Mapleleaf Cemetery

South Bass Island
Put-in-Bay Township
Ottawa County

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These tombstone photos have been generously donated by Robert M. Sizelove, Sr., 30 April, 2003
This is the newer of the two cemeteries on the island. It's located on Twp. Road 164 (Meechen Rd.) near Catawba Avenue and situated on the southern side of Island, not too far from the airport. Additional overview of cemetery by R.M.Sizelove.

I wish to present the transcriptions of the ancestral loved ones buried at Mapleleaf Cemetery. For a point of reference, this is the southwest area of the island, not far from the Lime Kiln Miller Ferry docks & island airport. I am solely responsible for the transcriptions and accompanying photo documentation. As always my goal is to remain deliberate and careful to read the stones correctly, fortunately because this is more recent cemetery, most of the memorials are easily read, however, a few of the older memorials have deteriorated, through weatherization to a state rendering them difficult at best to be 100% correct. Please feel free to use these readings as a source for your research, but don't substitute this for good courthouse or state records. Although memorials contain good spellings and dates, they can sometimes contain errors. I will be pleased to add or make corrections to this report, providing the information you send, contains provable facts directly concerning the ancestral loved one buried here. My readings are preliminary and are not in any organized order of rows. I plan to return to add additional readings later this summer. Want to thank Elizabeth Daly, for her kindness in sharing additional information concerning some individuals buried here. Here updates will be noted with the use of an asterisk *symbol. Robert M. Sizelove, Sr. 01 May, 2003.
The most recent update to this page made on 16 Feb., 2007.

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Ladd, Walter S., 1883 - 1938
Harvey, Mary (Ladd), 1883 - 1954
Ladd, Mary E., 1855 - 1935 -Mother-; Walter H., 1855 - 1932 -Father-
Frisbe, Georgie A., beloved daughter of Elisabeth & Walter Ladd, born May 2, 1886, died Jan. 29, 1912
Ladd, Nathan D., 1899 - 1972 War Veteran; Katherine I. his wife, 1901 - 1989
Ladd, Harlow B., 1st LT, US ARMY, W W II, Sep. 17, 1923 - Feb. 3, 1996
Ladd, James W., US ARMY, July 29, 1932 - Nov. 13, 1999 Korean War veteran
Ladd, Robert N., 1925 - 1990; Vivienne M., 1929 - Robert, and his family own and operate the Ladd Marina, as did his family before him. His wife and sons continue the long tradition to this day.
Ladd, Richard Allen, Nov. 15, 1959 - July 29, 1960 infant son of Robert & Vivienne Ladd
Market, Edward H., Jan. 9, 1904 - April 7, 1985
Market, Ethel, Feb. 7, 1912 - July 6, 2000 wife of Edward Market
Brookner, Peter 1872 - 1955; Mary Amelia, 1872 - 1948
Brookner, Emma Nov. 24, 1878 - Jan. 11, 1955
Wulkowicz, Louise L., 1914 - 1988; Stanley, 1914 - 1993
Simmons, Katherine Blocker, US NAVY, W W II, Nov. 23, 1920 - Feb. 12, 1999
Blocker, Lona M., 1891 - 1977; Henry F., 1890 - 1960
Heinemann, Fanny 1863 - 1939 -Mother-; Gustav, 1856 - 1934 -Father-
Schraidt, Hilda Heinemann, 1887 - 1963; Emilia Heinemann Heuchele, 1888 - 1975 * Name corrections made.
Brodersen, Lillian K., 1906 - 1992: Henry C., 1900 - 1971
Brodersen, Amalia , 1827 - 1901; Ducke, 1817 - 1890
Brodersen, Henry C., 1857 - 1923 -Father-
Brodersen, Caroline 1866 - 1951 -Mother-
Jenkins, Laurence , Ohio, 1st LIET. CORPS of ENGRS, W W II, May 5, 1907 - March 8, 1947
Jenkins, Verda A., Feb. 7, 1906 - May 15, 1992 Probable wife of Laurence Jenkins. *Verda was the daughter of Otto & Edith Herbster. She was a widow at a very young age.
Herbster, Edith A., 1884 - 1952; Otto G., 1881 - 1968 * Parents of Verda A. Jenkins.
Moore, Robert L., 1921 - 11987; Constance, 1921 - 1997 -Ballast Island 1860- click text for view of inscription on reverse side of memorial
Maringer, Gilbert T., joined U.S. Army, Sept. 18, 1942, Asiatic Pacific Campaign, European, African, Middle Eastern Campaign, Disabled American Veteran
Dorothy H., mother of Gil, Mike, & Glen
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