Kyger Cemetery

Cheshire Twp.
Gallia County

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These tombstone photos have been generously donated by Robin Fife,22 Sept., 2004
This cemetery is one of the oldest in the area. From State Route 554 in the village of Kyger, turn north on Cemetery Street to the cemetery on the right, on top of a hill. It can be seen from SR 554. Only partly accessable by car. Have to walk part way up the hill to cemetery.
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Bradbury Family Headstone
Bradbury, Joseph P., died Apr. 11, 1881, aged 72ys 6ms 29ds Joseph P. Bradbury, son of Joseph & Elizabeth (Stevens) Bradbury, married Eliza Strong.
Bradbury, Eliza Strong, wife of Joseph Bradbury No dates or ages inscribed on stone. This same monument with her husband Joseph P. Bradbury.
Bradbury, Leonora, dau. of W. & L. B. Bradbury, died Oct. 22, 1882, aged 7y 11m 14d Leonora, was the dau. of William & Louisa Belle (Smith) Bradbury.
Bradbury, E. S., Co. B, 10th INF Stone very hard to read, looks like also says 9th REG, but can't be sure. Elijah Strong Bradbury, son of Joseph P. & Eliza (Strong) Bradbury, married Adaline Harding.
Bradbury, A. H., wife of E. S. Bradbury, ...Aug. 23, 18__ Rest of stone not readable. Adaline Harding married Elijah Strong Bradbury.
Bradbury, Asa born in Penobscot Co., ME, Nov. 25, 1805, died Nov. 27, 1890, aged 85 years Asa Bradbury, son of Joseph & Elizabeth (Stevens) Bradbury, married Electa B. Harding, daughter of Perry & Mary (Smith) Harding.
Bradbury, Electa B., wife of Asa Bradbury, born in Ontario Co., N. Y., Aug. 18, 1816, died Apr. 5, 1883
Bradbury, Mary Alice, dau. of Asa & Electa B. Bradbury, born Mar. 31, 1856, died Oct. 1, 1859
Bradbury, Joseph, born Aug. 22, 1773, died Sept. 1, 1828 Joseph Bradbury, son of Jacob & Abigail (Cole) Bradbury, married Elizabeth Stevens.
Bradbury, elizabeth, wife of Joseph Bradbury, born Apr. 21, 1776, died Oct. 4, 1838 Elizabeth married Joseph Bradbury.
Rupe, Henry, son of W. & E. Rupe, died Feb. 3, 1840, age 1y 9m 7d Henry Rupe, son of Washington & Elizabeth (Rothgheb) Rupe.
Rupe, Morris, May 21, 1897 - June 13, 1916 Morris "Bud" Rupe, son of James Newton & Alice Jane (Barrett) Rupe.
Rupe, Alice B. Alice Jane (Barrett) Rupe, daughter of Isaac & Margaret Ann (Conkle) Barrett. She married James Newton Rupe, son of Mathias Croy & Emily (Searls) Rupe. Alice was born in 1858 and died in 1949.
Rupe, J. Arthur, 1883 - 1937 James Arthur Rupe, son of James Newton & Alice Jane (Barrett) Rupe, married Lydia F. Searls.
Rupe, Lydia F., 1882 - 1951 Lydia F. Searls married James Arthur Rupe.
Rupe, Frank, Ohio, PVT 363rd Infantry 9a Div., W.W. I, Dec. 20, 1895 - Nov. 9, 1946 Francis M. Rupe, son of Darius & Nancy Jane (Phelps) Rupe, married Inez Workman.
Rupe, Ransom H., born 1822, died 1890 Ransom Henry Rupe, son of Henry & Elizabeth (Price) Rupe, married Barbara Halfhill.
Rupe, Barbara, born 1818, died 1902
Rupe, Beatrice, 1901 - 1936 -Mother- Beatrice Might, daughter of William & Barbara Might, married Robert C. Rupe, son of Darius & Nancy Jane (Phelps) Rupe.
Rupe, Mabel P., 1903 - 1934; Selby E., 1889 - 1961; Daughter Violet A., 1927 - 1932 Selby Ernest Rupe, son of James Newton & Alice Jane (Barrett) Rupe, married Mabel Pansey Rife, daughter of Amos & Armilda (Darst) Rife. Mabel & Selby's daughter Violet Agnes Rupe died at the age of 5 years.
Rupe, Selby E., PVT Co. A, 104th Infantry, W.W. I, Mar. 4, 1889 - Jan. 21, 1961
Rupe, Hollis, PVT U.S. Army, 1894 - 1985 Hollis S. Rupe, son of Darius & Nancy Jane (Phelps) Rupe, married Nellie Clark
Rupe, Nancy J., 1871 - 1958; Darius, 1861 - 1929 Darius Rupe, son of George Isaac & Amanda (Brock) Rupe, married Nancy Jane Phelps.
Sisson, Caleb Bradbury, son of William G. & Phoebe Sisson, was born Sept. 26th 1832 and died March 3rd 1836 aged 3 years 5 months & 7 days Caleb Bradbury Sisson was the son of William Giles & Phoebe (Bradbury) Sisson.
Sisson, Nahum Smith, son of William G. & Phoebe Sisson was born August 4th 1834 and died March 12th 1836 aged 1 year 7 months and 8 days Nahum Smith Sisson was the son of William Giles & Phoebe (Bradbury) Sisson.

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