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Coy, Thomas Ellsworth, 1861 - 1929 b. Aug. 3, 1861 (Springfield Twp., Williams Co., Ohio), d. Aug. 12. 1929 (Evansport, Defiance Co., Ohio) Thomas was the son of Solomon Coy & Mary Ann Kintigh. Margaret was the daughter of Andrew & Mary Margaret Kline
Coy, Margaret, 1864 - 1951 his wife, Margaret Della (Koch), b. Aug. 13, 1864 (Holgate, Henry Co., Ohio), d. April 14, 1951 (Comstock, Kalamazoo, MI)
Coy, Solomon, 1833 - 1882 b. April 11, 1832 (Tiffin Twp., Defiance Co.) d. March 10, 1882 (Tiffin Twp., Defiance Co.). Solomon was son of John Coy & Mary Snider; Mary was daughter of John Kintigh & Hannah Rebecca Evans
Coy, Mary Ann, 1830 - 1919 his wife, Mary Ann Kentigh, b. March 5, 1831 (Mt. Pleasant Twp., Westmoreland Co., PA), d. June 8, 1918(Springfield Twp., Williams Co.).
Coy, Franklin D., 1857 - 1932 b.Oct 13,1857-Springfield Township, Williams County, Ohio d.Sep 4,1932-Tiffin Township, Defiance County, Ohio, Franklin was the son of Solomon COY b.1832(OH) & Mary Ann KINTIGH b.1831(PA). He was the 3rd child of 6 born to his parents.
Coy, Jennie, 1864 - 1926 his wife was Amy Jane "Jennie" SKEES b.April 1864-Sullivan, Ashland Co,Ohio d.-1926-Evansport,Tiffin Township, Defiance County, Ohio. The couple married Feb 7,1884- Williams Co.,Ohio. They were the parents of 9 children,4 boys and 5 girls. Amy Jane was the daughter of Minnie was the daughter of William SKEES b.abt.1829(PA) & Mary Jane AYRES b.abt.1836(OH). Her parents had 8 children,and she was the 3rd child of 8. Amy Janes younger sister, Minnie b.1870 married another COY, James Edward b.1864,also son of Solomon & Mary Ann.
Coy, James Edward, 1864 - 1945 b.Nov 1864-Evansport,Tiffin Twp.,Defiance Co., Ohio-d.Toledo,Ohio. James was the son of Solomon COY b.1832(OH) & Mary Ann KINTIGH b.1831(PA). He was the 6th child of 6 born to this couple.
Coy, Minnie, 1870 - 1930 he was married to Minnie Rosetta SKEES b.Oct 1871-Evansport,Tiffin Twp.,Defiance Co., Ohio-d.March 23,1930-Toledo,Lucas Co.,Ohio.
The couple married May 4,1892-Defiance Co.,Ohio , and were the parents of 3 children. Minnie was the daughter of William SKEES b.abt.1829(PA) & Mary Jane AYRES b.abt.1836(OH). Her parents had 8 children, and she was 6th child. Minnie's older sister Amy Jane b.abt.1864 married another COY, Franklin D b.1857,also son of Solomon & Mary Ann.
Coy, Jacob, b. Feb.20, 1807 Beavercreek Twp., Greene Co., O., d. Dec. 9, 1897, Springfield Twp., Williams Co.,O., his wife Mary Ann Shank, b. Aug. 29, 1811, Hagerstown, Md., d. March 26, 1887, Springfield Twp., Williams Co., O. Jacob was son of John Coy and Mary Polly Jones. Jacob and Mary had 13 children and the family stayed over 100 years in this area.Jacob Coy came with his mother, 7 siblings and 14 other people to the Tiffin River area in 1831. This Coy family is listed in all of the early history of Defiance as one of it's Pioneering families. Jacob, his brother John (my ancestor) and brother-in-law John Snider had the 1st Grist Mill on the Tiffin River in 1836. Jacob Coy helped Albert G. Evans and Amos Evans lay out the town of Evansport. The town was almost called Coyton, but Evansport was chosen instead. *pg. 348-Defiance County History 1883 (Warner, Beers & Co., Chicago) 1883
Martin C. Coy, b. July 8, 1841, Tiffin Twp., Defiance Co.,O. d. 1918 Evansport, Defiance Co.,O., his wife was Jennie G. Black, b. Aug 1865, Defiance Co.,O., d. 1955, Evansport, Defiance Co.,O. Martin was the son of Jacob Coy & Mary Ann Shank, Jennie was the daughter of George Black & Elizabeth A. Spangler. Martin C. Coy by profession was a Doctor in Evansport, as well as his brother Henry Clinton Coy, who studied under him until he started his own practice. Martin's memorial is the unique tree shaped stone.
Coy, Abraham, 1833 - 1909 b. Jan. 18, 1833 Tiffin Twp., Defiance Co., O., d. Feb. 10, 1909.
Coy, Margaret, 1830 - 1888 his wife Margaret Donaldson, b. Aug. 14, 1830, Lycoming Co., Pa., d. Dec. 2, 1888.
Coy, Amos A., 1893 - 1969 b.Dec 27,1893-b.Tiffin Township, Defiance Co., Ohio-d.Aug 16,1969-Ann Arbor,Michigan. Amos was the son of Franklin D Coy b.1857 & Amy Jane "Jennie" Skees b.1864.Amos was the 5th child of 9 born to his parents.
Coy, Roxanna, 1894 - 1969 -wife Roxanna G Barber b.Jan 26,1894-Springfield Township, Williams Co., Ohio-Sep 10,1969-Fayette,Fulton Co.,Ohio .The couple married Feb.21,1917-Defiance Co.,Ohio . I only know of 1 son born to this couple.
Members of the Coy family numbering about 100, are buried in the Center section of the Evansport Cemetery.

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