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Atoka County
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File Description

Date Submitter
BILLY, Esias Nashoba 08/1999 Kathy Pitts
BONHAM, Olie V. - Text
BONHAM, Olie V. - Photo
12/30/2006 Jean Vandenburg
CLARK, Iva Earle (Harris) 12/1998 Lola Withrow
CLARK, Joe 12/1998 Lola Withrow
COOPER, Thelma M. (Bonham) 12/15/2003 Jean Vandenburg
COUNTRYMAN, Dary C. 12/12/2003 June
CLEMENTS, Lovena (Countryman) 12/12/2003 June
COLE, Ruby Molissie 08/08/2002 Howard Grisso


08/08/2002 Tammie Chada
EVANS, Ernest C. & Photo 11/08/2007 Shelley Lynch
FORD, Carmen (Harris) 12/1998 Lola Withrow
GAGE, Cora 11/06/2006 Shelley Lynch
GRANGER, Frances Gayle Yates 01/15/2003 Jean Vandenburg
GRANGER, Photo Image & Obit
HARRIS, Joel Franklin "Frank" 12/1998 Lola Withrow
HARRIS, Oliver Ferman 12/1998 Lola Withrow
HALL, Harold Dorse 02/1999 Trudy Marlow
HARVEY, B.J. 03/1999 Trudy Marlow
HICKS, Tennie Syvilla Webb 2/11/2002 Ruth Callahan
HICKS, George M. 2/11/2002 Ruth Callahan
HORATH, Jimmie Dwight 02/1999 Trudy Marlow
IMMEL, James Walter 3/04/2003 Tammie Chada
LADD, D.C. 12/1998 Charles Ladd
LADD, Mary Carroll 12/1998 Charles Ladd
MALOY, Adie Bell Simpson 05/17/2003 C. Colston
MEAD, Elmer E. Feb 2000 Leona Griffin
McCASLAND, Hayden D. 02/16/2000 Hayden D. McCasland
McCASLAND, Clarence M. 02/16/2000 Hayden D. McCasland
MILLER, Lena Mahalia 03/1/2000 Leona Griffin
MORTON, Lucille Irene (Goss)
Dau. of William and Mattie Goss
01/13/2002 Teresa Young
MORRIS, James Andrew 03/16/2002 Tammie Chada
NEWTON, Fay L. 03/15/2002 Tammie Chada
OVERSTREET, James Oda 01/1999 Trudy Marlow
PARKER, Monty and Nelda 12/31/2006 Jean Vandenburg
PARKER, Rodney and Pearl 01/04/2007 Scott Havard
PETTIGREW, Nadine Carter "Laverne" 03/1999 Jacque Reynolds
POLK, Dick 03/1999 Trudy Marlow
PRICE, Mrs. Mazie Ann 09/20/2003 C. Colston
PUGH, Rhoda (Williams) 08/08/2002 >Peggy B. Perazzo
QUARLES, William P. 03/1999 Melissa Wells
QUINLIN, Bobbie J. 12/1998 Trudy Marlow
RICHEY, Lorene J. (Williams)
Dau. of Homer & Sarah Williams
05/29/2000 Lola Withrow
SIMS, J.H. "Sam" 12/1998 Trudy Marlow
SMITH, Ola Haney 02/1999 Trudy Marlow
SMITH, R.A. 12/1998 Lola Withrow
SNEAD, Dorothy Flora (Keeler) 12/7/2001 Tammy Snead Mackey
STANFORD, Donald Gordon 10/16/2006 Shelley Lynch
STINSON, Opal Edith (Fronterhouse) 01/11/2003 Lola Withrow
WEBB, Stella Bell 02/25/2008 Judith Grayson
WEBB, Charles Sims 02/25/2008 Judith Grayson
WITHROW, Darnell Philip -- Text - Jan 12, 2009 Jan 16, 2009 Lola (Harris) Withrow
WRIGHT, Dolly D. 08/08/2002 Tammie Chada
YARBROUGH, Samuel Thompson 09/16/2001 Peggy Yarbrough

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