Swisher Twp. Cemetery

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Lima Twp.
Licking County

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These tombstone photos have been generously donated by Robert M. Sizelove, Sr., Oct. 29, 2004.
This cemetery is located on Havens Corners Road (cr38), on the south side of the road, east of Summit Rd. (cr26) and west of Mink St. (cr41). It is situated five or six hundred feet, back off the road in a quiet setting with one residence nearby, but almost completely surrounded by crop land on three sides. The cemetery has a mix of older and new stones, looks to still be actively used. It has a few large old cedar & flowering trees. The cemetery appears to be nicely care for by the Township Trustees. Actually I believe the city of Pataskala recently annexed the entire township into the city limits, so it may now be cared for by the City of Pataskala. My readings are preliminary, and only a small sampling of the memorials, would estimate my readings thus far, to be about 20% of existing burials. Some of the older stones have weathered to a point where they are no longer readable, and a few others have toppled with the inscription facing down and too heavy for me to turn.

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Axline, Joseph S., 1854 - 1928; Mary A., 1849 - 19__
Beals, Andrew J., 1842 - 1918; Melissa A., McIntosh, 1842 - 1894
Beals, George M., 1902 - 1933
Beem, Lilly Bell, dau. of Alex. & M. A. Beem, died Aug. 21, 1877, aged 1y 6m 24d
Gorey, James, May 11, 1822 - Apr. 29, 1905
Headlee, Charles Sumner, 1866 - 1939
Ingram, William, 1883 - 1917
McBride, Mary Errebella, 1853 - 1940
McBride, John Henry, 1848 - 1925
Roberts, Sylvester P., 1859 - 1927 Unusual white metal marker.
Rose, Elizabeth, wife of Elisha Rose, died Jan. 24, 1882, aged 50y 8m 21d
Rose, Minerva E., 1856 - 1899
Rose, Hiram L., 1861 - 1940; Lewis 1870 - 19__
Shultz, Anna B., 1865 - 1904
Sinsabaugh, John, son of I. K. & J. Sinsabaugh, died Oct. 14, 1875, aged 26y 3m 1d; Cyrus, son of I. K. & J. Sinsabaugh, died at Vicksburg, July 17, 1863, aged 18y 8m 16d Civil War veteran.
Sinsabaugh, Jane, wife of Isaac N. Sinsabaugh, died Dec. 13, 1878, aged 31y 3m 27d
Sinsebaugh, I., Co. I, 95thOhio Inf.
Sinsabaugh, Lewis H., 1887 - 1957
Sinsabaugh, Jacob H., born Jan. 31, 1826, died Dec. 1, 1883 -Father-
Sinsabaugh, Mary C., wife of J. H. Sinsabaugh, born jan. 17, 1828, died Jan. 5, 1872 -Mother-
Sinsabaugh, Henry G., son of J. H. & M. C. Sinsabaugh, born Aug. 6, 1863, died April 12, 1873
Slane, John W., 1860 - 19__; Ida J., 1865 - 1926
Tharp, Thomas O., son of W. P. & K. A. Tharp, died Apr. 10, 1891, aged 2y 8d
Tharp, Isaac R., 1858 - 1931; Martha J., his wife, 1859 - 1926
Tharp, Willard N., son of W. P. & K. A. Tharp, died Jan. 26, 1887, aged 1y 8m 4d
Wagy, Margaret, wife of Philip Wagy, died Aug. 27, 1849, aged 72y 2m 4d
Wagy, John, died May 10, 1886, aged 42yrs 2ms 20ds
Wagy, Lucinda, wife of John Wagy, died Mar. 19, 1889, aged 50y 3m 5d
Wolcott, Lora, died Aug. 6, 1882, aged 87y 6m 5d
Wolcott, Henry Allen, son of Peter & Lora Wolcott, died May 7, 1860, aged 23yrs 10m & 15d
Wolcott, Ella May, dau. of B. L. & E. Wolcott, died Aug. 5, 1893, aged 33y 9m 11d
Wolcott, Mary R., dau. of R. I. & E. Wolcott, 1863 - 1919

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