Elk Cemetery

Elk Twp.
Vinton Co.

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These tombstone photos have been generously donated by Robin Fife, 24 July, 2003
The most recent update made to this page on 14 June, 2005.

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Darby, Stephen P., 1898 - 1969 Stephen Pearce Darby was the son of James William & Minnie (Pierce) Darby. He married Mary Durkin.
Darby, James W., 1858 -[*March] 1947; Minnie P., 1862 - 1952 James William Darby, the son of Stephen & Margaret (Graves) Darby. James was a well known Judge & attorney in Vinton Co., Ohio. James W. Darby married Minnie Pearce on 15 Sept. 1889, the daughter of Alexander & Amanda (Ward) Pearce. *Minnie was born in McArthur, 8 May, 1862 & died at home on 30 May, 1952. *[Additional data contributed by Elizabeth Ann Graves Clark]
Darby, Anna E., 1892 - 1975 Anna Eileen Darby was the daughter of James William & Minnie (Pearce) Darby.
Fee, John R., 1857 - 1936 -Father-; Mary E., 1865 - 1962 -Mother-
Fee, Charley G., 1881 - 1954; Ethel A., 1886 - 1954
Fee, Clarice, 1912 - 1936 -Mother-
Fee, Herbert, 1905 - 1960
Fee, Gifford R., 1903 - 1990; Dorothy G., 1909 - 1986 Gifford R. married Dorothy G. Hutt, dau. of James Milton & Elva Mae (Nixon) HUtt.
Fee, Gifford Wayne, Oct. 14, 1926 - June 21, 1992; Vaughna M., June 9, 1933 -__ Gifford Wayne Fee, son of Gifford R. & Dorothy G. (Hutt) Fee, married Vaughna Minton, dau. of George & Beatrice Birdell (McClure) Minton.
Frye, Lindsey E., 1865 - 1941; Louisa E., 1871 - 1956 Lindsey E. Frye, the son of Samuel Darby Frye & Hannah (Scott). Married Louisa A. Wyatt, the daughter of Benjamin F. & Elizabeth (Hutt) Wyatt
Graves, Lilly, 1917 - 1938 Lilly was a daughter of Plyley & Anna Myrtle (Eagon) Graves.
Graves, Dorothy Sharp, 1911 - 1980; Arlin "Hap" 1912 - 2000 Arlin, U.S. Navy, WWII military marker Arlin Bently Graves was the son of Lindsey Osborn & Blanche Lorenda (Clark) Graves. Arlin married Dorothy M. Sharp.
Graves, Blanche Clark, 1881 - 1929 Blanche Clark Graves was the daughter of William P. & Lovina (Scott) Clark. Blanche married Lindsey Osborn Graves, son of William Harrison & Sara Alice (Ratcliff)Graves.
Graves, Plyley, 1869 - 1960; Anna M. (Eagon), 1884 - 1952 Plyley Graves, son of Eli M. & Martha Nichols Graves. Married Anna Myrtle Eagon
Graves, Basil J., Apr. 29, 1910 - Mar. 31, 1973; Gladys F., June 17, 1917 -
Nickels, Infant son, Dec. 18, 1934
Nickels, Harley C., 1891 - 1931; Mary L., 1890 - 1976
Nickels, Frank L., Ohio, SSgt. BTRY D, 413 AAA GUN BN CAC, Nov. 12, 1915 - Oct. 29, 1965, WW II
Nicholas, Edward, 1853 - 1923; Sarah, 1858 - 1909
Nicholas, Thomas E., 1888 - 1932
Specht, Harry R., 1920
Specht, Harry H., 1897 - 1957; Merle, 1897 - 1991
Waldron, Other C., Feb. 23, 1893 - Dec. 15, 1917, Co. A, 108th Engineers
Waldron, Mary, 1863 - 1954; Alonzo, 1865 - 1941
Wallar, William, 1907 - 1927 William Wallar was the son of Charles G. Wallar and Anna Louise Collins. He died at the age of 20.
Wallar, Charles G., 1867 - 1922; Anna L., his wife, 1868 - 1953 Charles G. Wallar married Anna Louise Collins, dau. of William W. Collins and Mary A. Waldron.
Wallar, Bobbie, July 11, 1933 Robert "Bobbie" Waller was the stilborn son of Frank M. Waller and Mamie West
Wallar, Frank M., June 27, 1895 - Feb. 17, 1972; Mamie West, Nov. 7, 1898 - Apr. 19, 1993 Frank M. Wallar, son of Charles G. Waller and Anna Louise Collins married Mamie E. West, dau. of John Wesley West and Mattie Whitlatch. -Military Marker for Frank M. Wallar- click here Ohio Pvt. Co. A, 110 ENGR 35 Div. WW I PH, June 27, 1895 - Feb. 17, 1972
Ziegler, Francis E., 1862 - 1930 Francis Ellsworth Ziegler, married Cora Hutt and after her death married Grace L. Graves.
Ziegler, Grace L., 1882 - 1963 Grace was the dau. of William Harrison Graves and Sara Alice Ratcliff. Grace married Francis Ellsworth Ziegler
Ziegler, Clarence R., 1911 - 1998 Clarence R. Ziegler was the son of Francis Ellsworth Ziegler and Grace L. Graves. He married Dorothy I. Kelly.
Ziegler, Dorothy Kelly, 1914 - 1996 Dorothy I. Kelly , dau. of George Kelly and Laura Copas married Clarence R. Ziegler.
Ziegler, Oris A., 1892 - 1963; Olla M., 1895 - 1959 Oris A. Ziegler was the son of Francis Ellsworth Ziegler and his first wife Cora Hutt. Oris married Alla M.

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