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Knowles Cemetery

Location: S22-T5-R26

The Knowles cemetery is 3 miles northwest of the town of Knowles, on the south side of US Highway 64. It is a well-kept cemetery.

History: Zenas Jamison died in1904. There was no cemetery near Knowles, (then called Sand City) so the Jamison family buried their son on the corner of their claim. They gave the plot as a cemetery. December 13, 1919 a certificate of Incorporation was issued to the Knowles Cemetery Association. The early records of the cemetery were lost in a fire that destroyed the Jim Dixon OK Archives Page, so not all the graves are known. Some records were taken from the mortuary records to complete the cemetery records. Many early settlers are buried in this cemetery.

Recorded and pictures taken in August, 2002 by Nareen and Bob Lake

         The information found below has been submitted to The USGenWeb Archive Project. It is offered free to all who visit. The ownership/copyright stays with the submitter. Please read and respect the copyright on all submittals.

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Entrance Gate Knowles Cemetery, Beaver Co., OK
Entrance Gate Knowles Cemetery

Entrance Gate Knowles Cemetery, Beaver Co., OK
Entrance Gate Knowles Cemetery

3 Railroad Workers    Photo
ADAMSErnest M.16 Jan 185330 Mar 1920d/o Ariemus and Sarah B. AdamsPhoto
ADAMSGeorge W.31 Aug 187325 Dec 1969Susan Adams Photo
ADAMSOra Bell23 Oct 189910 Nov 1918 Photo
ADAMSSarah B.14 Aug 183005 Mar 1908 Photo
ADAMSSusan E.12 Apr 188003 Aug 1927George adamsPhoto
ALEXANDERCamille W.11 Sep 190506 Oct 1910d/o J. Y and M. E. AlexanderPhoto
ALEXANDEREmmett M.07 Apr 189607 Nov 1947WW I OK PFC Med Dept Photo
ALEXANDEREmmett M.xx xxx 1896xx xxx 1947Gloria AlexanderPhoto
ALEXANDERGloria G.xx xxx 1897xx xxx 1987Emmett AlexanderPhoto
ALEXANDERJacob Y.04 Sep 186512 Nov 1947Mary AlexanderPhoto
ALEXANDERMary E.12 Dec 186415 Aug 1927Jacob AlexanderPhoto
ALKIREAdam P.17 Dec 184910 May 1923Mary Ellen AlkirePhoto
ALKIRECecil G.xx xxx 1876xx xxx 1951Stella AlkirePhoto
ALKIREInfant 16 May 1909d/o Cecil G. and Stella AlkirePhoto
ALKIREMary Ellen29 May 185728 Jul 1927Adam P. AlkirePhoto
ALKIRERoy E15 Feb 187827 Jun 1935 Photo
ALKIRERuth A.29 Oct 190718 Jan 1976 Photo
ALKIREStella Greenxx xxx 1871xx xxx 9142Cecil G. Alkire Photo
AVERYJustin Tracyxx xxx 1872xx xxx 1940Kate Avery 1 2
AVERYKatexx xxx 1880xx xxx 1964Justin Avery Photo
AVERYRobert G.14 Dec 194111 Aug 1989  Photo
AVERYRobert K05 Sep 191021 Sep 1976  Photo
BAGSHAWEdwin S.xx xxx 1868xx xxx 1955Rosa Bagshaw Photo
BAGSHAWRichardxx xxx 902xx xxx 1922Son of E. S. & R. E. BagshawPhoto
BAGSHAWRosa E.xx xxx 1875xx xxx 1939Edwin Bagshaw Photo
BAILEYLee Roy Henry24 Aug 192105 Jan 1961OK QM2 USNR WW IIPhoto
BAILEYLee Roy Henry24 Aug 192105 Jan 1961Mildred BaileyPhoto
BAILEYMildred "Mickie"24 Sep 1923no dateLee Roy BaileyPhoto
BAILEYSue Alice10 Sep 195328 May 1980 Photo
BAKERFrank A.xx xxx 1861xx xxx 1947 Photo
BAKERRebeccaxx xxx 1840xx xxx 1922 Photo
BALLARDOwen K.xx xxx 1903xx xxx 1929 Photo
BARBYAnna Celestine (Pearson)27 Jan 190307 Apr 2003Lloyd J. BarbyPhoto
BARBYCarl03 Feb 183504 Jan 1916 Photo
BARBYFred24 Oct 1887xx Nov 1949Lula BarbyPhoto
BARBYJoy Bernadine xx xxx 1928d/o Lloyd and Margaret BarbyPhoto
BARBYLloyd J.10 Dec 189831 Aug 1955Celestine BarbyPhoto
BARBYLula Mae (Hickman)xx xxx 188909 Aug 1969Fred BeardPhoto
BARBYMargaret Abigal Read07 Jul 189806 Sep 1928w/o Lloyd BarbyPhoto
BARBYMarie M. (Pearson)17 Oct 190520 Feb 1993Ralph BarbyPhoto
BARBYMay Beebe06 May 187530 Jul 1918 Photo
BARBYRalph E.24 Feb 190321 Feb 1978Marie BarbyPhoto
BARBYStewart Berryxx xxx 1935xx Jul 1965 Photo
BARNESDavid Z.11 Apr 187128 Jun 1930Margaret BarnesPhoto
BARNESDean17 Aug 191724 Mar 1934 Photo
BARNESMargaret E.14 Jan 187914 Mar 1956 Photo
BATEMANEarl   Photo
BATEMANJohn Henryxx xxx 1865xx xxx 1938 Photo
BATEMANMatilda29 Sep 187408 Oct 1959 Photo
BEANGertrude S.13 Oct 186529 Oct 1910w/o P. N. BeanPhoto
BEARDFrances I.xx xxx 1909xx xxx 1993Frank BeardPhoto
BEARDFrankA.xx xxx 1908xx xxx 1969Frances BeardPhoto
BEARDFred05 Nov 191017 May 1980Opal BeardPhoto
BEARDJoseph Montgomery25 Sep 186012 Jun 1928Nora BeardPhoto
BEARDNora May (Harden)23 Sep 187607 Aug 1957Joseph BeardPhoto
BEARDOpal14 Sep 191523 Nov 1986Fred BeardPhoto
BEASONInfant 30 Jun 191414 Oct 1914s/o Mr. and Mrs. Tom BeasonPhoto
BECKNERGuyxx xxx 1869xx xxx 1924 Photo
BEDKERGoldie M.xx xxx 1912xx xxx 1987Harry Bedker Photo
BEDKERHarry E.xx xxx 1915xx xxx 1990Goldie Bedker Photo
BENNJackie07 Jul 194917 Dec 1949 Photo
BENNRoy G.26 Jul 194517 Apr 1954 Photo
BERENDSDarlene Joy xx xxx 1935only datePhoto
BERENDSGladys M.xx xxx 1905xx xxx 1978 Photo
BERENDSSamuel B.xx xxx 1896xx xxx 1986 Photo
BLAKECharles Walton15 Apr 191430 Apr 1914s/o T. R. and B. E. BlakePhoto
BONDAlva L.03 Apr 191421 Dec 1952 Photo
BONDBernice10 Aug 191726 Jun 1924 Photo
BONDBertha Mary (Paasch)28 Nov 191207 Aug 1995Merle BondPhoto
BONDCharles Jeffersonxx xxx 1856xx xxx 1933Eliabeth E. BondPhoto
BONDCharles Joseph21 Oct 188526 Oct 1961Edith L. BondPhoto
BONDEdith Luella (Berends)08 May 188826 Jul 1969Charlie J. BondPhoto
BONDEldred G.10 Sep 1921xx xxx 1934s/o Guthrie and Ethel BondPhoto
BONDElizabeth E. (McNeff)xx xxx 1860xx xxx 1938Charles J. BondPhoto
BONDEstherxx xxx 1895xx xxx 1950Jesse BondPhoto
BONDEthel (Gilbert)24 Aug 188620 Feb 1945Gurthie BondPhoto
BONDGurthie/Guthrie11 Oct 1883xx Jun 1939Ethel BondPhoto
BONDJessexx xxx 1881xx xxx 1952Esther BondPhoto
BONDMarjorie L. (Wilson)05 Jan 193610 Aug 1974Robert BondPhoto
BONDMerle Lester21 Jun 191015 Jan 2001Bertha BondPhoto
BONDRobert L.12 Sept 1932no dateMarjorie BondPhoto
BONDViolet Irene12 Jan 192312 Jan 1923d/o Guthrie and Ethel BondPhoto
BRATTONDavid William02 Apr 186123 Jun 1938Emily BrattonPhoto
BRATTONEmily Celine30 Mar 186026 Mar 1945David BrattonPhoto
BRUNNERJames23 Aug 188311 Mar 1914 Photo
BRUNNEROtto B. 14 Dec 1908s/o J. and E. BrunnerPhoto
CANADAYDoris25 Dec 1919No dateLeRoy CanadayPhoto
CANADAYEmmett18 May 190930 Nov 1982Gladys CanadayPhoto
CANADAYEthel M.08 Sep 188719 Dec 1967Ruben CanadayPhoto
CANADAYGladys O.06 Sep 190310 Sep 1992Emmett CanadyPhoto
CANADAYLena Ruth14 Jan 191315 Jan 1913d/o M. R. and Ethel CanadayPhoto
CANADAYLeroy02 Jun 1917No dateDoris CanadayPhoto
CANADAYRube M.03 Jan 188005 Jul 1965Ethel CanadayPhoto
CARRIEREarl Victor25 Nov 190612 Oct 2001 Photo
CARRIERElmer E.27 Jan 186513 Nov 1943Margareta CarrierPhoto
CARRIEREthel E.18 Aug 190211 Jul 1976 Photo
CARRIERGlen E.xx xxx 1904xx xxx 1997 Photo
CARRIERMargareta15 Oct 186914 Jul 1915Elmer CarrierPhoto
COFFINMary Lafrenz09 Jun 185714 Jun 1922 Photo
CONGDONSusanxx xxx 1864xx xxx 1954 Photo
CRANEW.No dates  Photo
CRAVENSRoger E.xx xxx 1935xx xxx 1936 No
CRISTADarren F.05 Jan 196607 Jul 1983  Photo
DeWITTH.14 Jun 184410 Jun 1930 Photo
DIXONBessie W.xx xxx 1892xx xxx 1959Ed DixonPhoto
DIXONCatharine Opal17 Apr 1916 11 Jul 1917d/o J. G. and M. M. DixonPhoto
DIXONDorothy May04 Oct 193830 Nov 1938d/o Kermit and Lilah DixonNo
DIXONEdxx xxx 1882xx xxx 1973Bessie DixonPhoto
DIXONElsie G. "Goldie"30 Nov 1918no dateRalph DixonPhoto
DIXONEstella Daile21 feb 191423 Apr 2001 Photo
DIXONGeorge W.30 Aug 188021 Dec 1962Stella DixonPhoto
DIXONGladys06 Mar 191307 Oct 1992Kenneth DixonPhoto
DIXONGlenn06 Nov 191317 Dec 1993Mary DixonPhoto
DIXONHazel Belle26 Feb 192329 Mar 1935d/o Mr. and Mrs. Ed DixonPhoto
DIXONJames G.12 Jan 187808 Oct 1938May DixonPhoto
DIXONKenneth08 Feb 19103 Sep 1997Gladys DixonPhoto
DIXONKermit G.12 Apr 191017 Mar 1980 1 2
DIXONLilah Criswell30 Nov 1917  1 2
DIXONMary24 Dec 191311 Nov 1996Glen DixonPhoto
DIXONMay M.12 Jul 188110 Nov 1967James DixonPhoto
DIXONMelvin G.xx xxx 1921xx xxx 1972 Photo
DIXONRalph L. "Bus"30 Jun 191916 Sep 1987Elsie DixonPhoto
DIXONRalph L. "Butch"22 Jan 194119 Oct 1995 Photo
DIXONRay E.16 Nov 191101 Feb 1985 Photo
DIXONSarah Jane29 Sep 185203 Jul1933 Photo
DIXONStella E.31 Mar 189129 Feb 1940George DixonPhoto
DIXONUrsal R.31 Mar 190813 Sep 1989 Photo
DUNNEstella A.09 Sep 189013 Nov 1980Laurence DunnPhoto
DUNNHarvey26 Jun 188328 Apr 1920 Photo
DUNNLaurence D.20 Feb 187224 Sep1943Estella DunnPhoto
DUNNNoel E. (Jack)01 Oct 191317 Jul 1930 Photo
DYERClyde H.01 Dec 192313 Feb 1955 Photo
DYERFlorence A.19 Jan 1918no dateR. Bruce DyerPhoto
DYERFloyd M.08 Jan 190827 Jul 1996Leota DyerPhoto
DYERGary E.xx xxx 1942xx xxx 2000 Photo
DYERJoe High01 Jan 188124 Sep 1961 Photo
DYERJosie Bell23 Jan 188230 Mar 1965 Photo
DYERLeota E.08 Feb 191728 Mar 1999Fred DyerPhoto
DYERLowell A.06 Jul 191428 Nov 2000Myrtle DyerPhoto
DYERMyrtle "Bea"02 Feb 1919no dateLowell DyerPhoto
DYERR. Bruce29 Sep 191102 Aug1996Florence DyerPhoto
DYERRuby20 Dec 1911no dateWilliam DyerPhoto
DYERWilliam A.21 Jan 190621 Dec 1993Ruby DyerPhoto
EASTONAnna E.29 Aug 189130 Oct 1918w/o T. E. EastonPhoto
EASTONBetty Jo   Photo
EASTONBobby   Photo
EASTONCharley A.28 Jun 188303 Sep 1967Roxa M. EastonPhoto
EASTONCreta10 Jun 181916 Mar 1919 Photo
EASTONDavid D.xx xxx 1856xx xxx 1939Sarah EastonPhoto
EASTONGolda C.xx xxx 1909xx xxx 1940 Photo
EASTONInfant Daughter29 Oct 191829 Oct 1918d/o T. E. and Anna EastonPhoto
EASTONRoxa M.16 Feb 188918 Jun 1963Charley A. EastonPhoto
EASTONSarah M.xx xxx 1859xx xxx 1936 Photo
EASTONWalter Seth13 Mar 193903 Nov 1975SR US NavyPhoto
FIFERThelma25 Sep 190319 Jan 1927 Photo
FLORYElizabeth Bruner18 Jul 185831 Jan 1946 Photo
FLOWERSMarquis J.10 Feb 191509 Jan 1991Panzie FlowersPhoto
FLOWERSPanzie M.28 Apr 191802 Jun1995Marquis FlowersPhoto
FOXWalter M.09 Jun 189413 Oct 1918Pvt. Co. 5Photo
FRYAbbie B.xx xxx 1852xx xxx 1937Jefferson FryPhoto
FRYFannie B.xx xxx 1892xx xxx 1966Ralph FryPhoto
FRYJack W.02 Jun 192312 Sep1995 Photo
FRYJeffersonxx xxx 1853xx xxx 1926Abbie FryPhoto
FRYRalph W.xx xxx 1882xx xxx 1956Fannie FryPhoto
Ga...yJoeannexx xxx 1934xx xxx 1981Clark Funeral ServicePhoto
GOODALEOK Archives Pager L.xx xxx 1930xx xxx 1982 Photo
GRIMMCasey" Lee Roy24 Jul 189208 Apr 1961Jennit T. GrimmPhoto
GRIMMJennie T.03 Sep 189919 Jul 1990Casey GrimmPhoto
GWYNJames Mxx xxx 1870xx xxx 1937 Photo
GWYNRose Mary18 Oct 189126 May 1975 Photo
HAACKDoris Irene01 Dec 192218 Jul 1989 No
HAACKElsie M.01 Oct 191509 Apr 1993Louie HaackPhoto
HAACKInfantxx xxx 1911only dates/o Jacob and Lillie HaackPhoto
HAACKJacob17 Jan 187927 Mar 1940Lillie HaackPhoto
HAACKJake H.14 Mar 191509 Nov 1989Pvt US ArmyPhoto
HAACKJimmie Wayne17 Aug 194730 Jul 1984Viet Nam VeteranPhoto
HAACKLillie G.10 Jul 187905 Feb 1954Jacob HaackPhoto
HAACKLouie C.09 Sep 190925 Sep 1961Elsie HaackPhoto
HAACKWilliam22 Mar 188116 Sep 1951 Photo
HALLClarence A.14 Jan 190003 Jun 1940 Photo
HALLJohn H.06 Feb 186631 Mar 1941 Photo
HALLSarah D.xx xxx 1864xx xxx 1942 Photo
HESTERRalph21 Oct 191028 Feb 1991Rose HesterPhoto
HESTERRose22 Sep 191824 Jan 1993Ralph HesterPhoto
HICKMONJ. Chesleyxx xxx 1890xx xxx 1973 Photo
HICKMONJ. G.11 Jan 184916 Apr 1922 Photo
HICKMONSarahxx xxx 1849xx xxx 1936 Photo
HINDERLITERMolissa04 Jul 183005 Oct 1914 Photo
HOLTKAMPE. M.xx xxx 1882xx xxx 1926w/o H. H.Photo
HOLTKAMPH.H.xx xxx 1880xx xxx 1954h/o E. M. HoltkampPhoto
HULLArleigh Simmons17 Apr 191704 Aug 1928Leslie Wayne HullPhoto
HULLLeslie Wayne03 May 191904 Feb 1920Arleigh HullPhoto
HUSTEDGilbert L.xx xxx 1893xx xxx 1979Ivia HustedPhoto
HUSTEDIvia Maexx xxx 1897xx xxx 1981Gilbert HustedPhoto
HUSTEDJerry L.20 May 192510 Apr 1997Merle HustedPhoto
HUSTEDMerle B.30 May 192011 Jul 1997Jerry HustedPhoto
JAMISONEmmettxx Mar 1888xx Sep 1923 Photo
JAMISONN. P. 09 Jun 1908aged 40 yr 4 mo 13 days; Photo
JAMISONO.M.xx xxx 187022 Jul 1942w/o N.P. Jamison; No
JAMISONZena18 Jan 189114 Jan 1904Son of No
JONESMildred E.31 Dec 190630 Sep 1981Vernon JonesPhoto
JONESVernon O.19 Jul 190504 Jun 1986Mildred JonesPhoto
KELLERGeorge H.xx xxx 1873xx xxx 1950Josie KellerPhoto
KELLERJakie T.17 Jun 190508 Apr 1911s/o C. H. and J. KellerPhoto
KELLERJosiexx xxx 1873no dateGeorge KellerPhoto
KITCHENEnoch07 Jun 184622 Nov 1930Co. 1 152 Ohio Mil. Inf.Photo
KITCHENJuanita La Raeonly date05 Aug 1919 Photo
KITCHINElizabeth A.07 Oct 185020 Feb 1926 Photo
KITCHINEnoch   Photo
KNOWLESAlice L.14 Aug 185428 Apr 1920s/o Ariemus and Sarah B. AdamsPhoto
KOSCHKEDee Wayne xx xxx 1931s/o G. W. and Ida KoschkePhoto
KOSCHKEGeorge W.xx xxx 1897xx xxx 1966Ida KoschkePhoto
KOSCHKEIda J.xx xxx 1900xx xxx 1995George KoschkePhoto
KRAGEJulius15 Dec 186612 Nov 1940 Photo
KRAGERosaxx xxx 1839xx xxx 1914 Photo
KREIEVerda V. Dixonxx xxx 1918xx xxx 1971 Photo
LITTLEJohn26 Oct 190118 Jan 1995May LittlePhoto
LITTLEMay (Barby)19 Jan 190114 Jul 1990John LittlePhoto
LOMANHarold Emerson17 Jul 191307 Oct 1913s/o H. E. and L. M. LomanPhoto
LOSHBOUGHAlford04 Mar 191608 Mar 1916Son of No
LUNDYEdith M.xx xxx 1869xx xxx 1941 Photo
MAPHETDolores P.28 Oct 191518 FEb 1998Leon MaphetPhoto
MAPHETLeon "Pete"13 Jun 191921 Jun 1982Dolores MaphetPhoto
MAPHETLeon H. "Pete"13 Jun 191921 Jun 1982Tec5 US Army WW II; Photo
McATEEAlicexx xxx 1874xx xxx 1962 Photo
McATEENormanxx xxx 1864xx xxx 1949 Photo
McCULLEYLee William13 Mar 190025 May 1974 Photo
McDANIELClara Irene (House)27 Jul 192606 Mar 1987James McDanielPhoto
McDANIELJames Alfred31 Jan 192625 Jun 1991Clara McDanielPhoto
McDANIELJames Alfred31 Jan 192625 Jun 1991PFC US Army WWIIPhoto
MEXICAN BABY No dates  Photo
MILLSApril Renea'13 Jul 196905 Jul 1989w/o Matthew Photo
MILLSGeorgeNo dates   No
MILLSLucetteNo dates  No
MINARSBeverly M.30 Jul 192811 Sep 1990Edward MinarsPhoto
MINARSEdward J.09 Jun 1926 Beverly MinarsPhoto
MIXONGeorge B.xx xxx 1899xx xxx 1971 No
MIXONGeorge Jr.06 Jan 192313 Jan 1923 No
MIXONMeryl Ray05 Jul 192713 Dec 1929 No
MIXONUrmal E.xx xxx 1903xx xxx 1983 No
MOOREIola I.xx xxx 1920no dateLoren MoorePhoto
MOORELeonard E.20 Apr 191410 Mar 1997Pauline MoorePhoto
MOORELoren W.12 Apr 191917 Jun 1984Iola MoorePhoto
MOORELoren W.12 Apr 191917 Jun 1984S Sgt. US Army WWII; Photo
MOOREPauline A. (Easton)09 May 191521 Sep 1982Leonard MoorePhoto
MORRISJennie E.24 Feb 188404 Nov 1909w/o F. V. MorrisPhoto
NEUENSCHWANDERBetty10 Aug 191811 Aug 1918Emil and MaryPhoto
NEUENSCHWANDERClara06 Sep 188126 Sep 1916Wife of NoahNo
NEUENSCHWANDEREmil Jr.02 Feb 193503 Oct 1937Mary and BettyPhoto
NEUENSCHWANDERMary19 Feb 192306 Jun 1923Emil and BettyPhoto
OWENSAdam D.26 Dec 189714 Jul 1954 Emily OwensPhoto
OWENSElmer Clinton04 May 192427 Apr 1986s/o Adam and Emily Adams1 2< /a>
OWENSEmily E.03 Jan 189901 Mar 1892Adam OwensPhoto
OWENSJ. G.06 Feb 187211 Sep 1910N. E. OwensPhoto
OWENSN. E.17 Jan 1876No dateJ. G. OwensPhoto
PARKERFrankxx xxx 1886xx xxx 19xxLydia ParkerPhoto
PARKERLydiaxx xxx 1896xx xxx 1952 Photo
PARKERTheodore Alvinxx xxx 1931xx xxx 1933 Photo
PHELPSCarrie J.18 Jul 189816 Apr 1915d/o George and Melvina PhelpsPhoto
PHELPSGeorge M.06 Nov 185807 Oct 1931Melvina PhelpsPhoto
PHELPSMelvina (Spicer)10 Oct 187021 Jul 1952George PhelpsPhoto
PHIFER/PIFERStephen18 Dec 185806 Apr 1901 Photo
POORBAUGHAllenxx xxx 1911xx xxx 2000 Photo
POORBAUGHCarl A.03 Nov 190614 May 1983Irene PoorbaughPhoto
POORBAUGHIrene04 Feb 191201 Dec 1968Carl PoorbaughPhoto
PROCTORBelle Simmonsxx xxx 1900xx xxx 1937 No
RAMBOClarence A.xx xxx 1867xx xxx 1940Pansy L. RamboPhoto
RAMBOPansy L.xx xxx 1891xx xxx 1950Clarence A. RamboPhoto
RECTORWilliam T.14 Sep 191923 Sep 1968Maine CPL 9206 Tech Photo
RICEGerald Gene "Jerry"xx xxx 1963xx xxx 1984 Photo
RIGGINSBabyNo dates  Photo
RIGGINSEddie G.09 Nov 189710 Aug 1980On same stone with Lillie V.No
RIGGINSLillie V.15 Oct 190212 Mar 1986 No
RIGGINSLizzie Kellerxx xxx 1900xx xxx 1944 Photo
ROBERTSHalley Lee (Hedgecoke)20 Jan 190915 Oct 1998Raymond Roberts1 2< /a>
ROBERTSKenneth W.xx xxx 1916xx xxx 1971 Photo
ROBERTSKenneth Waynexx xxx 1937xx xxx 1945s/o Mr. and Mrs. K. W. RobertsPhoto
ROBERTSMary C.xx xxx 1882xx xxx 1940William RobertsPhoto
ROBERTSMilford C.xx xxx 1919xx xxx 1976TEC5 US Army WWII1 2
ROBERTSRaymond Clarence26 Mar 190223 Jun 1996Halley Roberts1 2
ROBERTSWilliamxx xxx 1878xx xxx 1947Mary RobertsPhoto
ROWLANMaxine09 Feb 192809 Feb 1928 Photo
ROWLANDBaby Maxine09 Feb 192809 Feb 1928 Photo
SAGERTYGracexx xxx 1897xx xxx 1922 Photo
SAGERTYJamesxx xxx 1919xx xxx 1922 Photo
SAGERTYPearlxx xxx 1915xx xxx1922Next to Photo
SAGERTYWilliam xx xxx 1922 Photo
SCHELLERBobby Earl04 Aug 193704 Aug 1997 Photo
SCHELLERCharlene Jo14 Feb 194125 Dec 1996 Photo
SIMMONSEsther14 Mar 190331 Dec 1962 Photo
SIMMONSIda Mae09 Sep 187306 Jul 1964 Photo
SMITHArch W.xx xxx 1904xx xxx 1957 Photo
SMITHC. Hubert26 Feb 1928 Iola B. DyerPhoto
SMITHClyde E.11 Feb 191112 Jul 1953World War IIPhoto
SMITHEsther M.19 Sep 185208 Feb 1912 Photo
SMITHInfantonly datexx xxx 1916c/o Wm. B. and Rose SmithPhoto
SMITHIola B. (Dyer)28 Oct 193610 Sep 1994C. Hubert SmithPhoto
SMITHJay Dee21 Nov 193714 Sep 2001Louise SmithPhoto
SMITHLeonard04 Dec 187522 Jan 1906s/o J. E. and Esther SmithPhoto
SMITHLouise V.23 Nov 1939no dateJay SmithPhoto
SMITHNorma Jane23 Aug 193023 Jan 1936d/o Mr. and Mrs. Joe SmithPhoto
SMITHRosexx xxx 1880xx xxx 1963 Photo
SMITHWilliam B.28 Oct 187626 Apr 1918 Photo
SMOTHERMONAnnie J.xx xxx 1857xx xxx 1945Louis SmothermonPhoto
SMOTHERMONCharlie Louis25 Mar 189123 Mar 1975 No
SMOTHERMONGene L.28 Dec 191313 Feb 1988 Photo
SMOTHERMONLena Alice14 Dec 189530 May 1975 No
SMOTHERMONLouisxx xxx 1849xx xxx 1914Annie SmothermonPhoto
SPICERMary Annxx xxx 1850xx xxx 1942Silas SpicerPhoto
SPICERSilas W.xx xxx 1847xx xxx 1926Mary SpicerPhoto
SPONEBerthaxx xxx 1895xx xxx 1968William SponePhoto
SPONEDurward Lee29 Mar 191730 Oct 1926Son of No
SPONEWilliamxx xxx 1878xx xxx 1943Bertha SponePhoto
STARREmery16 Sep 187517 Mar 1923 Photo
STEELEDorothy (Hull)25 May 189810 Sep 1971 Photo
STEELEZay Alkire27 Apr 188504 Dec 1927 Photo
SUTHERLANDAnna16 Aug 186626 Jun 1907age 40 yr. 10 m. 10 d.; Photo
SUTHERLANDBertha16 Jan 190104 Apr 1999Roy SutherlandPhoto
SUTHERLANDGene A.15 Nov 1926no dateMary SutherlandPhoto
SUTHERLANDHattie RoseNo dates  No
SUTHERLANDJ. R. 26 Jun 1907age 40 y 10 m 10 dPhoto
SUTHERLANDJoseph Roland21 Jul 186015 Jul 1932 Photo
SUTHERLANDLulu Belle08 Jul 187515 Apr 1951William SutherlandPhoto
SUTHERLANDMary L.05 Sep 193204 Feb1999Gene SutherlandPhoto
SUTHERLANDPearl02 Feb 187705 Jun 1962w/o J. R. SutherlandPhoto
SUTHERLANDRoy R.20 Feb 189424 Sep 1961Bertha SutherlandPhoto
SUTHERLANDRoy R.20 Feb 189424 Sep 1961OKLA PVT 14 Co 162 Photo
SUTHERLANDTwila F.xx xxx 1928xx xxx 2002 No
SUTHERLANDWilliam F.01 Oct 188902 Nov 1958Lulu SutherlandPhoto
SUTTONEmery E.xx xxx 1871xx xxx 1943Hattie SuttonPhoto
SUTTONHattie E. xx xxx 1872xx xxx 1971Emery SuttonPhoto
TAYLORThelmaxx xxx 1909xx xxx 1994 Photo
TAYLORWm. Thomasxx xxx 1904xx xxx 1976 Photo
THARPJesse08 Oct 189704 Mar 1967Margaret TharpPhoto
THARPMargaret12 May 189610 Aug 1993Jesse TharpPhoto
THARPMary Ellen04 Apr 187126 Sep 1952Wilbur TharpPhoto
THARPWilbur L.14 Sep 186527 Dec 1955Mary TharpPhoto
WELLSMary Anne03 Dec 188616 Dec 1914 Photo
WELLSTripletsNo dates  Photo
WHITAKERAustinxx xxx 1891xx xxx 1956 Photo
WHITAKERBide B.25 Dec 187623 Oct 1950 Photo
WHITAKERDaniel T.29 Apr 187522 Aug 1942 Photo
WHITAKERGeorgiaxx xxx 1891xx xxx 1931Lloyd WhitakerPhoto
WHITAKERLloyd W.xx xxx 1889xx xxx 1930Georgia WhitakerPhoto
WHITAKERRhoda G.xx xxx 1878xx xxx 1946William WhitakerPhoto
WHITAKERWilliam J.xx xxx 1873xx xxx 1946Rhoda WhitakerPhoto
WHITTAKERGlen O.23 Apr 192007 Sep 1987Opal WhittakerPhoto
WHITTAKERGlen O.23 Apr 192007 Sep 1987WW II Korea VietnamPhoto
WHITTAKEROpal M.22 Feb 1908no datem. 24 Jun 1972Photo
WILLClide A.21 Jan 190902 Mar 19090s/o H. F. and L. F. WillPhoto
WILLHenry25 Dec 187817 Jun 1944 Photo
WILLKonrad05 Feb 184422 Apr 1915 Photo
WILSONGuy Davidxx xxx 1902xx xxx 1981PTRS US Navy WWIIPhoto
WILSONThelma Smithxx xxx 1902xx xxx 1972 Photo
WILSONW.H.05 Apr 185903 Apr 1918 Photo

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