Old Methodist Cemetery

For those that are perhaps seeing these transcriptions for the first time, the transcriptions may give on first glance, the appearance of a great many typos, so I feel obligated to explain that the abundance of y, m, and d represent abbreviations for year, month and day. Although you will find most engravers follow similar patterns, it seems there are several different abbreviations used to represent these three time terms including: y, yr, yrs, yr's & years; m. mo, mos, mo's, and months; d. da, das, da's, and days and on rare occasions, h, hr, hrs, hr's, and hours. I tend not to use commas except to seperate surname from given name, given name from date, except where found on actual inscription, same goes for the [.] (period). When you see the symbol [_] (underscore), I use it to represent missing or unreadable letters, or if a lot of letters are unreadable I may express it by several periods, such as Jos...h . Sometimes you will find raised letters such as "c" in surnames such as in McClain, or if the engraver added smaller letters that were left out and added later, when I encounter them, tend to express them, when possible, as found on the stone. Sometimes engravers will use the term Æ or æ, this is just a term that generally replaces the word "aged". One last comment, all actual text found engraved, will come first in bold text. All comments, observations, personal knowledge remarks added by submitter, concerning an individual, but not inscribed on stone, will then proceed in regular text.~R.M.Sizelove~
Ohio Cemetery Photo Project
Old Methodist Cemetery
Colerain Twp.
Ross Co., Ohio

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Transcriptions & Photos by
Robert M. Sizelove, Sr. on November 15, 2000.
The most recent update to this page made on 04 September, 2006.

I wish to present the following transcriptions of the memorials of our ancestral loved ones, buried at the Old Methodist Cemetery, Adelphi, Colerain Twp., Ross Co., Ohio. This project started as brief walk through in early January 2000. The cemetery is located directly across the road from Belleview Cemetery. Both are located right in the heart of this village. My transcriptions start nearest fence on gate side, facing cemetery, from right to left, front to back. The cemetery is located on a hillside, which gives a view to a public park below it, and to several residences nearby. Many of the larger memorials have been toppled from their bases, the stones have suffered much vandalization over the years. On the day I finished transcribing, it had been freshly mowed and nicely trimmed. I'm assuming that the care, given to this and the adjoining cemetery are township responsibility. I am solely responsible for all of the memorial stone transcriptions contained within this report, and have done so to the best of my ability. However, I make no warranty of being 100% correct, as some of the memorials are in a very deteriorated condition, leaving less than complete inscriptions. Use this information to assist your research, but don't substitute it for good public (courthouse) and /or family bible documents. Initial transcriptions made January 6, 2000, revisions 26 August 2000, revised 15 October 2000, revised 15 November 2000, revised 07 June 2001 & 1 March 2003. As always, should you have sourced information improving upon the transcriptions contained herein, please advise me and I will update these reading. I'm sorry to report that on my last visit to this cemetery, 17 Aug. 2005, I found the gate protecting this cemetery removed and lying on the ground, just inside the fenced area. Robert M. Sizelove, Sr. © 2000 - 2006

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Row 1.
i. Unknown burial [base with missing headstone]
ii. Rumney, [footstone for Rumney infant in next row]
iii. Hinton, Thomas, died June 17, 1821 - aged 84years 9mo. & 17da.
iv. Hinton, Henry A., died Sep. 8, 1857, aged 30y 7m 18d

Row 2.
i. Whisler, Michael, died Aug. 31, 1864, aged 75 y'rs & 4d's, Rebecca, wife of M. 
Whisler, died June 29, 1857, aged 58 y'rs, 8m's, & 6d's
ii. Rumney, ___, died May 21, 1838, aged 18 months & 9 days "…Sweet babe & rest, 
For such thy saviour blest.(close view) [surname very difficult to be sure of]
iii. Whisler, Infant, son of M. & R. Whisler [no dates]
iv. Whisler, Catherine, dau. of M. & R. Whisler, died Oct. 3, 1847, aged 6 yrs, 10 m 
close view& 13 ds [found this stone completely buried, 
also relocated cut stone base matching it]
v. Hinton, Lucretia, daughter of Elias & Susannah Hinton, died August 18, 1823; 
aged 1 mo & 28 days
Row 3. i. Colvin, James L., May 28, 1819 - Apr. 23, 1860, Catharine, his wife, Jan. 16, 1829 - Dec. 16, 1868,
[other side of same stone has the following] James Engle, Mary, his wife, their children; Barbara, Philip, James, Betty ii. Lance, Mary, wife of Peter Lance, died march 22, 1857, aged 40 yrs 3mo 20ds [stone broken into two major pieces w/ engravers name in lower right corner] "Smith, Gorsuch, and Co., Chillicothe, O. iii. Lance, Harriet E., dau. of P. & M. Lance, died Nov. 25, 1856, aged 16 years 7mo 4 days iv. Lance, Peter, FATHER [stone broken off & upper portion cemented into base, with all dates missing] v. Bowsher, Thomas, died Apr. 8, 1862, aged 26 ys vi. Bowsher, Mary E., dau. of T. & S. Bowsher, died mar. 29, 1862, aged 1y 6 days [stone broken into several fragments, two of the pieces leaning against part still remaining in base]
vii. Hall, Josephus, died May 2, 1850, aged 22y 6m 1d
[inscription not readable] viii. Hall, Harriet, died May 12, 1850, aged 20 yrs & 5 days Row 4. i. Betzer, Blanche A., dau. of W.S. & M. G. Betzer, died Sep. 16, 1865, aged 2 yrs 8m 14 d ii. Engle, Philip, Co. A , 27th Ohio INF [this military stone contains no dates] iii. Stump, John Jacob, died Nov. 22, 1858, aged 86y 5m 12d iv. Stump, __, wife of Jacob Stump, died Nov. 2, 1828, aged 51y 7m 19d "She lived beloved and died lamented" [could find only two small fragments of this stone] v. Haller, William, son of Henry & Magdalena Haller, was born Aug. 28, 180_, departed Aug. 11, 1821, aged _ years, 11m. [large four sided vault looking memorial aprox. 3' x 6' in size, inscrip. very deteriated] vi. Haller, Magdalena, wife of Henry Haller of Reading Pa., died July 3, 1855, aged 70 or 79 ys 9mo 25d [stone broken through middle] vii. Haller, Henry, In Memory of …, A Native of Reading Pa. Who departed this life Oct. 23rd. 1837, aged 67 years. [large matching memorial to his son's William] viii. Haller, Rebecca, died Nov. 20, 1830, aged 21 yrs, …mo., and 3 days [this fragment leaning against Henry Haller memorial, probably dau. of Henry] ix. Dillon, Sarah, (Morris), dau. of John & Julia Dillon, wife of William Morris born Jan. 11, 1838, died Mar. 16, 1874 x. Dillon, Julia Ann, wife of John Dillon, died Nov. 22, 1872, aged 56y 8m 22d xi. Dillon, John, died Jan. 11, 1879, aged 62y, 10m & 10d xii. Hall, Hester, wife of James Hall, died Apr. 13, 1853, aged 64y 26d xiii. Hall, James, died Jan. 5, 1856, aged 68y 1m 13d [inscription under date] Row 5. i. Secaur, Oscar L., son of H. & S. Secaur, died Aug. 26, 1862, aged 14d ii. Secaur, Harriet, wife of Samuel Secaur, died Oct. 6, 1870, aged 40 years iii. Fowler, Samuel W., In memory of Samuel W., son of James & Clarissa Fowler, died Sep. 18, 1839, aged 8 months 10 days iv. Kieffer, Sarah, (Biehl), wife of Joseph Kieffer, died July 19, 1851, aged 66y 3m 20d Row 6. i. Weaver, William R., son of Isaac M. & Louisa, died may 15, 1863, aged 5 yrs, 3 mo, & 10d ii. Weaver, Louisa, July 12, 1830 - Mar. 16, 1872 iii. Weaver, Mary E., daughter of Isaac M. & Louisa Weaver, died Nov. 2, 1860, aged 1y & 2 mo iv. Weaver, Joseph, died Sep. 9, 1860, aged 28y 7m 23d v. Weaver, Henry, died Aug. 18, 1857, aged 55y 8m 3d vi. McThomas, Infant son, of C & A. McThomas, died Jan. 28, 1855, aged 17d vii. Weaver, Freedy, wife of Henry Weaver, died Nov. 23, 1867, aged 54y 8m 21d" …mother dear hath left us And thy loss is deeply felt. But tis God that has bereft us, He can all our sorrows heal" viii. O'Neal, Mary, wife of Barton O'Neal, born AD1768…74 years [stone very deteriated & difficult to read] ix. McCabe, Elizabeth, wife of W, McCabe, died Mar. 15, 1847, In the 32 year of her age. x. Dillon, John W. & Jacob R., sons of John & Julia Ann Dillon, J.W. died Sept. 18, 1839, aged 2m 1d, J.R. died Sept.28, 1839, aged 2m 11d xi. Unknown burial, fragment …chler…1824, aged 1y 1m & 22 days[very old, deteriated stone] xii. Cartlich, Sarah E., daughter of Abm. & Lucinda Cartlich, died July 3, 1842, ae 9 mos xiii. Dillon, Hester E., dau. of J. & JA Dillon, died Apr. 12, 1855, aged 1m & 3d 2nd view xiv. Dillon, Addy M., dau. of J & J Dillon, died Feb. 23, 1860, aged 3y 1m 15d xv. Combs, Infant, son of C. & R. Combs, died Oct. 22, 1853, aged 20 days xvi. Combs, Infant, son of C. & R. Combs, died Dec. 26, 1854, aged 6 hours xvii. Combs, Charles F., son of C. & R. Combs died May 26, 1859, aged 2 yr., 9 mo., & 16 days xviii. Combs, Allice May, dau. of C. & R. Combs, died July 27, 1865, aged 6m & 15 days xix. Binkley, Letetia A., dau. of F. & C. Binkley, died Apr. 29, 1876, aged 6y 5m & 7d xx. Binkley, James, son of F.& C. Binkley, died Apr. 23, 1863, aged 11y 11m 10d xxi. Binkley, Robert L., son of F. & C. Binkley, died Apr. 5, 1853, aged 2y 3m 10d. 'A bud on earth to bloom in heaven' xxii. Binkley, Eleanor, dau. of F. & C. Binkley, died May 14, 1859, aged 7y & 2m xxiii. Binkley, Philomen B., son of F. & C. Binkley, died …For…Mass, June 7, 1862, aged 19y 6m 19d, A member of 27th OR xxiv. Witherow, Margaret, daughter of J. & L. Witherow, died Feb. 27, 1861, aged 20y 11m xxv. [Bowsher], Elizabeth, wife of John Patterson, died May 9, 1866, aged 65 y's, 2 m's & 26 d's. [born 11 Feb. 1801 Berks Co., PA] xxvi. Patterson, John [W.], died Sept. 28, 1866, aged 72 y's & 27 d's [born 1 Sept. 1794, father of Thomas Patterson] xxvii. Patterson, Mary M., dau. of M. A. & M. Patterson, died Oct. 16, 1854, aged 8 m's & 25 d's xxviii. Unknown burial, ..sances…Estae…[ only a fragment of headstone remaining] xxix. Strous, Mary, wife of M. Patterson, died Aug. 31, 1854, aged 19y's 9m's & 8d's, xxixa. Patterson, Martin A., died Oct. 18, 1853, aged 27y 6m 7d xxx. unknown burial, [base w/ headstone broken off and missing] Row 7. i. McMaiths, Isaac Condon, N.Y. Mil. War 1812, [no dates] ii. Graeszle, Philip J., died June 26, 1851. Aged 70y 8m iii. Weaver, Harriet E., daughter of John & Sarah Weaver, died March 2nd 1842, aged 2 years 7mos & 16 days iv. E. McC., [footstone for McComb family] Row 8. i. J.S., [footstone ] ii. Denmuth, Rufus A., In memory of Rufus A. son of Samuel & Harriet Denmuth, died May 1, 1843, aged 12 m 7d [unusual expression of 1 year 7d] iii. Patterson, unknown, [surname very weak, only inscription remaining visible] iv. Patterson, Emmor B. [Bail], son of Thos. & S. Patterson, died Dec. 11, 1854, aged 2y 1m 23d [born 18 Oct. 1852, son of Thomas & Semiramis Patterson] v. Bookwalter, Semiriamis, wife of Thos. Patterson, died March 7, 1862, aged 34y 8m & 23d [married Thomas on Apr. 8, 1851, his 2nd wife] vi. Patterson, William H., died may 7, 1868, aged 28y 4m 13d vii. Raymon.., Infant, son of ? died Oct. 1, 1858, aged 10 m, 26d very worn stone] viii. Glaize, Mary E., wife of Daniel Glaize, died July 24, 1860. Aged…[broken off] Row 9. i. Reed, Philip A., son of Norris & Nancy Reed, of Co. E, 73 Reg. OVI, died July 13, 1862, 28y 14d, beside her father sleeps little Alvira, dau. of Philip A. & Maria Reed, died Feb. 19, 1863, aged 2yrs, 7ms, 5ds ii. Raymon, Daniel, son of D. & A. Raymon, died Jan. 2, 1863, aged 3 mo & 19d Row 10. i. John Stearns, In memory of John Stearns, died May 19, 1841, aged 48 years & 19 days ii. Stearns, Mary, wife of John Stearns, died Jan. 18, 1854, aged 59y 1m & 11d iii. Cave, Rachel, daughter of M. & S. Cave, died July 8, 1860, aged 3 yr 6 mo & 7d iv. Cave, Joseph, son of M. & S. Cave, died Mar. 12, 186_, aged…[too worn to read] v. Stearns, Infant, son of Samuel & Sabina, died Aug. 28, 1840… vi. Stearns, Infant, daughter of Samuel & Sabina, died December 4, 1839… vii. Bumgardner, David P., son of G. W. & R. Bumgardner, died June 24, 1853, aged 2 yr & 2m viii. Dray, Susanah, wife of James Dray, died Jan. 6, 1829, in Adelphia, Ross Co., Ohio ix. Cave, Michael, died Apr. 13, 1886, aged 69y 4m & 17d x. Cave, Isaac, 1st Corporal in Co. K or R, 38th Regt. OVI, died Oct. 20, 1862, aged 22y 8m 27d xi. Grafton, Sarah E., [1st ] wife of Thos. Patterson, died…[only fragment remaining] xii. Root, Sarah, dau. of W. & M. Root, died Nov. 1, 1853, aged 4 yrs 11 mo xiii. Root, John, son of W. & M. Root, died Sep. 14, 1853, aged 8m 9d xiv. Root, Martha, wife of William Root, died Oct. 19, 1862, aged 36y 4m & 9d xv. Barnes, John W., son of John & Rebecca Barnes, died Sept. 12, 1838, aged 1 mo & 23 d's xvi. "Mother"[footstone for Binkley family members] xvii. "Father" [footstone of Binkley family member] xviii. "Uretta" [footstone of Binkley family member] xix. "Mother" [footstone of Binkley family member] xx. "Father" [footstone of Binkley family member] Row 11. i. Binkley, Henry S., 1836 - 1922, Rachel Hettinger, his wife, 1830 - 1926 ii. Binkley, Sgt. J.D., Co. A, 27th Ohio Inf., died July 14, 1862, aged 22y 11m 3d iii. Binkley, William, June 1, 1810 - Aug. 9, 1882, Margaret Strawser, his wife, Mar. 17, 1815 - Mar. 20, 1906, Arletta A., their dau., Mar. 29, 1851 - July 8, 1860 Row 12. i. Anderson, Mary C., dau. of T. & J. Anderson, died June 29, 1853, aged 2y 3m 7d ii. Unknown burial, [very old, unreadable stone] iii. Johnson, Silvestus, died January 1837, aged…years, 10 mo, & 9d iv. Unknown burial, [headstone has lost all inscriptions] v. Bookwalters, Elizabeth, In memory of Elizabeth, consort of; Abraham B. Bookwalters, who died April 21, 1835, aged 31y 1m & 11d " Afflictions great severe and long with Christian patience she had borne. Till God was pleased to give her peace" vi. Buckwalter, Abraham, In memory of Abraham Buckwalter who departed this life June 8, 1840, aged 41 years 4 months & 14 days Row 13. i. Davis, Infant, dau. of D.L. & H. Davis, died June 28, 1848 ii. Steel, Sophia, wife of John Steel, died June 1, 1878, aged 35y 8m & 17d [Josephine Sophia, dau. of Joseph B. & Anna M. (Stumph) Koch] iii. Koch, James Cornelus, born in Colerain TP, Ross Co., O, May 26, 1847, died Sept. 4, 1849 [son of Jacob & Mary A. Koch] iv. Steel, Daniel K. [Koch], son of J.S. & J. Steel, died Apr. 13, 1860, aged 1y 5m & 14d [son of John Sherrick & Josephine Sophia (Koch) Steel] v. Stein, Mary A., wife of D. F. Stein, died Dec. 11, 1856, aged 19y 5m & 5d vi. Stein, George W., son of D. F. & M. A. Stein [only fragment remaining] vii. Cave, Angeline, dau. of M. & S. Cave, died July 4, 1866, aged 5 yrs 6 mo & 22d [this stone was found leaning against tree, no longer at original burial location] viii. Wagner, Samuel, son of Joseph & Mary Wagner, died Jan. 25th 1844, aged 3y 6m 11 days ix. Davis, Cary A., dau. of Wm. F. & A. Davis, died may 15, 1859, aged 1y 7m & 22d x. Deev..rd.., Sarah, In memory of Sarah Deev…rd, died Desember 19, 1833 in her 60 year of her age[My first observation was for a later date, but 3's are made differently than the 8. Note month sp.] xi. Plummer, Alfred W., 1st Leut. Of Co.V, 2 Reg OVI, died May 14, 1863, aged 29y 10m xii. Plummer, Milton, Co. A 27th Ohio Inf. [no dates] Row 14. i. Joseph Koch, 1818 - 1856, Anna (Stump) Koch, 1814 - 1905
[***Information given to me by Vicky Hand on 1 March, 2003, "Parents of Lydia
(Koch) Butler-Shriner, buried across street in Belleview Cemetery."
ii. Koch, Samuel, son of J. & A. Koch, died Dec. 23, 1854, aged 20y 2m 14d
[**new data supplied by family research proves he enrolled on 22 Feb. 1864, PFC Co. H, 33rd Reg. OVI, died 25 Dec. 1864. Civil War Veteran][** information supplied by the kindness of Dale Koch, 29 May, 2001] iii. Koch, Daniel B., In memory of Daniel B. Koch, born 1812 PA, died 1 Nov. 1879 and his wife, Nancy R. Hibbons, born 1821 Ohio, died 16 July 1883 Ohio iv. Koch, Franklin, born in Colerain TP, Ross Co., O, Sept. 16, 1845, died Sept. 18, 1849 [the numeral 4 in each date very light, looks like 1's] v. Koch, Jacob, born in Burks Co. Pa, 1790, died Aug. 28, 1858, aged 68y, Koch, Anna Maria, wife of Jacob, born in Burks Co. Pa., Feb. 15, 1792, died Aug. 25, 1875, aged 82y 6m & 10d vi. Koch, Joseph, born in Colerain TP Ross Co., O, Dec. 20, 1848, died Aug. 20, 1850 vii. Davis, M.D., died May 24, 1886, aged 30y 6m 12d viii. Patterson, Sarah E., daughter of J. & U. Patterson, died April 25, 1859, aged 17y 3m 11d ix. Mattox, _, died Sep. 22, 1840, aged 1y 7m 19d [very deteriorated stone, upper portion which probably contained given name broken, missing] x. Davis, Harry A., son of F.L. & Millie Davis, died 27, 1891, aged 2y 2m 24d xi. Patterson, Rachel, dau. of _ & U. Patterson, died Apr. 6, 1850, aged 4yrs 5ms & 20ds [right upper corner of stone broken off, inscription very weak] This concludes my readings of the memorial stones of Old Methodist Cemetery, this date 15 October, 2000. Latest revisions 17th August, 2005. Robert M. Sizelove, Sr.

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