Providence Lutheran Cemetery

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Perry Twp.
Montgomery County

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These tombstone photos have been generously donated by Christine Bitner, on 9 Jan., 2005
This cemetery is located at 11475 Providence Rd, Brookville, Ohio, 45309.
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Ernst, George C. H., 27 Oct. 1820 - 18 Jan. 1900; Catharine, 23 Jun 1827 - 18 Oct. 1902 George, son of Matthias F. & Sally (Martin) Ernst was born in Maryland, died in Montgomery Co., OH. Catharine (1C5R), wife of George Ernst and daughter of Frederick & Elizabeth (Kreitzer) Heeter. She was born in Montgomery Co.,OH and died there. George & Catharine married 13 March 1851 in Montgomery Co., OH.
Ernst, David, died July 6, 1894, aged 75y 3m 21d David, son of Matthias F. & Sally (Martin) Ernst, was born 24 Mar. 1819. Spouse of Elizabeth Heeter, 1C5R, born 28 Apr. 1824, Montgpmery Co., OH, died 1903, Montgomery Co., OH. They married 16 Apr. 1848, in same county. Elizabeth was the dau. of Frederick (1798-1862) & Elizabeth (Kreitzer) 1803- 1890) Heeter.
Heeter, Sebastian, died June 5, 1846, aged 86ys 4ms & 5ds Click here for close view, & here for view of plaque attached to back side of headstone by SAR/DAR. Descendants of Sebastian Heeter 1760-1846 and his two wives Elizabeth Dilts & Elizabeth Rarick. Compiled by Freda Gribbin, Ken Heeter & Bob Mcnelly. It is out of print but copies were donated to Montgomery, Preble & most surrounding counties in Ohio.
Heeter, Elizabeth, wife of S. Heeter, died Feb. 17, 1868, aged 90 yrs, 11mo. 17da. This is Elizabeth (Rarick) Heeter, 2nd wife of Sebastian Heeter. Click here for close view of inscription.
Heeter, George, born Apr. 7, 1795, died Oct. 23. 1854, son of Sebastian & Elizabeth (Dilts), married Sept. 10. 1835 to Elizabeth (Heck), born Mar. 24, 1797, died Nov. 24, 1854 daughter of Daniel & Susannah (Zollman) Heck. In 1816 George bought from the government SE ¼ Section 14, just south of Providence Church. Click here for overview of stone, & here for view of older stone.
Heeter, John, died Jan. 13, 1864, aged 77 years Click here for close view of stone. Click here for view of plaque attached to reverse side of memorial. John Heeter, son of Sebastian & Elizabeth (Dilts) Heeter, born 22 Sep. 1787, Huntington Co., PA. Died in Jackson Twp., Montgomery Co., OH. My half 5thgreat uncle.
Heeter, Ruth, wife of John Heeter, died May 2, 1844, aged 50 yr, 11mo, 2d Click here for close view of stone. Click here for view of plaque attached to reverse side of stone. Ruth Bryan, daughter of John & Martha (Hyatt) Bryan, was born, 30 March 1793, Mar. 2, 1844. She married John Heeter 26 Mar. 1812 in Huntington Co., PA. Huntington Co., PA.
Heeter, Naomi, daughter of John & Rugh Heeter, died March 11th 1844, aged 18yrs 3mo 28da
Heeter, Levi, son of John & Ruth Heeter, died March 11, 1844, aged 21yrs, 6mo, 13da Click here for close view of stone.
Heeter, Catherine, 1841 - 1922
Heeter, Absalom, died Sept. 8, 1900, aged 71y 8m 1d
Heeter, Mary, born May 3, 1814, died July 12, 1893, aged 78y 2m 9d
Heeter, Sarah E., 1842 - 1922
Heeter, John died Oct. 6, 1906, aged 67y 10m 2d; Eliza A., his wife, died Nov. 25, 1930, aged 85y 9m 18d
Heeter, Ramon, died Mar. 19, 1886, aged 56y 7m 24d
Heeter, Amelia Ann, daughter of John & Amelia Ann, died Aug. 18, __, aged 6mos & 12 days
Heeter, Amelia Ann, wife of John Jr., died Feb. the 10th 1844, age 21yrs 11mo 11da
Heeter, Jennie Margaret, dau. of Daniel & Mary Heeter, died Jan. 30, 1879, aged 24yrs 3mo. 21 da - Click here for overview of this memorial.-
Heeter, Elizabeth, dau. of G. & E. Heeter, died 13 Oct. 1832 **Daughter of George & Elizabeth Heeter
Heeter, Jonathan, born 1st Sep 1831, died 4th Nov 1852
Heeter, Catherine, dau. of J. & S. Heeter, died 11th Jul 1844 **Son of Jacob & Susanna Heeter.
Heeter, Lovina, daughter of G. & E. Heeter, 5 June 1825 - 3 Aug. 1841 Lovina, dau. of George (1795-1854) & Elizabeth (1797-1854) (Heck) Heeter. She was born in Montgomery Co., OH, and died in same county.
Heeter, Mary, dau. of G. Heeter, died 19 Oct. 1832, aged 4 years 3d's Mary, daughter of George & Elizabeth (Heck) Heeter. She was born 16 Oct. 1828, Montgomery Co., OH, died Montgomery Co., OH.
Heeter, Frederick E., son of _ & E.A. Heeter, died Dec. 8, 1870, aged 9mos
Heeter, Ida E., daughter of D.H. & C. Heeter, died Oct. 7. 1871, aged 1yr 6mos & 27ds
Heeter, Frederick, born 2 Aug. 1798, Huntington Co., PA, died 12 Aug. 1862, Montgomery Co., OH Frederick, son of Sebastian (1760- 1846)& Elizabeth (Rarick) (1777 - 1868) Teeter. He married Elizabeth Kreitzer on 6 Dec, 1821, Montgomery Co., OH. Elizabeth, born 15 May 1803, Berks Co. PA, died 21 May 1890, Montgomery Co., OH, was the daughter of Andrew & Catherine (Gebhart) Kreitzer. My 5th great uncle.
Heeter, William A., son of D. H. & C. Heeter, died Oct. 30, 1874, aged 7yrs 6m 7d
Heeter, Eliza Jane, dau. of R. & S.E. Heeter, died Nov. 17, 1879, aged 5yrs 8mo & 7ds

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