Ganyard Farm Cemetery

Granger Twp.
Medina County

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For those that are perhaps seeing these transcriptions for the first time, the transcriptions may give on first glance, the appearance of a great many typos, so I feel obligated to explain that the abundance of y, m, and d represent abbreviations for year, month and day. Although you will find most engravers follow similar patterns, it seems there are several different abbreviations used to represent these three time terms including: y, yr, yrs, yr's & years; m. mo, mos, mo's, and months; d. da, das, da's, and days and on rare occasions, h, hr, hrs, hr's, and hours. I tend not to use commas except to separate surname from given name, given name from date, except where found on actual inscription, same goes for the [.] (period). When you see the symbol [_] (underscore), I use it to represent missing or unreadable letters, or if a lot of letters are unreadable I may express it by several periods, such as Jos...h . Sometimes you will find raised letters such as "c" in surnames such as in McClain, or if the engraver added smaller letters that were left out and added later, when I encounter them, tend to express them, when possible, as found on the stone. Sometimes engravers will use the latin term Æ or æ, this is just a term that generally replaces the word "aged". One last comment, all actual text found engraved, will come first in bold text. All comments, observations, personal knowledge remarks added by submitter, concerning an individual, but not inscribed on stone, will then proceed in regular text. ~R.M.Sizelove~

These tombstone photos have been generously donated by Lee Ann Shade, on 23 Jan., 2006.
The most recent update to this page made on 3 March, 2010.

Please Note: Click on underlined name to view tombstone image.
Baker, Chauncy, died Sep. 9, 1850, aged 50 years
Baxter, Francis, died May 12, 1844, aged 75 years
Baxter, Azubah, wife of F. Baxter, died May 12, 1843, aged 77 years
Baxter, Azubah, died Aug. 22, 1877, aged 71 years
Baxter, Henry, died May 12, 18_5, aged 65y He was found in 1870 census, and is absent from 1880 census. Probable death date is 1875. Estimated birth year about 1810.
Brownell, Amanda (Low), wife of S. Brownell, died June 8, 1849, Æ 22 y's 4 m's 21 d's
Brownell, Mabel, wife of Elijah, died May 19, 1838, Æ 60y
Burt, Hannah, wife of John Burt, died Aug. 8, 1822, aged 27y; Lucinda, wife of John Burt, died Febr. 11, 1840, aged 38y
Chrisman, Caroline, wife of D. Chrisman, died Jan. 29, 1875, aged 61y 7m 21d
Codding, Albert T., son of C. & J.F. Codding, died Aug. 8, 1846, Æ 10yrs 3mo 6ds
Codding, Horace W. son of W.H. & E.T., died Mar. 4, 1867, age 27 Yrs
Codding, Warren H., died 1874 Image pending.
Codding, Jerusha F., wife of George, who died May 1, 1844, Æ 39yrs -Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord- Click here for additional text data on Codding family.
Codding, Nancy T., dau. of G. & J.F. Codding, died Mar. 30, 1842, Æ 14yrs 11ds
Codding, Eliza, wife of George, June 20, 1861, Aged 57 yrs -Death date of 1861 probable, as "1's" in date match in form.
Emery, Julia, Niona, Laura, Anna, Alan T., children of S. & R.
Emery, Ora E., 11-9-1863 to 3-16-1885 Nov. 9, 1863 - Mar. 16, 1885
Emery, Samuel, died Mar 1854, aged 82Y; his wife Rosana, died Feb 16, 1867, aged 72Y
Emery, William C., died Oct. 15,1871, aged 36 yrs
Fieldhouse, Elnora, 1843-1940
Fieldhouse, Forrest E., Apr. 27,1894 - Mar. 24, 1902
Fieldhouse, Laura R. Sept. 4, 1867 - Apr. 23, 1897
Francis, Hannah A., wife of Rhodes Francis, died Feb. 7, 1838, aged 35y 11m 27d
Francis, Rhodes, died Feb. 11, 1837, aged 36y's 2m's & 2d's
Frizell, Samuel B., died June 29, 1876, aged 42 years 1870 census shows his est. birth year of 1835, and aged 35 years, at home, Sharon, Medina,OH.
Ganyard, Abner, died Mar. 17, 1838, aged 71 ys
Ganyard, Betsy S. wife of A. Ganyard, died June 5, 1877 79Ys
Ganyard, John N., died Jan. 3, 1861, aged 55 years
Ganyard, Rosa E., wife of M.W. Ganyard, died Jan. 26, 1875, aged 29y 1mo 13d
Ganyard, Lydia J. daughter of A.& B.S. Ganyard, died Mar. 11, 1829, aged 7mo. 7ds Marble memorial.
Ganyard, Lydia J., daughter of A. & B.S. Ganyard, died Mar. 11, 1828, aged 7mos. Older sandstone memorial echoing data from previous marble stone.
Ganyard, M.W., 1835 - 1912; Kittie, 1883 - 1902; Flora Kaiser, 1872 - 1908
Ganyard, Wm, died Feb. 8, 1866, aged 35 ys.
Ganyard, James, died Dec. 20, 1844, In the 73 yr of his age
Ganyard, Lucinda, wife of J.N. Ganyard, died Nov. 10, 1876, aged 63 years
Ganyard, Elizabeth B., wife of J.N. Ganyard, died Sept. 4, 1829, aged 21 [or] 24 yr
Goodwin, Seth, son of Nathaniel & Lavina (Low) Goodwin, died Nov. 24, 1878, aged 66yrs 7mos & 13 dys He was named to honor his grandfather, who fought in the Revolutionary War.
Goodwin, Pamelia, died Apr. 14, 1881, age 67y 6m 10d
Goodwin, Seth & Pamelia Overview of headstone.
Hemenway, Eliza J., daughter of L. & M. Hemenway, died Aug. 4, 1843, Æ 9 yrs
Hemenway, Eunice wife of Moses Hemenway, died Feb 2, 1844, Æ 75 Yrs; Moses Hemenway, Sept 1, 1773 - Dec 11, 1846
Huntley, Ruth, wife of E., died Dec 25, 1851, Æ 66 ys, 21 ds
Huntley, E., died Mar. 5, 1853, aged 72y 10m 10d
Hoddinott, Richard, died Jan. 6, 1874, aged 42yrs
Hoddinott, In memory of Ann, wife of Richard Hoddinott, died Aug. 21, 1879, aged 54yrs & 1da
Hodges, Jacob, died April 21, 1857, aged 40 yr.; Mary Ann wife of J Hodges died May (2), 1857, aged 45 yrs.
Ingraham, Mary M., wife of H. Ingraham, died Feb. 23, 1853, Æ 44y 5m 17d Probable wife of Henry Ingraham.
Ingraham, Lydia P., wife of Friend Ingraham, died Sep 13, 1834, aged 74yrs 3mos 11days
Ingraham, Henry, died Feb. 27, 1866, aged 67yrs
Low, Charles W., adopted son of H. & A. (Hiram & Anna) Low, died May 15, 1859, Æ 10yrs 3mo & 25ds
Low, Hiram, died Dec. 11, 1868, Æ 71yr 1m 18d [My 3rd great uncle.]
Low, Anna, wife of Hiram Low, June 3, 1862, 66Yrs 1Mo 19Ds [This tombstone was lying face down, but I managed to turn it over and photograph it.]
Low, Willy W., son of E.B. & E.A. Low, died Aug. 30, 1860, aged 1yr 10d Willy is the son of Edward B. & Esther Ann Low, grandson of Hiram & Anna Low.
Low, Milford G., son of E.B. & E.A. Low, died May 1, 18__, Æ 3y 2m 10d Death date difficult to read, but Lee Ann's research with cemetery records indicates a death date of 1855, which fits with dates of his parents other children. Probable child of Esther Ann & Edward B. Low.
McCaughey, Henrieta, wife of R.J. McCaughey, died June 1, 1847, aged 36yrs 5mo 7d
Pierce, Nathaniel, June 22, 1813 - July 5, 1888
Pierce, Harriet, Oct. 1, 1821 - Feb. 1, 1910
Rockwood, Lamira, wife of L.[Lewis] Rockwood, died July 10, 1864, aged 25yr 2mo 16ds Probable daughter of Hiram & Anna Low. She is listed in his 1850 census as Corintha L. Low. Lee Ann has additional family data on this individual.
Rockwood, Lewis, Private, Company K, 103rd Regiment, Ohio Infantry, 1831 - 1906
Shackelton, Willy, son of __ Shackelton, died Dec. 30, 1865, aged 3yrs
Spencer, Allie E, wife of H. or N. Spencer, died Sept [probably 9], 1878, aged 73Ys, [probably 7]Ms, 22Ds
Spencer, Hannah wife of T. Spencer, died May 16, 1862, aged 67Yrs
Spencer, Nath'l, died Apr. 2, 1855, Æ 56yrs
Spencer, Lamanda, wife of Nathaniel Spencer, died Sept. 25, 1833, In the 35 year of her age
Spencer, Lorenza M., daughter of Nathaniel & Emeline Spencer, died July 10, 1843
Spencer, Thomas, died Aug. 17, 1865, aged 71 years
Spensley, James, born Sept. 4th1793 in Swaledale, Yorkshire, England, died June 4th1855, in Granger [Township]
Spensley, Ann, his wife, died July 19, 1875, aged 82y's 6m's 25d Wife of James Spensley.
Strong, Lydia, daughter of Daniel Strong, died Dec. 30, 1834, Æ 24 yrs
Swinzey, Glada [or Clada], wife of R.S. Swinzey, died Oct. 18, 1848, aged 63yrs Given name is difficult to read.
Treman, Hannah, wife of Jeremiah Treman, died Feb. 9, 1836, Æ 49yrs
Treman, Elizabeth, died Oct. 4, 1860, aged 49y
Treman, Jeremiah, died Apr. 8, 1870, aged 88 yrs
Treman, Milo J., son of M. & B. Treman, died Feb. 7, 1853, Æ 17yrs 1mo 12ds
Turner, James, June 6, 1815 - July 27, 1878
Turner, Charles, son of G.C. & S. Turner, died July 11, 1867, aged 9yrs
Turner, John W., born Oct. 20, 1820, died Sep. 3, 1886 or 1896 Found in 1880 census, aged 59.
Turner, Jenny B., dau. of G.C. & S. Turner, died Apr. 12, 1859, aged 3yrs & 21ds
Turner, John, died Jan. 28, 1873, aged 86yrs 8ms 26d
Tyler, Lavina Adaline, wife of Benj. S. Tyler, died Dec. 17, 1846, aged 36years Nicely carved sandstone headstone.
Viall, Rhoda, wife of Bennett Viall, formally wife of Chauncy Baker, died May 16, 1878, aged 72 years
Welton, Caroline M., wife of Henry C. Welton, died Jan. 10, 1863, aged 34yrs
Wheatley, Mary G, dau of _.J. & M., Æ 1Yr, 1Mo, 5Ds Click here for view of lower fragment.
Wise, Louisa M., dau. of H.G. & F.P. Wise, died Aug. 18, 184_, 3ys Very worn, difficult to read.
Wise, Edwin, Co. I, 103rd Regiment, Ohio Volunteer Infantry, Died in Chattanooga, Tenn, May 14, 1864, aged 26 yrs Chattanooga National Cemetery, Cemetery Address: 1200 Bailey Avenue Chattanooga , TN 37404, Buried At: Section D Site 12432. Enlisted in Company I, 103rd Infantry Regiment Ohio on 15 Sep 1862. Died from wounds Company I, 103rd Infantry Regiment Ohio on 28 May 1864 at Hosp, Chattanooga, TN.
Wise, Louisa M., dau. of H.G. & P. Wise, died Aug. 20, 1849, aged 3 yrs Probable dupliction of data on previous stone, only slightly different inscription & differently shaped stone.
Wise, Polly, late wife of Matt Newton, Died May 12, 1875, aged 58 yr
Wolcott, Joseph, died May 8, 1866, aged 91yrs 1mo 13ds History of Medina County by Baskin & Battery p. 919-920 S. P. WOLCOTT, Granger. This gentleman was born in Middlesex, Washington Co., Vt., Sept. 25, 1804. He is the son of Joseph and Lucy (Hills) Wolcott, both natives of East Windsor, Conn., where they were married and p. 920, resided till the latter part of the eighteenth century, when they removed to the birthplace of their son S. P. They remained in the Green Mountain State until 1816, and then removed to Ontario Co., N. Y. In the fall of 1820, they came to this county and located in Granger Township. They were the parents of seven children, four of whom are now living. Mr. Wolcott was the Captain of a company, and served his country with distinction during the war of the Revolution. Three of his brothers were also in this war. He died in 1866, at the advanced age of 91 years. His wife died in 1855.
Wolcott, Elizur, died Sept. 25, 1877 aged 77ys 10ms 5ds Note the "z" is engraved backwards.
Wolcott, Susan, wife of Elizuar Wolcott, died May 26, 1864, aged 58yrs
Wolcott, Lucy, wife of Joseph Wolcott, died May 3, 1855, Æ 78y's

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