Bloomfield Cemetery

North Bloomfield Twp.
Morrow County

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These tombstone photos have been generously donated by Bart Kile, June 9, 2003

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Kile, Howard Beeny, 1900 - 1983; Mary C., 1898 - 1989 Howard is son of Bertram Calvin & Stella Adele (Beeney) Kile, bn. Morrow Co., O. May 01, 1900, married Mary C. (Rule) on Aug. 18, 1925. died Springview Manor, Lima, Allen Co., O.; Mary Carolyn Rule is the daughter of E.O. & Elizabeth (Gifford) Rule. She was born Oct. 29, 1898 Toledo, Wood Co., O., died Dec. 17, 1989 Northside Manor, Mt. Vernon, O. Howard & Mary are the parents of David O., Dorothy A. (Kile) Jones, and Howard R. Kile( they are buried, Lot 55, Section 11)
Kile, David Oliver, 1927 - __; Marjorie Barton, Apr. 13, 1929 - __ David Oliver Kile is son of Howard Beeny & Mary Carolyn (Rule) Kile. He was born June 20, 1927, Mt. Vernon, O. Married Marjorie Ann Barton on June 12, 1949 at home of bride, Old Delaware Rd., Liberty Twp., Knox Co.,O.; Marjorie Ann is dau. of George Emery & Mattie Mae (Lore) Barton. They had two children, Howard Barton Kile & Katherine Ann (Kile) Buckingham.
Jones, Dorothy Arlene (Kile), Nov. 1, 1930 - July 27, 2002 Dorothy was the daughter of Howard Beeny & Mary Carolyn (Rule) Kile. She married of Earl W. Jones, Jr. Jan. 27, 1952 in Columbus, Ohio. Born in Fredericktown, Ohio, died Mansfield, Ohio. Sorry, no image
Kile, Wm. Leslie, 1879 - 1958; Carrie, died Apr. 5, 1961 William is the son of Jesse & Martilla Ann Cotton Barrick-Kile, bn. May 31, 1879, died July 29, 1958; Carolyn Susan Jackson, wife of William, dau. of Edward & Adelia Caroline (Robertson) Jackson. (Lot# 56, Sec. 11)
Reynolds, Miles M., 1850 - 1927; Sara E., wife, 1862 - 1940 Sara E. (Kile), dau. of Sylvenus & Naomi (Dehaven) Kile.
Kile, Jesse, 1829 - 1895 Jesse, son of Jacob & Elizabeth (Toswer) Kile, bn. Jan. 17, 1829 in South Bloomfield Twp., Morrow Co., Ohio, d. Apr. 24, 1895. Married Martilla Ann (Cotton) Barrick on Feb. 14, 1866. Jesse & Martilla are the parents of Bertram C., Leveretta (Kile) Bryant, Stanley B., and William L. Kile
Kile, Martilla A., 1842 - 1913
Martilla Ann was the dau. of William & Susanna (Rice) Cotton. She was born Jan. 19, 1842 in Wadestown, WV, d. March 14, 1913 in Morrow Co., Ohio. Wife of Jesse Kile. She was also married to Daniel D. Barrick. (Lot# 56, Sec. 11)
Kile, Bertram C., June 2, 1867 - Feb. 14, 1937; Stella A., Feb. 8, 1872 - Sept. 20, 1952 Bertram Calvin Kile son of Jesse & Martilla A. (Cotton) Kile, was born in Morrow Co., Ohio, died Morrow Co., Ohio. He married Stella Adele (Beeny) on Jan. 13, 1897 in Mt. Vernon, Ohio; Stella Adele was born in Knox Co., Ohio, dau. of Henry John & Sarah Margaret (Poland) Beeny. Bertram C. & Stella A. are the parents of Howard B., Olive M. (Kile) Barker, Florence M. (Kile) Kirk, and Leona M. (Kile) Anderson. (Lot #55, Sec. 11)
Kile, George D., 1859 - 1948; Velina J. his wife, 1859 - 1924; Lulie B., 1888 - 1915 George Douglas Kile, son of Sylvenus & Naomi (Dehaven) Kile, died June 2, 1948, aged 89 years; Velina (Jackson) wife of George D. Kile, died Feb. 19, 1924, aged 64 years; Lulie Blanch, 1888 - Jan. 17, 1915, age 26. Lulie is dau. of George D. & Velina (Jackson) Kile. (Lot#60, Sec. 11)
Woodruff, J. Erastus, 1856 - 1926; Caroline, his wife, 1856 - 1922 Caroline is the dau. of Sylvenus & Naomi (Dehaven) Kile
Brokaw, Chas. B., 1857 - 1919; Flavila F., his wife, 1861 - 1917 Flavila F., dau. of Daniel D. & Martilla Ann (Cotton) Barrick
Kile, Sylvenus, died Feb. 19, 1898, aged 69 y 11m 19d Son of Jacob & Elizabeth (Toswer) Kile, bn. Feb. 1, 1829, husband of Naomi Dehaven
Kile, Naomi, died Dec. 29, 1893, aged 62y 10m 22d
Wife of Sylvenus Kile & dau. of Solomon & Sara Dehaven, bn. Feb. 7, 1831. Sylvenus & Naomi are the parents of Caroline (Kile) Woodruff, George D. Kile, Sara E. (Kile) Reynolds, and Flora V. Kile

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