Londonderry Cemetery

Entrance photo by Marvin & Samme Templin

Liberty Township
Ross County

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Arganbright, Margaret, wife of Madison Arganbright, Sept. 20, 1851 - Mar. 3, 1875 Madison Arganbright married Margaret M. Dixon.
Butts, Alfred, Apr. 4, 1846 - Aug. 1, 1906; Luvicea E. Blamer, his wife, Jan. 23, 1843 - July 5, 1906 Alfred Butts married Luvicea E. Blamer, daughter of Joseph & Matilda P. (Anderson) Blamer. Worked for the B&O Railroad and was killed when he was hit by a train while working Vigo & Ray, Ohio.
Butts, George W., Oct. 5, 1873 - May 20, 1903 George W. Butts was the son of Alfred & Luvicea E. (Blamer) Butts. He was a section forman for the B & O Railroad. He was killed in a railroad accident.
Clay, Louisa L. (Darby), 1849 - 1932 Daughter of Stephen & Margaret (Graves) Darby. She married John Clay
Darby, Samuel G., 1851 - 1934; Ebbie E. Stevens, his wife, 1853 - 1925 Samuel Graves Darby was the son of Stephen Darby and Margaret Graves. He married Ebbie E. Stevens, daughter of John Stevens and Mary Lancaster. Ebbie's mothers name has also been given as Mary Kunkle. Could be two marriages.
Darby, Delvan Dolphin, 1871 - 1947 Delvan was the son of Samuel & Ebbie E. (Stevens) Darby.
Dixon, Elisha, died Aug. 24, 1833, aged 35 years; Rachel Ratcliff, born July 17, 1804, died Feb. 1, 1882 Rachel Dixon married Simon Ratcliff. Elisha Dixon was Rachel's brother.
Gillette, Harry Joseph, Oct. 2, 1920 - July 14, 1993
Gillette, James E., 1866 - 1945 James Edward Gillette, Jr., son of James Edward & Margaret Ann Evans Gillette, Sr. Married Leatha Virginia Butts, daughter of Alfred & Luvicea E. (Blamer) Butts.
Gillette, Leatha V., 1880 - 1955 Leatha Virginia Butts, daughter of Alfred & Luvicea E. (Blamer) Butts, married James Edward Gillette, Jr.
Gillette, James Tiffin, 1902 - 1927 James Tiffin Gillette was the son of James Edward Jr. & Leatha Virginia (Butts) Gillette.
Gillette, John R., 1916 - 1970; Cleo Leach, 1914 - 1999 John Richard Gillette, son of James Edward & Leatha Virginia (Butts) Gillette, Jr., Cleo P. Leach, daughter of Carl & Osie (Sands) Leach.
Gillette, John R., Ohio, PFC 1486th SVC COMD Unit, World WAr II, Oct. 23, 1916 - Aug. 28, 1970
Graves, Albert Leroy, 1927 - 1990; Georgia Kline, 1926 - __, Parents of Jody Lee
Graves, Albert L., 1 ADAN US Navy, World War II, mar. 4, 1927 - Oct. 8, 1990
Graves, Mildred Bolte, 1904 - 2002
Graves, Head stone over view.
Graves, Rev. Cloyd U., 1915 - 1976 Cloyd Uel Graves, son of Walter & Saisy Lucy (Darby) Graves.
Graves, Eloise H., 1919 - __ Wife of Cloyd Graves.
Graves, Larry W., July 22, 1940 Son of Cloyd Uel & Eloise H. Graves.
Graves, Rev. E. J., a minister 44 years, 1869 - 1941; Daisy S., 1879 - 1954 Eli Jackson Graves, son of Thurman & Mary Jane (Ferrell) Graves, married Stella Daisy Sowers.
Graves, Glenn W., 1905 - 1940 Glenn Wesley Graves was the son of Alva A. & Jennie Alvertta (Sperry) Graves.
Graves, Rufus, 1869 - 1946; Ida Arganbright, 1874 - 1954 Rufus Graves, son of Joseph C. & Margia S. (Fitzgerald) Graves, married Ida Arganbright.
Graves, Larry E. (Eddie), May 21, 1940 - Feb. 26, 2003; Alice M. (Pee Wee), May 5, 1944 -
Graves, Willard, May 13, 1908 - May 25, 1958; Loretta, Apr. 11, 1917 - Jan. 7, 2002 Willard Graves was the son of Plyley & Anna Myrtle (Eagan) Graves. Click here for view of his military marker.Pvt. U.S. Army, World War II, 1908 - 1958
Graves, Raymond R., Mar. 31, 1918 - Dec. 30, 1991; Helen L., Apr. 29, 1922 - Click here for a view of Raymond's military marker. PFC U.S. Army, World War II, Mar. 31, 1918 - Dec. 30, 1991
Graves, Harry N., Feb. 7, 1894 - Sept. 21, 1970; Anna Cox, May 14, 1892 - July 8, 1981
Graves, Harry N., 1894 - 1970 Harry Nathan Graves, son of Wesley & Laura E. (Duffy) Graves. Harry married A. Cox.
Graves, Anna I., 1892 - 1981 Anna I. Cox married Harry Nathan Graves.
Graves, Mildred O., Oct. 25, 1915 - _; Stanley D., Mar. 9, 1916 - Oct. 10, 1989
Graves, Homer R., Sept. 4, 1915 - Dec. 31, 1989; Sylvia M., Aug. 30, 1930 - __; Married Jan. 13, 1947 Click here to view Homer's military marker. -U.S. Army
Graves, Ernest "Joe" G., Feb. 20, 1912 - Aug. 28, 2001; Edna E., Apr. 16, 1916 - Dec. 19, 1989 Ernest is the son of Eli Jackson & Stella Daisy (Sowers) Graves.
Graves, Jesse O., 1907 - 1982; Geraldine E., 1911 - 1972
Graves, Jean Ann, August 10, 1949 - October 29, 1999; Mother of Greg & Lisa
Nickels, Addah M., 1863 - 1942 Ada May Bone married to Simeon Nickels.
Nickels, Simeon Nickels married Ada May Bone.
Ratcliff, Memorial Overview
Ratcliff, Simon, born Aug. 23, 1800, died Oct. 1, 1885 Simon Ratcliff married Rachel Dixon.
Ratcliff, Ann, aged 31 y, 8m 24d; Pearly, aged 11y, 3m, 6d; Simon, aged 11m, 24d, Jesse, aged 7m, 25d; James N., son of W. & A. Graves Ann, Pearly, Simon & two infants who died at birth or shortly thereafter were the children of Simon & Rachel (Dixon) Ratcliff. Ann Ratcliff married William Graves and James N. was their son. At one time there were probably individual stones, as the lot is quite large. However there is only one remaining small stone that is almost completely buried in the ground and this oblisk with the names engraved on it.
Trego, Harold J., PFC US Army, World War II, Jan. 9, 1914 - Feb. 6, 1987 Harold James Trego was the son of William & Myrtle (Howland) Trego. Harold married Josephine Ada Gillette, daughter of James E. & Letha Virginia (Butts) Gillette, Jr.
Trego, Josephine Ada Gillette, Jan. 27, 1919 - Nov. 8, 1991 Josephine Ada Gillette, dau. of James Edward & Leatha Virginia (Butts) Gillette, Jr., married harold James Trego, son of William & Myrtle (Howland) Trego.
Tweed, Tessa, 1871 - 1951; George, 1869 - 1949 Tessa M. Butts, daughter of Alfred & Luvicea E. (Blamer) Butts, married George T. Tweed, son of Thurman & Mary (Boblett) Tweed.

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