Grelton Cemetery

Harrison Twp.
Henry County

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Boulton, Overview of Charles & Alzada's headstone.
Boulton, Charles, 1841 - 1901 Charles was born May 10, 1841, in Columbiana, Salem Co., OH, died Mar. 11, 1901. He was the son of William & Marym (Morris) Boulton.
Boulton, Alzada, 1846 - 1927 Alzada, wife of Charles Boulton, and daughter of Uriah & Caroline (Brooks) Thompson. She was born jan. 5, 1846 in Portage Co., Atwater, OH, and died Mar. 15, 1927, in Henry Co., OH.
Boulton, Charley L., 1861 - 1946; Mary A., 1868 - 1943 Charles L. was the son of James M. & Louise Boulton, and grandson of William & Mary (Morris) Boulton. Mary A. (Couch) Boulton, wife of Charles L. Boulton.
Boulton, Ortho, 1877 - 1953 Ortho, son of Charles & Alzada (Thompson) Boulton was born Oct. 22, 1877, in Lincoln Twp., Morrow Co., OH and died Oct. 21, 1953 on Grelton, OH. Husband of Delphia (Hecker) Boulton.
Boulton, Delphia, 1876 - 1936 Delphia, wife of Ortho Boulton, daughter of Wilders J. & Medora Jane (CArson) Hecker. Delphia was born in OH, 1876, died Dec. 7, 1936 in Harrison Co., Michigan. Ortho and Delphia married Mar. 11, 1899 in OH.
Boulton, Fred, 1872 - 1964; Maude, 1877 - 1962 Fred James, son of Charles & Alzada (Thompson) Boulton. Fred was born Oct. 13, 1872 in Lincoln Twp., Morrow Co., OH and died Aug. 24, 1964 in Grand Rapids, OH. His wife was Maude E. (Nichols) Boulton. She was born in 1877, died Feb. 23, 1962. Maude was the daughter of Amos H. & Sarah A. (Woodell) Nichols.
Boulton, James, 1838 - 1908; Louisa, 1840 - 1928 Jamds Morris, born Dec. 1838 in Morrow Co., OH and died 1908 in Henry co., OH. He and his wife Louisa (Brooke) Boulton were married Dec. 22, 1859 in Mt. Gilead, OH.
Hecker, Wilders J., Co. I, 173rd Ohio Infantry; Medora J., 1849 - 1922 Wilders J. Hecker died in Grelton, Henry Co., OH on Jan. 6, 1913. Medora Jane (Carson) Hecker, wife of Wilders, was born Jan. 9, 1849 in Greenbrier Co., WV and died June 29, 1922 in Grelton, OH. They married on Mar. 28, 1867.
Hollopeter, Curtis Dick, 1870 - 1899 First husband of Estel Lina Boulton. Curtis, was the son of David & Adeline (Walker) Hollopeter. Curtis was born Oct. 15, 1869 in Grelton, died July 8, 1899 in Napoleon, Henry Co., OH.
Jones, Norma Ellen, Oct. 18, 1926 - Jan. 22, 1933 Norma Ellen, daughter of Orlo J. & Leannah (Shuler) Jones.
Jones, Orlo J., 1899 - 1983; Leannah, 1902 - 1993 Orlo J., son of Lemerton & Adaizla (Boulton) Jones. Orlo was born Apr. 9, 1899 & died Apr. 3, 1983 in Damascus Twp., Henry Co.,OH. His wife Leannah (Shuler) Jones was the daughter of Emanuel Wesley & Talitha (Growden) Shuler. She was born June 3, 1902 & died near Grelton, Henry Co., OH.
Jones, Charles F., 1895 - 1982; Audrey G., 1897 - 1945 Charles, son of Lemerton & Adaizla (Boulton) Jones, was born Jan. 27, 1895 in Henry Co., OH, died Aug. 2, 1982. His wife Audrey G. Jones, died in Henry Co., OH. Charles was a veteran of World War I. Click here to view his military marker.
Jones, Lemerton, 1868 - 1934; Adaizla, 1870 - 1953 Lemerton was born July 1868, died in Henry Co., OH. Adaizla, his wife, was the daughter of Charles & Alzada (Thompson) Boulton, she was born Nov. 21, 1870 in Lincoln Twp., Morrow Co., OH and died Apr. 5, 1953 in McClure, Henry Co., OH.
Lotz, James W., Mar. 17, 1935 - __; Shirley J., Aug. 17, 1935 - Jan. 27, 2003 This is my aunt, Shirley Jean (Hartman) Lotz. She's the daughter of Harley R. & Alvina Kathryn (Peper) Hartman. She was the wife of James W. Lotz, son of Ralph W. & Ruth Ellen (Poling) Lotz.
Lotz, Norman Gene, 1937 - 1990 -Father-; Alleynne J., 1937 - 1983 -Mother- They are my parents, Norman Gene Lotz was born 18 Sept. 1937, was born 3 Aug. 1937 & died 8 May, 1990. He was the son of Ralph W. & Ruth ellen (Poling) Lotz. Alleynne Joyce (Amos) Lotz was the daughter of Donald & Ruby (Rothenberger) Amos. She lived short life but was alway smiling.
Murrey, Ruth, 1915 - 2002; Dale N., 1903 - 1973 Ruth was the daughter of Russel & Bessie Geneva (Mentzer) Poling, of Kenton, Ohio. Ruth was born 31 July, 1915, in Kenton, Harden Co., Ohio, and passed away 3 Aug., 2002 in Napolion, Henry Co., OH. Dale Norton Murrey was the son of Herbert Norton & Mabel E. Murrey. born 11 Sept. 1903. He died 3 May, 1973, Dale is Ruth's second husband, they married 29 July, 1954.
Murrey, Norton, 1877 - 1960; Mabel, 1880 - 1964 Norton Herbert Murrey was born Aug. 1877 and died Sept. 21, 1960. His wife Mabel E. (Packard) Murrey, was born in 1880 and died Apr. 23, 1964. Norton was the son of Solomon P. & Erika (Emery) Murrey. Norton is the father to Dale Norton Murrey.
Murrey, Herman E., Sept. 29, 1911 - Apr. 26, 1994; Dorotha E., Sept. 22, 1916 - June 17, 1992 Herman was the son of Enno Eldon & Pearl (Wolfe) Murrey. Enno Eldon Murrey was also the son of Solomon P. & Erika Murrey.
Nichols, W. Edward, 1879 - 1963 W. Edward Nichols is the son of Amos H. & Sarah A. (Woodell) Nichols. Their son W. Edward lived in our County until the doctor advised him to go south. When he was 19 years old, he went to work for the Gulf Corporation in Louisiana and Texas. He served as overseer and manager of the oil fields. He never married. After retirement, he lived with his niece, Lucille. He gave 5 acres of ground to the Grelton Cemetery. He also left a trust fund for perpetual upkeep of the cemetery.
Nichols, Amos H., 1857 - 1915; Sarah A. (Woodell), 1856 - 1940
Sheller, Coy A., 1901 - 1933 Coy A., son of Charles & Lura (Packard) Sheller.
Sheller, Lura E., 1874 - 1954; Charles E., 1873 - 1936 Laura was the daughter of Elbert B. & Susan C. Packard. Her first husband was Charles Sheller, he was the son of Henry G. & Catherine N. Sheller. Lura then married Ortho Boulton.
Shidler, Estel Lina Hollopeter, 1875 - 1969 Estel (Boulton) was first married to Curtis D. Hollopeter, she was born Apr. 15, 1875 in Lincoln Twp., Morrow Co., OH, and died July 15, 1969 in Mc Clure, Henry Co., OH. She was the daughter of Charles & Alzada (Thompson) Boulton.
Thompson, Chester, 1844 - 1934; Almira, his wife, 1851 - 1924 Chester, son of Uriah & Caroline (Brooks) Thompson. Chester's wife, Almira (Henry) Thompson.
Thompson, Leah, dau. of L.L. & M.C. Thompson, 1884 - 1898, aged 14y 6m 21d Leah was the daughter of L. Leroy & Mary C. (Smith) Thompson, born in 1884, died Aug. 26, 1898.
Thompson, L. Leroy, 1854 - 1944; Cary C., 1857 - 1944 L. Leroy Thompson was born Jan. 4, 1854 in Portage Co., OH, died in Grelton, Henry Co., OH. His wife Mary C. (Smith) Thompson, died in Grelton, OH. L.Leroy was a brother to Adazia (Thompson) Boulton, and son of Uriah & Caroline (Brooks) Thompson.

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