Channel Cemetery

Liberty Twp.
Licking County

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These tombstone photos have been generously donated by Robert M. Sizelove, Sr., April 7, 2004
Most recent update to this page made on 22 June, 2004.

I first read and photo documented this cemetery on 28 April, 2000. This Cemetery is located on CR16 (Sportsman Club Rd.) just east of Castle Road (TR164). North of Johnstown, between SR62 and CR 21(Northridge Rd.). This cemetery is rather old, and many of the stones here as a result of the lengthened duration of weathering, required much more time and patience to transcribe. Many of the memorial stones were completely buried under the grass and soil. The dry summer conditions caused the grass to be brown where there were memorial stones buried a few inches under the soil. I attribute this to my finding stones that were not enumerated at the last reading in the early 1960s. My best guess is that there are many stones missing. The oldest burial that I found in this cemetery was Nathan Kelso, died Nov. 30, 1832. As always, I strive to be accurate as possible, using only approved and acceptable methods to retrieve information from the stones. However, I make no claim to being 100% correct, I realize this may be the only information available, but also verify when possible with state or county records. This cemetery is located next to road; large portion of this cemetery has never been used. It is very well cared for, trees nicely trimmed, and lawn freshly mowed. Cemetery is highest at rear, ground sloping slightly downward from back to front, and right to left, when facing cemetery from road. My readings started at left side (when facing cemetery) and rows read from front to back. All information in standard text was read directly from stones, any information contained within brackets [ ] or not shown in bold, will be my personal observations, comments, and/or knowledge which are not transcribed from the stones. Any information contained within brackets [ ] with a * symbol will be additional information taken from readings done in the 1960’s, shared with me by the kindness of Mr. & Mrs. (Lee & Dorothy) Riffe. Also wish to thank Township Trustee Larry Riffe and his wife, who have continued to support and share our effort to enumerate Liberty Township cemeteries. Wish also to express my thanks to Beth Shively, who recently visited this cemetery and found an additional memorial that I had missed. It will be noted by the double astrisk**, being row 6, stoneix. Thanks Beth for your kindness in sharing this update. I am responsible with a few exceptions noted above, for information contained in this report. My hopes are that this research will be useful to the descendents of the loved ones interred here. Robert M. Sizelove, Sr.© 2000 - 2007.
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Row 1.
i. Unknown, burial base only, headstone missing.
Row 2.
i. BARCUS, Josiah, “Here lie Intomb’d the Remains of Josiah Barcus who departed this life June 9, 1848, aged 31 yeas & 14 days All of above written in script, stone broken, lying flat on ground. (image pending)
ii. Unknown, burialunmarked stone.
iii. BARCUS, Eliza, daughter of Ebenezer & Elizabeth Barcus, died June 30, 1836, aged 23y, 2m, & 4days Information on this stone was partially buried in a cluster with two other memorial stones.
iv. BARCUS, Nancy Massey, died May 23, 1837, aged 4y 2m & 1d [inscription at bottom ]“J. Barcus” [This stone was buried with stone row1, item iii].
Row 3.
i. BARCUS, Ebenezer, died Feb.11, 1849, aged 23ys. 3mo. 3ds, [partial inscription] “ My dear have... And left me to mourn, But the sweet hopes of meeting you ...will cheer lifes journey...”.
ii. HARTER, Levi, died Oct 15 1843, aged 14ys.
iii. NEFF, George, died July 8, 1867, aged 76y 9m.
iv. DISPENEY, George, died Aug. 16, 1841, aged 51yrs . [broken stone][note: I found lower portion of this headstone is buried under 1st headstone in row 4.]
Row 4.
i. NEFF, Elizabeth, wife of George Neff, died Feb. 14, 1844, aged 40yrs.
ii. (fragment), “Dearest father, thou art sleeping, Thy dear face we see no more’ Though for thee we now art weeping, Thou art only gone before”. [Fragment of Geo. Neff’s (lower portion) headstone with following inscription ] image pending
iii. DISPENNET, Cornelius, Son of J. & J.A. Dispennet, died Nov. 11, 1856, aged 3y, 1m, 23d.
iv. LONGWELL, Adonijah, died Sept. 15, 1852, aged 60y, 10m, 16d, “Father & Mother”, Mary, wife of A. Longwell, died Dec. 22, 1872, aged 78y & 2d
v. CLARK, Eliza, died Apr. 6, 1882, aged 84yrs “The Lord is my Shepherd”. [Inscription below date, 4 piece stone, surname on lower base stone. Upper pediment missing]
vi. LONGWELL, Mary Ellen, daug. of C. & A.E. Longwell, Aug. 24, 1863, aged 1y 10m 7d.
Row 5.
i. PAYN: [PAYNE], Daniel, son of William & Elendar Payne [Payn:], died June 25, 1835, aged 1y. 5mo. 18d. [Found this stone fragment almost completely buried next to and in front of the large cedar tree, front edge of cemetery].
ii. DISBENNET, John, died May 16, 1866, aged 42y.; Julian, wife of John Disbennet, died Aug. 25, 1882, aged 51yrs. [This large 3pc. stone is lying on it’s side on a secondary base stone about 24” above ground between the two cedar trees near front of cemetery].
iii. Disbennet, Mary, dau. of J. & J. Disbennet died Oct. 28, 1863, aged 5y [* This burial known to me only through the previous readings done in 1960's as stone is now missing]. Sorry, no image available.
Row 6.
i. “J.K.”, [foot stone] Sorry no image available.
ii. KELSO, Joseph, [following inscription] “ In memory of Joseph Kelso, who died Jan. [*June] 27, 1836, aged 73years, 5dys.. [very faint & partial inscription] “Departed...till...”[beautifully carved stone w/ incised pictorial of leaves and trees at top of stone]
iii. KELSO, Margaret, daughter of Henry & Sarah Kelso, died July 16, 1837, aged 23years, 5mo., . [*16d](image pending)
iv. KELSO, Henry, died Nov. 3, 1837, aged 45 years & 9mo. [This stone nearly matches that of Joseph row 6, item ii, but in a more deteriorated state].
v. KELSO, Sarah, wife of Henry Kelso, died Mar. 28, 1868, aged 74y. 8m. 12d. [Partial engraving] “Dearest Mother thou art a memory, Thy dear forth..., Though for thee in now..., Thou art only your...journey” [found this stone completely buried].
vi. TRIPPER, Ann, wife of John Tripper, died Dec. 3, 1856, aged 19y 7m 6d [Found this stone completely buried].
vii. IRVIN, Isabell, wife of John Irvin and Daughter of H. & S. Kelso, died Aug. 23, 1862, aged 33y & 10days [inscription] “Trust in God, Saviour of the world” [This is a very large 9 piece memorial stone, which has been dismantled, broken, and stacked in a cluster with other stones leaning against it].
viii. KELSO, Nathan, son of Henry and Sarah Kelso, died Nov. 30, 1832, aged 5y, 10mo. [This stone very weathered and broken, leaning against preceding stone].
ix. KELSO, Joseph, died Mar. 2, 1879, aged 62y 8m 20d [** Son of Henry & Sarah Kelso. Wish to thank Beth Shively for her wonderful discovery of this additional memorial stone during her recent visit to the cemetery.Click here and here for additional overview images of Kelso memorial.
Row 7.
i. STRATTON, H.B. [This stone is only a fragment, impossible to read] , ?yrs, 7 mo., 18d [The above inscription is small and in the lower corner. Over the past few years, I have found this surname inscribed on many older memorials and know it to be the engraver’s name].
ii. *RIASON, Louiza, daug. of Wm. & S., died Oct. 6, 1852, aged 1y 1m 5d [Believe this to be partial surname, as have not seen this spelling, could be badly read version of Gridsby].
iii. GRIDSBY, Louisiana, died March 20, 1837, aged 9y & 6m
iv. [*GRIDSBY], [James M., d. June 20, 1838, aged 23y. 7m. 18d.].
v. GRIDSBY, Elizabeth C., “In memory of Elizabeth C. Gridsby”, died Aug. 20, 1836, aged:, 15 yrs. 5mos. .
vi. BUSH, [*Mary Jane, daug. of Noah & Elizabeth [*Ann]Bush, died Apr. 22, 1842, 1yr. 4mo. & 22ds. [Inscription] “Weep not my friends for me. Tis your loss but my eternal gane” [upper portion of this stone now so deteriorated, not readable].
Row 8.
i. CONARD, Nathan E., Son of Mahlon & Mary [*J.] Conard, born May 12, 1832, died Mar. 6, 1838

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