Groll Cemetery

Pleasant Twp.
Henry County

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These tombstone photos have been generously donated by Deena Arreguin, March 5, 2004
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Benien, Geb. D. 1 Mar 1813, Geit D. 20 Aug. 1889, II eim 4.18 Der hen wird mich erloten hun allem Uebet und andheljen.. Reiche. Born March 1, 1813, died Aug. 20, 1889
Groll, Fred S., July 14, 1883 - Sept. 1, 1883 Fred was the son of Gottllieb Christian & Mary Katherine (Knipp) Groll.
Groll, George Carl, born March 7, 1869, died Oct. 6, 1898, aged 29 years George Carl Groll was the son of John Conrad & Maria katharine (Yetter) Groll.
Groll, Christian, 1842 - 1918; Katherina, 1848 - 1944 Gottlieb Christian, was the son of Simon Johannes & Margaretha Friederika (Eckert) Groll. He was born Oct. 4, 1842 in Grossingersheim, Wuerttemberg and died Oct. 3, 1918 in Pleasant Twp., Henry Co., OH. His wife Mary Katherine Knipp, was born Oct. 5, 1848 and died in Pleasant Twp., Henry Co., OH.
Groll, Infant dau. of J. C. & M.K. Groll, born May 26, 1879, died June 4, 1880 Ida Maria, was the daughter of John Conrad & Maria Katharine (Yetter) Groll.
Groll, Simon, 1816 - 1885; Friederika M., 1819 - 1916 Simon Johannes Groll was born June 1, 1816 in Grossingersheim,. Wuerttemberg, and died in Ohio. Friederika his wife, was the daughter of Johannes & Margaretha Friedrika (Scheyhing) Eckert. She was born Dec. 30, 1819 in Grossingersheim, Wuerttemberg, and died Aug. 23, 1916 in Henry Co.
Groll, Wm, 1858 - 1924 William was the son of Simon Johannes & Margaretha Friederika Groll. William was born Apr. 17, 1858, died Sept. 22, 1924 in Henry Co., OH.
Yetter, Magdalena, died Dec. 10, 1901 Magdalena Dorthea (Groll) was the daughter of Simon Johannes & Margaretha Friederika Groll. She was born March 12, 1847, died Dec. 10, 1901. She was the wife of Charles Yetter, from New Bavaria, Henry Co., OH.

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