Courson Cemetery

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Bowling Green Twp.
Licking Co.

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These tombstone photos have been generously donated by Robert M. Sizelove, Sr., 27 July, 2003
This cemetery is located CR 330 betweem US-40 & I-70 (see details below)

I would like to present my readings of the Courson Cemetery. The cemetery is located between SR 40 and I-70 on CR330 (Shelley Rd). Traveling south on 330, the lane is located on your left side (northeast). This cemetery appears to contain only a few burials, or at least only a few stones still exist. Believe it was first established as a family owned cemetery around 1850 or slightly earlier. This cemetery has been thus far, one of the more difficult to locate. I must express my gratitude to the land owner Rusty Hardy, he was very kind and helpful in the process of actually locating it. He took the time from his busy schedule to walk back to this very remote area and assisted in actual location of stones that were covered almost completely with weeds. For those descendants wanting to visit this cemetery, I recommend doing so in dry weather, and please stop by and ask permission before going back to the cemetery, just as a courtesy. This is privately owned land and the residence address is 10175 Shelley Rd. (CR 330). There are three different residences on this lane, And Mr. Hardy owns the second home located to the left of the abandoned township road. The lane passes his residence and a bit farther it winds to the right, but where it turns you must leave the gravel lane and follow the grassy lane straight on up to the very crest of the hill, them look to your left (north east) for a grove of trees located out in the middle of the crop land. Would estimate the cemetery to be a good 300 feet over from the lane and possibly three tenths or even four tenths mile back into the fields from CR330. Please don't try to drive directly to the cemetery, you will destroy farm crops & get your vehicle stuck in the soft earth, so please be mindful not to trespass, please ask permission. Mr. Hardy is a very kind hearted & understanding man and as long as he knows your intention, he will grant permission. My readings are as best as can be determined complete. The area is surrounded by a grove of large trees, searched the area as thoroughly as possible. Most of the memorials have toppled and broken. The area is covered by brambles and poision ivy, making it difficult at best to read the few memorials placed here. As always, I make every effort to read the stones correctly, but make no warranty of being 100% sure of all stones. This cemetery is so isolated that I think weather elements, falling trees, and excavation of surrounding earth by many generations of ground hogs are the major cause of destruction rather than vandalism. The cemetery is not cared for, there seems that no attempt was ever made to make repairs to this very small cemetery, would estimate the cemetery to be an area of about 50 foot square. In addition to the stones listed below, there were a few fragments of additional stones , but nothing remaining that contained readable data. We can all be thankful that all the land owners including the present one for being respectful of the original intention of this land. They never tried to plow over the area and compromise or obliterate it's original use. Transcriptions and accompanying photos by Robert M. Sizelove, Sr., 27 July, 2003

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Courson, Nancy, wife of Peter Courson died May 29, 1873, aged 65y 1m 7d [stone found laying down and no base near it, probably not in original location]
Courson, Peter, died Nov. 29, 1873, aged 60 y 4m 19d [ found this stone leaning against tree not far from Nancy's memorial]
P.C. [foot stone with initials P.C., most likely Peter's footstone, plus a base stone matching the hole pattern in the bottom of Peter's memorial]
Harriss, Infant daug. Of Wm. & E. Harriss, died Mar. 28, 1854
Harriss, Elizabeth, wife of Wm. Harriss, died April 2, 1854, aged 22y 2m 5d
J.C. [footstone, probably a Courson family member]
Parr, Eliza, wife of Ephriam Parr, died Feb. 14, 1854, aged 23y 6m 19d
View of lower section with partial date and verse
There are a few other stone fragments but sorry to report the above list are all that remains readable. This concludes my readings of Courson Cemetey.

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