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Crown Hill Cemetery

South Bass Island
Put-in-Bay Township
Ottawa County

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These tombstone photos have been generously donated by Robert M. Sizelove, Sr., 30 April, 2003
This is the older of the two cemeteries on the Island. It's located at the corner of Niagara Ave. & Catawba Avenue and situated on the Northwest side of Island.
The most recent update to this page made on 4 Feb., 2007.

I wish to present the transcriptions of the ancestral loved ones buried at Crown Hill Cemetery. The readings start at the extreme south western corner of the cemetery which is the highest elevation and near the chain link fence which surrounds the cemetery. For a point of reference, this is the side nearest the main road going through the island, from the northern water front of Put-In-Bay, back south towards lime kiln docks. This cemetery is near the center of the island. The first two rows are transcribed in order, however the remainder are only samplings for this very old mid sized cemetery. On future visits, will attempt to add more readings to this report. Preliminary research indicates that John Brown Jr., son of the famous abolitionist was an early resident and although I haven't located his memorial yet, he is said to be buried here. I am solely responsible for the transcriptions and accompanying photo documentation. I am being deliberate and careful to read the stones carefully, however, many of the memorials have deteriorated, through time to a state rendering them difficult at best to be 100% correct. Please feel free to use these readings as a source for your research, but don't substitute this for good courthouse or state records. Although memorials contain good spellings and dates, they can sometimes contain errors. Robert M. Sizelove, Sr. 01 May, 2003

Please Note: Click on name to view tombstone image.
This is only a sampling of a mid-sized cemetery of several hundred memorials.
Over view
Over view View looking west from Niagara Ave.
Row 1
Vroman Child of B. & Alice Vroman [very difficult to read]
ii. Vroman, Bertrand, 1880 - 1913
iii. DuFais, Blanche, Vroman, 1872 - 1927

Row 2
i. Schmidt, Matilda C., Mar. 26, 1854 - Jan. 24, 1920
ii. Schmidt, Alfred A., Mar. 28, 1857 - Nov. 8, 1895
iii. Schmidt, Louise , Sept. 1, 1832 - Oct. 19, 1892
iv. Schmidt, George M., Mar. 25, 1826 - Jan. 21, 1894
v. Vroman, Daniel Philip, 1848 - 1925
vi. Vroman, Sarah Alice Bertrand, 1850 - 1918
vii. Hartman headstone
viii. Hartman, Robert Gustave, 1874 - 1949
ix. Hartman, Marylib , 1874 - 1955
x. Betts, Peter, 1833 - 1895
This is the end of ordered rows, the remainder of readings are samplings from several areas of the cemetery.
Keimer, Ed., born May 24, 1850, died July 14 1924 -At Rest-; Minnie VonDohren, his wife, born Jan. 5, 1854, died Sept. 13, 1906 -Gone but not forgotten- close up
Rotert, J.H., Mar. 2, 1862 - Sept. 18, 1892
Rotert, Edy, infant son of G.P. & A. Rotert, sied Sept. 30, 1869
Sickmann, Anna, wife of G.F. Rotert, died Oct. 5, 18169, aged 36 y 6m's 2d
Rotert, G.F. 1832 - 1918
Meyer, Elsa M.. 1891 - 1961
Meyer, Lucas, 1869 - 1946
Meyer, Lucas, Geb. in Harthena,...Jaher, Jan. 24, 1808, starb, Apr 28, 1898, Alter 80 J 9m 4..; Anna B. Seena Harthe..., Geb. Jan 14, 1828, starb, June 28, 18.., alter 86 j's..
Overview of last Meyer memorial
Meyer, Martha' wife of Lucas Meyer, 1872 - 1911
Large memorial
Magle, Captain F.J., 1809 - 1910 -Father-
Magle, Nancy, 1833 - 1925 -Mother-
Vroman, Philip, 1823 - 1912; Amelia, 1829 - 1924 -Father & Mother-
Vroman, Mary Anna, 1869 - 1960; George Henry, 1860 - 1935
Müller, Henrietta, 1842 - 1914; Lorenz, Jr., 1831 - 1875
Overview image
Müller, Lorenz, Sr. , 1803 - 1868
Schiele, Andrew, died Apr. 29, 1880, aged 60y 4m 29d
Schiele, Julia, beloved wife of Robt. Schiele, died June 30, 1877, aged 19yrs 1mo & 16days
Senne, Mary, wife of Edward Schiele, Apr. 7, 1870 - July 22, 1910 -Mother-
Metz, Sophia, geharen 14 Mari 1818, gestorben 9 Juli 1883
Mertz, Johan, gehoren 6 Sept, 1818, gestoben 5 Dez. 1885 last two memorials very worn & difficult to read
Pomeroy, George, 1860 - 1925
Stalker, Margaret, wife of Robert Shortliff, 1852 - 1903 -At Rest- Mother
Shortliff, Robert, 1857 - 1926 -Father-
Shortliff, Mary A., 1878 - 1926
Webster, Leeorr, 1900 unknown if this is birth date, death date, or both; Pena Irene, 1895 - 1904
Webster, Dora 1875 - 1947 -Mother-; Elmo Drorp, 1871 - 1959
Coye, Augustus C., born Jan. 17, 1850, died Dec. 24, 1896 -At Rest-
Foye, Mary, 1859 - 1920 -Mother-
Brookner, Lizzie, 1866 - 1932
Brookner, Lena, 1866 - 1932
Brookner, Katie, 1861 - 1887
Brookner, Conrad, 1826 - 1899 -Father-
Brookner, Katherine, 1834 - 1913 -Mother-
Brookner, Rose, 1869 - 1926
Oldt, J. Chris, son of J.C. & Amanda Oldt, died June 24, 1893, aged 6 mos, 1 day
Groves, Capt. Walter J., born Mar. 11, 1869, died Oct. 28, 1899, at Put-in-Bay, Ohio.
Kegg, John, Sacred in the memory of Seaman T:S, ...Adey, who died on board the USS Michigan, Aug. 11, 1873 ae 60 yrs.
Wilds, In Memory of Capt. George, from his Detroit shipmates.
Watterson, Constance Gardner, Feb. 27, 1900 - Jan. 18, 1986
Gardner, Kenneth H., Ohio, Pvt. Engr, Repl. Troops, WW I, Mar. 14, 1896 - Jan. 7, 1968
Pickens, W.O., Co. L, 20th NY ART.

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