Ebenezer Cemetery

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North Bloomfield Twp.
Morrow County

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These tombstone photos have been generously donated by Jerry & Mildred (Sipes) Petersen, Aug. 13, 2004
Ebenezer Cemetery is sometimes listed as Ebenezer Methodist Episcopal Cemetery. The church and cemetery are located on the west side of the State Route 19, approximately 5 miles south of Galion, OH and immediately north of Twp. Road 49.
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Flowers, John, 1831 - 1908; Rebecca Flowers, 1830 1897; Hugh, son of A. J. & Anna Flowers, died Sept. 3, 1901, aged 2yr 4m 5d; Flowers, Andrew J., 1858 - 1934; Anna, his wife, 1856 - 1942 Overview of 3 stones.
Ford, Frederick L., 1894 - 1956; Vera Mae, 1893 - 1952; Bernice Marie, 1897 - 1924 Frederick Ford married Bernice Marie Sipes, dau. of Charles & Margaret Sipes. Frederick married Vera Mae Stall.
Ford, Howard Frederick, son of Frederick L. & Bernice Marie (Sipes) Ford
Ford, Family Plot Overview
French, Lloyd S., Feb. 2, 1906, Aug. 3, 1916 Lloyd is the son of Chauncy & Ada (Sipes) French. Surname is across bottom of stone.
French, Chanuncy C., 1876 - 1954; Ada F., (Sipes) 1873 -1944 Chauncy C. French married Ada Florence Sipes. Ada is the daughter of E.T. & Maria Sipes. After Ada's death, Chauncy married Nora Crowe. Chauncy also has a sister Carrie M. (French) Mountz.
Grogg, Edith M., 1909 - 1982; Leroy, 1906 - 1983 Leroy Grogg married Edith M. Mountz, Edith is the grand daughter of Korah E. & Carrie M. (French) Mountz Grogg.
Grogg, James M., Sr., Aug. 4, 1932 - Mar. 2, 1998; Leona, June 10, 1933 - __ James M. Grogg Sr., son of Leroy & Edith M. (Mountz) Grogg, married Leona Paine. James was a Corporal, U.S. Army, Korea.
Mountz, Memorial Overview
Grogg/Mountz, Plot overview
Kerr, Katherine, 1866 - 1932 Presumed to be related to William & Margaret Kerr by the location of the 2 stones, but relationship is unknown.
Kerr, William, born Feb. 6. 1843, died Mar. 8, 1926; Margaret J., wife of William Kerr, born June 30, 1850, died Sept. 2, 1913 -She was a woman of precious memory- Parents of Mildred V. (Kerr), wife of Rev. George L. Sipes, also buried here.
Kerr, William & Margaret Kerr; Margaret Kerr Overview of Kerr memorials.
Mountz, Korah E., 1878 - 1954; Carrie M., 1885 - 1961 Korah E. Mountz married Carrie M. French. Korah is the son of John Ephram & Lucy Olentha (Sipes) Mountz. Carrie has a brother Chauncy C. French, also buried here.
Mountz, John E., 1853 - 1931; Lucy O., 1859 - 1931 John Ephram Mountz married Lucy Olentha Sipes. She is the daughter of Jacob N. & Sarah A. (Longstreth) Sipes. Lucy's parents are buried at Iberia Cemetery in Washington Twp. Jacob N. is a brother of Wilson Sipes.
Sipes, Alice, Feb. 17, 1913; Dorothy, Aug. 21, 1914 -Daughters of G.G. & Edith Sipes. Daughters of Glenn G. & Edith P. (Garverick) Sipes
Sipes, Glenn G., 1881 - 1932; Edith P., 1892 - 1956 Edith P. (Garverick) was the wife of Glenn G. Sipes.
Sipes, E. T.. Sept. 23, 1844 - May 14, 1918; Maria, his wife, Dec. 25, 1849 - Mar. 16, 1939 Eli Theodore Sipes married Maria Alice Coulson.
Sipes, Rev. George L., 1877 - 1937; Mildred V., 1880 - 1948 Rev. George Lewis Sipes married Mildred V. Kerr. After the death of George, she married Miles Pigman. George Lewis Sipes is the son of E. T. & Maria Sipes.
Sipes, Margaret L., 1868 - 1937; Charles W., 1868 - 1933 Charles Wilson Sipes married Margaret L. Cronnenwelt. Charles is the son of E.T. & Maria Sipes.
Sipes, Glenn G., 1891 - 1932; Edith P., 1892 - 1985 Glenn G. Sipes married Edith P. Garverick. Glenn is the son of Charles & Margaret Sipes.
Sipes, Ruth L., 1906 - 1984 Ruth is the daughter of Charles & Margaret Sipes
Sipes, Infant son, C. W. & M. L. Sipes, born Sep. 24, 1890, died Oct. 3, 1890 Infant son of Charles & Margaret Sipes
Sipes, Charles, Margaret & Children Plot Overview
Sipes, E. J., born May 28, 1825, died Dec. 3, 1908; A. Sipes, born Oct. 26, 1825, died Dec. 23, 1911 Amos Sipes married Elizabeth J. Dickerson. Amos Sipes is a brother of Wilson Sipes, also buried in this cemetery.
Sipes, Hugh L., 1887 - 1962; Mary S., 1885 - 1971 Hugh Leroy Sipes is the son of E.T. & Maria Sipes. Hugh married Mary Saloma Jacobs
Sipes, Ivan C., son of E. T. & M. A. Sipes, born Apr. 10, 1890, died Oct. 21, 1890
Sipes, E. T., Sept. 23, 1844 - May 14, 1918 -Father-; Maria, his wife, Dec. 25, 1848 - Mar. 16, 1939 -Mother-
Sipes, Wilson, died June 22, 1867, aged 46 yrs 22 dys Wilson married Eleanor Whisler. Wilson & Eleanor are the parents of E. T. Sipes.
Sipes, Eleanor, wife of Wilson Sipes, died June 22, 1867, aged 39 yrs 5 mo 13 dys Eleanor's inscription is on the other side of Wilson's memorial. Eleanor Whisler was born May 31, 1819 & died at the railroad crossing on South Market St., Galion, OH.
Sipes, Infant Children On Sept. 15, 2004, Ivan W. Sipes, son of Boyd T. & Hazel G. (Hall) Sipes, told us that this pillar is for "the infant children of George & Mildred (Kerr) Sipes". According to the information we have, this would include: a daughter in 1904, a daughter in 1905, a daughter in 1912.
Sipes, Memorial Overview
Sipes, H. Lewis, 1858 - 1894; Alice, 1856 - 1959 Henry Lewis Sipes is the son of Wilson & Eleanor (Whisler) Sipes. He married Alice Scrafield.
Sipes, L. Ralph, Sept. 1, 1888 - Jan. 6, 1892 We believe he is possibly the son of Henry Lewis & Alice (Scrafield) Sipes. Family information says that they had four children, two died when quite young.
Sipes, B. Florence, Mar. 4, 1890 - Dec. 30, 1891 Possibly the daughter of Henry Lewis & Alice (Scrafield) Sipes.

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