Popular Ridge Cemetery

Cheshire Twp.
Gallia County

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These tombstone photos have been generously donated by Robin Fife, 7 March, 2003
The cemetery is opposite the Poplar Ridge Free Will Baptist Church. Most recent update, 24 Sept. 2003.

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Fife, George A.,Member of Co. I, 4th W.VA. Reg., died Aug. 9, 1895, aged 73y, 8d. George Adam Fife was the son of John K. & Catherine (Rupe) Fife, the first of the Fife Family in Gallia C., Ohio. George was a master carpenter and joiner and built flat boats and did farming. George married Margaret Freelove Rowley, dau. of Isaac & Rachel (Lemley) Rowley.
Fife, Margaret F., Oct. 15, 1822 - Mar. 1, 1913 Margaret Freelove Rowley, dau. of Isaac Rowley & Rachel Lemley, married George Adam Fife, son of John K. & Catherine (Rupe) Fife. (Margaret's name is on the other side of George Adam's stone.)
Fife, Mary, wife of J.W. Fife, died Aug. 29, 1874, In the 25th year of her age Mary J. Fife was the dau. of Enoch R. & Mary Ann (Thomas) Fife. She married her first cousin Joseph Warren Fife, son of George Adam & Margaret F. (Rowley) Fife.
Thomas, Reuben, Co. H. 13th, W.VA. I. December 23, 1845 - Aug. 10, 1905
Thomas, Rachel E., May 10, 1847 - ___
Rachel Ellen Fife, dau. of George Adam & Margaret Freelove (Rowley) Fife, married Reuben Thomas. Rachel died March 28, 1925 at the home of her daughter in Champaign Co., Ohio and was taken back to Popular Ridge for burial.
Thomas, Eddie, son of R.& E. Thomas, died Sep. 27, 1873, aged 4y, 5m, 27d. Eddie was the son of Reuben & Rachel (Fife) Thomas.
Fife, John K., died Aug. 11, 1854, aged 74 yrs, 2 mo. & 14 days
Fife, Catherine, wife of J.K. Fife, died Mar. 7, 1863, aged 71 yrs, 4 mo. & 18 days
John K. Fife, my ggg grandfather was born at sea 8 days before landing in America. The 1850 census lists him as being from Pennsylvania.(They probably landed in Philadelphia.) His family eventually settled in Sweet Springs, Virginia, where he married first to a Jane Walker. After coming to Ohio, he married Catherine Rupe, daughter of Martin & Christinba (Zirkle) Rupe. John & Catherine were the first Fife's in Gallia Co. They had 8 children.
Ralph, Perry, Dec. 25, 1846 - Dec. 20, 1930, Co. A, 91st Reg. O.V.I., Taken prisoner May 9, 1864 at Cloyds Mountain Va., Released Apr.14, 1865
Ralph, Mary J., his wife, Dec. 7, 1851 - Nov. 30, 1909
Perry Ralph married Mary Jane (Fife), dau. of George Adam & Margaret Freelove Rowley Fife. After mary Janes death, Perry married Rosa Pyles.
Lemley, Cora E., 1870 - 1959; James T., 1870 - 1952 Cora Ellen Ralph, dau. of Perry & Mary Jane (Fife) Ralph, married James Theodore Lemley, son of Andrew & Mary (Shoemaker) Lemley.
Rimmey, Melinda, wife of G.W. Rimmey, died Sep. 17, 1884, aged 68y, 10m, 6d Melinda (Fife) Rimmey was the dau. of John K. & Catherine (Rupe) Fife. Melinda was married three times. 1st to James C. Anderson and had 1 dau., Nancy C. Anderson. Melinda marred 2nd to William Crawford and had three children. She married 3rd to George Washington Rimmey, son of John Rimmey. George was born in Venango Co., Pa., they had 1 child.
Fife, Homer C., 1888 - 1892 Homer Clayton Fife was the son of George Washington & Mary Ann (Thomas) Fife.
Fife, Almira A., dau. of G. A. & F. Fife, died Octr. 10, 1856, aged 3 months Almira A. Fife was the dau. of George Adam & Margaret Freelove (Rowley) Fife.
Graham, Sacred to the Asa Hugh Graham, aged 39 years Asa Hugh Graham was the first husband of Sarah Catherine Fife, dau. of Georg Adam & Margaret Freelove (Rowley) Fife. On the other side of his stone are the words "Kate His wife" but there are no dates. We are assuming that Sarah Catherine Fife Graham, Ball is there.
Ball, Joseph, 1840 - 1920 Joseph E. Ball was born in Indiana and was the second husband of Sarah Catherine Fife who was born in 1857 and died in 1932. Joseph's stone is on the Graham Plot.
Swisher, Jennie G. & Jessie G., Infant daughters of M.E. & F. M. Swisher Jennie Grace & Jessie Grant Swisher were twins, born July 9, 1885 and Jennie died Dec. 9, 1885, while Jessie died one day later, December 10, 1885. Their tombstone mentions they were daughters of Festus Monrow & Margaret E. (Fife) Swisher. However the birth entries in the official records of Gallia County list them as Jennie Grace (female child) and Jessie Grant (male child).
Lemley, Manilla M., 1899 - 1966; Leland, 1895 - 1972 Leland James Lemley, son of James Theodore & Cora Ellen (Ralph) Lemley married Manilla May Darst, dau. of Samuel & Mary (Taylor) Darst.
Lemley, Pearl L., 1900 - 1986; Perry L., 1897 - 1974 Perry Leslie Lemley, the son of James Theodore & Cora Ellen (Ralph) Lemley married Pearl Inez Cremeans, dau. of George W. & Margaret (Hively) Cremeans.
Lemley, Carrie Christine, 1909 - 1995; Rex Andrew, 1909 - 1990 Rex Anrew Lemley was the son of James Theodore Lemley and Cora Ellen Ralph. He married Carrie Christine Ward.
Ralph, Dallas, 1876 - 1939 -Father- Dallas Ralph was the son of Perry Ralph & Mary Jane Fife. He married 1st to to Stella May Swisher. After her death he married Gertrude Clouch.
Ralph, May Swisher, Died 1908 Stella May Swisher was the 1st wife of Dallas Ralph.
Ralph, Buzworth, son of P. & M. Ralph, died Sep. 29, 1891, 10y, 3m, 8d Buzworth Ralph was the son of Perry & Mary Jane (Fife) Ralph.
Fife,William W., 1866 - 1866 William W. Fife was the son of George Adam Fife and Margaret Freelove Rowley. William died at about age 3 months.
Jenkins, James A., 1868 - 1952; Mintie E., 1876 - 1928 James Alfred Jenkins, son of George Washington Jenkins and Caroline V. Shuler, married Mintie Edra Van Kirk, dau. of William Van Kirk and Sarah Jane Jones. Mintie's name has also been given as Mintie Mae Van Kirk.
Jenkins, Seaman R., 1900 - 1944; James R., 1898 - 1941 Seaman Roosevelt Jenkins and James Raymond Jenkins were the sons of James Alfred Jenkins and Mintie E. Van Kirk. James died of a broken neck after diving into shallow water July 4, 1941 and Seaman died almost 3 years to the day later, July 2, 1944 from a fractured skull after being hit by an automobile.
Jenkins, James Allen, son of Walter & Helen Jenkins, Jan. 21, 1950 - Apr. 6, 1951 James Allen Jenkins was the son of Walter Allen Jenkins and Helen Irene Bias. He died of Pneumonia at age 1 year.
Jones, Hezekiah, Co. I, 4th Reg. W.Va. Inf., born Sep. 29, 1816, died Nov. 11, 1900 Hezekiah Jones was the son of Thomas Jones and Elizabeth Burns. He married Margaret Fife, dau. of John K. Fife and Catherine Rupe. Military Memorial
Jones, Margaret, born Aug. 29, 1830, died__ Margaret Fife was the youngest child of John K. and Catherine (Rupe) Fife. There is no death date on her stone but she died March 16, 1851. Margaret married Hezekiah Jones
Willis, Kate, 1892 - 1951 Kate Willis was the daughter of William F. Willis and Sarah Jane Jones. Kate nenver married
Jones, Asa, son of H. & M. Jones died Dec. 28, 1861, aged 2years 6mo 10ds Asa Jones was the son of Hezekiah Jones and Margaret Fife
Jones, Belle E., 1875 - 1960; Edward W., 1870 - 1955 Edward William Jones was the son of Hezekiah Jones and Margaret Fife. He was the grandson of John K. Fife and Catherine Rupe. Edward married Effie Belle Shoemaker, the daughter of Jacob Shoemaker and Matilda Siders. (They have her name wrong on the stone).
Jones, A. Rosetta, 1902 - 1982; Clinton E., 1897 - 1987 Clinton Edgar Jones, son of Edeard W. Jones & Effie Belle Shoemaker married Anna Rosetta Viers, dau. of Joseph Wolfingbarger & Anetta Welling. Adopted daughter of Samuel C. Viers and Alice Danner.
Jones, Pearl , May 20, 1899 - June 1, 1900 Pearl Jones was the son of Edward W. & Effie Belle (Shoemaker) Jones.
Jones, Ferdie Guy, May 15, 1905 - July 6, 1981 Ferdie Guy Jones was the son of Edward W. & Effie Belle (Shoemaker) Jones. He married Rosa Serepta Eblin.
Jones, Rosa S., (Eblin), 1916 - 1992 Rosa Serepta Eblin was the daughter of Jessie Osper & Erie Zetta (Adkins) Eblin. Rosa married Ferdie Guy Jones.
Hix, John A., born Aug. 21, 1837, A soldier in Co. D, 141st Reg. OVI, died Feb. 4, 1910 John Allen Hix married Nancy L. Claflin.
Hix, Nancy L., wife of John A. Hix, born April 6, 1838, died Aug. 29, 1895 Nancy L. Claflin married John Allen Hix.
Hix, Grover C., son of John A. & Nancy L. Hix, died Feb. 14, 1885, aged 4mo 19d Grover Cleveland Hix was the son of John Allen & Nancy L. (Chaflin) Hix.
Hicks, Mary G., 1902 - _; Halleck N., 1899 - 1933 Halleck N, Hicks (Hix) was the son of John Allen & Nancy L. Chaflin) Hix, husband of Mary G.(?).
Hix, Anna, 1870 - 19__; Eli N., 1866 - 1941 Eli Newton Hix was the son of John Allen & Nancy L. Chaflin) Hix. He married Anna Scott.
Jones, Yvonna Sue, mar. 29, 1944 -__-Mother-; Lawrence J., Nov. 8, 1966 - Feb. 24, 2001 -Son- Larry Jones was the only child of Yvoone Sue Jones. Larry's 2nd great grandparents were Margaret (Fife) and Hezekiah Jones.
Hill, Charles E., Sept. 29, 1933 - Apr. 28, 1934 Charles E. Hill was the son of Charles W. & Margaret "Maggie" Alice (Jones) Hill. Charles E. was the great grandson of Hezekiah & Margaret (Fife) Jones.
Hill, Charles W., Sept. 7, 1881 - Dec. 7, 1937 Charles W. Hill married Margaret "Maggie" Alice Jones, the daughter of Edward William & Effie Belle (Shoemaker) Jones.
Jones, Carl & Harlan, May 6, 1911 - July 22, 1911 Carl and Harlan Jones werre twin sons of Edward William & Effie Belle (Shoemaker) Jones. Carl actually died one day later than Harlan, on July 23, 1911.
Shaver, Bertha J., 1890 - 1979; Wayne E., 1891 - 1947 Bertha Juanita Lemley, daughter of James Theodore & Cora Ellen (Ralph) Lemley, married Wayne E. Shaver
James, Alberta E., 1899 - 1981; Corbie, 1895 - 1955 Corbie E. James, son of Benjamin E. & Fannie (Rowley) James. He married Alberta Ellen Lemley, daughter of James Theodore & Cora Ellen (Ralph) Lemley
James, Glenn E., 1917 - 1965 Glenn Ellworth James is the son of Corbie E. & Alberta Ellen (Lemley) James.
Tribble, 1908 - 1975 Oshel O. Tribble was the second husband of Alberta Ellen (Lemley) James.

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