Lower Glade Cemetery

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Union Twp.
Madison County

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For those that are perhaps seeing these transcriptions for the first time, the transcriptions may give on first glance, the appearance of a great many typos, so I feel obligated to explain that the abundance of y, m, and d represent abbreviations for year, month and day. Although you will find most engravers follow similar patterns, it seems there are several different abbreviations used to represent these three time terms including: y, yr, yrs, yr's & years; m. mo, mos, mo's, and months; d. da, das, da's, and days and on rare occasions, h, hr, hrs, hr's, and hours. I tend not to use commas except to separate surname from given name, given name from date, except where found on actual inscription, same goes for the [.] (period). When you see the symbol [_] (underscore), I use it to represent missing or unreadable letters, or if a lot of letters are unreadable I may express it by several periods, such as Jos...h . Sometimes you will find raised letters such as "c" in surnames such as in McClain, or if the engraver added smaller letters that were left out and added later, when I encounter them, tend to express them, when possible, as found on the stone. Sometimes engravers will use the latin term Æ or æ, this is just a term that generally replaces the word "aged". One last comment, all actual text found engraved, will come first in bold text. All comments, observations, personal knowledge remarks added by submitter, concerning an individual, but not inscribed on stone, will then proceed in regular text. ~R.M.Sizelove~

These tombstone photos have been generously donated by Robert M. Sizelove, Sr., on 29 Aug., 2007.
This cemetery is located on the south side of SR665, just a short distance east of Glade Run Rd. The cemetery is located on about 1.5 acres, nicely mowed and would guess it's maintained by Union Township Trustees. There are approximately 17 rows, for a point of reference, I started readings at north (front) corner of cemetery, working towards south (back) end of each row, reading rows from the eastern (front) corner of cemetery, working rows westward. Each memorial is identified with a different lower case roman numeral. These readings and photos or preliminary, the cemetery is amazingly old, the earliest readable date thus far found being Sept. 1809. I checked on an 1875 atlas of this township and noted it's clearly marked as a cemetery at that period and the surrounding land was owned by Charles Butler.
The most recent update to this page made Veteran's Day, 11 Nov., 2007.

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Row 1
i. Frazier, David, April 5, 1825 - April 3, 1889; Frances, June 29, 1832 - Nov. 16, 1907 David was a Civil War Veteran.
ii. Summers, Bertha Clyde, Dau. of D.L. & B. summers, born July 22, 1889, died Sept. 4, 1889
iii. L.B., Footstone
iv. W.McC, Footstone (probably for William McClelland in next row.
v. M, Plot marker, probably for Melvin Family in next row.
vi. Father, Footstone
vii. Mother, Footstone
viii. _rank B., [Frank B.] Footstone, probably for Frank B. Melvin in next row.
ix. M, Plot marker, probably for Melvin Family.
Row 2
i. Tully, To the memory of Martha, born in Jefferson Co., VA, Jan. 1, 1807, died Jan. 20, 1889
ii. Vestal, John, died Feb. 25, 1881, aged 82yyrs 7mo & 10ds
iii. Laff, Harriet Angeline, dau. of George & Indiana Laff, died Aug. 18, 1873, aged 12yrs & 18ds
iv. Melvin, Preston B., son of J.J.? & S.A. Melvin, died July 2, 1869, aged 1mo & 21d
v. B.S.M., footstone, Probably for Bartholomew S. Melvin in next row.
vi. Looker, Rebecca Bennett, wife of Levi Looker, born May 1, 1834, died May 22, 1876
vii. Gilliland, Matilda B., wife of Hamilton Gilliland, born Nov. 9, 1837, died Dec. 4, 1872, aged 35y 1m 5d This engraved on west side of Looker Memorial.
viii. Mother, footstone (in front of Gilliland headstone, probably footstone for next row.
ix. Chenoweth, Lucretia B., wife of Hezekiah Chenoweth, died Oct. 14, 1866, aged 49yrs 9mo & 29d
x. McClelland, Rachel, wife of William McClelland, died Feb. 2, 1879, aged 66yrs 3mos 21ds
xi. C.M., Probable footstone for Chas. Melvin in next row.
xii.McClelland, our Father & Mother On opposite side of same memorial stone.
xiii. McClelland, William, died Dec,. 1, 1867, aged about 80 yrs
xiv. M, Square marble plot marker for Melvin Family.
xv. Melvin, Frank B., son of J. & M. Melvin, born Nov. 18, 1852, died Nov. 15, 1881, aged 29 years
xvi. Melvin, Missouri, dau. of J. & M. Melvin, born Mar. 2, 1840, died Mar. 2, 1867, aged 27 years
Row 3
i. Anderson, Gertrude, wife of Reuben Anderson, died Dec. 7, 1870, aged 64yrs 6ms 15ds
ii. Anderson, Reuben, died Dec. 12, 1875, aged 65y 11m & 2d
iii. E.P., Footstone
iv. Burnison, Jane B., wife of A.W. Burnison, died Sept. 23, 1858, aged 29yrs 11m 9d -Farewell to all whom on me attend. My dearest Husband & fairthful friends, The time has come that we must part. Although in Heaven we may meet again. O dear husband thou will be kindest to those dear infants whom I leave behind, train them on virtue, piety & truth and form their manners early in their youth.- Click here to view lower half of memorial.
v. Melvin, Bartholomew S., died March 10, 1856, aged 59 yr 5m 7d
vi. Lewis, Gustavus S., son of Philip & Abigail Lewis, died Sep. 17th1840, aged 22 years 9 months & 12 days -Friends do not weep or grieve for me You know I must go home. I was upon a visit here and now I must return. Erected by G.W. Lewis, Aug. 16th1842.- Click here & here for closer views of this memorial.
vii. J.G.M., Very old footstone for an individual in next row west.
Row 4
i. Rupert, Elizabeth, died Oct. 5, 1870, aged 70 years, -Erected by Margaret Rupert- Fairly new granite memorial.
ii. Melvin, Winfield, son of Samuel & Martha Melvin, died Feb. 4, 1873, aged 17y 9m 2d [Civil War marker must be missplaced, as he would be much too young to have served during that war. Perhaps an older sibling or his father served.]
iii. Wynegar, Nancy, wife of A. Wynegar, died May 16, 1876, aged 45y 9m 19d
iv. R.M., Probable footstone for Rachel Melvin in next row west.
v. Melvin, Abagail D., died Aug. 8, 1846, aged 8yr 5m & 25days
vi. J.B.M., Footstone
vii. Unknown, Three very early unreadable headstones.
viii. J.M., Probable footstone for John Melvin in next row west.
ix. Melvin, Joseph B., who died Sept. 15, 1839, aged 41y 5m & 9da Click here to view engravers mark, (L.M. Warden, Granville O.) located at lower right corner. Unusual distance for engraver, Granville, Ohio being located just west of Newark, Ohio, in Licking County.
x. Gardner, Rev. John S., died at Florence S.C. Nov. 1, 1864, aged 28yrs 2mo & 6d - Civil War Veteran - Probable son of William & Aner Gardner.
xi. Gardner, William, born Dec. 15, 1807, died Apr. 15, 1880 This inscription on west side of same memorial.
xii. Gardner, Aner, wife of Wm. Gardner, died Apr. 11, 1870, aged 66yrs 6m & 21d This inscription located on east side of same memorial stone.
xiii. Unknown, Unmarked (badly worn)footstone.
xiv. Unknown, Two very worn and unreadable footstones, one upright, one laying flat.
xv. Beaver, Lewis, died May 21, 1852, aged 36yrs 7m 18d
Row 5
i.Fleming, Louisa J., dau. of E.& A.L. Fleming, died Jan. 15, 1850, aged 1mo 14ds
ii. Melvin, Martha, wife of __ Melvin... Broken fragments
iv. Unknown, Stone not readable.
iii. Melvin, Rachel Ann, wife of Samuel Melvin, died Nov. 15, 1852, aged 19y 4m 5d image pending
v. Melvin, Samuel, died March 22, 18__, in the 29 year of his age. Very weathered/difficult to read.
vi. Melvin, Jane, wife of John Melvin, died Nov. 3, 1825 in the 69 year of her age
vii. Melvin, John, died April 15, 1826, in the 79 year of his age
viii. Unknown, Stone not readable.
ix. Unknown, Unmarked stone.
x. Melvin, Elias L., son of Joseph & Miranda Melvin, died Dec. 29, 1845, aged 10m & 10days
xi. M.M., Footstone
xii. Melvin, Chas., 2.3.1786 - 1.24.1842; Rebecca Ervin, his wife, 10.9.1787 - 8.7.1829
xiii. M, Plot marker with letter M & footstone fragments
Row 6
i. Millin, William S., died Sep. 9, 1870, aged 59y 9m 6d
ii. Jackson, John W., son of E.W.& W.M. Jackson, died Sept. 14, 1863, aged 1y 11m & 21d
iii. Eachus, Elizabeth, wife of A.R. Eachus, died [Mar. 12?]_, 1864, aged 67y 7mo Month and day of death date, very difficult to read.
iv. Melvin, Samuel, died Jan. 2, 1857, aged 29y 7mo 27d
v. Eachus, Abner R., died Aug. 13, 1856, aged 66y 10m
vi. E.C.W., Footstone, probably for Eliza in next row west.
vii. S.W.E., Probable footstone for Samuel W. Erwin in next row west.
Row 7
i. Unknown, Small sandstone footmarker, nearly buried below turf, no engraving visable. Sorry no photo.
ii. Painter, Eveline, daughter of J. & J. Painter, died ... Only upper fragment remaining.
iii. Painter, Margaret G., daughter of J. & J. Painter, died Mar. 14, 1840, aged 16yrs 5mo 5ds
iv. Woosley, Eliza C., wife of David Woosley, died Mar. 13, 1849, aged __yrs 11mo 17d Stone broken right through "aged__ years", not readable.
v. Unknown, Upper fragment of very old ornate sandstone headstone, no inscriptions on it.
vi. Erwin, Samuel W., died Jan. 25, 1837: aged 19yrs 10mo & 5 days
vii. H.J.M., Probable footstone for Hiram J. Melvin in next row west.
viii. Unknown, In Mem..., Er..., B... Very old worn sandstone headstone, most of data layer has flaked off, no longer readable, but probable member of Melvin Family.
ix. Melvin, In Memory of Benjamin, died Aug. 10th 1823, aged 37 years 7 months & 8 days Sandstone memorial, verse at bottom only partially readable.
x. Melvin, Phebe, Dec. 31 1765 - July 19, 1821 Early marble headstone.
xi. Melvin, Joseph, Jan. 26, 1764 - Nov. 7, 1817 Early flat marble headstone.
xii. Unknown, Early sandstone headstone, worn excessivly, no longer readable.
xiii. Melvin, John, son of Thomas & Elizabeth Melvin, born Feb. 1808, died Sept. 1809, age 1yr 5m The oldest readable memorial stone found in this cemetery.
xiv. Marsh, Infant dau. of J. & M. Marsh, died Oct. 6, 1848, aged 7 hours
xv. Adair, Jane, wife of John Adair, died June 3, 1837, aged 52ys 2ms 28ds
xvi. Adair, John, died Jan. 19, 1859, In the 77 year of his age
xvii. Adair, Bethier, wife of John Adair, died April 7, 1875, aged 77y 1m & 19d Marble stone toppled and broken onto four fragments.
Row 8
i. Adair, Wm. Nelson, died Nov. 27, 1873, aged 32y 9m & 15d; son of W.N. Adair, ag. 27 No given name for second entry on west side of same oblisk marble stone as Wm. Nelson Adair.
ii. Melvin, James M., son of Josiah & Mary Ann Melvin, died April 18, 1847, aged 2yrs 5mo & 24dy Marble stone
iii. Melvin, Hiram J., son of Joseph & Roxia Melvin, died Jan. 18th1841, aged 5 years 10 mo & 16 days -Come parents dear and view my grave Since all your cares could not me save And white my flesh lies here to rot Let not this warning be forgot-
iv. Melvin, In Memory of Milton D. W., son of John & Sarah Melvin, died June 26th1834, aged 9years 4mo & 3days -God my redeemer lives And ever from the skies looks down and watches all my days Till he shall bid it rise-
v. Unknown, Sandstone surface flaked off, no longer readable.
vi. Melvin, Charity, daughter of Joseph & Roxia Melvin, died Feb. 23 th[sic] 1832, aged 1 year 7mo & 15 days
vii. Melvin, Silas, son of Joseph & Roxia Melvon, died Dec. 15th1829, aged 1 year 5mo & 8 days
Row 9
9i. Adair, Wm. Nelson, company C, 121st Regiment ohio Volunteer Infantry, Feb. 12, 1841 - Nov. 27, 1873 -Masonic symbol- civil War Veteran, newer stone echoing data on stone in previous row. Image pending
9ii. W.D., Footstone for Wm. Adair.
9iii. Adair, Arsenath M., wife of Henry Adair, died Dec. 3, 1852, aged 33y 9m 28d
9iv. Martin, In memory of John, son of Wm. & A... Martin, died July 4 [ or 1] 184_, aged 20_ Very worn and difficult to read.
9v. Unknown, Charles M., son of John & ... Only small fragment remaining.
9vi. Unknown, In memory of __[ looks like possibly Mary] Only two small fragments remaining, not readable.
9vii. Unknown, Malinda... ...ugh... Only small fragments mostly unreadable headstone.
9viii. Martin, In Memory of Catharine, died Aug. 14thAD 1837, aged 44 years 2mo & 23 days Headstone broken into tow major parts, lower part still set in base, hidden behind plants, with upper portion leaning against lower part.
9ix. C.M., Probable footstone for Catharine Martin.
9x. Unknown, ...Aug. 1823... Only date readable on this fragment.
9xi. McDonald, in Memory of John, died June 1, 1841, aged 26 yrs 6 mo 18 days
9xii. McDonald, Mary Ann, wife of James McDonald, died Apr. 14 1836: Aged 54yrs 8mo & 1 day
9xiii. McDonald, James, died Dec. 2 1850, aged 74years... Months and days aged not viewable, below turf line.
Row 10
10i. Unknown, Large old sandstone headstone, surface flaked off, sadly no longer readable.
10ii. Ferguson, Benj., died June 2, 1852, aged 53yrs
10iii. Unknown, Small rounded sandstone footstone, unmarked, leaning against Ferguson headstone.
10iv. Chenoweth, John F., son of J. & M. Chenoweth, died Sept. 20, 1835, aged 12 yrs 7 mo & 7 days
10v. Chenoweth, Jessie M., daughter of L.F. & M. Chinoweth, died Oct. 21, 1867, aged 2y & 25d
10vi. Chenoweth, John T., son of H. & L. Chenoweth, Member of Co. B, 75 Reg. O.V.I., died Jan. 31, 1864, aged 20yrs 7m 5d Engravers name at bottom of baseKendall Bros & Co., Columbus O.
10vii. McDonald, John, don of George G. & Belinda McDonald, diede May 14th1836, aged 1 year 9 mo & 23 days
10viii. Adair, Nancy, wife of Samuel Adair, died Oct. 4, 1849, aged ... Large heavy marble stone, leaning almost 30 degrees, remaining inscription below turf line.
10ix. Sidener, In Memory of Rebecca, wife of John Sidener, who died June 9, 1814, aged _5 yrs 6m 4 days Years aged looks like 45 years, but can't be 100% sure.
10x. Adair, In Memory of Margaret, wife of Samuel Adair, who died Nov. 19, 1822, aged 26 yrs 6m & 9 days This headstone partially hidden behind very old cedar tree. Stone very weathered.
10xi. S.P.B., Very old, probably original footstone for newer replacement headstone for Sara P. Bell in next row west.
10xii. Adair, Saml., died June 12, 1849, aged 58ys 8m 29ds Probable husband of Margaret Adair. Large flat marble memorial.
10xiii. Adair, John Sr., 1750 - 1924 Newer granite memorial. Possibly replacement for older missing stone.
10. Unknown, Very old sandstone unmarked footstone.
Row 11
11i. Ferguson, John L., son of J. & S.A. Ferguson, died June 16, 1859, aged 5m & 16d
11ii. S.J.A., Footstone
11iii. S.J.A., Old sandstone footstone.
11iv. Unknown, Unmarked footstone.
11v. Unknown, Unmarked footstone.
11vi. Unknown, Almost buried unmarked footstone.
11vii. Unknown, Almost buried unmarked footstone.
11viii. Bell, Sara P., wife of George Bell, died Sept. 13, 1831, aged 22 yrs 11 days -Reproduced by Mabel R. Lutz, 1974- Newer stone, replacing missing or deteriorated marker.
11ix. Winders, Oney P., wife of William Winders, died Aug. 9th1840, aged 26 years 10 m 4 days
11x. Sutherland, Tan...y, died Aug. 20, 1845, aged 79y 1mo & 9days
11xi. Unknown, Unmarked footstone or plot marker.
Row 12
12i. Durflinger, Thomas, died Feb. 18, 1850, aged 79 yrs
12ii. Anderson, Susannah, wife of Wm. Anderson, died Nov. 21, 1857, aged about 64 yrs -Go home dear friends dry your tears, I will arise when Christ appears.
12iii. Anderson, William, died Sept. 18, 1849, aged 59 yrs 7mo & 23ds
12iv. Anderson, George, son of W. & S. Anderson, died may 30, 1848, aged 17yr's 2mo's 18d's
12v. S.A., Footstone
12vi. Durflinger, Mary, daughter of Wm. & G. Durflinger, died Sept. 1, 1848; Aged 7 years 1mo & 17ds Marble memorial.
12vii. Lilly, Elizabeth, daughter of William? & Mary Lilly, died Aug. 30, 1836 in the 2ndyear of her age Sandstone
12viii. Lilly, Lucinda, died Sept. 20, 1835 in the _ _ of her age. Sandstone
12ix. Lilly, Infant, son of _ & M. Lilly, died Mar. 5, 1847, aged 6ds Marble
12x. Lilly, Theodocia, died Feb. 27, 1839 in the 67th Year of her age Sandstone
12xi. Lilley, William, died Aug. 22, 1843, aged 37 years 4mo & 14days
12xii. Harvey, Robert L., son of J. & A.C. Harvey, died May 31, 1852, aged 2ms
12xiii. Harvey, Sarah Ann, daughter of Jonathan & Ann C. Harvey, died Aug. 28, 1842, aged 2yrs 2mo & 2 ds
12xiv. Bell, Benjamin, died June 2, 1848, aged 33 yr's 4mo's 11d's
12xv. Unknown, Unmarked footstone
12xvi. Bell, James D., died Jan. 1st1843:, aged 4_ yrs, 3 or 2 _ Wording & spacing of text would strongly suggest age of person in 40's., not a child. Only upper fragments of this sandstone memorial readable.
12xvii. Smith, Benjamin, died Aug. 4th1835 in the 54thY... Very fragmented hard to read, sandstone.
12xviii. Unknown, Unmarked footstone
12xix. Bell, Mary W., daughter of Jas D. & E. Bell, died July 3, 1842, aged 1y'r 6m's 29d's
12xx. Boyd, Mary J., wife of Claybourn Boyd, died _, 18_, aged 19yrs, 3mo 9d Large marble stone broken in half through death date area. Click here to view lower half.
12xxi. Fulton, Caroline Lucy, died Sept. 27th 1835, aged __years, __mo, 25days
12xxii. Bell, Infant son of B. & E. Bell...
12xxiii. Unknown, Lower fragment of very old sandstone headstone marker, contains a few unreadable lines of verse, commonly found at lower portion of memorial.
12xxiv. Unknown Unmarked footstone
12xxv. Fulton, Anna, died Nov. 11, 1846, aged 45years
12xxvi. Fulton, John, died Dec. 27, 1849, aged 50y 3m
Row 13
13i. McDonald, Infant daughter of George G. & Belinda McDonald, born April 12th1840
13ii. McDonald, Infant twin daughter of George G. & Belinda McDonald, died Dec. 3rd 1838, aged 24 owers[sic] next to matching broken base.
13iii. McDonald, Infant twin daughter of George G. & Belinda McDonald, died Dec. 14th1838, aged 11 days
13iv. E. Plot marker
13v. W.T.T. Probable footstone for Wm. T. Timmons in next row west.
13vi. Swayze, Eleanor S., wife of P. Swayze, died Feb. 21, 1847, aged 55yrs
13vii. E.S.S. Sandstone footstone for Eleanor S. Swayze, image pending.
13viii. Richardson, James, son of Wm & Nancy Richardson, died Oct. 9, 1842, aged 7days
13ix. Richardson, Richard, died Oct. 23rd1843, in the 47 yr of his age
13x. R.R. Probable footstone for Richard Richardson.
13xi. Swazr, Eli, son of Philip & Eleanor Swarz, died Sept. 25, 1840, in the 32 year of his age
13xii. J.M. Footstone
13xiii. T.J.A. Footstone
13xiv. headstone fragment, Lower fragment of Jacob Swayze headstone.
13xv. Swayze, In memory of Jacob, son of P. & Eleanor Swayze, who died Aug. 13 1836, in the 23 yr of his age
13xvi. J.S. Probable footstone for Jacob Swayze.
Row 14
14i. Lilly, Thomas, son of J. & M. Lilly, died Oct. 23, 1848, aged 8mo 11ds Found this stone leaning against another headstone (14ii), dislocated from original family plot area.
14ii. Lilly, Matilda C., wife of James Lilly, died A_, aged 31yr 11mo 25d
14iii. Harvey, Ann C., 1811 - 1901 Footstone
14iv. Harvey, Jonathan, 1807 - 1857 Footstone
14v. J.H., Older footstone
14vi. Johnson, Maranda E., dau. of Thos & Aletha Johnson, died May 25, 1850, aged 21y's 6m. 25d.
14vii. Truitt, George W., 1836 - 1916 Footstone for Truitt family member.
14viii. Truitt, Missouri M., 1839 - 1879 Footstone for Truitt family member.
14ix. Nusbaum, Amanda, daughter of John & Susan Nusbaum, died Oct. 22. 1850, aged 4y. & 11d's.
14x. Defebaugh, Harriet Amelia, daughter of Jacob & Maby Defebaugh, died Jan. 18, 1850, aged 1yr 1mo 9ds
14xi. Unknown Burial Only lower unreadable fragment of headstone remaining.
14xii. Anderson Sarah J., dau. of Wm & S. Anderson, died Nov. 3, 1846, aged 9y 11m 21d This memorial stone broken into three major fragments, two pictured.
14xiii. Durflinger, Susannah, daughter of D. & M. Durflinger, died May 27, 1846, aged 1year 4mo's 23d's
14xiv. Durflinger, _, died Mar. 18, 1863, aged about 92 years Given name worn, unknown, not readable.
14xv. _._.C., Unreadable footstone.
14xvi. Berridge, Hannah, wife of Wm Berridge, died Oct. 29, 1843, aged 39yrs
14xvii. Hunter, Isabel, wife of Robert Hunter, departed this life April 17, 1845 aged 24years, __months, 15days Found this in broken fragments under a spanish dagger plant.
14xiii. A.B.T. Footstone
14xix. Young, Elizabeth, wife of Robert Young, died Nov. 17, 1838, aged 46 years
14xx. M.W.B. Footstone
14xxi. Timmons, William A., died Sept. 26, 1856, aged 39yrs & 9mo
Row 15
15i. Anderson, Anor, wife of J.T. Anderson, died July 1, 1882, in the 69 year of her age
15ii. Truitt Large granite headstone for Truitt family members.
15iii. Chapman, Catharine B., daughter of J. & M.A. Chapman, died Sep 27, 1848, In her 18 year -Remember Youth as you pass by As you are now so once was I, As I am now so you must be, Prepare for death and follow me-
15iv. Coon, In memory of Mary, wife of Jacob Coon, died Aug. 26th1840, aged 24years 5mo & 25 days -Remember friends...- Contains a verse very similar to the one on the previous Chapman stone.
15v. Coon, Daniel, died May 7, 1873, aged 70y 1m 25d
15vi. Coon, Peter P., son of Henry & Sarah Coon, died Nov,. 6, 1838, aged 22yrs 8mo & 24days
15vii. J.R. Footstone
15viii. Johnson, Nancy J., died Mar. 12, 1850, aged 18y 10m 11d
15ix. J.M. Footstone
15x. King__an, Catharine, wife of Wm. __?__, died Sept. 14, 1846, aged 29yrs? Memorial in very bad condition, not easily readable.
15xi. Unknown, _, died 1847, aged _y 7mo, _days Only fragment of this headstone remains.
15xii. Unknown, In Me[ory of] Amelia _, [wife of or daughter of] Gilbert _, ...died Ma?[March or May] in the 3_...her Only broken two broken fragments of a headstone found.
15xiii. McDonald, Infant son of George G. & Belinda McDonald, born ... No birth or death date inscribed.
15xiv. Unknown, This sandstone headstone is still standing, but not readable, possibly a member of McDonald family?
15xv. Unknown, Unreadable headstone.
15xvi. McDonald, Infant daughter of George G. & Belinda McDonald, born July 17th1837
15xvii. Unknown, Headstone
15xviii. Jo__son, Joseph, died Oct. 22, 1849, ... Stone in very bad condition, possibly Johnson surname, but can't be sure.
15xix. Lain, Olivia, wife of Hooper Lain, died Aug. 1st1840, aged 30 years & 24days
15xx. Lain, Jemima, wife of __ Lain, died May 9, 1872, aged 72y _m 20d This marble memorial is very deterriorated, weather is melting the inscription to point where it's very difficult to read.
15xxi. Unknown, Unmarked footstone
15xxii. Arnett, Thos J., died Aug. 22, 1837, aged 30yr 1mo 9d's
15xxiii. S.M., Footstone
15xxiv. J.W.C., Footstone
15xxv. N.J.C., Footstone
Row 16
16i. George, Thomas R., died Mar. 6, 1885, aged 85yrs 6ms 26ds
16ii. George, Sarah, wife of T.R. George, died Aug. 8, 1883, aged 55ys 9m 29d
16iii. Unknown, Footstone
16iv. Durflinger, Albert, son of D. & M. Durflinger, died Feb. 24, 1857, aged 9y 3m 3d
16v. Durflinger, Sarah, dau. of D. & M. Durflinger, died Mar. 26, 1856, aged 1y 11m 26d Very worn, difficult to read.
16vi. Lilly, John W., son of W. & M. Lilly, died Dec. 29, 1853, aged 15y 8mo 26d
16vii. Lilly, Albert, died April 14, 1883, aged 33yrs 2mo & 2ds
16viii. Lilly, Wesley, born Mar. 30, 1803, died Aug. 11, 1889, aged 86y 4m 11d
16ix. Lilly, Mary, wife of Wesley Lilly, born Oct. 20, 1807, died Jan. 28, 1892
16x. Adair, Nancy, daughter of S. & N. Adair, died Jan. 2, 1850, aged 15y's 1mo 15d's
16xi. Adair, Elizabeth M., daughter of S. & N. Adair, died Dec. 10, 1849, aged 27y's 4mo 1d
16xii. Woolhether, Thomas, son of Benj. & Eliz. Woolhether, did Oct. 12, 1843, aged 2ys 9mo & 12 ds Note: spelling of "did", engraver left out the "e".
16xiii. Unknown footstone
16xiv. Unknown footstone
16xv. Hubbard, Elender, wife of John Hubbard, died Feb. 23, 1843
16xvi. Unknown, S..., ...f, ...h, died Oct.... headstone very bad condition, not readable
16xvii. M.C. footstone
16xviii. Corder, Nancy Jane, wife of James Corder & dau. of Stephen M. & Anor Jackson, died June 26, 1859, aged 20yrs 5m 29d
16xix. Cordor, James W., died June 28, 1859, aged 21y's 6mo 25d's Note: husband and wife died 2 days apart.
16xx. S.M. footstone
16xxi. Corder, Maria, wife of Silvester Corder, died Oct. 11, 1841, in the 27 year of her age
Row 17
17i. Durflinger, William, born Nov. 18, 1812, died April 27, 1888, aged 75y 5m 9d
17ii. Durflinger, Clarine, 1822 - 1909
17iii. Rice, Sons of W. & M. Rice
17iv. Rice, Infant, died March 23, 1878
17v. Rice, David S., died Oct. 13, 1876, aged 9y 10m 29d
17vi. Durflinger, Catharine, died Oct. 18, 1854, aged about 65years Stone is very difficult to read, very weathered.
17vii. Unknown, Base stone with headstone missing, but matches size of previous Durflinger stone. (No image)
17viii. Fullington, William S., son of Wm & Mary Fullington, died Aug. 23, 1853, aged 6yrs 2mo 5ds Surname very difficult to read, not 100% sure of spelling. Broken in two major pieces.
17ix. D.A.G. footstone
17x. E.M.A. footstone
17xi. H.G. footstone
17xii. Unknown Either footstone or top of small oblisk headstone.
17xiii. Unknown Base with lower fragment of headstone.
17xiv. Defebaugh, Martin, son of Jacob & Catharine Defebaugh, died jan. 23, 1850, aged 17yrs 16ds
17xv. Defebaugh, Eliza, daughter of Jacob & Mary Defebaugh, died jan. 2, 1850, aged 7yrs 11ms 2ds
17xvi. Unknown footstone
17xvii. Unknown Upper section of headstone, too deep to dig up with trowel or read. Sorry no image available.
17xviii. J.A. footstone
17xix. Defebaugh, Oulsenith, wife of J.K. Defebaugh, died June 11, 1854, aged...
17xx. Corder, Henry H., son of Silvester & Maria Corder, died June 25, 1842, in the 2 year of his age
17xxi. Unknown, __, son of __ & A. L__ms, died __ 19, 1861, ... This memorial stone is in very bad condition.
17xxii. Lane, George H., son of Mitchell & Jemima Lane, died Nov. 4, 18__ Probably varriation of Lain surname found on previous stones.
17xxiii. Morris, Mordecaih, son of A. & P. Morris, died Feb. 21, 1851, aged 11y's 5m 21d
17xxiv. Richington, David, son of Edmand & Rachel Richington, died Mar. 1st 1840, aged 12yr 4mo & 27days
17xxv. Unknown lower fragment of very large headstone, with no name or dates. Found between row 16 & row 17.
Row 18
18i. Recob, Valentine, died Dec. 15, 1877, aged 71yrs 6mo
18ii. Bell, George W., son of John M. & Ann M. Bell, died June 26, 1861, aged 13days This smaller stone is displaced, leaning against the previous V. Recob memorial.
18iii. B.J. footstone
18iv. M. F. footstone
18v. J.T.J. footstone
18vi. Recob, Infant son of Valentine & __ Recob, died June 13, 1875, aged 5days
18vii. Recob, David, died __ Only small upper fragment of this stone could be read.
18viii. J.D.T. footstone -Sorry image not available.
18ix. Gerard, Dorathy Ann, died June 5, 1857, aged 9ys 9mo & 7days
18x. Recob, John, died Aug. 28, 1854, aged 87y 11m 11d Stone broken into two major pieces right through month and day of death. Have to look closely to discern this date.
18xi. ___guy, Hez__, died May 10, 1836, aged about 86yr Upper fragment of headstone missing, unable to transcribe full name.
18xii. Horn, James, son of John & E. J. Horn, died Sept. 9, 1854, aged 2yrs 5ds
18xiia. J.H., Probable footstone for James Horn.
18xiii. Pierce, James Andrew, son of James & Mary Ann Pierce, died Nov. 27, 1878, aged 2ys 11ms
18xiv. Horn, John M., died Mar. 5, 1861, aged 74 yrs 9mo & 21dy [Engraved by:]Williams & Monnier, Columbus O.
18xv. Horn, Alis Josephine, dau. of John & E. J. Horn, died Dec. 22, 1864, aged 4yrs 7mo & 4d
Row 19
19i. Unknown Footstone
19ii. J.D.T. Footstone
19iii. A.T. Footstone
19iv. E.A.T. Footstone
19v. C.T. Footstone
19vi. T. Footstone
19vii. Jones, Robt, died July 29, 1850, aged 26y's 11m's 18d's
Row 20
20i. Jackson, Barbara, wife of J.T. Jackson, died Feb. 5, 1866, aged 44y 7m 24d
20ii. Jackson, John T., died June 11, 1873, aged 74y 1m 2d
20iii. Ferr, Margaret, died Jan. 26, 1868, aged 16y 8m 16d
20iv. Johnson, F.M., son of J. _. & L. Johnson, ... only upper fragment of headstone remains.
20v. Babber, Infant son of J. & P. Babber, died Feb. 6, 1878, aged 3 days
20vi. Truitt, Byers J., son of G.W. & M.R. Truitt, died Sept. 20, 1875, aged 2mos 6ds
20vii. Unknown Sandstone fragment of headstone.
20viii. Unknown Marble headstone fragment.
20ix. Truitt, James D., died Oct. 15, 1875, aged 70yrs 10mos 15ds
20x. Truitt, Anna, wife of James D. Truitt & dau. of S. & M. Thomas, died Feb. 26, 1862, aged 50y 6m & 14d
20xi. Truitt, Eliza A., daughter of J.D. & A. Truitt, died Sept. 25, 1862, aged 16y 7m & 15d Probable parents, James & Anna Truitt.
20xii. Truitt, Christena, daughter of T.J. & I.M. Truitt, died Aug. 3, 1875, aged 15days
20xiii. Truitt, Infant son of J.& D.J. Truitt, died March 19, 1876, aged 17days
20xiv. Garmeans, Hannah, wife of Jonathan Garmeans, died Jan. 12, 1870, aged 37y 4m 11d
This concludes my readings of this cemetery.

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