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Summit Co.

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These tombstone photos have been generously donated by Kimberly Nolan-Frederick, 27 Jan., 2004
Most recent update made 27 Jan., 2004.
This cemetery is located at 3162 Kent Rd., Stow, Oh.

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Gaylord, overview of Gaylord plot.
Gaylord, overview of Gaylord plot.
Gaylord, Johnathon, 1747 1819, Rev. War Veteran Johnathon was the son of Samuel & Margaret (Clark) Gaylord; brother of Samuel Gaylord; died 1813. He was born 29 Oct. 1747, in Middletown, CT., married 9 May 1773 to Elizabeth Goodwin, she died 1809 in Stow, OH aged 61y. Johnathon died 1819, Stow, Summit Co., OH.
Gaylord, Lovisa, wife of Samuel Gaylord, aged 57y
Gaylord, Samuel, 1806 - 1885
Gaylord, Isabella. died __1865 Wife of Thomas; mother of Mary Ann d: 1850. Difficult memorial to read.
Gaylord, Mary Ann, dau. of Thomas & Isabella Gaylord, b. 22 June 1832, d. 17 Dec. 1850
Gaylord, Samuel, 1813 Samuel is the son of Samuel & Margret (Clark) Gaylord & husband of Azbah Atkins. Revolutionary War Veteran. Grandfather of Josiah Gaylord, buried in Sec. C, Lot 15, Plot 7. View of Rev.War marker.
Gaylord, Clara, 1870 - 1939 Clara (Brock) Gaylord-Case, wife of Willis Wilber Gaylord, was born 1870 in England, died 25 Nov. 1939 Cuyahoga Falls, Summit Co., OH, bur. 29 Nov. 1939, Sec. C, Lot 15, Plot 6
Gaylord, Mary E., 1862 - 1884 Mary E. is the daughter of Josiah & Laura (Beckley) Gaylord. She was born 1862 in Cuyahoga Falls, Summit Co., OH, died 25 Aug. 1884 Cuyahoga Falls, Summit Co., OH., aged 22y. Very old stone. Can read only Mary E. across the top. Sec. C, Lot 15, Plot 9.
Gaylord, Sylvester & Julia A. (North)
Gaylord, Charles N., 18952 - 1942; Lucy W. (Southmayd, his wife, 1855 - 1908
Gaylord, Thomas, 1782 - 1868
Gaylord, Charlotte Phebe, 1817 - 1886
Gaylord, Elizabeth Banning, 1830 - 1890 Wife of Henry Butler Gaylord
Gaylord, Henry Butler, 1816 - 1890 Husband of Elizabeth Banning
Gaylord, Noel S., b. 1865, d. 9 Oct. 1937, ated 71y Brother of Willis Wilber Gaylord; son of Josiah & Laura (Beckley) Gaylord." Was weak minded, but outlived all of his family. Mrs Clara (Brock) Gaylord-Case (sister-in-law cared for him for a good many years." Frank A. Green. Sec. C, Lot 15, Plot 4.
Gaylord, Willis Wilber, 1869 - 1912, aged 43y Son of Josiah & Laura (Beckley) Gaylord. Husband of Clara (Brock) Gaylord-Case. He was born 2 Mar., 1869 in Cuyahoga Falls, died 5 Apr. 1912 in Cuyahoga Falls, Summit Co., OH. Buried on 8 Apr. 1912. Sec. C, Lot 15, Plot 5.
Nolan, Lena Mae, 1897 - 1941 Wife of Francis "Frank" John Nolan bur: Holy Cross Cem., Akron, OH; dau. of Willis Wilbur & Clara (Brock) Gaylord-Case. Born 14 Aug. 1897 Cuyahoga Falls, died 16 May 1941, 11:30 pm, Akron, Summit Co., OH. Bur: 21 May, 1941, aged 43y 9m 2d, Sec. C, Lot 15, Plot 3.
Murphy, Raymond Norman, 24 Jan. 1938 - 2 Feb. 1977, aged 39y Son of Winifred.Bur: 4 Feb. 1977, Sec. C, Lot 15, Plot 1
Murphy, Winifred Helene, 1915 - 1946 -Mother- Winifred Helene (Nolan) Murphy, dau. of Lena Mae (Gaylord) & Francis "Frank" John Nolan. died 13 Dec. 1946, aged 31y. Bur: Sec. C, Lot 15, Plot 2.

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