Vine Street Hill Cemetery

Hamilton County

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These tombstone photos have been generously donated by Dan Cunningham, Aug 3, 2004
This cemetery is located at 3701 Vine Street, Cincinnati, OH. Vine Street Cemetery was originally known as German Evangelical Protestant Cemetery. It can be seen from I-75 near the Mitchell Ave. exit. (additional information supplied by the kindness of Dana Morris on 22 Sept., 2004)

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Deiters, Family Plot Memorial This monument is surrounded by many of the Deiters markers. This memorial is near the main entrance, Sec. 1, lot 330.
Deiters, Edwin Frederick, b. 5 Oct., 1899, died 27 Sep., 1949 -Daddy- Edw. F. Deiters, Navy Seabee Veteran, died in Lackawanna, NY, as a result of an explosion in Hamburg, NY. Husband of Gladys (Thompson) Deiters.
Deiters, Gladys, 1904 - 1960Gladys Virginia (Thompson) Deiters, wife of Edwin F. Deiters, born 24 June 1904, Sevier Co., TN, died 30 April 1960 Cincinnati, OH. Mother of Clarion, Betty and Geraldine.
Deiters, John A., 15 Jan., 1888 - 18 Jul., 1970 Sec. 1, lot 330.
Deiters, Emilie K. (nee Koehl), 1874 - 1949 Emily mother of Edwin Frederic, Henry, Alfred & Emily Josephine. Emily's 3 husbands were Farley, Cullman & Schulte.
Deiters, John B., 29 Feb. 1836 - 3 Jul., 1901
Feller, Geraldine Carolina (nee Deiters), 1929 - 1966 Youngest dau. of Gladys Virginia (Thompson) & Edwin F. Deiters, spouse of Adam Feller.
Limbert, Mary Thompson (nee Smith), 1876 - 1940 Needs to be tied into the Thompson Genealogy out of Sevier Co. TN. She had been married to Charles McClellan Thompson of TN. Several accounts have identified as Amanda Mae Smith.
Salyers, Carol Lynn, 1954 - 1970 Born 19 Dec. 1954, dau. of Raymond & Betty (Deiters) Salyers. died in Louisville, KY.
Schulte, William R., 1900 - 1973 Kentucky, PFC USArmy WWI, husband of Emily J. Deiters.
Schulte, Emily J. born 12 Aug. 1901, died 6 Jun. 1987 Emily was sister of Edwin F. Deiters, buried next to her husband William Schulte.

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