Bloomfield Cemetery

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North Bloomfield Twp.
Morrow County

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These tombstone photos have been generously donated by Rosie Gates, June 30, 2004
Most recent update to this page made on 10 July, 2004.

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Bennett, Family Headstone Click here for aditional overview
Bennett, Sarah E., 1852 - 1931
Bennett, Goldie L., 1893 - 1967 Husband Arthur Time Bennett.
Bennett, Lucius A., born Jan. 19, 1841, died Oct. 11, 1845 (Bennett Plot)
Bennett, Charlotte E., born Feb. 8, 1832, died July 7, 1849 She is the daughter of Josiah & Lydia V. (Cook/Cooke) Bennett.
Bennett, Douglas, son of Josiah & Eunice Bennett, born Aug. 29, 1869, died June 21, 1883
Bennett, Eunice, born Sept. 5, 1834, died Sept. 20, 1919 Eunice Hamlin, daughter of Stephen & Rebecca (Greene) Hamlin, of Vermont.
Bennett, Josiah, born Sept. 16, 1829, died May 5, 1893 Son of Josiah & Lydia (Cook/Cooke) Bennett.
Bennett, Josiah S., born Nov. 29, 1799, died Mar. 11, 1872 Josiah, son of Jonathan & Maleson (Jennings) Bennett. He was born in Branchville, Sussex, New Jersey, died Steuben Co., New York Co., IN.
Bennett, Lydia V., born Apr. 10, 1798, died Apr. 17, 1850 Lydia V. Cook/Cooke, was wife of Josiah S. Bennett.
Bennett, Jonathan, died Jan. 5th 1848, In his 74 Year Veteran if War of 1812. Following inscription at bottom of memorial: Till then-nor is my boasting vain- Till then I'll boast a Saviour slain. And O! may this my glory be. That Christ is not asham'd of me. Click here for close view of inscription.
Bennett, Maleson, wife of J. Bennett, died March 6, 1843, In her 71 Year. Wife of Jonathan Bennett. Following inscribed at bottom of memorial:My pains have ceas'd my cares are o'er, I now have reach'd the blisful sho re, And scenes of joy before my rise. I ll heaven bursts upon my eyes. Click here for close view of inscription.
Bennett, J. L., May 17, 1856 - Apr. 28, 1936; Nancy, his wife, Apr. 25, 1856 - Feb. 22, 1922
Bennett, Helen M., 1917 - 1919
Bennett, Birge H., 1886 - 1965
Bennett, Donna V., 1893 - 19__
Bennett, Alex H., 1889 - 1963
Bennett, R. T., 1866 - 1931 Royal Townsend Bennett, son of Josiah & Eunice (Greene) Bennett. Born Sept. 6, 1866, Morrow Co., OH, died Aug. 28, 1931 Morrow Co., OH.
Bennett, Loucressie, wife of R. T. Bennett, b. Nov. 20, 1869, died July 4, 1897 Lucretia C. (Frost) Bennett.
Bennett, Emma C., 1877 - 1946
Bennett, Jonathan B., died Sept. 1, 1892, aged 65yrs 5ms 8ds Born Dec. 9, 1827, d. Sep. 1, 1892, Jonathan (Bud) Bennett, son of Josiah S. & Lydia (Cook/Cooke)Bennett. Click here for close detail view.
Bennett, Angeline Bell, died Mar. 21, 1904, aged 76y 11 ms 26ds Angeline (Robinson) Bell wife of Jonathan B. Bennett, born 1839, d. Mar. 21, 1904.
Bennett, Alice J., daughter of Jonathan B. & Angeline Bennettb. 1848, aged 28ys 18ds Alice J. was born in Marengo, OH, died Dec. 28, 1876. Click here for close view.
Bennett, Robert J., Apr. 17, aged 76yrs 23ds Robert J. Bennett, son of Jonathan & Maleson (Jennings) Bennett. Born Aug. 28, 1794.
Bennett, Betsey, wife of Robert J. Bennett, died Aug. 2, 1865, aged 70 yrs 11mo 15ds Betsey [Elizabeth] (Cooke/Cook) Bennett was born about 1794.
Bennett, Diana, wife of Daniel C. Bennett, died Nov. 26, 1865, aged 44 years Diana (Roof), wife of Daniel C. Bennett. Daniel was son of Josiah S. & Lydia V. (Cook/Cooke) Bennett. Children of Daniel & Diana Bennett: Columbia, 1849 - 1938; Ellen A., 1851 - 1877; John A., 1854 - 1920; Mary (Roof)1862 - Dec. 28, 1904, aged 26 years.
Hashbarger, Ellen A., wife of R. D. Hashbarger, 1851 - Nov. 2, 1877 Ellen A. (Bennett) Hashbarger, dau. of Daniel C. & Diana (Roof) Bennett.
Selby, James B., Oct. 8, 1859 - Aug. 23, 1918
Selby, Isaac B., 1835 - 1911; Mary R., his wife, 1835 - 19__ Isaac B. Selby was a Civil War Veteran.
Selby, Elizabeth, wife of John N, Selby, died Jan. 15, 1852

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