Hugg Cemetery

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Salem Twp.
Meigs County

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These tombstone photos have been generously donated by Connie Cotterill Schumaker, 5 May, 2003
This Cemetery is located outside of Dexter about one mile in Section 5 of Salem Township. Take Bowles Road (C-4) going northwest out of Dexter and if you pass Halliday Rd., turn around, go back towards Dexter and turn left on the first dirt/gravel road (less tahn a quarter of a mile) going up a hill. The setting for this cemetery is on top of a hill and not easily seen from the road. There is a road of somewhat and I had no problem driving up. However, it was a hot dry day. Depending on the weather and the condition of the road at the time, you might need forwheel drive. The cemetery is well cared for and had been recently mowed and trimmed when I was there. All the veterans had flags and the cemetery had wild white daisies growing within the cemetery. It looked very peacefull and nice. This is not a large cemetery and three tombstones had fallen over, two are very large momuments. Hopefully, these will be taken care of by the township in the near future. The earliest burial in this cemetery according to the tombstones standing is Rev. John Hugg 1871, and the most recent being Caryl Tyler in 1998 as of June 2001. Connie Cotterill Schumaker 2001-2003

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Hugg, Rev. John, died Sept. 6, 1871, aged 56y 1m 17d close view
Hugg, Jane wife of John Hugg, born Mar. 8, 1817, died Aug. 20, 1897
Carpenter, Carrie Bell, born 1906, 18 month old daughter of Elza & Dora Carpenter Close up view This is a hand made memorial, it's a metal plate with the above inscription stamped into it and it's attached to a section of concrete that has been poured into the ground.
Hugg, Charles 1845 - 1919 [death certificate gives birth Apr. 14, 1845 Oh., death May 13, 1919 Salem Twp., Meigs Co.,O. Son of John Hugg of O. mother unknown.
Hugg, Melissa, 1849 - 1926
[death certificate gives birth Dec. 17, 1849, Oh. death Jan. 17, 1926, Salem Twp., Meigs Co.,Oh. Daughter of William & Emmarellus (Braley) Wiseman both of Ohio
Snow, Jonathan L., 1837 - 1909 Co. C, 18th Reg OVI [death certificate information gives his date of birth as Aug. 10, 1837 Ohio and death Jan. 17, 1909 Dexter, Ohio. Son of Pierce of Ohio & Betsy (Larabee) Snow of PA
Snow, Rosetta, 1849 - 1925
[death certificate information gives her date of birth as May 12, 1848 Ohio and death April 1, 1925 in Columbia Twp., Meigs Co. Ohio. Dau. of Barrak & Eliza (Entsminger) Chase both of Ohio.
Folden, William G., 1845 - 1921, Co. K, 70th OV Cav. [Death certificate gives birth Nov. 16, 1845, VA, death June 11, 1921, Salem Twp., Meigs Co., O. He is the husband of Mary M. Folden. Son of Washington Folden & Elizabeth (Taylor) Folden, both of VA.]
Dunbar, Rozilla, Died Aug. 30, 1885, aged 29y 11m 8d, wife of J.H.Dunbar
Glaze, Claude H., 1909 - 1938
Cameron, Della, 1870 - 1929 [wife of James E. Cameron]
Brooks, George W., 1830 - 1897 This is one of the stones that has toppled, as of June 2001 second view, third view
Davis, Robert E., 1876 - 1947; Ruth A., 1873 - 1952
Carpenter, J. C., Co. C, 30 th Ohio Inf. [This is Josephus C. Carpenter, date of death was Feb. 10, 1907. Josephus was the husband of Angeline Morrison and Phoebe Daily. He was my gg grandfather.]
Gray, Edward M., 1840 - 1925; Samaria, 1851 - 1935; Lucretia, 1872 - 1873; Harley E., 1885 - 1886 second overview
Oty, William H. , 18144 - 1909 [death certificate gives his birth as Oct. 22, 1844 Salem Twp., Meigs Co., Ohio and his death, Sept. 10, 1909 in Salisbury Twp., Meigs Co., Ohio. Son of Solomon Oty, mother unknown]
Oty, Sarah E., 1845 - 1910
[death certificate information gives birth as Aug. 1, 1855 and her death Sept. 3, 1910 Salisbury Twp., Meigs Co., Ohio. Dau. of John Romine, mother unknown.]
Sanders, Rosa, 1869 - 1941
Price, Lucetta, 1871 - 1964, dau. of Wm. G. Folden & Mary Farley
Longstreth, Effie A., died Oct. 2, 1886, aged 10y 3m 23d, dau. of D. & L. Longstreth
Longstreth, Clayton A., died Sept. 30, 1886, aged 1y 5m 15d, son of D. & L. Longstreth close view
McLaughlin, John Edward, May 31, 1913, son of J. & S.
McLaughlin, Joseph, 1877 - 1950; Sarah L., 1886 - 1938
Pearsall, Freeman, 1851 - 1928 [death certificate information gives his age as 77 years, his death May 16, 1928 in Salem Twp., Meigs Co., O. Son of Ira Pearsall of Ohio. Mother is listed as unknown, Freeman married Mary Saxton Nov. 11, 1871. Source: Meigs Co. Marriages.][photo not available]
Pearsall, Mary, 1854 - 1926
Minor, Lillie D., Sept. 5, 1875 - Oct. 22, 1960
Tyler, Charles B., 1886 - 1963; Etta V., 1892 - 1969
Tyler, Carly W., Jan. 16, 1917 - Jan. 15, 1998
Stebbins, Nettie E., Oct. 23, 1870 - May 26, 1891, dau. of W.D. & Marilla Stebbins close up [There is also an engraving for Nettie's mother, Marilla Stebbins, Oct. 20, 1833 - Dec. 28, 1903, wife of Wm. D. Stebbins, photo not available]
Smith, Marcellus C., 1845 - 1917 [deathcertificate information gives his date of birth, June 26, 1845 Ohio, and death Aug. 20, 1817 in Salem Twp., Meigs Co., Ohio. Son of John & Lydia (DeWolf) Smith, both of Ohio
Smith, Virginia C., 1854 - 1933
[The tombstone for Marcellus & Virginia Smith has fallen over as of June 2001.] Overview
This completes the readings of Hugg Cemetery, as of June 2001

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