Old Evansport Cemetery

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Tiffin Twp.
Defiance County

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The Old Evansport Cemetery land was originally owned by the COY family. This was the first cemetery in Tiffin Twp.(when it was part of Williams Co)It is located on the east side of Evansport Rd., north of Rethmel Rd. You can find the family surnames of Coy, Christy, Evans, Hall, Kintigh, Repogle, Rethnel, Sullinger, just to name a few that will become kindred kin.

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Mary (Snyder), b. Aug. 8, 1809, [Thorn Twp., Perry Co., Ohio], d. Sep. 20, 1860 [Springfield Twp., Williams Co., Ohio] She was the 1st wife of John Coy (my ancestor). He is buried with his 2nd wife, Katherine Krontz in old Boynton Ce., Springfield Twp., Williams Co. Mary is buried with the rest of the early Coy Family and her Snyder family... Mary & John had 5 children, Mary was the dau. of Daniel & Mary (Herschberger) Snider. Mary's brother started the COY-SNIDER Grist Mill in Evansport, Ohio in 1832. Mary's brother John Snider was married to Nancy Ann Coy b.14 Sept. 1814, she was John Coy's (b. 1811) younger sister.
from left to right Coy, Caleb Coy, Jan.26, 1818, (Beavercreek Twp., Greene Co., Ohio), d. Dec. 10, 1840 (Tiffin Twp., Williams Co.[later became Defiance Co., Ohio]), his brother to the right. Adam Coy, Jan.9, 1809, (Beavercreek Twp., Greene Co., Ohio), d. Jan. 20, 1839 (Tiffin Twp., Williams Co.[later became Defiance Co., Ohio]). He had married Mary Dill, b. Feb. 16, 1811, PA, d. May 20, 1883 (Hazelton Twp., Buchanan Co., IA. His widow went with a group of 20 more friends and family who did start a community in Hazelton Twp., Buchanan Co.,IA, called Coytown in About 1850 -1860. Their mother's stone, the tallest one on right, Mary Polly Jones, b. Aug. 18, 1787 (Red River, KY), d. Dec. 16, 1870, Tiffin Twp., Defiance Co., Ohio. Her first husband, John Coy, b. 28 June, 1783 (Montgomery Twp., Cumberland Co., PA), d. Nov. 8, 1823 )Beavercreek Twp., Greene Co., OH). He is referenced on her tombstone though he is actually was buried in the Coy graveyard in Beavercreek Twp., Greene Co.,Ohio. Her 2nd husband Woolery Coonrad, they married 23 Jan. 1835, (Tiffin Twp., Defiance Co., OH)He is buried in Bucks Cemetery, with his first wife Hulda Partee. Mary Polly Jones is the one responsible for bringing 20 people in 1831 to the Tiffin River area to pioneer this new land. My ancestor Solomon Coy, b. 11 Apr., 1832, was said to be one of the 1st white children born in this land. Thjis being just after settled after many of the indians were moving onto other areas.
Daniel Coy, b.Feb. 2, 1839 (Tiffin Twp., Defiance Co.,O.) d. Aug. 11, 1847 (Tiffin Twp. Defiance Co.,O.) aged 8yr 8dy. Daniel was son of John Coy., b. 1811 & Mary Snider Coy b. 1809. Mary was buried in 1860, and 2 of her sons are buried near by. If you were to walk thru this cemetery, you find many people bot young and old were buried from 1845 to 1848. It seems some kind of illness swept thru the area at this time.
Lester W. Churchman, b. July 15, 1851 (Tiffin Twp., Defiance Co., O.) d. Oct. 9, 1934 (Toledo, Lucas Co.,O.) he was son of William Grandville Churchman & Sarah Ann Hall. He married Phebe Ellen Russell on June 16, 1874 (Williams Co.,O.) Phebe Ellen Russell, b. March 2, 1855, (Tiffin Twp., Defiance Co.,O.) d.Dec. 11, 1917 (Toledo, Lucas, O.) She was the daughter of John J. Russell b. 1825, Madison Co., O. & Catherine Winans Acus b. 1819, Essex Co., NJ. This couple had one known child, Sarah Katherine, b. Sep. 1877.
Churchman Memorial The Churchman Family has a large stone placed in the center of their plot, William is buried on the right, and his wife is buried on the left.
Churchman, William, 1825 - 1902 William Grandville b.Sept 29,1825-(Preble Co.,Ohio) d.1902-Defiance Co.,Ohio -He was the son of Thomas Churchman b.1794-Virginia, and his mother was Susanna Argerbright b.1790-Virginia. His parents had 8 children of this union.
Churchman, Sarah Ann (Hall), wife of William, b.1828- (Beavercreek Twp.Greene Co.,Ohio) -d.1901(Defiance Co.,Ohio) She was daughter of Jacob Hall b.1803-(Bedford Co.,Pa) and Susannah Coy b.1805-(Beavercreek Twp., Greene Co.,Ohio) The couple married on Oct 22,1847-Williams Co,Ohio. They had 7 children this union.
Hall, Willard, son of J. & C.B.Hall, died march 19, 1862, aged 8m 25 d b. June 5, 1861-(Tiffin Twp., Defiance Co., Ohio ) d. March 19,1882-(Defiance Co., Ohio)-Inscription reads 8M 25D -He was son of Jesse Hall b.1835 and Christina B Garber-Rethmel b.1834. His parents married April 20, 1857-Defiance Co., Ohio. He was the 2nd boy of 7 children from this union. To the right of Willard Hall-his half brother Joseph C Rethmel
Rethmel, Joseph Cullen, son of J. & C.B. Rethmel, died Mar. 19, 1855, aged 2y 3m 1d b.Dec 1853(Tiffin Twp.,Defiance Co.,Ohio) d.May 19,1955 (Defiance Co.,Ohio) He was the son of Joseph Rethmel b.1827 and Christina B. Garber b.1834.His parents were married Nov 23,1851-Defiance Co. His father Joseph died about 1 month before he was born. He was the 2nd boy of there 2 children born. His mother re-married after about 4 years to Jesse Hall.
Kibble, Ann Ann Kibble is buried where the wreath of flowers is located. Ann Kibble (maiden unknown)b.abt. 1756, wife of George Kibble
George Kibble b. abt 1770 They are buried in the old section of Evansport..I don't have their cemetery inscription dates. They came to the Tiffin River area sometime in the early 1830's with their son William Kibble who- b. March 16,1803-(Buckingham Co. Virginia). William Kibble will meet and marry Mary Dill b.Feb.16,1811-Pa. William Kibble was Mary's second husband, her 1st husband was Adam Coy b.1809 and d.Jan 20,1839. The Coy family is buried in the back right hand corner of this cemetery.
Kintigh, Alice, b. May 6,1864-Evansport, Tiffin Twp., Defiance Co., Ohio-d. Nov 2, 1952-Defiance Co.,Ohio.Alice married Henry W Ellis b. Nov. 1871-Ohio. The Couple married Nov. 24, 1887-Defiance Co.,Ohio. I know of 2 boys from this union. Alice was the daughter of William Evans Kintigh b. 1827 & Sarah E Snider b.1836-, she was the 3rd child of 4 born to her parents.

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