Schooley Cemetery

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Schooley Cemetery
Salt Creek Twp.
Hocking Co., Ohio
Transcriptions & Photos by
Robert M. Sizelove, Sr.
29 April, 1999

I wish to present the following enumeration of the ancestral family interred at Schooley Cemetery. This cemetery is located at the corner of Blue Creek Rd. (TR 183) & Bushby Rd. (TR 500), section 35 of Saltcreek Twp., Hocking Co., Ohio. Following State Route 56 east out of Laurelville, after passing Haynes, 4th road on right side of road (south side). This cemetery is located on a hillside next to road. Parking can be a problem as there is no public parking area nearby. There are residences across the road, with their permission; one could park on edge of road. Cemetery location is noted on Hocking County Atlas, dated 1876, and S. H. Stivison owned the land adjacent to where the cemetery is situated, however the Schooley family also owned land in this area. My best guess would be the cemetery was named to honor this family, ironically, I found none of them buried there. The nearest church shown on the 1876 map still exist today, Mt. Carmel Community Church, which also has it's own cemetery. The earliest burial at this cemetery is in 1856 or perhaps even earlier. This predates by over twenty years, the first burial at near by Mt. Carmel, which occurred in 1878 or 1879. The township currently maintains this cemetery. Like other cemeteries that I have transcribed, I have made every effort to be accurate, being mindful of the age and fragility of those older stones contained here. Must caution everyone viewing this information that it is sometimes difficult to read the older weathered stones. Keep that in mind, as I make no warranties to being 100% correct. The reading of stones in this cemetery started at far right and lower corner, reading up the hill and each row starting at lower elevation and working up the hill towards the back fence. All information written in italics or brackets,[ ] are my personal observations, knowledge, and /or descriptions of conditions. All information typed in standard text, will be inscriptions read from actual stone. Should anyone wish to add valid information, that improves the accuracy of this report, it would be welcomed, appreciated, and applied. My only goal is to be involved in making sure our ancestral loved ones are not forgotten. Revised 26 July, 2000. Copyright 1999-2007 Robert M. Sizelove, Sr.
Wish to thank Jo A. McGinnis for her recent update concerning this cemetery. She mentioned that this cemetery was once known as Blue Creek Cemetery. Most recent update to this page made on 25 Aug., 2007.

Robert M. Sizelove, Sr.

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Overview of cemetery
Row # 1. ia. Dillie, Mae, 1908 - 1990
[Wanda Mae (Kuhn) Dillie]
ib. Dillie, Leslie, 1909 - 1990
ic. Dillie, Clayton C., Mar. 8, 1928 - Aug. 22, 2007, aged 79y, Veteran Korean War. Husband of Connie A. (Fout) Dille. Brother of Arthur, Wingett, Harry Dillie. Clayton was the son of Leslie & Mae Dillie. ii. Jones, David Lee, Jr., Feb. 3, 1979 ~In memory of our baby~
iiia. LINK, Joseph M., Jr., Oct 27, 1929-May 21, 1993, U.S.Army WWII, married Aug. 12, 1949
iiib. LINK, Betty M., Feb. 15, 1832-May 26, 1996 iva. SHIELDS, James D., Nov. 14, 1920-Mar. 20, 1993; Elizabeth B., June 25, 1933- _
married June 5, 1947. [James} Capt. U.S. Army, WWII- Elizabeth} Ens.U.S.Navy, WWII]
, Gordon, 1910-1982,
vb. FETHEROLF, Lillian, 1917-1975
Row # 2. i. ACKER, Charles B. [Beeman], 1910-1979
ACKER, Dollie A.[Garrett], 1924-( )
ii. SWACKHAMMER, William M., Oct. 17, 1865-Sept. 25, 1921 "At Rest"
iii. SWACKHAMMER, William, Dec. 12, 1844-Nov. 23, 1918 [ GAR medal]
iv. SWACKHAMMER, Mary Jane, his wife, Mar. 27, 1852-( )
v. HERRON, Levi, [born in Ohio] Aug. 8, 1822-Sept. 24, 1902; Mary Ann Huffman, his wife, born in PA, March 11, 1829-Dec. 23, 1912[new image and restoration work recently done by the kindness of Jo McGinnis & friend, Judith Herron-Consoliver.][ Levi & Mary Ann married Nov. 13, 1845 in Fairfield Co., OH][Three children survived to adulthood, Lewis Westle Herron, Mar. 16, 1864-Dec. 5, 1930; Edson O. Herron, born 1867; and Sophia Herron, born 1869.
vi. NUNGESTER, Susan, daug, of J. & S. __...gester, died Apr. 15, 1856, aged 1yr. 4mo. 4d.[very old and hard to read, probably the oldest stone in cemetery]
Row # 3. ia. DILLE, Lucy Ellen (HANNON), 1866-1918
1b. DILLE, Cyrus, 1852-1934
ii. SWACKHAMMER, George, Sept. 29, 1842-May 14, 1882 [son of William & Elenor (Watt) Swackhammer]
iii. SWACKHAMMER, Elizabeth [(Acker)], his wife, Aug. 3. 1843-Apr. 24, 1881 [ Elizabeth and George married on 17 June 1865]
iv. PARKS, Amelia Belle, died Sept. 9, 1887, aged 5m. 18d.
v. ACKER, John, died Aug. 15, 186_[stone broken off in this area], aged 48 y "In Memory" [very difficult to read, very weathered]
vi. NUNGESTER, Sara, wife of Amos Nungester, died July 16, 1857, aged 32y 9mo. 15da
Row # 4. i.
SWACKHAMMER, William, June 1, 1814-Feb. 14, 1890 [son of David & Dascas Swackhammer][husband of Elenor (Watt)]
ii. SWACKHAMMER, Elenor (WATT), Mar. 5, 1818 --Apr. 5, 1888, "SWACKHAMMER" engraved on base stone[wife of William]
iii. PARKS, Jesse Pearl, died Oct. 18, 1885, aged 1mo. 23da.
iv. DILLE, William E.[Elsworth], son of E.G. & A.M. Dillie, Jan. 16, 1917- Apr. 29, 1918 [parents: Alice Mabel Schooley & Emery Clifford Dille]
v. PARKS, Carl R., son of I.A. & D.E. Parks, died Dec. 24, 1899, aged 6m. 24d., -A little time on earth be spent, Till God for him, his angle sent -[spelling of "angle" as written on stone]
vi. HERRAN, Adah A. & Sarah M., daughters of J.L. & M. Herran, A.A. born Dec. 27, 1861, died July 11, 1865, S.M., born Aug. 11, 1865, died June 4, 1867
Not sure which spelling "Herron" or "Herran" is correct surname, found examples of both in this cemetery. Row # 5. i. DILLIE, Emery S., April 27, 1923-Sept. 12, 1924
ii. DILLE, Lucy M., daug. of E.C. & A.M. Dillie, Nov. 13, 1911-Nov. 9, 1912
iii. PARKS, Bertha Ann, died Sept. 23, 1882, aged 3mo. 5ds.
iv. WOODWARD, Chas. J., Sgt. Co. D, 187th OHIO Inf. [GAR medal]
v. JOHNSTON, Findley B., Apr. 24, 1838-Nov. 21, 1913 [GAR medal]
vi. JOHNSTON, Roxana, his wife, July 7, 1843-( ) both Findley & Roxana's given names inscribed on same stone
vii. JOHNSTON, Richard, died Oct. 19, 1875, aged 82y 10m 11d [War of 1812metal]
viii. JOHNSTON, Elizabeth, died Oct. 4, 1880, aged 85y 6m 21d [Richard & Elizabeth's name inscribed on opposite sides of the memorial stone. "Mother-Father" inscribed on front]
Row # 6. i. FEIRMAN, Eliza Ann [no dates or other information, very old looking stone]
ii. PARKS, Wesley I., died Oct. 25, 1877, aged 5ys. 11ms. 10dy.
Row # 7. i. LEWIS, Susan M., April 25, 1856-March 19, 1940 looks like a rather new stone]
ii. FAIRMAN, Harvey W., died Aug. 13, 1887, aged 85y. 6m. 15d.
iii. PARKS, Mary Ida, died Aug. 31, 1874, aged 1m. 1d. [found this stone broken into two pieces, was able to slide them together to photograph and read]
This concludes my readings of Schooley Cemetery, Salt Creek Township of Hocking Co., Ohio, 29 April, 1999.

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