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St. Joseph Church Cemetery

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Randolph Twp.
Portage County

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These tombstone photos have been generously donated by Mike Schwitzgebel, 23 April, 2003.
The most recent update to this page was made on 10 Apr., 2008.

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The front view of St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Randolph, Ohio. Entrance to the oldest portion of the cemetery is through the iron arch to the right; newer graves are to the left of the church on top of the hill behind the grotto; newest graves are farther to the left, behind the school.
Headstone of Frank A. Paulus, died 6 Jan 1897, age 64; Odelia, his wife, died 8 Apr 1917, aged 81 years. To the left of the main stone is a small stone which reads "Harold J. Paulus, 12 Jun 1908-17 February 1909." [grandson, son of Joseph L. Paulus and Veronica, ne้ Andes] Behind the headstone is another stone, standing on end, which reads, faintly, across the top, "Virginia", died 20 Sep 1891 (beneath this date, the stone reads "aged", but the rest is faint and partially obscured by earth, and is unreadable). There are two more similar small headstones on either side of the Frank A. Paulus monument: to the left, a small stone which reads, "died 12 Oct 1891, aged 20 years, 6 months, and 24 days" but with no name. The stone to the right reads "15 Jan 1891, aged 25 years, 6 months, and 10 days", also without a name.
Anthony Creque, died 17 Oct 1898, aged 79 yrs, 8 mon, 10 days; and his wife, Scholastica [ne้ Farnbach], died 12 Mar 1907, aged 80 yrs, 1 mon, 2 days.
A group of Andes stones. The main stone is for Elizabeth Andes [ne้ Lang] 1850-1938; Peter J. Andes, 1849-1909. To the left is a small, weathered stone for Rose E., dau. of P&E Andes [Peter J. and Elizabeth Andes], 23 Oct (or 28... the rest of the date is illegible). In foreground, John Andes, 1852-1932; Odelia [ne้ Paulus], wife of John Andes, 1855-1908; Leona [Andes], 1887-1894.
A group of Paulus stones. Ernest J. Paulus [son of John J. Paulus and Clara May], 10 Nov 1887-15 Dec 1974; Gertrude Paulus [daughter of John J. Paulus and Clara May], 1 Feb 1884-25 Mar 1976; Mary Paulus [ne้ Rothermel, wife of Frank W. Paulus], 6 Mar 1877-16 Apr 1970; Frank W. Paulus, 5 Oct 1874-10 Dec 1950. In the foreground are three stones which appear to be associated with the Kline monument, behind the photographer. [Frank W. Paulus was Ernest J.'s and Gertrude's uncle, John J. Paulus's brother]
Clement G. Wise, 30 Jul 1925-1 Mar 1989; and his wife Jean E. [maiden name, unknown], 20 Mar 1927-. The stone bears an elaborately-etched likeness of a two-story frame house and carved wedding bands, with the inscription "married June 5, 1948". The back of the stone reads, "From the love of two came nine: Michael, David, Edward, Daniel, Mary Jane, John, Mark, Joseph, Mary Ann. All for Jesus, through Mary."
GRIGGY: John J., 1862-1935; Mary K. [ne้ PAULUS, his wife], 1869-1934. The opposite side of this monument also reads "ELMERICK: Henry S., 1890-1954; Dora [ne้ GRIGGY, his wife], 1891-1977". The right side of this face of the stone reads "Griggy, Harry J., 1899-1981" and "Anna M. [ne้ HUHN, his wife], 1900-1950". John J. and Mary K. were the parents of Eldora and Henry J. Beneath both the Griggy and Elmerick inscriptions, there are metal Knights of Columbus markers. In the foreground of this face is a small, flat stone which reads, "Our baby, John Mathia, 21 Apr 1962".
Monument of Ferdinand Crequi, died 2 Feb 1873. Most of the rest of this inscription is illegible. A stone cross lies alongside the neighboring stone, but appears to belong to the Crequi monument.
Another view of the Ferdinand Crequi monument, which reads Anthony Crequi. In this view, there is an additional small stone to the left of the main monument. An additional inscription on the main monument reads Anna E. Crequi [ne้ Kendel, his wife] 17 Jul 1817-29 Apr 1897. The opposite side of the monument appears to read Michael and Anthony [two of Ferdinand and Anna's sons, who died 30 Aug 1873 and 21 Oct 1873, respectively], but the dates are illegible.
Joseph L. Paulus b. 24 Apr 1878, d. 13 Jul 1942; and Veronica Paulus [ne้ Andes, his wife], b. 15 May 1881, d. 15 Aug 1966.
Henry Paulus, 1867-1935; Helen Paulus [ne้ May, his wife], 1869-1947. To the right of this stone is a smaller, flat stone for Father Isadore J. Paulus [son of Henry and Helen], 14 Oct 1904-29 Jan 1986.
Francis J. Paulus, 1906-1993. An inscription with carved wedding bands reads "Married Sept. 3, 1932"; however the space for his wife's name and dates is blank.
Headstone of Kathryna, wife of Johannes Criqui. Inscriptions are in German and nearly illegible. The Randolph cemetery book gives the inscription as "Kathryna, gattin von Johan Criqui" and gives the death date as 22 Jul 1845, at age 53 years.
A small, flat stone reading "Kathy, daughter of A & S Criqui, starb..." The Randolph cemetery book gives the death date as May 1, 1855/59, age 13 mos, 3 days. The inscription on the headstone appears to read "Mai 1, 1855" (or 1853, although the last digit does appear to be formed differently than the 3's in the last line). This could be a daughter of Anthony and Mary Scholastica (ne้ Farnbach) Creque.
Johannes Criqui, (inscription in German) died April 15, 1855, age 64 years. [This stone may no longer exist. Later in the 90s, I made a trip back to the cemetery and found that the older section had been vandalised. This stone had been snapped off about an inch above ground level, and the stone lay propped against a nearby marker. I had a cousin inquire of the sexton whether the stone could be restored, but she said that he seemed disinterested, and so this stone--one of the oldest in the cemetery--may now exist only in this image.]

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