Tschopp Cemetery

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Pleasant Twp.
Fairfield Co.

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These tombstone photos have been generously donated by Robert M. Sizelove, Sr., on Aug. 24, 2004.

This cemetery is located north of Lancaster, just west of U.S. Route 37 at the northwest corner of Carroll-Eastern Rd. & Tschopp Rd. The well groomed and cared for cemetery is aproximately one half acre in size. My readings for this cemetery are random and preliminary, consisting of less than 25% of the burials existing here. I hope to return next summer and complete the readings of this small cemetery.

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Ballmer, William, 1862 - 1944; Clara N., 1866 - 1946
Calvert, Carl D. & Catherine F.
Chapman, Chester C., Missouri, SC 1, U.S.Navy, World War I, Aug. 23, 1891 - Oct. 5, 1961
Chapman, Evelyn, Oct. 28, 1900 - Apr. 14, 1994
Delong, Charles F., Apr. 3, 1915; Mabel L., Nov. 28, 1916 - Aug. 2, 1971
Flowers, Charles E., Nov. 7, 1882 - June 15, 1954; Nina G., Dec. 4, 1887 - Jan. 5, 1969; Frederick William, 1906 -Son-
Friesner, Benival E., 1865 - 1940 -Father-; Emma J., 1866 - 1940 -Mother-
Hite, Jos. A., Co 1, 4th Ohio INF, SP.AM. WAR
Miller, Charley, Apr. 5, 1863 - Dec. 22, 1943; Clara E., Sands, his wife, Sep. 11, 1862 - Sep. 3, 1907
Miller, Maude B., wife of Wm. Herman Sands, June 29, 1878 - Nov. 30, 1906
Sands, W. H., Apr. 28, 1872 - Nov. 15, 1941 -At Rest-
Thimmes, Richard A., Sept. 14, 1941 - ; Pauline E., Oct. 25, 1913 - ; Paula S., Jan. 6, 1945 -
Tschopp, Charles O., 18166 - 1948; Ellen, 1868 - 1937
Tschopp, Carlton O., 1899 - 1972; Catherine Ellinger, 1904 - 1985
Wagner, Benjamin F., 1853 - 1928; Maggie J., his wife, 1858 - 1911
Weidner, Floris Ballman, 1907 - 1937
Weidner, Oscar G., 1901 - 1955

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