Wells Cemetery

Scipio Twp.
Meigs County

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These tombstone photos have been generously donated by Robin Fife, Feb. 24, 2004
Most recent update made 12 April, 2005.

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Boring, Wm., 1848 - 1916; R. J. Hicks, his wife, 1850 - 19__
Boring, Carrie J., 1896 - 1911
Boring, Cora B., 1876 - 1935; Charles, 1867 - 1949
Brickles, Mazie Welch, 1869 - 1961; Eldon, 1864 - 1941 Ozies Eldon Brickles, son of Joseph Brickles, Jr. & Sarah Belle Saulter, married Mazie M. Welch.
Cain, Sarah Riggs, 1843 - 1928 Sarah Riggs was the daughter of George W. & Sara (Otto) Riggs. She married Daniel Isaac Cain, and was the mother of Mont Cain.
Dutton, Wilson H., Co. B, 92nd Reg., WVI; Elizabeth S., 1841 - 1923
Graham, Amy, 1875 - 1955 Amy Melissa Brickles was the daughter of Joseph Brickles, Jr., & Sarah Belle Saulter. Amy married John Abner Graham as his second wife. John A. Graham was the son of Lewis & Susanna E. Graham.
Graham, Gertrude E., 1877 - 19__
Graves, Oscar S., 1863 - 1907; Myrtle R., 1867 - 1908 Oscar S. Graves, son of Converse & Martha (Knopp) Graves, married Myrtle Rosaletha Townsend, daughter of William Franklin & Mary Jane (Sinclair) Townsend.
Jewell, Zachariah, 1873 - 1940; Dora E., 1883 - 1962 Zachariah married Dora Elinder Graham, daughter of John Abner & Lelia May (Riggs) Graham. Dora was a half sister of Nada (Graham) Townsend.
Henderly, Fred C., 1925 - __; Betty J., 1926 - 1965
Queen, Samuel H., Co. H, 75th Regt. O.V.I., 1847 - 1918; Rebecca J., 1825 - 19__
Riggs, Wesley P., Aug. 30, 1855 - Aug. 17, 1882 -Father of Emma, Nora & Herb Wesley Perry Riggs was the son of Alvin Perry Riggs & Nancy Rollins Stevens. Wesley's son Herb lived to be 100 years old.
Riggs, Thomas E., 1881 - 1903; Zella G., 1862 - 1952 Yhomas E. Riggs was the son of Thomas & Samantha (Brooks) Riggs. He married Zella G. Bradfield Harding, widow of J. Hale Harding. Zella married 3rd to C. M. Williams.
Stanley, Hazel K., Apr. 30, 1920 - Oct. 14, 1997; Duane F., Feb. 21, 1920 - ____ Hazel Katherine Townsend, daughter of George Alfred Gath & Nada Althea (Graham) Townsend, married Duane Francis Stanley.
Townsend, Headstone (Family Monument)
Townsend, Gath, 1887 - 1956 George Alfred Gath Townsend, son of William Franklin & Mary Jane (Sinclair) Townsend, married Nada Althea Graham, dau. of John Abner & Amy Melissa (Brickles) Graham.
Townsend, Nada, 1893 - 1979 Nada Althea Graham was the daughter of John Abner & Amy Melissa (Brickles) Graham. She married George Alfred Gath Townsend.
Townsend, Evelyn L., 1915 - 1919 Evelyn Louise was the daughter of Gath & Nanda Twonsend. Evelyn died at the age of 4 years from pneumonia.
Townsend, William R., 1824 - 1902, Co. C, 140th Reg., OVI William Riggs Townsend was the son of John S. Townsend & Rebecca Riggs. He married Cynthia Weston Stevens, dau. of William Stevens III & Cynthia W. Oaks.
Townsend, Cynthia W., wife of W.R. Townsend, 1823 - 1897 Cynthia Weston Stevens, dau. of William Stevens III & Cynthia W. Oaks, married William Riggs Townsend, son of John S. & Rebecca (Riggs) Townsend.
Townsend, William F., 1847 - 1928, Co. C, 30th, OVI William Franklin "Billy" Twonsend, son of William Riggs & Cynthia Weston Stevens Townsend, married Mary Jane Sinclair, dau. of William Sinclair II & Margaret Trauger. "Billy" was in the Civil War, captured and imprisoned at Florence & Andersonville prisons.
Townsend, Mary J., 1845 - 1927 Mary Jane Sinclair, the daughter of William Sinclair II & Margaret Traugher, married William F. Townsend, son of William Riggs & Cynthia W. Stevens Townsend.
Woodyard, Ena, 1890 - 19__; Branch, 1887 - 1960 Ena G. Graham, daughter of John Abner & Lelia May (Riggs) Graham, married Branch woodyard. Ena was a half sister of Nada (Graham) Townsend.
Woodyard, Lena Mae, 1918 - 1922 Lena May was the daughter of Branch & Ena G. (Graham) Woodyard.

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