Hancock Cemetery

Liberty Twp.
Licking County

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These tombstone transcriptions & photos have been generously donated by
Robert M. Sizelove, Sr.
, May 23, 2002

This cemetery is located off SR 37 from Alexandria, Ohio, on Northridge Road, CR 21, between Sportsman Club Road and Dutch Lane Rd., Range 14 of Liberty Township, Licking Co., Ohio. This cemetery is located next to the road, although there is no parking facility on roadway, there is a grassy driveway into the cemetery yard at the north end. Therefore, one could park on the north end of cemetery lawn, as there are no burials in this area. The cemetery entrance has a slight grade, but the cemetery itself is relatively level. It is nicely mowed and cared for by Liberty Township Trustees. Oddly enough, I found no one buried here with the surname Hancock. The 1866 Atlas of Locking Co., Liberty Twp. showed A. Hancock owning land across road from this cemetery. Mathias Stockberger was shown as owner of this plot of land on the Atlas of 1866. As with all cemeteries that I've transcribed, every effort was made to carefully examine and read each memorial stone. I make no warranty to being 100% accurate. Use this information as a research tool, don't substitute it, but rather include this with good state and county document research. As is true of most cemeteries, some of the memorial stones are, unfortunately, weathered beyond complete transcription. All information written in standard text was read directly from stones. Information contained within brackets[ ] will be additional comments, observations, and /or my personal knowledge, which are not transcribed from the memorial stone. Any descriptive comments or data contained in brackets with a * symbol will signify information given to me by Mr. & Mrs. Lee Riffe. My objective as always is to help insure these ancestral loved ones will not be forgotten. Wish to thank Township Trustee Larry Riffe and his wife, for their support and kind cooperation and that of the township employees. Also the kindness and sharing of older cemetery documents by Larry's parents, Lee and Dorothy Riffe. My only use of previous data is to supplement information no longer existing or where memorial stone information is no longer readable. I am responsible for all information contained in this report, unless specific notation of another source is mentioned. All use of the [*] symbol indicates information taken from the older cemetery readings done in 1960's. Name of researcher not included with previous report. This enumeration completed on 27 June, 1999 - 2007 by Robert M. Sizelove, Sr.

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Row #1.

i. DUMBAULD, Mary, died 1941, Peter, died 1910
ii. DUMBAULD, Peter W., born April 1, 1810, died April 4, 1896, Margaret, his wife, born Aug. 17, 1819, died Oct. 24, 1896 DUMBAULD
[inscription on base stone, 4 piece stone, very large, nicely carved, tilting].
iii. DUMBAULD, Abraham, died May 23, 1878, aged 75y. 4m., 14d. partial inscription under date - Blessed are the dead which..., henceforth... then saith the ..., ...follow them.- [ This stone laying flat, covered partially by tree roots]
iv.DUMBAULD, Christina, wife of [A.] Dumbauld, died [ 1875 ]or [* 1825 ]
[This stone laying flat on base, very weathered/ deteriorated stone.]
STOCKBERGER, George, died Apr. 15 1883, aged 65 y., 8m., 24d. [footstone, marked G.S.]
UNMARKED, [grave, very old base stone, headstone missing. There is a headstone leaning against the large memorial stone in row 5, reads "Infant son of JD & MA Stockberger. I believe this stone looks the right size and shape to possibly be the missing headstone.]
STOCKBERGER, Infant daug. of M.& M. Stockberger, died July 18, 1856
viii. STOCKBERGER, M., died May 7, 1875, aged 66y., 8m., 10d.
[This is inscribed on left side], "Our Father & Mother" [ front side], Mary M. Stockberger, died Nov. 28, 1891, aged 75y., 5m., 25d. [inscribed on right side]
Row #2

i. plot stone marker
ii. [* EDWARDS], Rute, Apr.18, 1857
[*wife of Robert Edwards][very weathered, difficult to read]
iii. Plot stone marker
iv. NASH, Paul, 1893- 1916
v. NASH, Leota, 1872- 1896
vi. STOCKBERGER, Loton, son of E & E.A. Stockberger, died May 30, 1872, aged 1m. & 28d.[*23d]
[This was on left side of stone];
Elizabeth, wife of Eli Stockberger, died Apr. 9, 1872, aged 26y., 1m., 18d.[*14d]
[ on front side of stone]
vii. MONTGOMERY, Adam [*D.]., son of Samuel & Mary Montgomery, died Apr. 23, [*25] 1862, aged 9d.
[Found inscription on base stone -DeRon & Bro., Granville, O- this could be an engraving company?]
viii. MONTGOMERY, Louisa, daug. of S. & Mary Montgomery, died June 19, 1859 [*1853] [last two digits very difficult to read] aged 11m., 11d.[*14d]
ix. MONTGOMERY, Margaret A., daug. of Samuel & Mary Montgomery, died in Wyandotte, Ohio, Mar. 4, 1881, aged 31y., 10d.
x. MONTGOMERY, Mary, "Mother", 1814 - 1894, Samuel, "Father", 1815 -1904
xi. "M. S.", footmarker
Row #3.

i. DUKE, Angie M., daughter of N.W. & P.J. Duke, Sept. 25, 1873, aged 1y., 7m., 21d [very hard to read], Infant son of N. W. & P.J. Duke [ no dates, this inscription is on opposite side of same stone]
ii. DUKE, Albert, son of [*N. & D.] Duke, died [*June 1852][this stone broken, very difficult to read.]
iii. DUKE, ___, died, Oct. 9, 1857 [*1837][ very deteriorated ] [*Aged 11y. 3d.]
iv. DUKE, Sarah, wife of David Duke, died Sept. 20, 1877, aged 71 y., 8m., 26d. [This on left side], "Our Mother and Father" [this on front side], David Duke, died Sept. 23, 1888, aged 91y., 3m., 26d. [3 piece stone with "Duke" engraved on base stone]
v. Foot stone "M.A.M."
[probably footstone of Margaret A. Montgomery]
Row #4.

i. plot marker stone
ii. SLIFE, David D., died July 20, 1892, aged 44y. 1m. 1d. "At Rest"
[this inscription under above information]
iii. SLIFE, Samuel, son of H. & C. Slife, died Oct. 10, 1856[*1836], aged 2y. 9m.[*3y. 10m.]
iv. SLIFE, Catherine, wife of H. Slife, died Oct. 2, 1888, aged 74y 3m 19d
[left side of stone], "Father & Mother" [front side], Henry Slife, died Aug. 8, 1893, aged 73y. 1m. 4d. [on right side of this very large & well engraved stone]
v. Plot marker stone
vi. DULL, Joseph, died Oct. 17, 1891, aged 87y. 8m. 8d. [on left side], "Our Parents" [on front side], Elizabeth, wife of Joseph Dull, died Mar. 21, 1881, aged 74y 4m 22d
[on right side of memorial stone]
DUMBAULD, Infant son of D.W.[*P.W.] & M. Dumbauld, died Apr. 20, 185_[*1850] [corner of date broken off. This stone leaning against memorial stone of Joseph Dull]
NASH, Sarah C., daug. of Elisha & Phebe _. Nash, died Sept. 11, 1871[*1851], aged 2mo., 21d.[*7m 20d] [this stone also leaning against memorial stone of Joseph Dull]
ix. DULL, L-u-sa [ Louisa] J., [*Lufinna J.]
[Given name very weak and difficult to read] daug. of J. & E. Dull, died Aug. 18, 1856[*1876], aged 7y. 2m. 3d. [this stone very weathered]
x. DULL, ___
[stone broken, half buried, tried to clean but no other information readable]
Row #5.

i. BARBER, "Little Joe", son of F. & F. Barber, May 29, 1898- June 2, 1900
STOCKBERGER, Infant son of J. D. & M. A. Stockberger, died Oct. 25, 1861
[*See note, row 1, vi.]
WALTERS, John, died Jan. 27, 1890, aged 70y. 6m. 7d.
iv. STOCKBERGER, Luther, 1851-1914
STOCKBERGER, J. D., died July 3, 1878, aged 40y. 2m. 27d.
[ Below this is a partial inscription]: " This earth is but life be... home. For I would longer stay. Seasons fly and quickly come. By ... my soul away..."
This concludes my readings of Hancock Cemetery.

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