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Photos of Tombstones
Rockland Cemetery, Belpre, Belpre Township, Ohio
Cemetery, Rockland - Image 168K
Abbott, Harold & Wilma - Image 43K
Abbott, Lucy B. & William W. - Image 41K
Alexander, Bessie C. - Image 63K
Alexander, George E. - Image 63K
Alexander, George E. - Image 68K
Allen, Forest & Margaret - Image 60K
Anderson, Albert & Mollie - Image 46K
Anderson, Ruben - Image 36K
Ayers, John & Maxine - Image 51K
Bachelor, John Frederick & Clara Ellen - Image 48K
Barnes, Arizona - Image 45
Barton, Lucy C. & Earl S. - Image 37K
Baxter, Alice M. & Lawrence A. - Image 35K
Benkert, Betty Ann - Image 40K
Berry, Robert & Lydia - Image 56K
Block, Mary Lee & John W. - Image 37K
Boggs, Daris N. & Meryl - Image 47K
Boggs, Daris N. - Image 50K
Branch, Sidney & Madalen - Image 43K
Brown, Harley & Edith - Image 54K
Brown, Harley & Edith - Image 37K
Brownfield, Paul Levi - Image 35K
Buchanan, Pres & Annie - Image 31
Burd, Tony & Elsie - Image 49
Campbell, Katharine & Zeke - Image 35K
Campbell, Okey & Betty - Image 50K
Carpenter, C.F. - Image 58
Cassady, Harry & Bernice - Image 55
Collins, Charles L. & Naomi J. - Image 47K
Covey, Omer & Mary - Image 52
Dalton, Jasper M. & Margaretta L. - Image 64K
Darnold, Rebecca & Thomas - Image 59K
Delo, Thomas & Mabel - Image 34K
Dewees, Elza B. & Elleanor - Image 52K
Dellinger, George W., Sr. & Manda M. - Image 26K
Digman, Maary E. & Lon - Image 42K
Evans, Charles, Mary & Ray - Image 63K
Everhart, Hazel - Image 61K
Fortney, Hosea & Betty L. - Image 47K
Fortney, Hosea - Image 60K
Foster, Millard, Mary M., Betty J. - Image 34
Fox-Buskirk, Jennings, Ethel & Walter - Image 34K
Frame, Helen F. & Roland T. - Image 59K
Frame, Roland T. & Helen F. - Image 59K
French, Harley - Image 37
Gavin, Ethel - Image 40K
Gentry, Ray & Nora - Image 49
Giffen, William & Mary - Image 54K
Goodwin, Charles L. - Image 34K
Graham, Archie - Image 54K
Graham, Brian Eric - Image 59K
Graham, Gary Wayne - Image 63K
Graham, Kenneth Ray - Image 40K
Grogg, B. Mae & James B., Sr. - Image 45K
Grogg, James B., Jr. - Image 54K
Guthrie, Anita June - Image 43K
Haggard, Connie - Image 42K
Haggard, M. Edward - Image 39K
Harden, Ben & Eva - Image 47K
Harrington, A.j. & Lizzie J. - Image 78K
Hawk, Frank & Emily - Image 51K
Hawk, Lillie A. & Raymond L. - Image 38K
Holdren, Clara & Clarence - Image 40K
Horton, Clark - Image 48
Hostottle, Bernice & Paul - Image 41K
Ingold, Overview - Image 33K
Ingold, Steven Howard - Image 35K
Jeffers, Ruby - Image 62K
Jones, Leo F. & Ernest F. - Image 38K
Jones, Theo & Ida - Image 46K
Kimble, Richard - Image 43K
Kingsley, Lucy - Image 62K
Kramer, Thomas - Image 55K
Kysor, John & Clara - Image 46K
Logue, Edna (Speece) - Image 38K
Long, Asa - Image 76
Long, Lillie E. - Image 68
Lowther, Ann & Raymond - Image 34K
Luzader, Pierce, Marie & Patricia - Image 52
Maddox, George & Estella - Image 37
Masters, Jack - Image 45K
McAfee, Russell & Elsie - Image 52K
McFarland, Edward - Image 58K
McFarland, Walter L. - Image 42K
McFarland, William & Kate - Image 47K
McGee, Geraldine - Image 49K
McGrew, Overview - Image 51
McGrew, Vernon E., Sr. - Image 42
McGrew, Vesta - Image 53
McPherson, David & Gail - Image 61K
Melvin, Jack - Image 39K
Miller, Jack - Image 28K
Miller, Jack - Image 46K
Miller, Lee & Gladys - Image 35K
Nichols, H. Keith & Pamela - Image 46
Nichols, Harry & Glendora - Image 60K
Nolan, Lyda & Ralph - Image 36K
Norris, John & Gusta - Image 24K
Norris, John C. - Image 54K
Norris, Gusta - Image 42K
Nowery, Edith & William - Image 40K
Nutter, John & Carrie - Image 58K
Nuzum, Della & Charles - Image 50
Oakes, Percy & Ada - Image 34K
Park, Robert - Image 78K
Parker Headstone - Image 32K
Parker, Alice - Image 47K
Parsons, Myrtis - Image 36K
Pendercraft-Carter, Elizabeth & Delia - Image 44K
Pool, Rachel - Image 42K
Poole, Charles V. - Image 43K
Pryor, Augusta & C. Henry - Image 40K
Pryor, Helen & Rodney - Image 38K
Quick, Howard W. & Helen J. - Image 42K
Reading, John December 16, 1861
Leslyn Lang
Reynolds, Brooks & Virgina - Image 42K
Richards, Lemuel & Eileen - Image 35K
Roberts, Hazel - Image 48K
Roberts, Harry - Image 32K
Roberts-Poole, Overview - Image 52K
Roberts, Samuel & Lula - Image 47K
Robinson, Bertha & Robert - Image 33K
Rouse, John & Rebecca - Image 51K
Ryan, W. Blanche & Geo. Porter - Image 59
Sampson, Eva & Mary - Image 65K
Sampson, Joseph - Image 56K
Selmon, Jacob & Alice - Image 43
Severs, Bert H. & Vonda G. - Image 40K
Shaffer, Dorothy & Donald, Sr. - Image 57K
Shaw, Lillian E. - Image 26K
Singleton, Fred H. & Lillian M. - Image 57K
Smith, Pauline & Russell - Image 42K
Snyder, Ernest - Image 42K
Snyder, Joy - Image 53K
Speece, John & Mary - Image 36K
Stacy, Emory E. And Cora A. - Image 30K
Swick, Donald - Image 33K
Taylor, Bessye - Image 66K
Taylor, Edward - Image 57K
Taylor, U. Grant - Image 61K
Thurmond, Warren - Image 67K
Tompkins, Benjamin & Sarah - Image 47K
Toothman, William & Bertie - Image 56K
Tredway, Richard & Nancy - Image 46K
Tucker, Charles - Image 62K
Tucker, Emory O. - Image 55K
Tucker, Hazel - Image 52K
Tucker, Lucille - Image 76K
Turrill, Luvada - Image 60K
Ullom, Nora - Image 70K
Way, Homer & Sadie - Image 37
Way, Homer & Sadie - Image 37
Way, Robert - Image 49
Webb, Wilma - Image 45K
West, Bertha - Image 40K
West, Garnet L. & Guy C. - Image 46K
West, Howard K. - Image 100K
West, Mary Louise - Image 34K
West, William - Image 51K
Wiley, Vera & Arza - Image 39K
Wilfong, Janet & Madge - Image 55K
Williams, Howard E. - Image 47K
Wilson, Jo Ann, W. A., William & Hazel - Image 32K
Windland, William - Image 45K
Wine, Draper - Image 49K
Wine, Rosie - Image 74K
Woodyard, Helen & Claude - Image 48
Woodyard, Henry & Mary - Image 46


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