Bryan County Archives! Everything in the archives is organized alphabetically and by soundex whenever possible. What is new at the Archives? Whenever, I update a file or add a new file, the date at the bottom of the page is automatically updated and the date in the index will be in red. It will stay red for at least one month.

Since I live in Mississippi, I cannot personally do any research for you. However I will try to direct you to someone who may help you if you can't find what you want here.

To make this project grow, please submit your information to the Archives. We are looking for transcriptions of cemeteries, deeds, federal census (free, slave, mortality, agriculture, veterans...schedules), state census, vital records (marriage, birth, death), Court records (county, federal, civil, circuit, probate....), church records (membership lists, baptisms...), prison records, military records (rosters, muster rolls,service records,pension applications...), land records (deeds, land transfers,federal landgrants, surveyor's records..), tax records (land, property,state, federal,local....), newspaper articles (obits, marriage & birth announcements, local events...), family histories, biographies, obituaries and etc. that pertains to Bryan County, Oklahoma - please send themto me for inclusion here. This information needs to be in plain text, no HTML or no images.

Do you have family buried in one of these cemeteries? Email us if you would like their name and dates listed. Email us if you have driving directions to any of the cemteries.

File Name Description Date Submitted by
cemeter01.txt Selected Cemetery Listings
Surnames: Sipes, Sharp, Washington, Ellison, Fox, Haley, Jones
11 Apr 2001 See File
albany.txt Albany Cemetery Jan 2001 See File
Armstrong Academy Cemetery - (OK Historical Society Marker reads: "Chahta Tamaha" Armstrong Academy established by Choctaw Nation and named for Wm Armstrong, Indian Agt was opened 1845. Rev. R.D. Potts, Supt. under Baptist Miss. Soc. Post Office established Nov 1850. Confederate Capital. 1863-1883. Noted chiefs these included Peter P. Pitchlynn, Allen Wright, and Jackson McCurtain.)- Near Bokchito - Currently being transcribed by Kathy Rose
armstrong.txt Armstrong Cemetery 24 Jun 2007 Kathy Rose
bacon.txt Bacon Springs Missionary Cemetery 15 Nov 2003 Cecil Gibson
bacon.txt Bacon Springs Missionary Cemetery Photos 10 Aug 2008 Cecil Gibson
beames.txt Beames and Brackett Cemetery 30 Sep 2004 Billie Goar
benning5.txt Old Church Cemetery - Bennington Cemetery - Jackson Cemetery Jan 2001 See File
Bloomfield Cemetery-Achille. Located 3 miles south of Achille.
bokchito1.txt Bokchito Cemetery (survey) 30 Sep 2004 Billie Goar
bokchito.txt Bokchito Cemetery (submitted names) Jan 2001
Updated 24 Sep 2001
See File
Blue Branch Cemetery-Bokchito. 1-1/2 miles east and 2 miles south of Bokchito
Bohanan-Veach Cemetery-Durant. About 2 miles north of Durant off of US 69
Brown Cemetery-Armstrong
burney.txt Burney Cemetery - Allison Jan 2001 See File
Burris Cemetery-Bokchito
Burrows Cemetery - Colbert area (owned by C.B. Burrows located about five west of Colbert, OK. Reinterment was made in the new Yarbrough Cemetery)
caddo.txt Gethsemane Cemetery - Caddo Cemetery - Pleasant Hill Cemetery (from obits) Jan 2001
Updated 15 Oct 2002
See File
chishoktak.txt Chishoktak Cemetery 18 Aug 2009 Gene Phillips
Colbert Cemetery-Colbert (Work in Progress) - Michael Cross
Confederate Cemetery-Fort Washita
cummings.txt Cummings-Nichels Cemetery 08 Oct 2006 Kathy Rose
coxchape.txt Cox Chapel Cemetery - Durant Jan 2000
Updated 9 Apr 2003
Dee Anglin Shackelford
Double Springs - Northwest of Bokchito (off Highway 22)
elmwood.html Tombstones Photos from Elmwood Cemetery 24 Jun 2008 Betsy
Jackson Cemetery - Jackson
Folsom Cemetery-Silo
Franklin Cemetery-Mead
gardner.txt Gardner Cemetery 7 Jun 2003 Angie Long
garden1.txt Gardens of Memory Cemetery Surnames Achimon - Fields Dec 2000 See File
garden2.txt Gardens of Memory Cemetery Surnames Findley - Noel Dec 2000 See File
garden3.txt Gardens of Memory Cemetery Surnames Norie - Zanfes Dec 2000 See File
colbert.txt Gardens of Memory Cemetery Recent Burials Jan 2001 See File
Gardner Cemetery-Silo
garner.txt Garner Family Cemetery 24 Jan 2009 Jerold Garner
Harrison Cemetery-Mead
Highland Cemetery
Cemetery Rd.
Durant, OK 74701
highland.txt Highland Cemetery 12 Oct 2004 Gene Phillips
Hunter Cemetery-Boswell
Impson Cemetery. Impson cemetery is on private property belonging to Boots Wiley. It is in S11, Twsp 6S, Rg11E. From Durant take US 70 east for 16 Mi. Go left on Banty Rd. two miles east of Bokchito. Go 2 north, turn left, go 1 west. Pass Reynolds Chapel Church. Wiley home mile. Cemetery is close to the house.--Carl Phillips
impson.txt Impson Cemetery 24 Jun 2007 Kathy Rose
Jones Cemetery-Boswell
Julius Cemetery-Mead - Small Private Cemetery of the Surname Julius.
jackson.txt Jackson Cemetery (partial) Updated
04 Mar 2007
See File
Keffer Cemetery-Brown
kemp.txt Kemp Cemetery - Kemp Jan 2001 See File
Krause Cemetery-Silo
Labors Cemetery-Bokchito
lemon.txt Lemon Hill Cemetery aka Mead Chapel Cemetery 12 Jan 2003 Don Cox
Love Cemetery-Mead
Matoy Cemetery-Matoy
Mead Cemetery - Mead
McCarley Cemetery - Colbert
McGee Springs Cemetery-Bennington
McClish-Aulberson Cemetery-Silo
mead.txt Mead Cemetery - Mead Aug 1999 Trudy Marlow
Nail Cemetery-Kenefic
oakgrove.txt Oak Grove Cemetery in Johnston County Jan 2001 See File
Old Philadelphia Cemetery-Blue
church.txt Old Church Cemetery - Bennington 17 Sep 2002
Updated 10 Dec 2006
Gene Phillips
philadel.txt Philadelphia Cemetery or Rose Family Cemetery East of Durant on Old Hwy 70 Dec 1999 Tammy & Mark
Pioneer Cemetery - Durant's First Cemetery
Platter Cemetery-Platter
plsthill.txt Pleasant Hill Cemetery - Armstrong from Obits 24 Jun 2007 Trudy Marlow
pleasant.txt Pleasant Hill Cemetery (partial survey) 19 Oct 2002 Melany Boone
Post Cemetery-Fort Washita
Robinson Cemetery-Blue
rosehill.txt Rosehill Cemetery, Calera 30 Jul 2004 Gene Phillips
rosewood.txt Rosewood Cemetery 12 Nov 2003 Gene Phillips
rosewood.html Tombstones Photos from Rosewood Cemetery 12 Nov 2003 Cecil Gibson
silo.txt Silo or Restland Cemetery Aug 1999 Trudy Marlow
Skaggs Cemetery - Silo
Spring Hill Cemetery - Albany
wade1.txt Wade Cemetery (Survey) 30 Sep 2004 Billie Goar
wade.txt Wade Cemetery, partial listing 13 Oct 2002 Gene Phillips
washita.txt Fort Washita Cemetery - Fort Washita Sep 2000 Dan James
willis.txt Willis Cemetery - Mead Jan 2001 Trudy Marlow
Wilson Cemetery-Banty
wolfcreek.html Tombstones Photos from Wolf Creek - Utica 10 Aug 2003 Betty
yarborou.txt Yarborough Cemetery Jan 2000 Glynda Herndon, James & Teresa Goff
yarnaby.txt Yarnaby Cemetery - Yarnaby Jan 2000 Stefani Autrey
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