Longstreth Cemetery

Salem Twp.
Meigs County

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These tombstone photos & transcriptions have been generously donated by Connie Cotterill Schumaker, 7 April, 2003
This cemetery is located just outside and on a hilltop behind Dexter, Section 5, Meigs Twp., Ohio. To get to this cemetery as you go out of Dexter going north on County Road 10, you will make a hard right and go up a gravel driveway. The cemetery is located on the property of Clarence & Delores Evans. Once you have arrived at the house (stop and let them know you would like to drive up to the cemetery) look off to the west (left) of the house and you will see fields, a tree line with an opening to drive through and see the cemetery. It was well kept, mowed and trimmed, when I was there. You can drive to the cemetey but be very careful once you get near the cemetery because you are driving right along the side of the hilltop and if the grass is wet, it can be very slippery. The following is a report containing readings and photographs of the entire cemetery, as of June 26, 2001.

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Overview of cemetery
Overview of Longstreth memorials
Learned L.S., Co. F, 63rd Ohio INF
Longstreth, John Elza, son of John & Sophia Longstreth, died July 24, 1869, aged 11 months 27 days
Longstreth, Mary, 1799 - 1884
Longstreth, John, born Sep. 27, 1828, died FGeb. 28, 1891 -The Lord is my Shepherd-
second close up image
Longstreth, Sophia Merritt, wife of John Longstreth [Vol. 2, Records of Death, Probate Court, Neigs Co., O., page 32;line 202. Died a widow Aug. 1901, age 67 in Salem Twp., Meigs Co., O. Born in Columbia Twp., Meigs Co., O. Occupation, Housekeeper, cause of death Apoplexy]
Merritt, Rufus B., son of C. E Merritt, died Nov. 4, 1863, aged 20ys 5mo 26ds
Longstreth, Dayton, 1876 - 1894 Dayton was the son of Rice & Lucy (McMasters) Longstreth
Smith, Dexter Merle, Oct. 5, 1887 - July 29, 1888, 9 ms 24ds
Smith, Chester pearl, born Oct. 5, 1887, died Nov. 15, 1890
twin children of S.F. & Mamie O. Smith. Only one of two inscriptions photographed.
Love, Henry F., 1846 - 19_; Sarah A., 1848 - 1918
Love, Allen W., 1870 - 1898; Alvin B., 1873, 2 ms
Nichols, Mary S., 1852 - 1896 -erected by dau. Allie & son Rice- Mary is buried nexdt to Huber Vaughn Nichols who was born 4 Jan. 1892, died Feb. 7, 1903, aged 11y 2m 3d. This son of Mary was killed in a terrible railroad accident. There's no tombstone. The information on age, date and location of burial was taken form Huber Vaughn Nichols' obituary "The Democrat"" Pomeroy, O., Feb. 12, 1903.
Amos, Earl footstone
Amos, Ethel footstone
Amos, Earl, 1882 - 1902; Ethel, 1884 - 1884 headstone
Amos, Elizabeth, born April 26, 1825, died Oct. 22, 1909
Amos, Elizabeth
overview of previous memorial
Longstreth, Edith M., dau. of R.C. & L. Longstreth, died Oct. 23, 1879, 1y 3m 15d
Edith M. Longstreth second over view
Longstreth, Esther, born Jan. 2, 1830
Longstreth, Hattie S., 1872 - 1907 [Vol. 2 Record of Deaths, Probate Court, Meigs Co., O., page 60, line 98. Died march 4, 1907; single; age 34;born in Salem Twp., Meigs Co., O.;died Rutland Twp., Meigs Co.,O.,Occupation, Housekeeper, cause of death, Consumption]
Unknown, Sadie E., Nov. 29, 1888 - Jan. 6, 1904
Chase, Martin V., 1848 - 1902; Elizabeth W., his wife, 1861 - 1908
Easterday, John, 1824 - 1907 [Death Record, Vol. 2 Records of Deaths, Probate Court, Meigs Co., O. page 69, line 209. Died June 12, 1907, age 83y 2m 8d. Born and died in Rutland Twp., Meigs Co., O. and was married at the time of his death. Occupation, farmer. Cause of death, Brights Disease.]
Unknown, Torrence, died Jan. or Jun. 6, 1879, aged _y_m 20d difficult to read
Saxton, Emma, 1851 - 1922
Saxton, William, 1842 - 1916
Saxton head stone
Livecy, John, died Mar. 13, 1895, age 74y 1m 9d; Rebe3cca A. , wife of John Livecy
close view

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